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IIM SKILLS vs Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics Course Review

Before dwelling on the comparison between IIM SKILLS and Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics Course, let’s first understand about the Data analytics course in the next segment.

IIM SKILLS vs Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics Course

About Data Analytics Course

The skill of evaluating raw data and drawing conclusions to support corporate performance, forecasts, and strategic choices will be taught to you in a data analytics certification course.

Businesses may use data analytics to extract useful information from massive data sets and make decisive business choices.

Huge data sets must be explored and analyzed in order to spot patterns or previously unnoticed trends. Data analytics aids in establishing relationships and gaining understanding to make business forecasts.

Despite their similar sounds, data analytics and data analysis differ in very small ways. You will discover such complex idea distinctions in this Data Analyst course.

Data analytics includes data analysis, which is simply concerned with interpreting data. However, data analytics is a comprehensive idea that goes beyond analysis; it also involves data science to make predictions and hypothesize as well as data engineering to create data systems. 

This data analyst course is intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of all the major ideas and subsets of data analytics, as well as how it is used, the necessary skills, and how to be job-ready.

Benefits of Data Analytics Course


You’ll learn to prioritize data while making business decisions. You’ll better understand your target audience with the use of data analytics, which will enable you to base your decisions on their behavior and provide better outcomes. Data analytics will assist you in making better customer-focused decisions by helping you comprehend consumers’ intentions and keep track of their preferences.

Streamline and Control Business Risks

You may use data analytics to develop powerful methods to manage company risks. Data analytics may assist in identifying the key risk factors and underlying reasons for problems such as loan default or credit card fraud.

You will simultaneously learn about several credit risk models, data requirements, risk reporting, and risk kinds (including credit, corporate, market, and operations risk).

Boost Corporate Security

Businesses employ data analytics to review previous security breaches and pinpoint the weak spots that allowed the breach to happen. This aids security professionals in tightening security protocols and averting such breaches in the future. You will discover how analytical models can spot any odd activity or pattern and instantly warn security specialists in this data analysis course.

Determine Trends

The market evolves frequently, and firms must promptly adjust to these changes. Knowing where the market is going, what kinds of changes in consumer behavior a company may anticipate, and preparing for such changes are always important. You will discover how data analytics may be used to comprehend the changing industry and predict emerging trends that will affect the company.

You will receive in-depth instruction on using data analytics tools as well as all this knowledge from our data analytics course.

Applications of Data Analytics by Industries and Functions

Marketing Analytics

Businesses may improve the total ROI of any marketing effort by using data analytics to better understand consumer activities, their causes, and how to best respond to them. You’ll learn how to evaluate marketing data, identify trends and patterns, and utilize an analytical mindset to comprehend user behavior, improve marketing efforts, and encourage repeat business for your business.

Operations Analytics

You may learn how to enhance a business’ operational efficiency through the use of operational analytics. Business analytics includes efforts to integrate data from the warehouse into your business tools so that everybody in your company can access the same data, regardless of technical proficiency. You learn to concentrate on keeping an eye on current and real-time operations that can increase productivity and plan daily business operations.

Risk Assessment

You can accurately assess and forecast hazards with risk analytics. You will learn how to analyze corporate data more thoroughly, create plausible risk-driven scenarios, and correctly forecast potential hazards using a variety of tools. Through effective identification, analysis, and risk assessment, data analytics assists organizations in avoiding large-scale disasters.

Analytical Applications in the Retail, eCommerce, Banking, Insurance, and Telecommunications Sectors, etc.

You will get real-time knowledge of how data analytics is applied across many business domains, sectors, and functions, as the name implies. You will get practical experience in the types of business issues that emerge, how to solve them, and what models you can develop to reduce significant risks, all while learning to adapt your knowledge depending on the sector or role you are working in.

Job Responsibilities of a Data Analyst

Your Duties as a Data Analyst Will Likely Involve Things Like:

  • Gather information from numerous sources and arrange it in a logical order.
  • Organize and handle data. 
  • You must be able to handle missing values, correct inaccurate or incomplete information, identify mistakes, and get rid of unnecessary data. 
  • Knowledge of how to evaluate data using various statistical tools, such as Python or SaS. 
  • Manage and optimize data based on current and projected seasonal or market patterns and create precise prediction models. 
  • Prepare thorough reports that are enhanced graphically and are easy to interpret. 
  • Enable enterprises to address risks and security breaches by identifying them. 

Job Scope

The need for data analytics training and services is growing rapidly. According to a survey, there will be over 250,000 job vacancies for data analysts. According to a recent IBM forecast, 350,000 people will be employed in data science and analytics by 2023.

It is anticipated that India’s data analytics business will play a big role in the development of industry 4.0, as well as greatly enhance job opportunities and raise living standards. The upheaval of this sector will lead to future paradigm upheavals.

Certified data analysts have several career options. Develop the technical and soft skills necessary to launch a successful career in data analytics.

IIM SKILLS vs Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics Course


For students majoring in commerce who are interested in data analytics, IIM SKILLS is one of the best providers of online finance and other streams courses. It is a premier provider of Master’s in Data Analytics courses. A student who successfully completes the course will be fully equipped to work for a large organization because it has been designed in the finest manner possible and is wholly practical in nature.

IIM SKILLS helps you to reach your goals with top-notch professional courses that boost your competence, improve your present skills, and flourish in your working life. These courses are applicable to both careers and industries. The course material is carefully planned to help students develop their abilities and receive the best instruction.

Professional classes might aid you in identifying your passions. You will strive to enhance your skill set in order to turn your passion into a lucrative and worthwhile job. The list of courses that IIM SKILLS offers includes:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • GST Certification Course
  • Business Accounting Course
  • Financial Modelling Course
  • CAT Preparation Coaching

Data Analytics Course at IIM SKILLS: An overview

Tools and software expertise are necessary in today’s computer and technology-driven environment to succeed in any given industry. While AI bots cannot totally replace human intelligence, they can certainly contribute by streamlining and automating some processes. These large instruments end up being much more crucial in the case of data.

In light of this, at IIM SKILLS they make it a priority to strengthen your working understanding of the essential tools for the data analysis sector. Consequently, you will receive training in this direction to give you a competitive advantage when applying for positions in the real-market business. You will be able to shine and truly make a difference in demonstrating your professionalism at the job if you possess the necessary tool and software expertise. It will not only enable you to make the most of your data drills but also unlock your hidden potential.

Course Modules

IIM SKILLS has developed this advanced data analytics course to teach and educate students about the real-world trends of data analysis in recognition of the growing relevance of data in market trends. This excellent program puts the complexities of Data Analytics front and center to prepare you for employment as soon as you finish the course. 

Below Are the Course Modules:

  • Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
  • R For Data Science (20 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Features of the Course

Defining Characteristics of IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course:

Anywhere, Anytime Access

IIM SKILLS bring education to your house, cutting off the miles of travel time-sucking traffic jams. Learn data analytics from the convenience of your home with their reputable online course. 

To alter your learning curve, all you need are commonplace usability items like a laptop and a reliable internet connection. They guarantee to provide you with a real-classroom atmosphere with cutting-edge interactive sessions, discussion forums, and student-centric teaching.

Flexible Planning

We have seen a variety of people come to IIM SKILLS for learning, including students, working professionals, housewives, retirees, and those with other specific characteristics who may or may not have explicit time to spare. In order to provide you the flexibility to commit to learning new skills without compromising your career or personal responsibilities, we offer flexible batches that include both weekday and weekend batches.

Free Demo Classes

You are welcome to participate in a brief trial demo session at IIM SKILLS to get an idea of the format, speed, and mentor’s teaching style. You may move to enroll yourself in this excellent data analytics education program after you feel at ease with the demo session.

Additional Services

Who doesn’t enjoy free services, here are some exceptional services that you may enjoy without paying extra. At IIM SKILLS, backup classes are a genuine thing. To arrange backup sessions, you can talk to your mentors. You also have the choice to see session records through the LMS at the same time.

You can receive everything here, including help with interviewing, resume writing, and career recommendations. Since upskilling and employment are the true goals of any course, the IIM SKILLS placement cell provides specialized services to assist you in finding your ideal position.

We provide you with lifetime access to updated resource material through your LMS account to ensure that studying at IIM SKILLS is a commitment you make to yourself. Furthermore, if necessary, you may get in touch with your mentors whenever to rule out problems with your job.

Learning Materials

Our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) offers a library of pre-session readings, recordings of sessions, and other reference materials to help you progress step-by-step. In the LMS, you may keep track of your progress and obtain any additional materials as needed. No time limits, restrictions on the amount of views, etc.

Outstanding Faculty

The genuine glory of the institute is its outstanding professors, each of whom has years of expertise in their field. In addition to being skilled experts with in-depth topic knowledge, they also possess a deep understanding of effective instructional techniques. Before presenting you to more advanced concepts, tools, and practical advice, they cover the basics. But there’s more! Making the most of the acquired abilities will enable you to tackle challenges encountered in the field. Mentors provide trade secrets among other things to prepare you for potential issues at work.

IIM SKILLS Master Certification Data Analytics Course Features

IIM SKILLS, a reputable brand in the field, provides a Master’s certification in Data analytics. You may attract potential employers by adding the shareable certificate to your accounts on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Additionally, you can include it in your resume and CV to increase your employability in the eyes of recruiters.

Special Features of This Course:

  • Live Data Analyst Training for 6 Months 
  • 160 hours of lectures, 100 or more hours of practical assignments, and tool-based instruction
  • Master 7+ Tools | 7+ Live Projects | 10+ Case Studies
  • 100% Internship Guarantee | 100% Interview Guarantee
  • IIM SKILLS’s Data Analytics Master Certification is acknowledged by the Indian government.

Now, let’s move towards to Jigsaw Academy’s Data Analytics Course:

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Jigsaw Academy

Business analytics, data science, human resource analytics, and many more fields are covered by the highlighted short-term, long-term, online, and in-person certificates offered by Jigsaw Academy. 

Both merit and entrance exams are required for enrollment in these programmes. The qualifying requirements for these programs include a graduation degree with at least a 50% grade point average, experience, and a passing score on the admission exam and interview. 

The academy has 110+ hiring partners in addition, and the average package provided is INR 11.5 LPA. There are more than 55,000 students enrolled in Jigsaw Academy.

Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics Course: An overview

Jigsaw Academy’s Data Analysis Courses for Beginners are primarily concerned with giving students a solid foundation in data analysis. The amount of data that has to be analyzed and managed multiplies exponentially every day as technology advances. In order to provide students a firm understanding of the data analytics sector, its operations, and functions, this course teaches them the very fundamentals of data analysis. 

Students will be able to put their newly gained abilities to the test while learning about the applications of data analysis through the modules, case studies, and completion quiz. The Data Analysis Courses for Beginners certification offers the advantages of being the ideal beginner’s guide to acquire the necessary skill sets for furthering your understanding of the principles of data analytics, especially with its industry-relevant content.

The youthful aspirants who want to learn and grasp the operations of data analytics are catered to by the Data Analysis Courses for Beginners certification. All of the essential concepts of data analysis, including data manipulation, data extraction, data processing, analytical technique, and more, will be covered in this one-month course’s curriculum. This Jigsaw Academy’s Data Analysis Courses for Beginners is the ideal introduction to the subject and may aid students in establishing a solid foundation.

Additionally, the Data Analysis Courses for Beginners provide students with a pleasant learning environment through interactive faculty help for doubt clarification and mobile app access to study whenever and wherever they choose. Candidates will grasp the purposes and uses of data analysis thanks to industry-relevant case studies that are a part of the program’s curriculum. 

A quiz is included in the Data Analysis Courses for Beginners training to assess all you have learned thus far. In case you need to review a lesson, it provides three months of access to the course materials. Jigsaw Academy will provide you the data analysis for beginners’ certification upon your successful completion.

Skills You’ll Learn

You will own the following when you have finished the Data Analysis Courses for Beginners certification syllabus: –

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of data analysis and analytical techniques.
  • Understanding of how data analysis functions and is used by businesses.
  • Knowledge of the principles of data analysis, including its extraction, processing, and manipulation using analytical tools.
  • Being able to run statistical models effectively to gain better insights.

Course Highlights

  • Self-directed education
  • Online program
  • Practical case study 
  • One-month program
  • Access to the study materials for three months
  • Data analytics certification for beginners
  • Individualized module
  • Access for six months
  • Case studies
  • Technical assistance
  • Mobile applications
  • Certification of completion

Conclusion on IIM Skills vs Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics course

It is crucial for young students to be well prepared before attending an interview because the market is a dynamic environment where changes and reforms occur on a regular basis. Traditional educational institutions do not offer the skills and knowledge that a firm looks for in a recruit.

You must rely on reputable institutions that provide courses for this. Both IIM SKILLS and Jigsaw Academy have a reputation for being among the top organizations offering professional training. These institutes’ Data Analytics courses are created with the norms and specifications of the industry in mind.

Case studies and assignments are available from IIM SKILLS to assist you in acquiring information that is practical and application-based. Jigsaw Academy offers live projects where you will need to use the skills you have learned to complete a specific assignment. 

You have access to an internship opportunity through IIM SKILLS, which will enable you to develop your professional knowledge and experience. You may get some of the greatest and most practical skills by attending IIM SKILLS, a highly regarded institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on IIM SKILLS vs Jigsaw Academy Data Analytics Course

Q. How can I begin with Data Analytics?

If you enjoy working with data and all of its different ideas, this is the career for you. You might begin by reading about its many elements and enrolling in classes that go over all the essential intricacies of this business.

Q. Why should I pursue a career in Data Analytics?

Learning data analytics will provide you access to a variety of chances, including employment, problem-solving abilities, statistical knowledge, high income packages, and the freedom to work in many industries.

Q. Is data Analyst a good career?

Yes. Any organization needs skilled data analysts to function. According to statistics, the urge to develop a comprehensive customer experience is what motivates organizations the most.

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