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Top 5 SEO Training in Trivandrum With Placement Assistance

Are you located in Trivandrum and looking for an SEO course or are you looking for online SEO training in Trivandrum? If yes, then this list will give you a comprehensive detail of the SEO course. If you want to learn SEO from scratch and start a career as an SEO professional or if you are looking to improve your SEO skills and stay updated on the latest SEO trends,  then signing up for SEO training is definitely worth a try. This guide will provide you with the top 5 SEO training in Trivandrum, both online and offline that you have to watch out for. You can upskill yourself if you are a beginner with an SEO course.


List of the best options for SEO training in Trivandrum


Before we dive into the list of the top 5 SEO training in Trivandrum, let’s try to learn what SEO is and what are the ranking factors in SEO.


What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving your website so that your web pages rank higher on search engines like Google. Bing, etc. It is a technique to increase your website’s visibility on search engines so that when people search for a particular product on search engines, your website should pop up on the first page of Google. The better visibility your web pages have greater the chances of attracting customers to your business. 


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How does SEO work?


Whenever content is published on a webpage, search engines like Google, Bing use bots to crawl the content on the web pages. These bots collect data from the page, which is then indexed by search engines. Next, the algorithm determines the order in which the page should appear in the search engine result page for a given query by taking into account the ranking factors. With SEO training in Trivandrum, you can learn all the fundamentals of SEO. 


Ranking factors in SEO


Now let’s discuss some of the ranking factors that search engines consider to rank a webpage. 


  • Target Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases that people type in the search box of the search engine when looking for something. These keywords describe the content on your page. When you type that search term into the search box, it should find you that page. SEO professionals or marketers carefully select relevant keywords and optimize the content. 


This process is called keyword optimization. Keywords help search engines understand what the content on the web page is all about, thus improving the ranking of the webpage. You can use free tools like Google keyword planner or Ubersuggest to perform keyword research. 


  • Crawlability

The term crawlability refers to a search engine’s ability to access and crawl content on a webpage. If a site has no crawlability issues, then search engines can scan the content easily and rank the page. The page will not be ranked in the search engines cannot find it. So it is very important to make sure that your site doesn’t have any crawlability issues.


If your website’s crawlability is improved, search engines will index your page and make your page visible.  You can use the Google search console tool to check your website’s crawlability. You can fix crawlability issues by deleting duplicate pages and preventing their crawling.


  • Page load speed

Page load speed is the time a web page takes to load. Your website needs to load faster when a visitor visits your website. If the page load speed is low, this results in a higher bounce rate. Bounce rate is the rate at which a visitor visits the site and then leaves without moving to the other pages of the site.


It is advised to keep the bounce rate less than 40%. There are many factors such as device, browser, content, web hosting, etc that affect the page load speed. Ideally, a website should load its pages within 3 seconds. 


  • Site security

Google declared website security as a ranking factor. Visitors would want to visit a website that is secure and risk-free. An unsecured website means compromising users’ online safety. To secure your website, it is advised to use HTTPS encryption. This comes with an SSL certificate which you need to purchase.


An HTTPS encryption with an SSL certificate provides a secure connection to the visitors who come to your website. Top websites use HTTPS to ensure their visitors that their website is trustworthy. HTTPS adds an extra layer of security to the data exchanged between the user and the site.


  • Mobile friendly

A mobile-friendly website is one that looks and performs well on a smartphone or tablet. When a visitor views your website on a mobile device or tablet, the website must respond appropriately. Many businesses with websites ignore the importance of a mobile-friendly design which is a crucial factor for search engines to rank your web pages.


A mobile-friendly design also called a mobile responsive design offers a visitor a better user experience on his device by adjusting the content of the website to fit the screen of any mobile device. A mobile-friendly website can greatly benefit your SEO as a large number of website traffic comes from mobile devices.  


  • User engagement

User engagement is something we measure how a visitor interacts with your website. This is measured by considering factors such as the amount of time spent on the site, number of comments, likes, and whether they share it on social media channels.


User engagement is one of the crucial ranking factors in SEO because search engines want to direct their users to sites where they spend more time and engage with the content of the site. You can improve user engagement of your website by keeping your website’s page load speed less than 3 seconds, monitoring how users interact with your website and updating your website with fresh content.


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  • High-quality content 

Your website’s content plays a major role in determining the ranking of your website on a search engine result page. Your website content must be unique, it should not be copied from other internet sources. Presenting someone’s ideas as your own content on your website without their consent is called plagiarism.


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Search engines always look for high-quality content on any website. Low-quality content does not rank. If you want to boost your website’s visibility and user engagement, you must publish high-quality content that is well researched and well crafted. You need to keep in mind that your content must provide a better user experience. 


  • On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing website pages to improve search engine rankings. On-page SEO helps earn organic traffic to your website. On-page SEO includes optimizing your meta tags like the meta title and meta description, images, content, etc. So performing On-page SEO on your website helps search engines understand your website and its content so that it can guide a user to the relevant content.


All these factors involved in On-page SEO make your website SEO friendly.  It also allows you to gauge the performance of your website. 


  • Backlinks

Backlinks also known as inbound links are considered the second most important ranking factor after content. They are essentially links from another domain linking back to your domain. Backlinks are important in SEO because it tells the search engines that another resource finds your content valuable.


It’s like a vote of confidence from another website. You need to build high-quality backlinks if you want to rank your website on the search engine result page. This can be achieved by guest posting, link acquisition, and other link-building strategies. 


  • Domain age. 

Domain age is nothing but how old your domain is. Google doesn’t clearly state that this is a ranking factor for SEO, but research says that the older the domain, the better the ranking. Domain age can be used to indicate the quality of your site. If your site is old, it is appropriate to say that your website has built quality backlinks over time because of the content published on your website assuming you have executed proper SEO practices.


These backlinks contribute to the ranking of your website. If your site has been there for a long time, it means you are publishing quality content. 


  • Structured data

Structured data is a top-ranking factor in SEO. It is a tool used to give detailed information about your website. Structured data or schema markup helps search engines understand your content better and rank it accordingly. In fact, rich snippets can boost the click-through rates which can improve the ranking of your website. Schema markup comes with lots of benefits. The structured data is visual in nature.


So you’ll have a better click-through rate which results in better ranking. WordPress has plugins where you can implement schema markups on your website.   


  • Business listings

Consistent business listings are also an important ranking factor for SEO. Business listings are essentially online yellow pages. Business listings have companies listed alphabetically. This helps us find products and services easily on the internet. Search engines only rank the brands that are credible and trustworthy.


If your website has established a strong presence online, then search engines will show your website on the search engine result page. Business listings help your website easier to find and create additional backlinks. You can create a Google my business page and you can add your business name, website address, business phone number, your address, and other important details.


Now that we have understood the basics of  SEO and learned about the parameters that help improve the ranking of your website, let’s get down to the list of SEO training in Trivandrum that will help you excel in SEO. This list will help you find the right SEO course in Trivandrum.


Top 5 SEO Training in Trivandrum


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a renowned digital marketing and content writing institute headquartered in New Delhi, India. IIM Skills provides skill development courses designed for students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. They have trained over 15000 students across the globe. IIM Skills have a training faculty who are industry experts with over 12 years of experience under their belt. IIM Skills offers the best SEO training in Trivandrum with case studies and hands-on training. 


IIM Skills advanced SEO course covers

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • ON page & Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO     
  • Search console
  • Google analytics
  • Reporting in SEO
  • Link building


IIM Skills advances SEO course duration is 4 weeks with 8 weeks of paid internship. You get a master’s certification after you complete the course. You get lifetime access to new updates and recorded lectures. You get hands-on SEO training in Trivandrum with 2 live projects. You also get access to tools worth 20k to help you master SEO. That’s not all, IIM Skills provide 100% placement assistance and interview prep to interns and graduates. The course fee is Rs 14900 + GST. 





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Indian institute of digital education is a well-established institute for digital marketing. IIDE has been awarded as India’s best digital learning institute by the world education congress. IIDE offers online SEO courses with certification. It teaches all the fundamental and advanced SEO skills that are required to become an SEO expert.


It teaches you tried and tested strategies that will help you rank your website. IIDE has faculties with experience of over 17 years in the field of digital marketing and SEO. They have also worked for top brands in India. You’ll be awarded a certificate after the completion of the course.


IIDE SEO course covers 

  • Basics of SEO, 
  • Keyword research, 
  • Onpage & Off page SEO training, 
  • Google search console, b
  • blackhat techniques and much more. 


The online course consists of 7 hours of the live class and video lectures. You can access the video lectures for 30 days. Apart from these, there will be practical tests conducted to help you measure your performance. Assignments will be given to applying your learning effectively. You get dedicated Q&A support from the trainers. Through the course, you’ll master SEO tools like Google Analytics, Moz, Yoast, Keywords everywhere, and more. The course fee is RS 6355. 


3. Simplilearn 


Simplilearn is a provider of online training and professional certification courses. This learning platform helps working professionals achieve their career goals. Simplilearn advanced Search engine optimization course is designed for marketing managers, digital marketing professionals, content writers, sales professionals,  communication graduates, entrepreneurs, and business owners. The live online classes are conducted by industry experts.


The Course covers

  • Search engine optimization basics
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • Advanced content marketing
  • Advanced web analytics
  • Keyword research & management
  • Website management and optimization
  • URL management


Apart from this,  Simplilearn’s Advanced SEO course includes 20+ real-life industry-based projects to make you an industry-ready SEO professional. You get to learn tools that are used in current industries such as Google search console, Keywords trends. You also get a full-fledged understanding of creating a website and the ways you can promote it.  Simplilearn also offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 


Simplilearn offers SEO courses in 3 different training options

  • Self-paced learning where you get lifetime access to high-quality content, 25 hands-on projects, 3 simulation test papers. The course fee is RS 15999.
  • Online Bootcamp includes everything mentioned in self-paced learning along with 90 days of access to online classes. The course fee is Rs 20,999.
  •  Corporate training for corporate professionals.


4. Extreme media


Extreme media is a web designing company that offers SEO training in Trivandrum. The course teaches you how to optimize your content, how to get a higher ranking of your website on search engine ranking page, how to get organic traffic to your website, and much more. 


The course is designed for students looking to build a career in SEO, entrepreneurs looking to optimize their website, bloggers, IT professionals looking for freelance jobs, content writers looking to rank their content on the search engine result pages.  


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


The course covers

  • On-page & Off-page SEO training
  • Keyword research
  • Google search console
  • WordPress SEO using Yoast
  • Image optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Building backlinks


5. Udemy 


Udemy is a global teaching and learning platform. Udemy helps professionals upgrade their skills and become an expert in the field of their choice. It curates technical courses for companies, government, and non-profit organizations to help their employees develop their technical skills. Udemy offers online SEO course training that is led by industry experts.


In Udemy’s SEO course, you’ll learn

  • Keyword research
  • Content relevance SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • How to get indexed faster
  • How to build backlinks
  • Negative SEO attack


This course includes 10.5 hours of video lectures.  You get full lifetime access. You can access video classes on mobile or TV. A certificate will be awarded that you can share with your employer. The course fee is Rs 385.  


Frequently asked questions


1. What are the different types of SEO?

The types of SEO are Onpage, Offpage SEO, Technical & Local SEO. You can learn this by signing up for an SEO course in Trivandrum.


2. How do I improve my website’s domain score?

You can improve your website’s domain score by building backlinks and publishing high-quality fresh content. 


3. What is the main difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO that we should know?

White hat SEO involves improving user experience by staying within the boundaries of Google guidelines. Black hat SEO involves techniques that do not adhere to Google guidelines.


4. What is the most effective SEO tactic?

Keyword research, competitor analysis, link building content optimization are the most effective tactics according to marketers. You can learn these skills by signing up for an SEO course in Trivandrum.



These are the top picks for SEO training in Trivandrum. Knowing SEO skills is very important in today’s digital age. Every business or blogger has a website now. The tough competition and Google’s algorithm are making it hard to rank websites these days. SEO experts are in high demand.


If you are looking to learn everything about SEO and implement those skills in real life, then you must definitely consider signing up for any of the SEO training in Trivandrum that we have mentioned in the article. If you are looking to build a career in SEO, then this list of SEO training in Trivandrum should guide you to pick the right SEO course for you. 

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