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Top 10 Renowned Investment Banking Courses in Chennai

With more liquidity and capital entering the markets, the investment banking industry has emerged as a fighter, aiming to achieve new heights. Automation, blockchain technology, and other fintech advances are likely to improve operations and boost productivity which makes investment banking courses more important to pursue. In this article, we will provide all the details related to investment banking courses in Chennai.

List of best investment banking courses in Chennai

In an ever-expanding era of globalization, investment banking is developing as a key tool for the growth of industries and supporting the economic expansion of numerous sectors around the globe. Investment banking is a specific branch of banking that offers services for financial planning and aids in fund-raising for people and businesses.

What is Investment Banking?

By orchestrating operations like asset management, mergers, and acquisitions, hedging, trading and sales, wealth management, etc., investment banking is a specialized division of banks that aids businesses in raising capital. Given that they provide financial advice to businesses and even the government, investment bankers are in high demand.

An investment banker is a specialist who uses their knowledge, analytical abilities, and negotiating skills to assist businesses in raising funds through investment-based deals. It differs significantly from corporate banking, which is generally concerned with a company’s financial operations and seeks to increase the organization’s value for its shareholders.

Companies and potential investors communicate through investment banks. Buy-side and sell-side are the two divisions of investment banks.

Buy-side: Asset management, stock research, investment decisions, financial modeling, and valuation are all part of the buy-side. Alternatively, the buy-side is all about investing money in the market so that investors can receive enormous profits with little risk.

Sell-side: Selling or underwriting securities is how the sell-side raises money and capital. The phrase “sell-side” was consequently created. Only a few of the responsibilities include raising capital, helping with mergers and acquisitions, and other tasks.

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Functions of Investment Banking:

Let’s look at the function that investment serves

Raising Capital: This part of the investment banking job helps companies and organizations find investors to fundraise. Usually, this is done by selling stock or debt. It also goes under the name of underwriting.

Financial Consultancy: A company or government will hire an investment banking business to help manage its financial resources. On whether to buy another company or sell a share of one’s own, advice may be sought.

Loans to Corporations: Investment banks frequently help businesses and other significant borrowers get money by selling securities. On the other hand, large investment banks frequently provide finance to their clients, sometimes in the form of bridge loans to keep a business afloat while another deal is being finalized.

Trading and Sales: Investment bankers are a smart and creative group of people who work in the industry of developing financial products to be bought and sold. On behalf of their clients or with their own money, investment bankers are expected to buy and sell stocks and other financial instruments.

Systematic Investigation: Investment banks not only help big organizations sell securities to investors, but they also help investors buy securities. Research departments are found in many investment banks, and they offer clients recommendations on whether or not to buy particular investments.


What Is the Career Path in Investment Banking?

A bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level work in investment banking, typically in an area with a strong focus on finance or economics. You might need a master’s in business administration (MBA) or a more specialized higher degree in a field connected to corporate finance to advance in the investment banking job path.

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After completing an internship with an investment banking firm, many future investment bankers may be offered a full-time position and begin working as analysts immediately after graduating. However, you aren’t necessarily required to complete an internship and you might still be considered for entry-level analyst roles without one.

Beyond formal education or internships, having fundamental investment banking competencies, such as financial modeling and techniques for business valuation, such as discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, is essential for gaining a job in the industry. Communication and critical thinking abilities are two soft skills that can set you apart.

Career Aspects or Development in Investment Banking

Although titles and levels may differ by organization, the following positions typically accompany professional advancement in investment banking:

As an Intern/Trainee: Interns assist analysts and associates in their daily tasks because the goal of an internship is to learn and gain experience. Some interns might work with an analyst to develop financial models or presentations.

As an Analyst: An analyst helps managers gain clients and finish transactions by handling a lot of Excel and PowerPoint work. Before getting promoted or leaving investment banking, analysts usually remain in this position for two to three years.

As an Associate: In order to improve their chances of advancement or going into a more specialized area of finance, associates frequently pursue their MBA as well.

As a Vice President: Vice presidents are in charge of more tasks and interact with customers more frequently. They must divide their time between dealing with clients and supervising the analysts and colleagues who report to them, in addition to trying to convince potential clients and managing agreements. After gaining experience in the relevant field VPs start management of hedge funds.

As a Managing Director: The team is led by managing directors, whose sole responsibility is to increase profits for both the bank and its clients. The managing director assigns assignments to lower-level staff members and is responsible for making sure everything is perfect to keep the clients satisfied.

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Investment Banking Courses in Chennai

There are various institute that offers Investment Banking Courses in Chennai. As Chennai is really a good place or we can say a Home to many educational institutions which makes the investment banking course more feasible to opt for.

Chennai is the ocean of ancient cultures, arts, heritage, thriving culinary scene, and the capital of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, the third-highest GDP per capita and the second-largest State economy in the nation is Tamil Nadu, with an enormous services sector and the most developed and mechanized State, respectively.


List of Institutes That Provide Best Investment Banking Courses in Chennai:



IIM SKILLS is an online reputed institute that provides the opportunity to enroll yourself in investment banking courses in Chennai. This institute has been operating since 2015 and world’s leading online institute, Headquarters located in New Delhi. The institute has spread all over the country even overseas, in Dubai, and Singapore.

If you are looking to make a career in the finance field and want to sharpen your skills in this domain then this institution is the best platform for you to provide all the skills that are required to be a pro for Investment Banking.


Grab the badge of certified master of Investment Banking Courses in Chennai which is recognized by MSME, Govt. Of India. The institute offers live interactive sessions with industry expert trainers.

The institute offers the support of 24*7 access with the option to get advice related to investment banking along with lifetime access to all the recordings of the classes via LMS.

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The course is divided into 4 months of Training including a 3-month course and a 1-month Internship that will be non-paid. The institute makes you job-ready by teaching the course with practical training by dividing the course into 8 modules.

Course Fee: 39,900 INR + 18% GST (Option with Easy EMI available)

Duration: 4 months (3 months training and 1 month internship)

Course Modules:

MS- PowerPoint

MS Excel

Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

Derivatives Market

Technical of Investment Banking

Different Marketing Collaterals

Technical Financial Modelling

Business Valuation


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2. Imarticus Learning

The institute came into existence with the aim of focused and experiential learning as learning is a lifelong process. If you are looking to make a career by pursuing investment banking courses in Chennai then Imarticus trains you under the guidance of 150+ academic mentors and 350+ industry mentors with both in-class and practical learning as they focus on a balanced learning approach.

The training institute aims to provide knowledge with advanced technology and make society tech-driven by offering the certified Investment Banking operations Professional. The institute has a global presence all over the world. Imarticus gives you the opportunity to learn online and offline by providing classes on weekends and weekdays.

Course Fee: INR 1,40,000/- (Inclusive of all taxes) offers EMI Loan options as well.

Duration: 150 Hour Program

Course Modules:

Introduction to Investment Banking

Cash equities and Fixed Income

Foreign exchange and money market

Derivatives market

Reference data management

Asset management



Stock, borrow, and lending

Collateral Management

Trade Life Cycle

Risk Management

Anti-Money Laundering & KYC

Job Interview Readiness


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3. Edu Bridge India

IIM academics and alumni founded the integrated workforce development organization, EduBridge in October 2009. EduBridge assists students in establishing jobs with prestigious corporations by providing training and other career-building services.

This institute has offices across India and provides you with the best platform if you are looking to make a career by pursuing investment banking courses in Chennai.

The institute is focused on a multifaceted approach or we can strategy by offering learning, talent, and career solutions along with the empowerment of the next generation who are innovators, leaders, and learners.

The institute offers two types of investment banking courses- an advanced certification program in investment banking operations in collaboration with IBM and a Certification program in Investment banking operations.

This course will make you job-ready by empowering you with the fundamentals of the banking sector. This training comes with a complimentary, expert-led course on employability skills worth INR 3000! Both courses are 100% online.

Course Fee:

INR 75,000/- (EMI Options available) for Investment banking operations in collaboration with IBM

INR 60,000/- (EMI Options available) for Certification program in Investment banking operations

Duration: 375 Hours

Course Modules:

Investment management

Portfolio management

Advisory Services

Mergers and Acquisition

Security Valuation

Asset Management

Mechanism and optimization

Risk return framework


Indian Financial System

Stock Market and derivatives

Bond and equity investment

Decoding of financial modeling concepts

Portfolio theory

Time value of money

CAPM (Capital asset pricing model)

KYC and Anti-money laundering

OTC vs. exchange-traded products

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Pro school is an IMS initiative that is the industry leader in providing top-notch courses that help students advance their careers through intensive professional certifications.

This institute provides courses that offer certifications from CIMA, ACCA, NSDC, FPSB, and others under the guidance of handpicked industry experts and highly experienced professionals who deliver exclusive and enhanced experiential learning and training to the students who want to pursue investment banking courses in Chennai.

IMS Pro school offers a PG certificate in investment banking operations course with three phases that is Term-1 (6 months), Term-2 (4 months), and placement assistance (2 months).

After completion of this course, the students will get an opportunity to appear for AIMA’s AICTE-approved exam and will get the advantage of a PGCM Certificate in investment banking which will be beneficial for the students to open the door towards a one-year MBA program.

Course Fee:  INR 1,20,000

(Including Course Training, Placement Services, and the AIMA’s PG Exam)



A reputed training institute that provides which focuses on practical training with the determination of getting the students job-ready after pursuing the investment banking courses in Chennai and kick start their career or the job aspects as they are looking for and want to boost their skills in the investment banking field by learning investment techniques.

The training is provided to the students by the various instructors who have worked with major investment banks. The training material is up to date and correlated with real case studies and discussions.

The students will get the benefit of availing the batches in weekday and weekend modes both at their convenience. The students will get access to live and pre-recorded formats both as per their requirements or for smooth learning.  They follow the success-based model and charge placement fees of Rs. 75,000 after the students get placed and accept the offer.

Course Fees: INR 23,500 + GST/-

Duration: 180 Hours

Course Modules:

Basic to Intermediate Excel

Advanced Excel and PowerPoint

Basic Finance concepts

Feasibility Study

Business Modelling

Comparable Company Analysis

Precedent Transaction Analysis

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Merger Model

Leveraged Buyout

Mock Interviews

Resume Edits

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6. Data Trained Academy

Data Trained Academthry focuses on the approach of imparting technical knowledge with practical implementation with the help of its established learning management system.

Data trained academy is the best platform because it has ties–up with the various best universities and MNCs across the globe. In order to provide the best-updated material under the guidance of various industry experts. This institute has a presence all over the world.

Data Trained Academy has a team of 500+ professionals who are working as a team to build a chain from the course framework to the placement of the students.

The institute offers a PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial modeling if you are looking for investment banking courses in Chennai.  Weekend and weekday batches are available with live online and classroom training.

Course Fee: INR 90,000 + GST

Duration: 6 months

Course Modules: The curriculum is divided into 13 modules

Basics of Finance

Introduction to financial statements

Basics of economics

Introduction to Investment Banking

Financial Modeling and Valuation

Basics to Advanced Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Discounted cash flow valuation

Cost of capital

Relative valuation

Start-up valuation

Merger and acquisition along with LBO



The IIT Guwahati E&ICT Academy’s Investment Banking Certification Course has a thorough curriculum that covers the fundamentals of investment banking, such as stock borrow lending, risk management, trade life cycle, asset management, etc.

The goal of this course is to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to be successful in the field of investment banking.

By delivering advanced certification training, this institute offers one of the best Investment Banking Courses in Chennai by providing online training by IIT Guwahati EICT Academy offers a fantastic chance for anybody looking for a career in the sector.


Course fees: INR 98,040

Duration: 5 months live sessions

Investment Banking Course modules:

Preparatory Sessions

Fundamentals of Investment Banking

Cash Equities and Fixed Income

Introduction to foreign exchange and money markets

Derivatives market

Introduction to reference data management

Corporate actions

Asset management and concepts

Introduction to ISDA and Reconciliation

Stock borrows lending and related concepts

Managing collateral

Mergers and acquisitions

Trade life cycle

Regulatory Environment and Risk Management in Investment Banking

Customers and Anti-Money Laundering

Job readiness


8. Mentor Me Careers

Mentor Me careers came into existence to provide inexpensive dynamic learning to the students. The institute has a primary focus on the core finance industry, it has always been a vast area for employment.

The institute offers two types of courses for opting among the best investment banking courses in Chennai which are instructor-led live options and self-learning options.

You will get the opportunity to learn just from basics or we can say from scratch, no background or technical knowledge is required in advance.  Their primary focus is to provide placement-based training in the virtual environment under the guidance of industry experts.


Course Fee:

Instructor-Led Live options
Live online Basic WeekendLive online Plus+ WeekendLive online Plus+ Weekday
INR 16,499 + GSTINR 27,499 + GSTINR 59,999 + GST
Self-Learning options
Self-paced BasicSelf-paced Plus+
INR 5499 + GSTINR 10999 + GST

Duration: 200 hours of training

Course Modules:

Introduction to financial markets

Trade life cycle management

Risk Management


Excel Training


9. National Stock Exchange

The modules that are covered in this course will help you improve your knowledge of financial instruments, wealth management, and communication techniques. The students will gain knowledge of important market fundamentals, technical analysis, wealth management, banking, and derivatives after taking this course.

The course is created to be simple to comprehend and to aid learners in selecting financial products (such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) and in wealth planning and analysis.

A captivating 5-hour speaking-effectiveness subject is also covered in this course which makes it more important to opt for among the best investment banking courses in Chennai.

Course Fee: INR 5499 + GST

Learning courses and Duration of Financial Planning, Banking and Investment Management:

Here is the list of 10 courses that will be covered in 75+ hours of on-demand sessions

Behavior finance

Financial markets beginner’s module

Banking fundamentals

Financial Planning

Wealth Management

Investment Analysis and Portfolio management

Financial Statements

Financial Derivatives

Introduction to technical analysis

Speaking effectively

Here is the list of 8 short modules that will be covered in 80+ hours of additional short learning

Fixed Income



General Insurance

Venture capital and private equity



Economic policy and research


10. Investment Banking Institute (IB Institute)

This institute was founded by an investment banker and an ex-consultant who have experience with the best consultancy and investment banking organizations in the world. The institute teaches the students by providing actual answers to problems in the real world by combining hands-on education, Excel-based exercises, PowerPoint presentations, and useful illustrations.

The institute focuses on filling the gap between academic research and practical applications by utilizing real-world case studies and problems. IB Institute provides every course through self-study courses (E-learning), customized corporate training, and weekend workshops.

For investment banking courses in Chennai, The Investment Banking Institute is one of the first institutions to offer courses in financial modeling and valuation which makes it a good option to go for.

Investment Banking Courses in Chennai Module:

Basic and advanced Excel

Dashboards and Pivot table

Visual Basic Application

Introduction to Financial Statements

Multi Tab Financial Modeling

Project Finance

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Trading Combs Valuation Technique

Transaction Valuation Technique

Merger and Acquisition Analysis

Pitchbook Benchmarking

Price Rebasing

Company profiling

Placement and interview preparation

Business valuation

IPO Valuation

LBO Analysis

Equity Research Model

Power BI

Mock interviews for Core Finance Roles



Is Investment Banking a good career option to opt for?

For those seeking to have a significant effect in the financial industry, investment banking in India is a fantastic career choice. It provides a great salary, job security, and the opportunity to work with interesting customers and receive bonuses.

What is the salary of an Investment Banker?

An investment banker’s initial pay is between INR 2.5 LPA and 5 LPA. The income of an investment banker is determined by a number of variables, including skills, experience, geography, and firm profile.

What are the qualifications and eligibility required for becoming an investment banker?

Exams like CUET, IPU-CET, NMIMS NPAT, CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, and others must be passed in order to enroll in degree programs like B. Com, BBA Finance, MBA in Finance, and MS in Finance. One can also enroll in and pass exams for certifications like CFA, NISM, etc., and begin a career as an investment banker in India.

After I graduate from high school, can I work in investment banking?

Students who are interested in doing certain courses after 10+2 can enroll in B.Com. or BA programs in finance or economics. The majority of the time, passing 10+2 with maths as one of the major topics is required. One can enroll in PG programs such as the M. Com, MA in Finance or Economics, or MBA in Investment Banking.


Investment Banking is a good start for you if you have a keen interest in finance and are ready for the hard work. Investment banking is a highly paid profile with a great way of learning things but you always need to be in sync with the market updates and the latest technology. Investment banking is a competitive industry with incredibly long hours, therefore it’s not a place for everyone to live, Chennai is the second largest economy of the country which makes the investment banking courses in Chennai more feasible to opt for and kick start the career in this highly determined profile.

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