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Top 7 Tally Courses in Chennai With Placements

Until a few years ago, accounting data had to be maintained manually and without any proper accounting software. A company or business would take up a lot of time and resources for the maintenance of accounting documents and data. But at the same time, the documents were also at risk of either being lost or damaged. That is where the Tally software comes into the picture to help overcome all such problems faced by companies. Although the Tally course can be pursued throughout India, the Tally courses in Chennai being offered by different institutes are considered one of the best platforms to learn about the Tally software.


List of best Tally courses in Chennai



Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards (Tally) is a computer software that is widely used for accounting purposes, mostly by small and medium businesses. You may quickly and easily record business transactions using Tally’s accounting tools. After the release of the Tally ERP version, the Tally courses in Chennai have risen to prominence.

This software is not just accounting software, but the ERP version fully transformed the definition of Tally software. Now, this software is used for accounting, payrolls, billing, sales, profit analysis, auditing, banking, inventory management, and taxation such as VAT, TDS, TCS, etc.

It can record transactions necessary for your business by creating and maintaining vouchers, masters, and generating reports. Tally has made day-to-day calculations easy by saving time and providing accuracy in carrying out efficient business transactions. The latest version of Tally is Tally ERP-9.

Tally ERP 9 software is one of the best accounting software that can integrate with other business applications such as sales, finance, purchasing, payroll, inventory management, etc. The powerful new features and blazing speed and power of Tally ERP 9 combined with enhanced GST Return filing tools, and remote capabilities help you simplify all your business processes easily and cost-effectively.


Tally Course

Tally course is a 1- 3 month long certification program that teaches you different aspects of the software in detail. This is the top-rated course through which students can learn about GST, TDS, inventory management, and accounting. Pursuers can take up diploma courses also, which might be as long as 2 years.

Tally courses in Chennai are being offered both online and offline by many institutions, which helps the pursuer to climb the growth ladder at a faster pace.


Benefits of Tally Course

Everyone wants to expand their business in today’s cutthroat marketplace. The proper conduct of business is required. There is a lot of software available nowadays that is used to streamline business operations. One of the best accounting programs is Tally. Therefore, Tally courses are in high demand since they offer a comprehensive business answer to everyone and everybody.

Most companies these days record transactions in Tally ERP 9 software. Since Tally provides high-quality data integrity checks, to ensure record dependability in ERP9 software. Inadvertent shutdown due to machine or power failure does not affect the information stored in the database.

Data encroachment in the Tally database from outside can be identified with Tally Data Integrity assessments using the activated ODBC Administrator can run accuracy checks of entries made in the software and approve to make adjustments as per the requirements.

Tally ERP 9 by Data Encryption Standard (DES) offers a Tally vault, to secure data comes as the biggest advantage. The students and freelancers can improve their skill set by taking a Tally ERP 9 course and eventually can secure a decent job in a very good company. It is because companies involved in any type of business have to deal with accounts and other associated necessities and therefore:


§     The demand for Tally professionals is also increasing.

§     The undergraduate students can also opt for training and start their jobs.

§     This sector offers tremendous freelancer accountant job opportunities for

§     Maintaining the budget scenarios.

§     Filing tax returns, managing profit, and loss statements, preparing a balance sheet, trial balance, cash-flow report, etc.

§     Managing payrolls.


Eligibility Criteria

§     To pursue the Tally courses in Chennai (certificate and Diploma), one must have a certain educational qualification.

§     You must have finished high school (10+2 or equivalent) preferably in the commerce stream, though candidates from any stream can apply.

§     One should have a basic understanding of business management and accounting.

§     Students can also pursue this course after completing their graduation.

§     Freshers or working professionals can take up the Tally courses


Duration And Fees

Duration for the Tally course is dependent on the mode you choose, either online or offline. Generally, for Diploma it is 1 – 2 years, while the certification course takes 2- 4 months, but the duration varies from one academic institution to another. A similar situation is there with the fee structure as well.

Usually, the Tally courses in Chennai can be pursued within a range of INR 10,000/- to 20,000/- but it may vary depending upon the choice of course and the academic institution you opt for.



As we now have the basic knowledge of Tally courses including eligibility and their average duration, it is thus imperative to know that the major concepts involved in the syllabus of the Tally courses in Chennai are:


§     Accounting– It is the most important feature/ topic of Tally ERP. Accounting is the first and foremost thing that comes to any ones mind after listening about Tally.

§     Billing– Billing is a significant part of any business. When passing an accounting entry synchronously, a bill is generated which can be used for raising or sending an invoice. The billing option in Tally eliminates the task of entering separate accounting.

§     Banking– In this era of digitalization banking plays an important role in the survival of the business.

§     Taxation process-  For any business to survive, the business should work in cooperation with State as well as State Government by paying appropriate taxes.

§     Payroll Process- This feature can be used where there is a good number of employees.

§     Inventory management – for any business one of the most important things is the maintenance of stock. It is vital as it will give better control over business sales and incomes.


A common Tally course syllabus is followed by almost all of the institutes that offer Tally courses in Chennai. The syllabus about the Tally course being offered by various Tally course institutes is given below:


o        Basic Accounting in Tally

o        Introduction

o        Accounting basics

o        Accounting principles and concepts

o        Tally Fundamentals

o        Inventory Management

o        Fundamentals of Inventory management

o        Inventory Vouchers

o        Accounting vouchers

o        Advanced Accounting in Tally

o        Advanced Inventory & Technological capabilities

o        Bill–wise Details

o        Voucher Classes

o        Fundamentals of Taxation

o        Advanced Taxation

o        Scenario Management

o        Banking

o        Advanced Inventory management

o        Order Processing

o        Recorder Levels

o        Bill of Materials (BoM)

o        Stock Valuation

o        Zero Valued Entries

o        POS

o        Different Actual and Billed Quantities

o        Payroll and labor laws in Tally ERP (with Real Life Project)

o        Generation of Employee Database

o        Split company data

o        Salary Slip Generation

o        EPF & ESI

o        Gratuity Bonus

o        Professional Tax

o        Import and export of data

o        Tally Vault

o        Tally audit

o        Tally GST – Goods & Service Tax

o        Upgrading to Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0

o        Start utilizing Tally.ERP 9 to comply with GST

o        Activating GST for Your Company

o        Setting Up GST Rates

o        Changing Sales and Purchase Ledgers to Comply with GST

o        Updating Party GSTIN.

o        Creating GST Ledgers

o        Creating Income and Expense Ledgers

o        Recording Sales and Printing Invoices

o        Recording Purchases

o        Recording a Tax Payment

o        Converting VAT, excise, and service tax credits to GST

o        Other Scenarios

o        Recording Sales Returns

o        Recording Purchase Returns

o        Recording Export Sales

o        Reverse Charge under GST

o        Recording an Advance Receipt from the Customer

o        Recording an Advance Payment to the Supplier

o        Recording a Journal Voucher for TDS Adjustment

o        Recording a Journal Voucher for TCS Adjustment

o        Recording Journal Vouchers for Other Liabilities

o        Recording Journal Vouchers for Tax Credit Reversal

o        Making a journal voucher entry for an ISD credit

o        GSTR-1

o        Returns Summary

o        Particulars (Computation Details)

o        Summary of Exceptions

o        Table-wise GSTR-1

o        Status Reconciliation

o        Exporting GSTR-1

o        Challan Reconciliation


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Top 7 Tally Courses in Chennai With Placements

A few top institutes which offer Tally courses are:


IIM SKILLS is a top-ranking digital learning platform, that offers certified courses globally in sectors like finance, banking, digital & data science. The Tally Courses in Chennai by IIM SKILLS is an online self-learning platform with internship & practical assignments. The course is fit for those who have completed 10+2, a fresh graduate or someone pursuing their graduation. The course provides an approved certification from Govt. Of India. It is a complete tool-oriented course. IIM SKILLS focuses more on practical learning than theoretical which helps their students be career-ready. Full-time support and guidance are given for career building & guidance.

Course Details:

Course: Tally Course

Duration: 20 Lectures Self-Learning

Modules Of The Course:

  • Business Accounting
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9
  • Tally Prime
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact For More Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. FITA Academy, Chennai

The academy provides the best-in-class training in the Tally software and its application under the mentorship of Real-Time professionals with certification. Tally course modules have been created by professionals and experts to match requirements set forth by the international industry. Proficient Tally trainers with more than a decade of experience in the Accounting and Auditing domain teach students.


  • Interactive instructor-led Tally classes at FITA academy.
  • Smart classrooms with blended learning.
  • Professional Tally training at an affordable cost.
  • Flexible batch timings- weekend, weekday, and fast-track Tally training at this academy
  • FITA Academy provides 100% placement assistance to eligible students after the successful completion of the training.


3. Besant Technologies, Chennai

Besant Technologies offers inclusive Tally courses in Chennai. The extensive practical training provided here equips live projects and simulations. The detailed ERP 9 training being provided by this institute has helped students secure a job in various MNCs.

The institute has kept the Tally course duration flexible. From the online classroom to fast-track and one–to–one classroom, Tally ERP 9 training is provided during the weekdays and weekends to the attendees. This institution provides training modules for novices, intermediates, and experts.

The pocket-friendly Tally ERP9 course fee structure can be afforded by students coming from all walks of life. Along with Tally ERP 9, the institute has sessions for personality development, spoken English, and presentation.

This institute has a modern Lab equipped with the latest devices that helps students experience real-world situations through realistic projects. Tally courses in Chennai with placement assistance is the key feature that rated the institute ‘star Five’ in the reviews by the respective Alumni.


4. Soft Logic Systems, Chennai

Soft Logic Systems provides the best Tally TDL training in Chennai to students, fresh graduates, and working professionals to enhance their skills in the accounting process. They have a comprehensive curriculum with practical classes. They provide wonderful Lab access to practice with real-time experience and take an interactive class with a detailed syllabus in their Tally training center in Chennai.


  • Soft Logic systems offer the training with an affordable fee structure to impart the course with flexible timings.
  • The students at Soft Logic Systems undergoing the Tally courses in Chennai will learn:
  • Taxation process including GST.
  • Payroll process.
  • Stock management process
  • Voucher entry process
  • Create an entire accounting process for a company.
  • Individual attention for every student to address questions right away.
  • Certification after successful course completion.
  • The institute guarantees the students secure their jobs in top companies.


5. Sai Infosys- Tally Training Institute, Vadapalani, Chennai

This Tally training institute in Chennai provides practical training for accounts and taxation with Tally ERP-9 (VAT, CST, Pay Roll, Income Tax, BRS, GST online e-filing, etc). The course would give students an idea about the IT profession and various other facets which they are going to encounter in the company. This institute also offers flexible timings and training as students expect.


  • Students receive complete hands-on instruction from the institute for every they learn.
  • Sai Infosys has designed its syllabus based on the idea of Tally experts and auditors.
  • A good team of faculty who have years of experience in the IT profession and Tally.
  • 100% practical training and placement.


6. Inventateq, Velachery, Chennai

Inventateq provides corporate training at the client’s place for company employees. Pre-requisite at Inventateq: B.Com and M.Com students, job seekers, graduates, Software developers, freshers, and working professionals. Backup sessions are organized by Inventateq, so students need not worry in case they miss any class.

  • Live examples are provided to increase their chances of getting placed and to boost students’ confidence.
  • Free Lab and Wi-Fi facilities are provided.
  • Free Technical Assistance is provided after completion of the course to ensure learners’ placement.


7.    Greens Technology

Greens Technology offers real-time and placement-focused Tally ERP 9 training. Greens Technology provides classroom training, online training, weekend classes, and fast-track courses for Tally training in Chennai. The schedule is very flexible as they provide training on weekdays in, the morning and evening for students who cannot attend Tally training during weekends due to their work schedules.


  • Training by industry experts.
  • Assisting students in resolving questions during and after class.
  • 100% Job Placement assistance.


Books on Tally course

  • The most popular books written by various experts and professionals on Tally are:
  • The official guide to financial accounting using Tally Prime.
  • Managing your business – just got simpler.
  • TallyAce.
  • Tally ERP 9 with GST.
  • Official guide for Tally ERP 9 with GST financial accounting.



By pursuing the certification of the Tally courses in Chennai, students will get professional recognition at both National as well as international levels. The learner will receive accreditation from the Institute upon completing the course, which will be regarded as a declaration of the in-depth information and broad viable set of skills obtained through training.


Jobs After Tally Courses

Tally is a well-known accounting program, which provides rewarding work opportunities after completing the Tally Courses in Chennai. There are many occupations available in many different fields, including banking, accounting, taxation, and more.

The salary offered for various jobs in Tally varies; Freshers might anticipate receiving 1.7 to 2 lac per year, whilst experienced Tally accountants can earn up to 5 lac annually. However, the typical salary ranges from INR 1,00,000 to INR 3,000,000. According to glass door, the national average salary of Tally Accounting is INR 1,83,480 in a year.

The job profiles and the average annual salary that you can expect after completing the Tally course certification/ diploma are appended below:


Job ProfileSalary (INR)
Tally OperatorINR 1,20,000 – INR 2,40,000
Tally job AccountantINR 1,80,000
Fresher’s – AccountantINR 2,16,000
Associate ConsultantINR 1,80,000 – INR 2,50,000
Data Entry OperatorINR 2,16,000
Accounts ExecutiveINR 1,50,000 – INR 3,00,000
Tally TrainerINR 1,80,000


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Placement Assistance

The Tally courses in Chennai impart the required skills under the guidance of real-time professionals. Once you undergo the training, many gateways are available for you. The above-mentioned institutes have placement tie-ups with world-class companies. Such companies offer placements for a Tally accountant, Tally operator, and other roles related to the accounting field.

Many institutes have a placement cell that helps the students with various mock interviews and group discussions training sessions so that they can face the interview with confidence.


Top Recruiters

IBM, Accenture, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte are some of the top employers for Tally course candidates. Tally operators, Tally accountants, or Tally course graduates are required by the great majority of IT businesses and organizations.


Tally Work From Home Jobs

Work-from-home Tally opportunities are available from several companies. Numerous positions, including Associate Consultant, Account Executive, Junior Data Analyst, Tally Software, Accountant, etc., are open for application. According to job listings on Indeed Jobs, the starting salary for a Tally position with a work-from-home option is INR 5,000 per month.




Why should I learn Tally Courses in Chennai?

The Tally Course is created and delivered by Tally specialists with years of expertise, and it will assist you in learning both fundamental and complex accounting, tax, income tax, GST, and other concepts.


What is the benefit of the Tally Course?

Both stock specialists and those looking to enter the accounting field can benefit from taking a Tally course. Understanding the need for job costing and job arrangement preparation is made easier by taking this course. The need for Tally professionals has been growing due to the rise of several start-up businesses and the implementation of accounting rules, which can further improve career possibilities in small- to large-scale sectors.


How much does the course cost?

Your choice of course type and institute will affect the cost of the course. It often falls between INR 10,000 and 20,000.


Which Tally course is best for a job?

With all the updates made to the program for updating the financial records of businesses and organizations, TALLY ERP9 is now recognized as the most secure and widely used program.



Hence, a Tally Course is an extensively specialized program in the field of Accounting. It is an ideal course for graduates and professionals who want to start their careers in the finance sector. The Tally course gives the know-how of the different businesses and operations to make the students understand the fundamentals of the field. Tally Courses in Chennai make job search easy and provide huge opportunities to the students with a good institute that will take their career to the next level and will prove an aid for your promotion among your peer group.

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