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Top 10 SEO Training In Coimbatore With Placement Assistance

Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, is the new norm. SEO is what all brands are looking for. It is an important digital marketing tool that helps grow traffic to your site, and enhance online visibility thus boosting business. SEO helps in getting traffic through organic search results and has proved that, if used properly could bring revolution to the business. It has the potential to enlarge your customer base. Any type of business needs to have a well-defined SEO strategy to stay ahead in the competitive market. And for that training is important. Below are the institutes offering SEO training in Coimbatore.



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Search Engine Optimization – What is it?


When you search for something on a search engine like Google you get thousands of results. The results are from different sites. Few sites appear on page one and are top-ranked. It means visitors choose these sites over others to get what they need.


The site ranking at the topmost has got huge traffic through organic search results. It means to appear at the top of the search result it did not pay the search engine Google. Due to its content and the way it has developed the page by including images and videos it came to be liked by millions of visitors and gradually topped the search result.


You might wonder what is it? This is what Search Engine Optimization is called. It is a process where you optimize your site’s ranking by bringing more traffic to your site. The traffic you get through SEO is unpaid traffic and the search results are organic.


Why is it needed?


Take an example you being a food blogger have your website where you publish amazing Indian recipes. But Google never ranks your website on top or at least on page one. Here is your competitor who also publishes Indian recipes on her website. And Google ranks her website on top of the page. It has helped her in several collaborations and many businesses use her website to post an Ad as it gets high traffic.

The reason for such difference is due to SEO. Your competitor worked on SEO to get better rankings.


Does SEO training help?


There are thousands of businesses running online. But they hardly get into top rankings. It’s because they don’t know how to improve their ranking and what all is needed. Just creating a website and posting content is not getting you the customers. There is an algorithm behind how search engines work and how it ranks the website.


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Although content is king, it requires more than good content to get top ranking. No search engines reveal the algorithm behind but based on some experience and experts we could have an idea. There are certain core elements of the SEO process. One has to thoroughly understand and practice those elements to improve the rankings and bring business. The SEO process includes:


  • Analysis of the data available on your website to find out what’s missing in it
  • Keyword research plays an important role in understanding what the audience is searching for what answers they need. The keyword research helps in delivering the right content for your targeted audience. Long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords are two types of keyword search
  • Informative, long, and rich content
  • On-page and Off-page optimization
  • Website compatible with mobile devices
  • Backlinks
  • Speed for the loading of pages


Few of them can be practiced and easily understood by learning online but few are difficult to understand. Now and then strategy for SEO is changing which creates further confusion. SEO training helps us in exactly getting right on the SEO strategy. There are many SEO techniques that we could learn only from the training.


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Institutes for SEO Training in Coimbatore


Digitalization has helped many to turn their skill and art into a business. It has helped in bringing business to the doorstep. But it has also tightened the competition. To survive and sustain this competition SEO plays a vital role. Companies spend millions of dollars to hire an SEO expert to get the right strategy for their business.


A metropolitan city like Coimbatore has growing business ventures and higher usage of digital media which makes the SEO course in Coimbatore very important. There is no dearth of SEO training in Coimbatore. There are plenty of institutes providing SEO training online as well as offline. But going through all the institutes and making a choice is a very tiring job. We have provided you with the list of the most preferred SEO training institutes in Coimbatore to make it easy for you to choose the one.


1.   IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a famous name in the field of content writing, technical writing, and digital marketing courses. This ed-tech company is a leading trainer for many certification courses in India. Its certification is globally recognized.


Amongst the popular list of courses offered by IIM Skills, the Advanced SEO course is a popular one. The course is beautifully designed as per the industry standards and renders 100% practical training. Not only do you get to do on-the-spot tasks for SEO amid lectures, but also carry out proper training in the internship program. That adds up to your portfolio experience to make you job-ready.


Course Name: Advanced SEO course

Duration of course: 1-month course + 2-month paid internship

Fees: Rs 14,900



Added benefits:

  • 100% practical training
  • LMS support
  • Paid internship
  • Free tools worth 20K
  • Industry-experts as mentors
  • Post-training mentorship
  • 24*7 Online support
  • Globalized certifications




Other Career-oriented Professional Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

GST Certification Course


2.    FITA Academy


FITA academy has grown into a popular choice for SEO training in Coimbatore. The Academy is known for its industry expert trainers who ensure interactive training sessions and address all the queries of students regarding SEO. The detailed syllabus covers from minute topics related to SEO to the advanced level with ease as the trainers have more than a decade-long experience in SEO.

The training is provided in-classroom and also online mode. A certificate is awarded for your completing the course. You will be able given a chance to work on live projects that will ensure a deep understanding of SEO and also showcase your skills.


Following things you will learn from the course:

  • Advanced techniques for keyword research and keyword analysis
  • Create internal-links
  • Handling Google Algorithm updates
  • Performing Computer analysis
  • How to use Google Analytics for the effective working of SEO
  • Blog marketing, Content marketing
  • How to use Google Search Console
  • Valuable SEO techniques, features, and tools


The academy has tied up with hundreds of software companies so students can have vast career opportunities. The academy assists the students with job placement and has a strong network of recruiters.


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3.   ACTE


ACTE is the next top training institute for SEO training in Coimbatore. Thousands of students have enrolled themselves for its SEO course in Coimbatore because of the quality of teaching from certified SEO experts.


Features of the course

  • It offers classroom training, live training, one-to-one training, and customized training depending on what you prefer.
  • The classes are of beginner level and advanced level
  • The syllabus of the course is divided into 8 modules. These 8 modules cover topics such as Introduction to SEO, Keyword research and analysis, On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, Google Adsense, and Reports and Management.
  • Course duration is 40 hours
  • Live projects for learning
  • More than 25 practical assignments
  • After completion of the training, you receive certification. The certificate of ACTE is recognized by global companies and enjoys accreditation worldwide.
  • Familiarizes you with the most advanced SEO tools
  • Lifetime access to its study resources, recordings, and other materials


Amazon, Dell, HDFC, Accenture, Cognizant, etc are the hiring partners of ACTE for placements of its students. ACTE helps its students in interview preparation by arranging face-to-face interviews and mock interviews. It has a dedicated cell to look after the placements of the students and support them throughout the journey.


The trainers are industry experts. The trainers worked in the SEO domain for a long time and few are working professionals in the same. Hence they provide you with the best SEO training necessary for getting a job or mastering SEO skills.


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4.   Coursera


Coursera is preferred by many for SEO training in Coimbatore. Its SEO course has received lots of positive ratings. The University of California offers this course. Few highlights of the course :


  • A Certificate after completion SEO Specialisation course
  • Flexible schedule
  • The complete course is online
  • 5 months is the duration of the course
  • The course is available in English only


This SEO Specialisation course is divided into five-course which consists of

  1. An Introduction: Google SEO
  2. Fundamental of Google SEO
  3. Optimization of Website
  4. Advanced Content and tactics required for  optimization


With this course, you will build the following skills:-

  •     Search Engine Optimization
  •          Keyword research
  •          Marketing
  •          Content Marketing
  •          Social Media Marketing
  •          Mathematical Optimization
  •          Semantics


The course will introduce you to different aspects of SEO and how to improve your rankings on the search engine. As Google is the most popular search engine, the course will teach about Google as well as other search engine algorithms. If you know the idea behind these search engine algorithms, you know what to do and how the website would get good rankings. The certification earned would help build your profile.


IIM SKILLS SEO Course Demo Invite Coimbatore


5.     Yoast Academy


Yoast Academy is an important academy for SEO training in Coimbatore. The Academy offers two types of SEO courses. Yoast SEO Academy Free and Yoast SEO Premium +Academy. Its online SEO courses are notable for their in-depth curriculum. The courses are designed by a team of experts and have covered SEO topics comprehensively. You might have seen Yoast plug-in on WordPress, it is a popular option for improving the ranking of the website.


The Yoast SEO Academy Free is for those who are beginners. They will be trained for,

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • WordPress block editor
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plug-in
  • Structured data


The Yoast SEO Premium+Academy course is available for $99 per year. This is an advanced level of SEO training. One can opt for this course if he/she has some knowledge of SEO. The Premium+Academy course covers the following topics in addition to the Yoast SEO Academy Free like,


  • Complete SEO training
  • Keyword training
  • International SEO training
  • Traning of local SEO
  • E-commerce SEO training
  • Traning for Site structuring
  • Technical SEO training


The training offered is simple and easily understood by students from non-technical backgrounds. Plenty of resources is available for a better understanding of SEO.


6.     Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is well-known for SEO courses in Coimbatore. It has been providing SEO training to different professionals since 2009. Digital Vidya offers training in partnership with Google Partners Academy and Microsoft.


Many professionals are choosing Digital Vidya for the SEO course in Coimbatore. The course is certified by the Government of India and is industry-recognized. The institute provides placement assistance for jobseekers and round-the-clock support.


The course is made up of live classes where instructors take the classes online. Before the classes, pre-reading materials are provided to better understand the concepts. Every week you will be provided with assignments to get the best results of what you have learned. Besides that, there would internship classes in which you have to conduct extensive research and get an opportunity to post your work live.


The course syllabus is divided into three headings

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page optimization
  3. Search engine algorithms


Name of the course: Certified SEO Master Course

Duration of the course: 4 weeks

Fee for the course:  Rs 11,900 + GST


7.     Semrush Academy


Semrush Academy is well-known for its number of courses and certifications for SEO, content marketing, digital marketing, etc. Semrush provides training for different SEO courses. Semrush provides different SEO courses by different instructors. The courses are taught by industry experts. Following are the names of a few SEO courses:


  • Semrush SEO toolkit
  • On-page and Technical SEO course
  • Link building course
  • SEO Fundamental Course etc


Greg Gifford is a popular instructor of Semrush and also an SEO expert. Most of the courses can be enrolled for free of cost. You can choose to enroll only for those courses in which you are lagging. No need to enroll in the courses in which you already have enough knowledge.


The courses offered are free and the certification earned has global recognition. So if you are looking for SEO training in Coimbatore worth quality then Semrush Academy is the one.


8.      Udemy


Udemy is a leading institute offering SEO training in Coimbatore. There is not a single SEO course but a variety of courses on SEO to build your skills. The trainers are experts of SEO who provide you with valuable insights and learning. The courses are of very low cost but of high-quality content. The experts offer unique techniques to scale up your rankings of the website.


The courses are for beginners level to advanced level. Some of the top SEO courses on Udemy are :

  • SEO for WordPress
  • Complete SEO training
  • The Ultimate SEO training
  • The complete SEO boot camp

The courses offered are of varying duration and can fit into your schedule.


9.      HubSpot Academy


HubSpot is a widely recognized platform for digital training in marketing, sales, and certification courses. Its SEO Certification Course has received many positive reviews and high ratings. The course details are :


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Course Duration: 2 hours 21 mins

Course fees: The course is free of cost


Structure of the course :

There are a total of six lessons namely

  1. Basics of SEO
  2. On-Page and Technical SEO
  3. Keyword Research for SEO
  4. Link Building for SEO
  5. Optimization of Website
  6. SEO Reporting


With these six lessons, the course will cover all the important aspects of SEO like crawling, indexing, and ranking web pages by search engines. Further, the instructors will help you in developing the right SEO strategy.


The course also contains quizzes to brush up on your learning. The course is designed for marketers, content creators, or anyone who wishes to learn about SEO.


10.  Moz Academy


Moz Academy’s SEO courses are built for persons at different scales on SEO knowledge. You could be a beginner who is searching for the basics of SEO or you could be a professional who wants to further sharpen SEO skills.


It has fantastic instructors to guide you throughout the course. Every concept of SEO is thoroughly explained in the course. Few courses come with hands-on projects and quizzes. Moz Academy provides SEO courses for Certification, Series, and Level Up. The courses cover all the important SEO topics such as keywords, page optimization, research, links, etc.

If you are looking for SEO training in Coimbatore you check Moz Academy at least once.



  1. I am a freelance content writer. Is SEO training helpful for me?

Of course. As a freelance content writer, you need to write content that is SEO-friendly. This would help in better ranking your client’s website. And if you would be writing for your website even then you need to follow proper SEO strategy to rank your website. Hence SEO training is helpful for you in any way.


  1. Which institute received the highest positive ratings for SEO training in Coimbatore?

There are many such institutes. But would like to mention the names of IIM Skills, FITA, Coursera, and ACTE. These institutes have received a good number of positive ratings for SEO training in Coimbatore.


  1. Is SEO a better career choice?

SEO is a good career choice for those who have a keen interest in digitalization. SEO is a process continuously evolving and currently in high demand. Top MNCs are ready to spend millions of dollars on SEO specialists. Besides, one would be able to learn new things. SEO as a career choice provides stability of income.


  1. Is there any SEO course in Coimbatore without any fee?

Yes. Institutes like Yoast academy, Hubspot, Neil Patel’s SEO course and Udemy provide free training for an SEO course in Coimbatore.


  1. What are the educational qualifications to become an SEO expert?

There are no pre-requisite educational qualifications to become an SEO expert. Students from any stream can become SEO experts provided they should have some basic knowledge of computers and the internet.



If you are looking for a career in SEO or want to grow your business you need to get SEO training. In the coming days, there would be more challenges to keep your business growing. To address those challenges, SEO can be the best tool. SEO training helps you in understanding this complex topic. The article tries to include all the important choices for an SEO course in Coimbatore. Hope you find it helpful.

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