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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Pune

Investment Banking is a tough nut to crack but there has never been a better time for finance enthusiasts to brush up their skills. Investment Banking as a field is under the umbrella of finance and deals with capital markets, loans, debiting, crediting, and banking. Investment Banking serves many different business purposes and entities. It has very limited options under its radar, therefore it is very important for candidates to qualify for the job and keep themselves updated with the changing market. Read further to learn about the best investment banking courses in Pune.

List of best investment banking courses in Pune

Investment Banking as a career path is a fast-paced, fast-growing, rewarding, and challenging undertaking. It is a great choice of career if one is willing to play with numbers, likes interacting with clients from varied fields, and likes helping companies achieve their financial goals.

A great plus is, that after a few years on this path, one can open oneself up to numerous opportunities, qualifying it as an attractive career choice for the long term.

Trends in Investment Banking

Over the last few years, Investment Banking has transformed immensely with new technologies, streamlined operations, automation, improved efficiency, etc. Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have played a vital role in reaching improved optimized investment decisions.

Most investment banks are looking for professionals with expertise in all of these emerging technologies while embracing diversity and inclusivity in the workforce. Maybe a few of these technologies can be learned in Investment Banking courses in Pune.

Other Courses That Could Be of Interest in Pune


Skill Set Required

A career as an Investment Banker can be extremely fulfilling and enriching but it definitely comes with its own challenges. It is a high-pressure, demanding, and stressful job responsibility to fulfill. It’s important to note that while these skills are important, they can be developed and honed over time through education, training, and practical experience.

Continuous learning, staying updated on industry trends, and seeking opportunities to apply these skills will contribute to a successful career in investment banking and also by opting for investment banking courses in Pune.

Let us look at the top 5 skills and character traits one needs to have as a financial professional with the aspiration to become an investment banker:

Knowledge: One should stay updated on industry trends, rules, regulations, and market dynamics in order to stay relevant. The knowledge provides insight into clients’ potential investment opportunities.

Communication Skills: To effectively interact with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, one should be fluent in all forms of communication. One should be able to translate complex financial reports, and presentations in a clear and concise manner to make better financial decisions. Building strong client relationships also requires strong networking skills.

Multi-Tasking: Investment Banking rotates around meeting difficult deadlines and finishing complex tasks. Practicing organizational skills and managing time is essential to productivity and working effectively.

Team-Work: To work as a team, one needs to have strong interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and collaboration skills. An investment banker should be able to contribute to group projects, share important information, and work with diverse teams to achieve goals.

Look at these most opted:


Resilience: Since investment banking can often be a stressful, high-intensity, and taxing job, one should possess the ability to bounce back from tough and critical situations.

With the aim to be a good investment banker, one needs to know how to arrange finances, finalize deals, arrange private placements, and mergers and acquisitions. Organically, you might need an MBA in finance from a business school to become an investment banker, however, there are many elements of investment banking you can learn online from certifications and courses that offer short-term learning.

If you have ever been interested in learning about investment banking, keep reading below to get a kick-start in your career by choosing investment banking courses in Pune.

There are different types of courses one can pursue in order to establish a career as an investment banker. One can go for certification courses, diploma courses, undergraduate courses, or post-graduate courses.

Scope of Investment Banking Courses in Pune

The scope of investment banking courses in Pune is quite huge and extensive, covering various aspects of financial analysis, capital markets, financial modeling, and risk management. Individuals with efficient technical skills can make a profitable career out of this career.

Let’s look at various career scopes in Investment Banking after an individual manages to complete their Investment Banking Courses in Pune’s top institutes. Please be informed that the average salary may vary according to the place and industry standards.

You should check out these top-ranked:


Financial AnalystThey are responsible for providing professional advice on financial matters of the company, analyzing investment opportunities for potential return on investment, and providing expertise on maximizing the company’s financial growth.INR 5-8 Lakhs
Business AssociateThe role of a business associate is to focus on project management activities and support the projects to provide analytical services for planning, change management, communication, etc.INR 8-10 Lakh
ConsultantAs an investment consultant, one should be able to introduce to clients different investment opportunities and meet clients’ various financial needs for better ROI.INR 5-10 Lakh
Financial JournalistAn investment writer or a journalist analyzes events in the financial world both as a layman and as a professional. They use their learnings and knowledge to provide information on current affairs and news for their readers to make better-informed decisions about their investments.INR 4-6 Lakh
Investment BankerThe roles and responsibilities include combining financial services acumen with analytical and effective interpersonal skills to support businesses in making informed decisions about mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, etc.INR 8-12 Lakh


Top Recruiting Companies

On the completion of Investment Banking courses in Pune, a candidate should look at the following companies to hire them as professionals:


JP MorganHSBCAmazon
Morgan StanleyRobert HalfKeybank
Swiss ReCredit SuessRealtymogul


Investment banking is a field that requires a lot of behind-the-scenes practice and knowledge to achieve excellence. When thinking about taking up investment banking courses in Pune, you may feel overwhelmed because there is a pool of options to be considered.

A lot of people gain valuable life skills and career advancements from online courses, and doing so with investment banking is not uncommon. Still, one might feel hesitant to engage with investment banking courses, if you don’t have a background in Business or some of the other commonly-used skills.

That is why I created the following section, which is designed to answer all your questions about courses for investment banking. Each question includes an in-depth response designed to make you feel more comfortable about taking one of the courses listed above, and hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll feel inclined to start on one of these courses right away.

Must know about these top recommended:


Let’s Look at Some of the Best Investment Banking Courses in Pune



IIM SKILLS is a top-ranking educational company that operates globally having its base location in Delhi, India. This company was started by Vaibhav Kakkar in the Year 2015. He introduced the company with the very first course in content writing.

After the successful response slowly IIM SKILLS started with a wide range of courses in different sectors. They are the highest recommendations for investment banking courses in Pune.


Their Investment Banking Course is a certified course with global recognition. It is a 3-month course which is offered along with a guaranteed internship & assured job placements. The course fees in with the budget of INR 39900 + taxes with flexible payment options which have no additional charges on EMI.

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The course is conducted with live training on the digital platform where students from anywhere can participate. Not only this the recordings of these sessions are shared with every participant for their reference.


The weekly assignments help the student implement their learnings on live projects that make them career-ready.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Mentor Me Careers

This investment banking course offered by Mentor Me Careers is an online training program designed for three months. Compared to all other affiliated colleges, this institute was established in 2020. The syllabus of the course is quite detail-oriented with four modules to be covered in three months.

The certification is an investment banking operations training program curated for candidates who are looking for a career in the financial services industry.

The course offers lifetime access to the training portal and 200 hours of live training. For students who are willing to go for a self-paced program, they offer 50 hours of video and doubt-solving sessions.

The institute guarantees 100% placement opportunities, and unlimited options for interviews until the candidate is placed. The course is eligible for anyone who is a B.com graduate, MBA Finance graduate, CA intern, or An engineering graduate willing to switch careers into the Banking industry. The certification course costs Rs. 24,999 + GST.


3. Imarticus

CIBOP is an industry-verified program best suited for professionals under three years of working experience. This one of the best investment banking courses in Pune offers 150 hours of intensive training that can transform one into an investment banking operations expert.

The program will cover the fundamentals of finance, and risk management, and prepares the candidate for a job at a leading company.

The major topics that will come under the umbrella of training are Introduction to investment banking, Various types of financial markets, Cash equities and fixed income, FOREX and money market, derivatives market, and job readiness.


Other topics also include trade lifecycle, data management, asset management, etc. After the completion of the course, one can look into becoming a Financial Analyst, Investment Banking Associate, Risk Management Consultant, or Capital Market Operations Consultant. The Program fee is Rs. 140000, inclusive of all Taxes.

Explore here the other in-demand courses for career development:


4. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool’s certification investment banking courses in Pune is a 6-month program, offering deep knowledge of investment banking. The course focuses on hands-on training for creating models of financial management.

The perfect mix of theoretical as well as practical knowledge can lead to a successful career path. There are some specific groups of people that can immensely benefit from this course, they are college graduates, professionals working in the finance industry, career switchers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen.

The institute offers a PG Diploma in Management and a PG certificate in Management. The course fee details are not mentioned on the website.

Looking for financial modeling courses? Here are the best ones for you:


5. EduBridge

This investment banking course is specifically designed to teach the candidates the various domains of investment banking roles and responsibilities that include risk management and asset management for equity, debt, and other instruments to meet the investment goals of the investors.

The institute also assists the candidates in developing critical job skills that further help the candidate in landing a secure, safe job.

The institute’s minimum eligibility criteria are B.com/MBA/M.com/CA/CFA/CMA. As the training takes place in the English language, a good command of the same is a must. The course fee is Rs. 45000 + Taxes.


6. DataTrained

DataTrained, an investment banking course offers a PG program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling. The training module includes learning highly in-demand technologies, tools, and techniques.

The curriculum is closely curated keeping in mind the most in-demand jobs in the financial market. The certification course is modeled by investment bankers and industry experts themselves to blend theoretical knowledge with on-the-job practical experience.

Program managers provide career assistance to candidates whenever needed. The course fee is Rs. 90000 + GST.


What Topics Are Covered in an Investment Banking Course?

Investment banking courses cover a vast range of topics, including:

Introduction to investment banking, its role in the financial system
Financial markets and securities
Financial statement analysis and interpretation
Valuation techniques (e.g., discounted cash flow, comparable company analysis)
Financial modeling and Excel skills
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process and analysis
Initial public offerings (IPOs) and capital raising
Leveraged buyouts (LBOs) and private equity
Corporate finance and capital structure
Risk Management and regulatory frameworks in investment banking

Why Should I Take Up Investment Banking Courses in Pune?

One should take up an investment banking course to enhance their resume, achieve their financial and career goals, and enhance their knowledge for long-term career achievements in the field of finance and banking.

In addition to all of this, investment banking is a prestigious, stable, high-value stream to get into. Candidates that are intelligent with numbers, have the sharp business knowledge and excel in their career as investment bankers.

Investment Banking is a very dynamic industry and the growth is immensely dependent on changing market dynamics. It is an adventure ride like a roller coaster for individuals who take up their careers as a challenge to constantly grow and learn.


If I have already taken finance or accounting classes in school, or if I have a strong accounting or finance background, will this course be of any value to me?

It is believed that coming in with a strong background in finance and accounting will make it even easier for one to learn the materials that the course teaches. Finance and accounting are the basis for the analysis in investment banking. This is why these courses are designed to invest significant time in the subjects.

While this may be a review for you, the vast majority of the course is spent on the practical analysis of valuation and financial modeling. To be precise, what one will learn in an investment banking course will be very different from, and will be built on the theory that you have already gained basic knowledge in college, university, or graduate school about business and finance.

What is the Average Fee for a Good Investment Banking Course?

The course fee may vary according to what the institute offers. The average minimum fee of a government college may vary from INR 30000- to INR 200000. Whereas the average minimum fee of an investment banking course in a private college may vary from INR 200000-INR 400000.

What Are the Typical Career Paths in Investment Banking?

A: Investment banking offers numerous career paths. The most common trajectory is as follows:

-Analyst: The position is for freshers or candidates who have recently finished their graduation. Analysts work as senior bankers with financial modeling, data analysis, and research.

-Associate: After a few years as an analyst, you can become an associate. Associates take on more responsibility, including managing client relationships and coordinating deal execution.


-Vice President: Vice presidents play a vital role in client interaction, lead teams, and work on the development of the business.

-Director/Executive Director: Directors are senior-level professionals responsible for managing client relationships, leading transactions, and mentoring junior team members.

-Managing Director/Partner: The highest-ranking role within an investment bank. Managing directors/partners focus on business development, client relationship management, and overall strategic direction.

What Are Typical Work Hours in Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is infamous for long, difficult working hours. The job in itself is very demanding, high-risk, and sensitive in nature. As a fresher or entry-level analyst, you may be expected to work for 70-100 hrs per week, including weekends. As one progresses in this career, their work hours may reduce significantly but the output during busy periods may still be expected the same.


Q: What are investment banking courses in Pune?

A: An investment banking course is a training program designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of investment banking principles, practices, and skills. It typically covers various topics such as financial markets, valuation, financial modeling, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPOs), and other relevant areas of investment banking.

Q. How will I benefit from an investment banking course?

By choosing investment banking courses in Pune, you can benefit in many ways, like learning about the practical aspects of finance and investment banking, learning how to value a company and how to construct a financial model, enhancing your resume and job search, by improving your interview skills and by making you more saleable to investment banks and to financial institutions.

Q: Are there any eligibility criteria for the course?

No, there are no prerequisites other than having a desire to learn about finance to enhance your career. However, you will likely receive the most benefits from the course if you do have a basic knowledge of accounting and finance as well as some experience of working as a professional in a finance company. A bachelor’s degree in Business Management or any finance-specialized course will be fruitful for a better understanding of all the terms associated with investment banking.

Q: What is investment banking?

Investment banking as an entity advises and helps raise money for companies as well as governments and cash-rich individuals. For example, investment bankers advise companies on transactions such as a merger or acquisition take-over, and initial public offering (IPO).

Q: What could be the average minimum salary of an employee after pursuing an Investment Banking course?

An average minimum salary may vary according to the organization, the job designation, the roles, and responsibilities. Considering all of these factors it could be somewhere between INR 400000-INR 800000 per annum.

Q: How long does it take if one wants to pursue an investment banking course after the 12th?

It depends on whether the candidate is choosing a long-term course or a short-term course, a degree course or a diploma course. On average, it takes a minimum of 6 months for the candidate to gain basic knowledge of investment banking.

Q: What are the job opportunities after the investment banking courses in Pune?

Financial Analyst, Investment Consultant, and Equity Analyst are some of the job profiles one can apply for after completing the Investment Banking courses in Pune.

Q: How much can one earn overseas as an Investment Banker?

One can earn upto Approx. $90,000-$1,20,000 per annum as an Investment Banker.

Q: What could be the potential rewards of having a career in Investment banking in Pune?

Investment Banking is widely known for substantial financial benefits and great career opportunities. The pay scale in investment banking is much higher in comparison to the pay scale in other industries or financial sectors. In addition to all the financial gains, one gets to build a strong base for their career in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Executive-level positions in various industry verticals.

Q: What could be the downsides of working as an Investment Banker?

Due to the nature of the job, Investment Banking demands long working hours, a lot of time, energy, and concentration, which may lead to a difficult work-life balance. All of this may lead to stress, burnout, and an intense workload. In addition to that, the job may sometimes involve a lot of travel, which may or may not suit personal life circumstances. Therefore, it is always important to research and be informed about the industry demands before deciding to pursue a career in Investment Banking.


The investment banking industry is undergoing a transformation driven by technological advancements, changing customer preferences, regulatory pressures, and the rise of sustainable finance. Therefore, to thrive in this evolving landscape, one must embrace a path of learning new technologies, and innovation, leverage digital technologies, and adapt to cater to the demands of the modern investor industry. The ability to navigate these challenges and seize emerging opportunities will be crucial for candidates to maintain their relevance and long-term success in the dynamic world of finance.

It is also crucially important for aspirants to research and select courses that align with their career goals and learning curve preferences. One must consider factors such as the reputation of the institute, course content, instructor expertise, industry recognition, and practical learning opportunities. Additionally, gaining practical experience through internships or entry-level positions in investment banking can complement your educational goals.

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