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Best 8 SEO Courses in Greece With Placement Assistance

With the advent of the internet, the world has turned into one big marketplace – global is the new local. Companies are fastly adopting the latest strategies to make the most of the changing scenario. Greece, known for being ‘the cradle of Western Civilisation’ is no exception. Located in Southeast Europe, Greece is witnessing tremendous growth in the digital market. This has created a surge in the demand for SEO-trained professionals in Greece. Today, we will be sharing the Best SEO courses in Greece, to upskill your professional career.


List of best SEO courses in Greece


What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to the process that aims at improving the rank of online content in search engines. By search engine, we are considering Google alone commands 92% of the global search engine market. This ranking is done based on the reachability, relevance, and popularity of the online content on Google.


The goal is to appear on the first page of Google results for the search terms that are most relevant to your target audience. As a result, SEO is as much about analyzing your audience’s wants and needs as it is about the technicalities of how to set up your website. Here it is important to remember that SEO articles are different from paid advertising, as they are ranked ‘organically’ with no payments involved.


Organic search is the most frequent way for people to find and access content online. So an effective SEO plan is critical for improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your site. Here we can see, search the result of ‘best mobile under 20,000’. The first highlighted result is paid advertising and the second highlighted result is SEO content that appeared organically.


Importance of SEO

The importance of SEO lies in –


  • Organic Results: SEO content appearing on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are organic and unpaid. Unlike ads, these are positioned according to their relevance and the algorithms of Google and hence are more useful to the users than paid advertisements. The purpose of SEO is to upgrade your organic search results ranking.


  • Quality Traffic: Quality traffic implies those who are exclusively interested in the products, services, or information that your content offers. A good quality SEO gets an advantage of the search engines’ efforts to pair up with the user’s search to the SERP’s web pages.


  • Quantity Traffic: Quality traffic in huge numbers, adds to the ranking of the content. It is more likely for users to click on search results that appear towards the top of the SERP, therefore it’s critical to optimize your SEO strategy to rank relevant pages as high as possible. Google ranks the most relevant searches on top, so the higher the ranking of your content, the more the volume of free website traffic your content gets.


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Organic search results are a very small piece of a very huge pie, given that Google handles billions of search requests per day. While some initial and ongoing expenditure is required to achieve and maintain organic rankings, every click that leads to your website is entirely free.


While there may be too many competing components on SERPs to push organic listings down, SEO may still be a highly powerful and profitable activity. Therefore, the first and foremost thing about SEO is to produce great content.


Best 8 SEO Courses in Greece


1. IIM Skills


The first institution that appears in this list of best SEO courses in Greece is IIM Skills. IIM Skills provides a wide range of professional courses that are exhaustive and practical.


Name of the Course:

Advanced SEO Course


Course Details:

In terms of proper content development, on-page SEO methods, technical comprehension for non-techies, and great off-page optimization skills, the course is beneficial. The paid internship boosts your confidence while also allowing you to track your SEO performance in real-time.


This course is for:

  • Students
  • Small and Medium entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Content Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Blogger


Course Outcomes:

  • Learn SEO Fundamentals
  • Learn On-Page SEO
  • Learn Off-Page and Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Learn how to do Competitor Research
  • Learn to create SEO optimized content
  • Learn about backlinks
  • Master various SEO Tools
  • Learn to perform SEO Audit



SEO Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Setting up the Right Niche
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. Off-Page SEO
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Search Console
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Reporting in SEO
  9. Bonus Module


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: 184.29 Euro



  • Computer with good connectivity
  • Basic knowledge of the Internet


Course Duration: 4 weeks of training & 8 weeks of Paid Internship

Certificates: Master Certification from IIM Skills


Other Courses


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Hellenic American Union (HAU)


HAU is an educational and cultural institution that focuses on the professional and personal development of young aspirants with an international focus and commitment to communities.


Name of the SEO Courses in Greece

SEO Academy


Course Details:

This workshop focuses on best SEO practices and their practical implementation. It analyses different SEO strategies and emphasizes their methodologies and objectives. Also, research on competition and the use of different tools to optimize SEO strategy are covered as well. Such unique traits make this course at the top of the best SEO courses in Greece.


This course is for:

  • Candidates with training in Digital Marketing and a drive for diving deeper into SEO Marketing.
  • Marketers who want to upskill to become SEO experts
  • IT Graduates who want to explore the world of SEO
  • Entrepreneurs for conceptualizing optimum business strategies


Course Outcomes:

  • In-hand knowledge of SEO
  • Improve the ranking of your online content, organically
  • Learn the use of SEO tools, frameworks, and methodologies
  • Recognize SEO competitors – their strategies and techniques.
  • Generate your SEO strategy from scratch.


Course Modules:

  1. SEO Highlights
  2. Advanced Keyword Research & Targeting
  3. Develop your SEO strategy
  4. SEO Website auditing
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Combine Content Marketing and SEO
  7. Off-Page SEO & Link Building
  8. SEO Case Studies
  9. Workshop


Course Type: Online

Course Fees:

Early bird offer – 590 Euros

Standard fee – 650 Euros


Prerequisites: Basic idea of Digital Marketing principles and tools.

Course Duration; 27 hours

Certificate: Issued by the Institution


3. Udemy


Udemy has a vast array of business and professional courses that help institutions, organizations, governments, and individuals to chart future roads toward growth and success. It offers several SEO Courses –


Name of the Course: SEO Online Course:


Course Details:

This course teaches how to attract more web traffic organically. It shows a step-by-step approach to getting rankings on the first page of Google, that does not require any website programming skills. Within a very short span, this course is highly effective in introducing the world of SEO and so it features in this list of best SEO courses in Greece.


This course is for:

  • Business Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • Web designers
  • Aspiring SEO professionals


Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding the definition and importance of SEO
  • Knowing different search engines and how they work
  • Learning about approved and unapproved SEO techniques.
  • Create your SEO strategy to attract maximum web traffic
  • Learning to find keywords with high search volume
  • Learning to apply On-Page SEO methods that will earn a rank on the first page of Google.
  • Learning to use Yoast plugin for SEO
  • Learning OFF Page SEO methods
  • Building backlinks for improved ranking
  • Creating a user-friendly SEO website
  • Learning to avoid methods that can get penalized by Google
  • Executing an SEO analysis on competitors to gain an edge over them
  • Create a blog that will attract web traffic
  • Write an article that will be organically ranked on the first page of Google


Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Creating SEO Strategy
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. On-Site SEO
  5. Off-Site SEO
  6. Black Hat SEO
  7. Tools for SEO
  8. Search Engine Domination (SED)
  9. Article Marketing
  10. Project
  11. Bonus Material


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: 5.60 Euros

Prerequisites: None

Course Duration: 112 minutes

Certificates: Certificates will be provided to each candidate on completion of the course.


4. Coursera


Coursera is a leading online, educational startup, that in collaboration with more than 200 top universities and companies, imparts professional courses to individuals as well as organizations. These courses vary from certifications to degree programs, that are affordable, flexible, and in-demand.


Name of the Course: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialisation


Course Details:

This Specialization will teach you how to optimize website content for the best search engine ranking possible. You’ll get an understanding of the theory underlying Google search and other search engine algorithms, as well as practical, real-world skills that you may use for a job in digital marketing or online content development.


The Specialization concludes in a hands-on Capstone Project in which you will apply your knowledge to a full-fledged SEO consulting project and for this reason, it’s one of the best SEO courses in Greece.


This course is for:

  • Bloggers
  • Business Owners
  • Writers of Online Content
  • Anyone who wishes to publish online content


Course Outcomes:


Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Google SEO
  2. Google SEO Fundamentals
  3. Optimizing a Website for Google search
  4. Advanced Content and Social tactics to Optimise SEO
  5. Google SEO Capstone Project


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: Free Enrolment

Prerequisites: None

Course Duration: 5 months Approximately

Certificates: Shareable Certificate upon Completion




IIENSTITU is the next institute that gets featured in this list of best SEO courses in Greece. It offers online professional training courses that can be availed from anywhere, provided you have a good internet connection.


Name of the Course: SEO Course

Course Details: Designed by industry experts, this course has shaped the career of thousands of aspirants, worldwide. This course helps in building an impactful online presence on Google.


This Course is For:

  • People who want to create, develop and manage their websites
  • Small Business Owners
  • Online Marketers
  • Content Writers
  • Aspiring SEO Professionals


Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding how Google operates and optimizing a website for better rankings
  • Writing SEO copy that is both Google-friendly and user friendly
  • Learning to use SEO tools like Google Analytics
  • Learning to research and analyze website data
  • Using optimized images for better Google rankings
  • Learn to develop an SEO strategy for third parties – clients or websites.


Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. Audience Building, Defining your Website Purpose, and Keyword Research
  3. Content creation and Website structure
  4. Link Building
  5. Google Analytics and Reporting


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: 15 Dollars



  • Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer.
  • Internet Connection


Course Duration: 5 hours live session

Certificates: At the end of the course, a test will be conducted, based on the knowledge gained during the course. Certificates will be awarded accordingly. The certificate is accredited to European Union Countries.


6. College of Media and Publishing


College of Media and Publishing is one of the UK’s most popular online colleges, helping thousands of aspiring candidates across the UK, including Greece, to upskill their careers. Accredited by UK Government, their certifications are practical, flexible, and also affordable. They are –

  • Registered by the UK Government
  • Accredited by 2 leading organizations
  • Quality endorsed by The Quality License Scheme


Name of the Course: Online SEO content writing course


Course Details:

This course teaches how to have an original approach to popular topics that attract web traffic. This can be done by writing Google-friendly, effective articles, with seamless integration of words and phrases. It’s an easy-to-follow, informative, and well-structured course. This course is one of the most popular courses on this list of best SEO courses in Greece.


This course is for:

  • Big-scale and small-scale organizations
  • Content Writers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Marketers


Course Outcomes:

  • Publish SEO-friendly content with proven web writing techniques.
  • Learn to identify appropriate keywords that attract web traffic
  • Seamlessly include keywords and phrases into online content.
  • Learn to use SEO-friendly videos and images.
  • Promote your business on different online platforms.
  • Get employed as an SEO content writer.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


Course Modules:

  1. The basics
  2. Key SEO Principles
  3. Web writing techniques
  4. Using Videos and Images
  5. Writing Web Content
  6. The Role of Social Media
  7. Writing for Social Media
  8. Writing Content for Blogs
  9. Making Money


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: £494.50 or 4 monthly payments of £123.62. Prices include VAT.



  • Proficiency in writing in English.
  • Interest in SEO and Content Writing


Course Duration: No time limit. Flexible and self-paced according to the needs of the candidates.


Certificates: On completion of the course, candidates will receive a Certificate of Achievement – approved by ABC Awards and Certa Awards and also a Learner Unit Summary (it consists of the list of Units the candidates have covered in the course). In addition to this, an accredited CMP Diploma in SEO content writing will be given, which is recognized in the UK and beyond.


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7. Koenig


Founded in the year 1993, Koenig is one of the most trusted training organizations in the world. Spread across most of the major countries in the world – India, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Netherlands, Canada, USA, UK – it believes in spreading IT education worldwide. The diverse experience of this institution, across the world and over decades makes it one of the most prominent institutions offering the best SEO courses in Greece.


Name of the SEO Courses in Greece

Search Engine Optimisation Training Course


Course Details:

This course will introduce you to some of the most advanced techniques so that you may optimize your website by attracting and charting the most traffic possible. Students who complete the Search Engine Optimization course at Koenig can pursue a career in the online marketing field, where they can also work as a freelancer.


This course is for:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Online Content Writers
  • Business owners who want to expand their online performance
  • Online Lifestyle Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Health Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers


Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding the basic functioning of Google
  • Introducing the concept of SEO
  • Breaking myths and misconceptions about search engines
  • Learning about Page Ranking
  • Learning to use different SEO tools
  • Learning Indexing and Crawling
  • Working with Webmaster Guidelines and Tools
  • Analyze your online performance


Course Modules:

  1. Basic of SEO
  2. Understanding the importance of Keywords
  3. Content Optimisation
  4. Understanding Technical SEO
  5. Content Strategy
  6. Link Building
  7. SEO Effectiveness
  8. SEO for ECommerce
  9. SEO for Local Search
  10. Useful SEO Tools
  11. Past, Present, and Future of SEO


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: On Request

Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge of Windows/MAC OS

Course Duration: 32 hours session.

Certificates: On successful completion of the course, candidates will be awarded certificates by the Institute.


8. Carrera


The next institution that gets featured in this list of best SEO courses in Greece is Carrera. Carrera is a training organization that offers professional certification courses for career advancement. With a diverse variety of courses ranging from Information Technology, and Business Management to Languages and Digital Marketing, Carrera has turned the professional curve of many aspirants.


Name of the SEO Courses in Greece

: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course


Course Details:

For professionals in sectors like marketing and advertising, SEO is a terrific way to advance their careers. It not only aids in the growth of a company’s consumer base but also helps with public relations.  The scope of the SEO is not limited, and professionals from different professions might try to get SEO-related abilities to add to their complete work portfolio. It’s a custom-made curriculum by industry experts to meet the industry requirements and this is why it’s one of the best SEO courses in Greece.


This course is for:

  • Professionals in Digital Marketing
  • Content Writers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers


Course Outcomes:

  • Targetting and maximizing quality traffic
  • Understanding the importance of keywords
  • Learn using different SEO tools
  • Understand and analyze your competitor’s marketing strategy
  • Optimize your career in the world of digital marketing


Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Keywords
  4. Design and Architecture of Website
  5. SEO Rules
  6. Link Building
  7. SEO – Local Search
  8. Conducting Website Audits
  9. Critical Algorithm Updates
  10. SEO Tracking
  11. SEO Career
  12. SEO Tools


Course Type: Online

Course Fees: Not Mentioned



  • Having an understanding of popular search engines
  • Comfortable with MS Office


Course Duration: 50 hours

Certificates: Certificates will be awarded on course completion.


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1.    Is an SEO course easy or difficult?

It is usually a simple course. If the learner has already reviewed the fundamentals of SEO and is familiar with the steps involved in learning the course, the program or certification he or she is considering is not as difficult as it may appear at first. On-page best practices, design and architecture, keyword research, site optimization, SEO algorithms, SEO tracking, SEO tools, and SEO site audits are among the topics covered by the students.


2. How many types of SEOs are there?

For getting higher rankings on Google, two types of SEOs are practiced – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.


3. What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO practices refer to several techniques to attract web traffic, organically. These include Keyword Research, Meta Description, URL Structure, Header Tags, Internal Link, and Keyword Usage.


4. What is Off-Page SEO?

All SEO strategies that do not include changing/updating your online content are referred to as off-page SEO. This includes –

  • Content Marketing
  • Citation Building
  • Brand Building
  • Social Media, etc.


5. What is the average salary of an SEO professional in Greece?

In Greece, an SEO Manager normally earns roughly 2,810 EUR per month. Salaries range from 1,380 EUR to 4,390 EUR (lowest to highest) (highest). This is the average monthly payment, which includes transportation, housing, and other benefits. Salary for SEO Managers varies greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region.




E-commerce in Greece is steadily growing, and those interested in entering the industry should expect assistance. There’s a good potential of becoming visible in a search engine very soon and winning first place in the results. Understanding the Greek economy and demands is critical to gaining new customers or clients. A proper website SEO strategy that considers variables like language, domain, and the most popular social media platforms will undoubtedly make the process easier. This has led to a surge in the demand for SEO-trained professionals and that is why, this article focuses on the best SEO courses in Greece, available right now.

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