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All That You Need to Know About Tally Course Fees

A lot of software is available nowadays for monitoring businesses like SAP, Tally, NetSuite, etc. But, the popularity of Tally is unmatched. If you are a commerce student or a graduate looking for a job in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) but got stuck thinking about the Tally Course Fees; then don’t worry, we’ll help you get all the details required to fulfill your goal. We’ll also give you details about the software, online learning aids, job opportunities, and many more.


A guide to tally course fee


What is Tally?

Tally Solutions is the name of the company founded by the father-son duo of Mr. Shyam Sunder Goenka and Mr. Bharat Goenka in 1986. It was initially meant to account for the materials that were being supplied by their family-run textile business, but soon it was shaped into a full-fledged business accounting software and the word Tally Solutions was named in 1999.

Since then many updated releases of the software have happened and the latest being in 2020. In India, the name Tally has become synonymous with accounting. The Tally is accounting software that is meant to assist businesses of small to medium scale. Hence it’s been widely seen in the Accounts department of Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels shops, etc.

It helps in keeping track of the finances of the firm. It is so popular that it is being used in more than 100 countries by millions of users. The other highlight of the software is whenever Government implements any tax changes in buying and selling of goods, the same will be incorporated into the software quickly with new releases or updates. Hence, people need not worry too much about the calculation of VAT, GST, etc.


Who Should Learn Tally?

Tally is for those who wish to start or pursue a career in the field of accounting. Since the field of accounting will be familiar to commerce students and graduates, they get well acquainted with the software at an early stage in their careers. Nonetheless, anyone who is interested in accounting can learn Tally.

For example, if a person running a small enterprise is not in a position to hire dedicated accounting people, then he as a self-skilled entrepreneur in the field of accounting using Tally can be of great benefit. Even people who are on the path to graduation but would like to earn can also learn.

Basic knowledge of computers and accounting would be essential, but if interested anyone can start learning Tally solutions. Some Tally Course fees are very affordable making it easier for anyone to start learning.


Why Should One Learn Tally?

Tally software was born out of a necessity to simplify accounting. Even after almost three decades when Mr. Shyam Sunder Goenka asked his son Mr. Bharath Goenka to come up with easy-to-use, simple software to take care of accounting, the basic essence of Tally has remained the same. It is a very simple tool but functionally very powerful catering to vast accounting needs.


Some key points to consider to learn Tally include:

  • A lot of Small and Medium Scale businesses use Tally
  • Better job opportunities
  • A lot of institutes conduct classes on Tally.
  • Plenty of online resources are available.
  • A lot of opportunities to learn providing a wide range of Tally course fees to suit one’s requirements.
  • An ideal tool to look after business or enterprise start-ups.


Tally and its Versions

The very first software that Mr. Bharat Goenka developed, was primarily used for their business. A commercial version of Tally was only launched in 1990. Though there are several releases with updates, let us look at some of the important versions of Tally and how it has evolved over the years.


Tally 3.0

Released in 1990, this software worked on Microsoft DOS. It had very minimum features and was used for only basic accounting operations. An updated release Tally 3.12, was launched in 1991 with small improvements to Tally 3.0.


Tally 4.0

A new version was launched in 1992, which again worked on Microsoft DOS. This version differed very little from the earlier versions. An updated release Tally 4.5 was quicker and the light was launched in 1994.


Tally 5.4

Released in 1996, it may not be wrong to say that this was the first Tally software that became popular among businesses due to the availability of a graphical interface. People would find it easy to use, compared to the Microsoft DOS version.


Tally 6.3

After gaining a lot of recognition and popularity with Tally 5.4, the new version was launched in 2001. Taking into consideration the popularity it had now garnered, Tally 6.3 was developed to work on Windows. This provided users with the option of printing the account details. Also, the VAT (Value Added Tax) which was introduced by Government was incorporated into the software.


Tally 7.2

The new version was launched in 2005, which was quicker than all previous versions. Features such as Statutory compliance and different calculations about VAT of different states were also incorporated.


Tally 8.1

Launched in 2006, this version did not appeal to users as expected. Features like Point of Sale (POS) and payroll were introduced, but the version started to have complaints. Hence a new version was launched in the very same year.


Tally 9

The version launched to overcome the shortcomings of Tally 8.1 included many new features like Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT), Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), payroll, e-TDS, etc.


Tally ERP 9

To provide a one-stop solution to all resource planning requirements, this version was launched in 2009. It had a lot of features to support accounting, sales, banking, inventory management, manufacturing, purchase management, taxation, etc. It includes features like Goods and Services Tax (GST), excise, multilingual support, e-mail, e-payments, multi-currency support, etc. This version is widely used in industries and enterprises even now.


Tally Prime

This version was released in 2020. This version introduces the creation of professional-looking bills showing GST, provision to maintain multiple mailing address groups, keeping records of manufactured and expiry dates of goods, etc. It is relatively new, hence the current users of Tally include both Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime.


How to Learn Tally

A tally is a user-based software. The learning curve to use the basic features is not too steep. People comfortable with computer users can learn on their own. But self-learning is a possibility only for a few with more dedicated hours and very few insights on how to extract more from the available software.

With self-learning, a person will also be devoid of certification. Getting certified may not be essential to all but having one certainly boosts the prospects of obtaining a job or at least a chance for an interview. Self-learning without enrolling in any course can happen free of cost but tutored learning would happen with a certain Tally Course Fees.

Tutored learning can be with or without a certificate. The mode of learning can also be of two types. Post-Covid, learnings of all sorts have been popular through online platforms, hence which can be one of the modes which provide an opportunity to interact and learn from otherwise inaccessible experts. The other mode of traditional offline classes can also be attended depending on the availability of training institutes nearby.


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Tally Course Fees and Training Institutes/Platforms

Tally as software can be learned as a complete package or certain modules can be picked to gain expertise in those particular modules. Tally course fees will also vary depending upon the module or package that you opt for and also the reputation of training institutes.

Depending on the mode of learning – online or classroom can also have a slight impact on the Tally course fees. Since the majority of people consider Tally as equivalent to fundamental computer training like learning to work in windows, Microsoft office, Excel, etc. a lot of not so reputed computer training institutes in your or nearby city will be offering courses on Tally.

The Tally course fees charged will also be considerably lower when compared to offerings from reputed institutes. Certifications from reputed institutes will also hold higher value since recruiters will be well aware of the content and training planned by those reputed institutes.

The other advantage of pursuing courses from reputed institutes is that they assist with internships and placements. Some of the best Institutes/Platforms offering courses are detailed below along with the Tally course fees charged and mode of learning.


IIM SKILLS was incorporated by Vaibhav Kakkar in the year 2015. They began this journey with their first course in content writing. Slowly with the growing response, they introduced a wide range of skill-developing and professional courses in different fields like data science, finance, baking & digital. IIM SKILLS has experience training more than 35K students with placements. Tally is a beginner’s software tool used for accounting. IIM SKILLS offers this self-learning program online for tally. This self-learning program is conducted online in 20 lectures with practical assignments & internships. They also offer placements. The course is a tool-oriented training program. With IIM SKILLS this online training course is 100% certified and recognized by Govt. of India.

Course Name: Tally Course

Duration: 20 Lectures

Tally Course Fee: INR 2900 + GST

Modules Covered:

  • Business Accounting
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9
  • Tally Prime
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally

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Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]


2. NIIT – Working with Tally ERP9 – Level 1

This is one of the three courses offered by NIIT on Tally. A very elaborate course spans 108 hours. This is an offline training program available at select locations and centers of NIIT.


Duration: 108 hrs

Fee: Depends on the location of the center


Key Takeaways:

  • Classes by industry veterans
  • Intensive Classroom learning
  • Certification


3. NIIT – GST Using Tally ERP9

This again is a course offered exclusively on GST aspects and usage of Tally following GST requirements. This is an offline training course available at selected locations and centers of NIIT.


Duration: 44 Hrs

Fee: Depends on the location of the center


Key Takeaways: 

  • Embedded Tally Certification
  • Classroom instruction from faculties who are Industry Veterans
  • Detailed GST learning


Here is a guide to Tally Course Salary


4. NIIT – Accounting with Tally ERP9

Like all other NIIT courses, this too is an offline training course available at select locations and centers of NIIT. Along with Tally, the usage of MS Office for analysis is also taught. A very good choice for people with a commerce background.


Duration: 36 Hrs

Fee: Depends on the location of the center


Key Takeaways:

  • MS Office tools
  • Classroom instruction from faculties who are Industry Veterans
  • Certification


5. Tally Education – Tally Prime Basics 

Tally Education is the education initiative of Tally Solutions. This is a specialized program for learning all fundamentals of Tally Prime. It is a self-paced course and a certified course. The mode of learning is online and content can be accessed from multiple devices. Access to the tally job portal is an added benefit.


Duration: 5 Hrs

Fee: 1200 INR


Key Takeaways:

  • Certification
  • 6 Month access to learning materials
  • Life-long access to the job portal


6. Tally Education – Accounts Payable and Receivable Management using Tally

This is a short course on accounts management using Tally. The version being taught is Tally Prime. Some of the key learnings include sales return, credit limit definition, purchase return, etc. Real-life examples are considered for illustrating the usage of the software.


Duration: 2 Hrs

Fee: 720 INR


Key Takeaways:

  • Certification accepted by Industries
  • 6 Month access to learning materials
  • Life-long access to the job portal


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7. Tally Education – Data Analysis and Verification Tool using Tally

One more course taught on Tally Prime. Key learnings include Repeated Size Factors, stock items, periodic payments and receipts, voucher verification, etc.


Duration: 4 Hrs

Fee: 720 INR


Key Takeaways:

  • Certification accepted by Industries
  • 6 Month access to learning materials
  • Life-long access to the job portal


8. Udemy – Tally ERP9 + Tally Prime + GST 2022 – Certification Course 

This is a self-paced course with 16 hrs of video lectures available on demand. There are many courses available on Udemy just like Tally Education, but this course is different from any other in its versatile learning. It offers learning of both ERP9 and Prime versions of Tally which is unique.


Duration: 16 Hrs

Fee: 3999 INR with an offer price of 499 INR


Key Takeaways:

  • Designed for non-accounting background students
  • Lifetime access to materials
  • Certification


9. Tally Training – Tally ERP9 Expert Course (Hindi)

It is an online course. The medium of instruction is Hindi. It is one of the very few courses available online where the medium of instruction is in a regional language and not English. The course covers taxation, GST, and accounting. The intended audience includes people from a non-accounting background, commerce students, entrepreneurs, etc.


Duration: Self-paced (30 to 45 days)

Fee: 1800 INR


Key Takeaways:

  • Certification
  • Video lectures in Hindi
  • 1-year access to materials


10. IISDT – Diploma Course on Tally ERP9

This again is an online course providing certification as Diploma. Lifetime valid certificate, which can be obtained after clearing 60 minutes online exam. After registering, study materials will be provided. Online certificate and Hardcopy of the same will be provided as well.


Duration: Self Paced

Fee: 2500 INR (At times with a discount of 50%)


Key Takeaways:

  • Hardcopy of certificate
  • Self-paced
  • Free job assistance
  • Comprehensive Examination for 600 Marks


11. FITA Academy – Advanced Accounting Professional

This course is offered both in online and classroom mode. Classroom sessions are available only in selected locations like Bengaluru, and Chennai. The training can be taken either in Tally ERP9 or Tally Prime.


Duration: 40 Hrs

Fee: 9440 INR (including GST)


Key Takeaways:

  • Placement Support
  • Certification
  • Live projects
  • Sessions from industry experts


Apart from the popularly available courses online, a lot of offline training institutes are available to choose from, if traditional learning is to your liking. But in today’s world, online courses offer a lot of benefits, especially for working professionals.


Which Version of Tally to Learn? ERP9 or Prime?

Tally Prime is the latest version of the Tally solutions software available. But it has been only two years since it has been launched. Looking at the life cycle of the software, it is quite evident that many businesses, industries, and enterprises are still using Tally ERP9.

Not many courses are available on Tally Prime since it is relatively new. On the other hand, a lot of courses are available to learn Tally ERP9. Getting adapted to newer versions of any software is not a big deal when one is completely comfortable working with the immediate older version.

The same applies even to Tally software. People are still looking to migrate from Tally ERP9 to Tally Prime. If one is looking for a job or working with Tally near time, then learning Tally EPR9 would be easy and also beneficial. But if the timeline of starting to work or searching for a job is a couple of years from now, then getting acquainted with Tally Prime is a better choice.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Tally Course Fees


·       Is Tally Software suitable to be learned only by Commerce Students?

Even though the software is extensively used by people with commerce graduation or having studied commerce in their class XII, learning tally software need not be restricted only to students of commerce. The inroads the software has made into businesses provide vast opportunities for job seekers. Even people who have passed only Class X, learn and start working with Tally software. Fundamentals of computers and basic knowledge of accounting would be the only necessity to get into the field of Tally.


·       Is it difficult to learn Tally without enrolling in any course?

A tally is computer software. If planning to learn on your own by watching videos or reading books, first assess your learning capabilities. A lot of people find it very difficult to learn matters on their own. On the flip side, when enrolled in a course, along with instructional material, one would develop contact with people who are also trying to learn the same software. Discussions with a newly developed network of like-minded people would always benefit in quick and easy learning of any given subject.  Also, certification from the courses will always help in projecting oneself in a better state when looking for a job or promotion.


·       Which mode of learning is better? Online or Classroom?

This again depends on the person and his comfort. A lot of present-day students and youth are exposed to online learning. But there are also plenty of people who would still insist on classroom learning. The choice depends on one’s inclination and the availability of classroom courses. The majority of cities in India would have training centers providing classes on Tally. But small towns and villages do not have access to such classes. Online courses also provide the opportunity to learn from otherwise inaccessible experts unless you stay close to their training venue. These experts can be from Industry or even reputed trainers with vast experience.


·       Is Tally only used in India?

A tally is a software developed and maintained in India. But that does not mean its usage is also restricted to India. Many African countries also use Tally. The company also provides support by adding features that are more relevant to the tax structure of African countries like Kenya. The recent collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to utilize the potential of cloud services suggests that they are looking to expand beyond the current set of countries in which they are operating.


Conclusion On Tally Course Fees

Tally is a very popular software in India. Though it is very basic accounting software, fundamental knowledge of accounting and computers will benefit the learning. Tally course fees vary from as low as approx 500 INR to upwards of 50,000 INR. Selection of a particular course depends on one’s level in the field of accounting and tallying. People with prior knowledge of Tally can opt for certain modules from Tally software, thereby the Tally Course fees would be much lesser.

If completely new with no prior knowledge opting for a comprehensive course is always good. Tally Course fees for classroom training depending upon the location with slight variations from one location to other from the same institutes like NIIT. Good communication and writing skills in English would boost your learning since a majority of courses are offered in English. Very few online courses are available in Regional languages. Tally Course fees might be slightly different when offered in Regional Languages from the same training institute.

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