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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses Online in India

The most important thing to learn in investment banking is to know about finance. If you are lagging with financial knowledge, here is the list of the top institutes to learn investment banking courses online in India. These institutes will guide you through an investment banking course with the entire process. The courses are completely online and cover the topics in and around India. Students who are looking forward to making a better career in finance are most welcome to join the course. All the Institutes are providing a trial class in which you can join and clear your doubts regarding the services they provide.

List of best investment banking courses online in India

Why You Should Consider Joining Investment Banking Courses Online in India Rather Than Studying MBA or CFA?

If you want to become an investment banker then there was a saying that you should need to complete a finance base degree in UG and search for entry-level jobs in investment banking. Later give a go to a finance base degree in PG and become an actual investment banker.

And while doing the job, learn the specializations deeper. People thought these were the procedures to become an investment banker. For years and back, students kept following it by choosing Investment Banking Courses Online in India. There are no such rules to be followed anymore.

The following Institutes have made the above sayings wrong. These Institutes have made your steps for becoming an investment banker shorter and stronger till your lifetime. Among these top Investment Banking Courses Online in India, some of the institutes also have advanced investment banking courses, and the duration of the course will take 6 months of your time and give you vast investment knowledge.

These Institutes will help you build your knowledge from absolute scratch. The following institutes teach a course that also covers the syllabus of MBA and CFA. All these institutes will conduct exams and also provide internships for your portfolio process.

You can find various in-demand courses here:


Not only this, these Institutes have their book ready in hand, if you want an offline note also, these institutes have facilities to send a courier to your doorstep. These institutes also provide a soft copy for all the topics as per your preference at the time of your joining.

And some institutes will provide a clear tutorial video for every topic. If you are stuck on any topic, some institutes also have a guideline video, and not only that they will assign a tutor for a group of students so that you can contact the concerned tutor and clear all your doubts.


Tips You Should Know Before You Do It Wrong in Trading and Investing

Here is the full guide for all the people who have trouble choosing the right place for the stock trading and investing process. You will have many questions regarding stock trading and investing. Ever wondered whether you should invest or trade in stocks, well we got you covered.

Trading in stocks usually refers to buying and selling stocks in the market for a usually shorter duration of time as compared to investment. In trading, you usually want to gain benefits out of daily variations that happen in the stock market. Trading usually takes about 3-5 months of your time.

While investing is for a longer duration of time as compared to trading. Investment usually happens around 3 – 5 years and again there is no set rule that you should invest in stocks to get real money out of it. Trading usually is more technically driven, while investment is fundamentally driven as compared to trading.

Check here the other creative options:


You will ask how to choose between trading and investment. This usually depends upon your target and goal. If you want to build a career in the stock market and trading then you should go for trading while if you want to look for a passive source of income then you should look for investment.

Investing is a conscious process that requires tolerance and threat-taking. Here is the comparison of normal and conscious investing.  Normal investing has less impact on society, it is only and completely about money.

Finally, as a result, you will get a normal return. Well Conscious investing has a positive impact on society, it is about far beyond money, and as a result, it gives you a better return.

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Basics of Mutual Funds

Everyone says to invest in mutual funds but how to invest in mutual funds? Which funds line up with your goals? What is the rate of returns of the chosen mutual funds? What is the holding period of chosen mutual funds? These questions come to your mind when you hear people say you to invest in mutual funds.

Now let us make your questions clear and give you the right choice of options. How to choose mutual funds? First and foremost, you need to understand the equity and debt funds also their difference. In equity funds, you will be investing your money in company stock though you will be getting high risk and high returns at the same time.

In Debt funds, you will be investing your money in a company/government which has low risk. With this, your elements of risk are also low but by this way of investing, you will be getting your regular returns and income. With this process, your income will keep on generating and never stop.

The 1st step in choosing the mutual funds category is as per your return objective. Choosing the perfect fund category as per your investment goal and risk appetite is very important. If you are investing in Equity funds, your goal should need to be for the long term and if you choose to invest in debt funds your goal should be for the short term because debt funds are suitable for short-term goals.

There are various categories in which you can choose regarding your risks and goals. The 2nd step is to choose proper funds inside a fund category. once they have selected the fund category they can select various funds and diversify their portfolios.

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Importance of Managing Your Finance

We are pretty sure that you are managing your finances but there are so many things to have a look at your day-to-day expenses. Your investments and your savings are so much to look into. How should you need to manage it systematically? Here is how we recommend you do it.

The 1st thing you should manage out of your monthly income is to first sort out everything you need for your day-to-day expenses that’s the 1st thing you definitely should need to manage. 2nd you must start creating your emergency funds unless and until your emergency funds are not created don’t spend this money anywhere.

Once this emergency fund is built, 3rd thing that you should be doing is getting yourself insured which includes health insurance, life insurance, and vehicle insurance if you have your vehicle or even planning to buy a vehicle. Once you have insurance also that means your life is secure. Now whatever amount you have only that amount goes into your growth.

Here growth means investing in different asset classes like gold, equity funds, etc. Anyway, this is how you should be managing and going about your finances. Here are the details of the Top 5 Institutes that teach Investment Banking Courses Online in India.

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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses Online in India



If you are looking for the top recommendations for the best investment banking courses online in India, then IIM SKILLS undoubtedly has to be your top-notch choice. IIM SKILLS are globally recognized and a certified learning platform that has a wide range of courses for all types of learners i.e. from beginners to professionals of any level.


They are the preferred choices of every student who is looking for online learning opportunities so that they don’t have to take a break from their current professional commitments or personal responsibilities, especially the homemakers.

The investment banking courses online in India by IIM SKILLS have the best-designed curriculum that benefits all kinds of learners are beginners to professionals from any level.

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Details Of the Course:

Course Name: Investment Banking Course


Fees: INR 39900 + taxes

EMI- Interest-free EMI

Duration: 3 Months

Internship: 1 Month

Benefits of Taking Investment Banking Course with IIM SKILLS:

  • It’s 100% online learning with live training sessions.
  • They focus on purely practical and tool-oriented training.
  • The course fee is minimal and offers interest-free EMI payment options.
  • You can avail additional 10% off on group registrations with your friends.
  • Guaranteed internship and job placements with reputed and branded companies.
  • Additional benefit of profile building on LinkedIn and also career guidance support.
  • 100% guaranteed refund if the students are not happy with their first of the course.

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Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. PQR Institute

PQR Institute is located in Chennai and teaches Investment Banking Courses Online in India. Well, to learn basic knowledge about investment banking, the must-have qualification is to have a degree in BCom, a BA in Finance or Economics, and a BBA. To learn the advanced level of investment banking, students will go to an MBA in Finance or a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

PQR Institute has a solution to cover both the basic and advanced levels. This institute has two levels of investment banking courses, first level you will be learning the basic knowledge about investment banking even if you don’t have a degree in BCom, BBA, BA finance, or economics.

PQR Institute will be teaching you the entire investment banking topic which will be covering UG portions of your three years of college duration. In the second level, you will be learning the advanced level of investment banking which will cover the topics of MBA (finance) and CFA of your PG portions.

Well in the second level, this institute will also cover the topics of the first level (UG potions) and will take forward to the second level (PG potions). Not only this, they are conducting a trial class which will make you understand the duration of the course, the entire process, and the fee structure.

Also, you can ask questions to the concerned person live in the session to clear all your doubts. PQR Institute provides a guaranteed placement and helps you create a portfolio of your own. Tap to learn more about PQR Institute and join the trial class to avail their great offers.


Dig in to find the other rewarding courses for career upliftment:


3. STU Institute

STU Institute located in Bangalore teaches Investment Banking Courses Online in India. This institute helps you to create your own business and gives you ideas about Stocks, Trading, Investing, and much more. STU Institute covers wide expertise about finance and teaches the expert level of company terms which have been used widely in many companies.

Even helps you create your own business. This institute has various courses which have based on finance such as Advanced Investment Banking, Trading Brain Box, Stock Minded, Industry Psyche, Financial Senses, Upcoming Plans, Excel Business, and Word Operations.

Specially STU Institute has this wholesome course called “Money Creator”. Money Creator modules cover the following topics Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Investment Banking, Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis, Venture Capital, Tax Planning, Valuations, Futures & Options, Insurance, Stock Trading, Portfolio Management, and more sub-topics related to the above-mentioned add-on courses.

So, by choosing this course, you can save your money. Money Creator modules are created by expert tutors and have explanatory videos covering all the above-mentioned topics. This course will give you ideas about creating a business of your own.

STU Institute provides a hard copy, soft copy, and guideline videos for questions you might have in the future. STU Institute will assign an expert tutor for a group of 5 people to connect with you and rectify your query.

Must check out the best:


4. VW Institute

VW Institute is located in Mumbai and teaches Investment Banking Courses Online in India. This institute helps you build your knowledge of finance and investment banking from scratch.VW Institute has a wide range of courses for you to learn more about finance and investment banking.

You can consider joining courses at VW Institute. This institute has 15+ books and 10+ courses.

VW Institute covers everything from equity research, business analytics, market analytics, analyzing annual reports, stock picking, investing psychology, stock trading, technical analysis, and whatnot. Everything you will need to develop for your finance career and to become an investment banker.

At VW Institute they follow 3 simple steps to ease your learning process with them,

1st is to teach you the basics of each topic

2nd is to prepare for your future projects

3rd is to find valuations of the company

Following these steps, VW Institute will teach you the course that you choose according to your preference. You might have a question now. Yes, we can understand and your question might be, whether your choice of preference has both finance and investment banking.

VW Institute has a combined course too? Yes. In this combination whether VW tutors teach you the basics or only the topics of finance and investment banking? VW Institute tutors will teach you the basics of each topic.

Yes, you read correctly because every student of VW institute might not be aware of the basics and even the topics so, they cover both basic and advanced potions.


5. XYZ Institute

XYZ Institute is located in Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Vijayawada, and Delhi. XYZ Institute planning to launch new branches in all the states and teach Investment Banking Courses Online in India. XYZ Institute’s course will help you build your financial models and value companies.

This is the number one skill you will need if you want to enter roles like investment banking, private equity, portfolio management, etc. XYZ Institute has a book that is written and published by their expert tutors.

This book will help start your career and make you learn lessons from absolute basics like how to extract the right data, how to create Excel sheets, and how to make assumptions and projections.

By this way of learning finally you get your financial model ready. It’s not just a theory book with every step. Rather you will learn how to go with embedded Excel sheets and if have any doubts about their book of lessons just simply scan the QR Code and get explainer videos anytime and anywhere.

100% actionable towards teaching the tools for downloading templates, and financial models and making your learning process simple and easing your problems based on your career move. XYZ Institute’s tutors have work experience of almost 10 years and still counting.

XYZ Institute’s mentors were been the students of IIT and IIM also handled many projects and a huge number of portfolios. Now they are here with XYZ Institute to guide you through the entire process of learning and make you work with them on their projects. Not only this XYZ Institute also provides an internship certificate.


6. ABC Institute

ABC Institute is located in Delhi and Mumbai. ABC Institute teaches Investment Banking Courses Online in India and also provides various add-on courses in addition to Investment Banking courses.

Why you should consider joining ABC Institute?

  • Interactive sections with experts.

Work on projects with experts and get a grasp. Spend 120+ hrs of time and learn from experienced people and also get their guidance to make up your career.

  • Plan your future with ABC Institute.

Be a part of all projects and internships make your plan and select your future industry. ABC Institute will make sure to get you placed in your dream destinated industry.

  • Detailed classes and explanations.

Primary, newest, and advanced learning method with internship support you can learn with ABC Institute.

Add On Courses of ABC Institute and they are,

  • Business Accounting
  • TDS / Taxation
  • Tally
  • GST

These courses are the additional complementary courses of ABC Institute. You can add any of these courses with your mainstream course that you choose according to your preference and learn both as per the time slots. These add-on courses will not affect your mainstream course.


You might have many questions regarding these sub-courses and the learning part of these sub-courses. Here is a detailed explanation of what will be covered under this set of sub-courses. Business Accounting, TDS / Taxation, Tally, and GST are a complete part of theoretical and practical classes.

Like the main course, these sub-courses also have a recorded class. ABC Institute will assign a tutor for a group of 20 people. The tutor will guide you and give projects and assignments every week. Once you complete the add-on course, they will conduct exams and issue your certificate.


FAQs About Investment Banking Courses Online in India

Why you should be part of an Investment Bank?

Investment bank plays a vital role between both large-scale enterprises and investors. These banks help and advise many businesses and governments regarding their finance and solve problems. Investment bank helps many people with their trading, finance, sales, asset management, wealth management, and much more.

What is the difference between Investing and Trading?

Inventing usually takes a longer duration of time and gives a passive source of income. Trading takes a few months of your time and the income depends upon the daily variations in the stock market.

Does the Investment Banking course cover the portions of the MBA and CFA?

YES, some institutes will cover the major topics and the most important portions of MBA and CFA. The main part is the above-mentioned institutes also cover the most important topics of BCom, BBA, and BA Finance/Economics and help students to learn investment banking from absolute scratch.

Is the placement option available?

YES, nowadays all the institutes are making sure to get you placed in your dream company and some institutes have partnered with many IT companies. So, you will get placed once you complete your course and finish your internship.

How many months do the investment banking courses online in India usually take to complete?

Minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months. Some of the institutes will take complete 6 months of your time to finish the entire course. And provide the internship also makes you attend their examination process as well.


In conclusion, we suggest you google all the above-mentioned institutes. Like which is best and which you can consider joining Investment Banking Courses Online in India without any hesitation. Likewise, you can look at Google for various online courses that can suit your preference or even your preferred location.

Because there are various other Institutes and Academes which have many offers also have a specific reason in which you can find it reasonable according to your point of view. So, choose those academies and institutes wisely according to your needs. The above-mentioned details are given as per the best of our knowledge in which you can learn Investment Banking Courses Online in India.

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