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Top 8 SEO Training in Lucknow With Practical Training

Google is constantly changing the landscape of SEO. Therefore any business needs to be proactive to handle the algorithms of Google Search Engines. To understand, we need SEO experts, and to birth SEO experts, we require SEO courses. Therefore let us look at the Top SEO training in Lucknow to begin the journey of becoming a master in SEO and changing the game of ranking and visibility.


Best SEO training in Lucknow


Since you are searching for SEO training in Lucknow, it can be expected that you are aware that SEO is organic in nature. This means it has the potential for long-lasting results, but for that, you have to work consistently on the SEO factors and be patient to see results. Search engine optimization is undoubtedly not as fast as Pay per clicks; however, SEO is not even as short-lived as PPCs. 


So if you want to delve into courses that can assist you in understanding how to stimulate the growth of SEO? Then let’s check out the Top 8 SEO training in Lucknow.


1. IIM Skills


While today’s world is online, working on website visibility has become imperative. And that is why you are looking for SEO training in Lucknow.

You need to enhance constantly the web page to impact your business dramatically. For this, you need search engine optimization (SEO). Furthermore, to understand SEO, you need to learn it. Therefore IIM Skills offers an advanced SEO course where you will learn how to keep a check on your website’s health. Furthermore, optimize content, get backlinks, and enhance other factors related to SEO. However, you also rank on Google’s first search engine page. That is the position that even IIM Skills has maintained for so long. IIM SKILLS offers a number of other high-grade professional courses in India like content writing courses, technical writing programs, and digital marketing. 


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Course Fees: Rs.14,900+18% GST

Course Duration: 4-weeks training+ 8-weeks internship 



The course structure is as follows-


  • What is SEO?
  • The various types of SEO?
  • The importance of SEO in digital marketing
  •  The time required for the SEO to show results?
  •  How to select the right niche?
  •  What is website credibility?
  •  The micro and competitive niches
  •  What is the meaning and difference between the user interface and User experience?
  • How to decide a need for your website or blog?
  • Mind mapping the content and audience
  • On-page SEO
  • The importance of Keyword research
  •  The different types of keywords, such as short-tail and long-tail keywords
  •  The keyword competition levels
  •  The intention of keywords such as (informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional)
  •  The definition of Keyword density and how it impacts SEO content?
  •  The SEO for local domestic and international pages
  • How to use competitive analysis to rank higher?
  • The meaning of permalink and how to structure them?
  • What is the content structure? 
  •  Linking and its types such as internal and external linking
  • What are cornerstone pages?
  • How does content act as a pillar?
  •  What are meta descriptions and meta tags?
  •  Learning about the 301 redirect
  •  What is a 404 error?
  •  Understanding the canonical URLs
  • Off-page SEO an introduction
  •  Backlinks and their types
  •  Ways and means to generate quality backlinks
  •  The web 2.0and 3.0 strategies
  • The thin and duplicate content and how to avoid it?
  •  What is cold email outreach?
  •  Building a robust off-page strategy
  • The multiple domain strategy 
  •  Developing quality relationships with other website owners
  •  Learning about technical SEO
  •  HTTP vs HTTPS service
  •  How is the content delivery network implemented?
  • XML Sitemap
  • What is structured data?
  •  The implementation of schemas
  •  What is a search console, and how to register to it?
  • The Benefits of search console
  •  What is URL inspection?
  •  Understanding site performance
  •  What are Site coverage and site mapping?
  • The idea behind indexing in crawling
  •  Understanding User experience page experience and mobile usability
  •  An introduction to Google Analytics
  •  Registering to Google Analytics
  •  The various parameters in Google Analytics(such as real-time traffic analytics, audience overview, acquisition, traffic behavior)
  • Designing and SEO report
  • The structures used in agencies
  •  Learning about freelance SEO reporting
  •  Assistance in Interview preparation
  •  Resume preparation
  •  An insight into a paid internship


The tools covered in this course are as follows-


  • Keyword Planner
  • Answer the public
  • Ubersuggest
  • SEMrush
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • Google my business
  •  Word Counter
  •  Small SEO tool
  •  CompressNow
  •  ConvertCase
  •  Aminstitute
  •  The different WordPress plugins
  •  Duplichecker
  •  Quetext 


The benefits of taking this course are as follows-


  • Guaranteed two months internship with incentives
  • Establishing a career as an SEO specialist
  • Starting up an SEO agency
  • Learning how to rank a website or a blog on Google 
  •  Receiving a letter of recommendation from the institute
  •  Placement support
  •  Receiving guidance related to interviews
  •  Post-training mentorship


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

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The various other  courses offered by IIM Skills are as follows-




Suppose you are someone who wants to brush up the SEO knowledge and become a certified SEO expert. Then I must say that the search on SEO training in Lucknow is over as you have found the most sought course. IIDE is the number digital education institute that offers virtual and classroom teaching. 


Course Name: Online SEO Course with certification 

Course Fees: Rs. 6355+taxes

Course Duration: 7-hours


The course structure is as follows-


  • The importance of Keyword research
  •  Learning how Google SEO operates
  •  How to find the right keywords?
  •  The structuring of the webpage
  •  On-page SEO
  •  The various components of on-page SEO
  •  The SEO tips for more traffic
  • The concept of Technical SEO
  •  The importance of error pages
  •  Fundamentals of off-page SEO
  •  How can the blogs in PR be used to improve the website ranking on Google?
  • How is auditing necessary for the website?
  • What is a Google search console?
  • How to measure the site’s performance?
  •  How can Google Analytics in the Google search console get linked?
  • Fundamentals of Google Analytics
  •  What are the Black hat SEO techniques?
  •  How can the Black hat SEO technique your ranking on Google?


If you wish to connect with IIDE, then,

Contact(Counselling & admission)

Tel: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]


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3. Yoast Academy 


Yoast Academy is the most trustworthy SEO community. Yoast has become a mighty name in the realm of Search engine Optimisation. Yoast indeed holds an authoritative position. And to top off, it offers a free course on SEO that can get completed within a few hours. Isn’t this a cherry on the cake? So if you want to have the cake with cherry, quickly glance through the course structure. You will be relieved to have found the best result for SEO training in Lucknow.


Course Name: SEO for Beginners

Course Fees: Free

Course Duration: Self-paced


The course curriculum is as follows-


  • An insight into search engines
  • What is holistic SEO?
  • Learning about the used SEO plugin
  • Use of keyboard researching
  •  learning about copywriting 
  • Understanding the site structure
  • The components of Technical SEO
  • The connection between rich results in structured data
  •  What are crawlability and indexing?


Suppose you want to refresh your understanding of search engine optimization. In that case, you can go through this comprehensive course to help you understand SEO in a few hours.


4. Udemy 


Suppose you are searching for SEO training in Lucknow to be relevant in the world of SEO. Then this course by Udemy is the choicest fit for you.


Course Name: SEO Training Masterclass 2022: Beginner SEO to Advanced SEO

Course Fees: Rs. 3499

Course Duration: 16.5 hours on-demand 


The course structure is as follows-


  • What is Google’s focus for SEO in 2022?
  • Evaluation of the search intent
  • What is SEO keyword research?
  • Which is the profitable keyword, a long tail or a short tail keyword?
  • Examples of Keyword research
  • Mind mapping SEO keywords
  • Making a complete list of SEO keywords
  • The unique keywords required for the business
  • Uses of Keyword density tool
  • Following the Google trends to select a keyword
  • Using SEO tools
  • Using Google search console for Search Engine Optimisation
  • The process of submitting a new URL and keeping a check on the page status
  • Learning where the pages rank
  • Understanding the Core web vitals for SEO
  • An introduction to Google Analytics and how it impacts SEO
  • Is blogging important for SEO
  • The fundamentals of on-page SEO
  • The components of on-page SEO
  • Setting up your plugin to optimize your content
  • The concept of meta tag and meta description
  • How to write attractive copies for SEO?
  • What are sales copywriting?
  • What are cornerstone pages?
  • How do you hyperlink your web page to boost SEO?
  • The correct use of header tags in your content
  • Effective writing for SEO
  • Following a URL structure for SEO
  • How to make your site mobile friendly 
  • Identifying and removing duplicates in theme content
  • Using the SEMrush SEO tool for competitor backlink research
  •  Off-site SEO
  •  how can you look for a link that enhances your SEO ranking
  •  how guest blogging impacts SEO
  •  Ways and methods to get backlinks from product reviews
  •  How to avoid getting wrong links
  •  The practical examples for Search Engine Optimisation
  •  What does a successful blog look like?
  •  the SEO backlinks strategies
  • How to use events to get links
  • The link building exercise
  • Use of viral memes for link building
  • How to use press releases for getting links
  • The myths in SEO ranking
  • How recommend your products get recommended?
  • Marketplace SEO
  • Understanding local SEO for inbound marketing
  • And exercise on local SEO
  • Learning about SEO penalty and the use of Panda and Penguin
  • A Google penalty quiz
  • What is voice SEO?
  • The searchers for voice SEO
  • Which are the various devices used for voice SEO?
  • Voice SEO for local business and e-commerce
  • What does an aggressive content marketing strategy look like?
  • Learning in working on-site speed factors
  • What is the page Optimisation prioritization strategy for SEO?
  • Standing the Google image search SEO
  • The best practice for image SEO
  • How to use YouTube videos to rank better?
  • Can Twitter and Facebook profiles get used for SEO?
  • The rich snippets SEO
  • How to influence the SEO ranking using the intent match strategy?
  • What is SEO auditing, and how is it crucial?
  • Freelancing with SEO?
  • The common questions for an SEO job interview?
  • Using Fiverr to find SEO work opportunities?
  • How to handle ranking fluctuations?
  • Building an SEO agency?
  • Learning about the essential agency keywords


This SEO course by Udemy is indeed what you will need to know about SEO that will be relevant for 2022. If you want to enquire more about Udemy, then type the course on the search box of Udemy courses.


Here are the Top Digital Marketing Courses in Lucknow


5. Coursera 


You are indeed searching for SEO training in Lucknow, but have you ever imagined the evolution of SEO. If you haven’t, then this course will take an exhilarating ride to SEO.


Course Name: Introduction to Google SEO

Course Fees: Rs.3999

Course Duration: 4-weeks


The course structure is as follows-


  • The basics of SEO and its impact on any business
  • The difference between the various job types in SEO
  • The different career options for an SEO expert
  • The evolution of SEO
  • How do search engines work?
  • The best practices for SEO?
  • What are search engine algorithms?
  •  The history of search engine algorithms?
  •  The best SEO practices
  •  The various factors affecting ranking
  •  How to clean up the links with Penguin
  •  The relevance and trustworthiness of search results
  •  The impacts of brands and their branding on the search results
  •  The contribution of social media and Technology in Search Engine Optimisation
  •  The Core web vitals
  •  Featured and rich snippets
  •  The evolution of Keyword Optimisation
  •  How to strengthen your keyboard strategy?
  •  The behaviors of web searches?
  •  Audience analysis for building personas
  •  Marketing to your persona
  •  How to know your audience
  •  What is the definition of an ideal buyer persona


If you wish to take part in this informative and intense course on SEO, glance through Coursera!


6. Coursera 


Course Name: Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO

Course Fees: Rs.3999

Course Duration: 4-weeks


Isn’t it impressive to watch how content interacts with SEO factors to rank better on Google? This course on Coursera in the form of tactics will teach you about the interaction between content and SEO. If this intrigues you, pause your search on SEO training in Lucknow and study the course structure below.


The course curriculum is as follows-


  • Exploring the what and how of the content marketing ecosystem
  • What are the basics of SEO
  • Learning about link building and understanding value links
  •  Do’s and don’ts of getting links
  •  Website visibility by developing an effective content marketing campaign
  •  Guest posting
  •  The fundamental concepts of content marketing
  •  How are SEO and content marketing in the ecosystem related?
  •  The Indian understanding of social media
  •  How social media affects the online reputation and visibility of a company?
  •   How does influencer marketing help in SEO?
  •  What are platform demographics?
  •  The fundamental principles in building audiences
  •  The art of SEO
  • The role of an influencer driving the reputation of a business
  •  How to build relationships with the in influences
  •  The steps to be followed and kept in mind by collaborating with influencers
  •  Understanding the targeted advertising
  •  How great can content boost Search Engine Optimisation?
  •  How to anchor content?
  •  The various types of enhanced content


If you like this package course and wish to enquire more can sign up with Coursera. 


7. Internshala


SEO is a science that got birth to boost digital marketing and therefore is an integral part. This course can do wonders to broaden your understanding of the impact of SEO on digital marketing. Therefore, if you already understand the basics of SEO, consider changing the angle of your search on SEO training in Lucknow.


Course Name: Learn Digital Marketing 

Course Fees: Rs. 1349

Course Duration: 8-weeks


The course structure is as follows-


  • The process of building a web presence?
  •  What is a web presence?
  • An insight into web and Google Analytics
  • An introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
  • The significance of Keyword research
  • The basics of on-page and off-page SEO
  • The components of on-page and off-page SEO
  • An understanding of local SEO and its Optimisation 
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Mobile SEO 
  • Blog writing
  • SEO auditing
  • Various tools for Search Engine Optimisation
  • The fundamentals of Digital Advertising
  • What are Google Ads?
  • The various forms of advertising such as( Search advertising, video advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, shopping advertising) 
  • The idea behind A/B testing
  • What are remarketing ads?
  • The concepts of social media marketing
  • Facebook marketing (Both Paid and organic)
  • Instagram marketing
  • YouTube marketing 
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Twitter marketing 
  • Learning to Make a social media strategy
  • Learning about Online reputation management(ORM)
  • An introduction to email marketing
  • Creating email list and content
  • Importance of an email campaign
  • Inbound marketing and various strategies related to it
  • How does content affect inbound marketing?
  • The fresh trends in digital marketing 
  • An insight into Influencer marketing 
  • Voice Searching and digital marketing
  • Programmatic advertising 
  • Artificial intelligence in digital marketing
  • The final project for Digital Marketing


Suppose you want to study the blend of Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing. In that case, this course by Internshala can be relevant for your search on SEO courses in Lucknow. Therefore, explore Internshala to learn more. 

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


8. Henry Harvin


SEO is an indispensable learning today. That is why Henry Harvin offers a rigorous course on SEO that covers all the aspects affecting search engine optimization. Therefore, if you are looking for detailed SEO training in Lucknow, this course is waiting to be pursued by you!


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course 

Course Fees: Rs. 9500

Course Duration: Self-paced 


The course structure is as follows-


  • How does SEO impacts a business?
  • The various concepts of SEO
  • The conditions that is required to be abided by for SEO
  • The landscape of Search Engine 
  • How are the search results analyzed?
  • What is the search engine index?
  • The importance of Keyword research
  •  The various tools for keyword research
  •  How to build a Keyword list?
  •  How to interpret the keywords, whether short tail or long tail?
  •  Understanding the world of Keyword opportunities
  •  How to plan your keyword according to trends?
  • The grouping in managing of keywords
  • The on-page elements for SEO
  •  What is the content hierarchy?
  • How can we optimize content with HTML5?
  • The various domain signals for SEO
  • How to manage the website URLs?
  • The identification of duplicate content
  • The removal of duplicate content
  • The Webmaster Tools
  • How to redesign your website
  • The algorithms of Google
  • Fundamentals of off-page SEO
  • What is the significance of linking?
  • How can we evaluate backlinks?
  • The methods for link building
  • Getting links through social media sites
  • The advanced practices for linking
  • The process of planning a new website
  • The factors to be considered while selecting a domain name
  • The method of organizing the content structure
  • Following the URL structure
  • What is competitive auditing?
  • The importance of creating a marketing plan
  •  How does it help in having SEO and marketing teams?
  • The terms and concepts related to Analytics
  •  How to use two reports to improve SEO?
  •  What is a Bounce Rate?
  •  Learning the business communication skills
  •  Interview preparation
  •  Mastering the presentation skills
  •  Effective resume writing


If you want to be a part of this exhaustive course by Henry Harvin, then, 



Tel: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are there SEO courses that are free?

Yes, many platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and Yoast Academy are free courses with or without certifications. 


2. What are the skills needed for SEO?

Some of the SEO skills are as follows-

  • Advanced Writing abilities
  • Ability to mindmap effective content 
  • Having a good grip over competition analysis 
  • In-depth knowledge of keyword research


3. Which is better, PPC or SEO?

Here, better is in the context of need. If you require fast results, you should go for PPC but should not discontinue SEO. There is no better alternative than SEO if you want credibility and ranking. So, SEO remains the queen.




When searching for SEO training in Luckow, many ask themselves if SEO will exist in the next five years? The science behind SEO is giving a sense of identity to businesses. Therefore, SEO for now, at least, is the ruler to today, hereafter, and beyond! Once you pursue a course, you will realize that SEO practices can not get obsolete till the world is online.

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