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IIM SKILLS vs Coursera Data Analytics Course Review

Data analytics is all about examining data gathered from many sources, and then turning it into something significant that others can understand. Visual representations of the end result, such as graphs and charts that show the research’ precise findings, are all parts of it. Let’s today look at two organizations that offer data Analytics course. Here is a detailed review of IIM SKILLS vs Coursera Data Analytics Course.


IIM Skills vs Coursera Data Analytics Course

Who is a Data Analyst and How to Become One? 

A data analyst is in charge of gathering, and analyzing data that may be applied to better business judgments. They need to be able to explain their results clearly to people who will be making the choices. Data analysts frequently have excellent backgrounds in computer science and mathematics.

Having a high earning potential and a rising need for qualified workers make being a data analyst a desirable career choice. 

An Instruction Manual on How to Become a Data Analyst is Provided Below:

Learn the Fundamentals of Data Analytics

It’s crucial to establish the foundational tenets of data analytics before starting on the path to becoming a data analyst. 

Additionally, you must learn how to use a variety of data analytic tools, including advanced Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, and R programming, as well as Spark and Hadoop for sophisticated computations. Additionally, you can produce spectacular visuals that help bring your data to life with the use of tools like ggplot2, Tableau, or Matplotlib.

Data Analytics Courses

These courses will provide you with a solid foundation to help you grow your skills throughout time.

Focusing on getting practical experience by working on problems from the real world is essential as you grow. As a result of this experience, your capacity to demonstrate your talents to potential employers will increase. 

In addition, networking is crucial in many fields, including data analysis. By taking part in hackathons, going to meetings, and joining data analysis forums, you may network with other industry specialists and learn from their experience. It could provide you with new opportunities and help you stay current with industry trends.

Working on a Variety of Projects

It’s important to initially have a solid understanding of the fundamental tools and abilities needed for the position if you’re interested in becoming a data analyst. You may use your knowledge to work on projects in the real world after you have a firm understanding of these principles. It’s also critical to keep up with the most recent tools and technologies being utilized in the industry to be a great Data Analyst.

Spreadsheets, querying languages like XML and SQL, programming languages and frameworks like Python, R, and Hadoop, and visualization tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Matplotlib, Plotly, and Bokeh are just a few of the crucial tools and abilities needed for data analysis. Additionally, knowledge of popular tools for data analysis, such Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, can be quite valuable.

It’s imperative to work on projects that cover all aspects of data analysis in order to gain practical experience, including investigating businesses and market opportunities, finding and gathering pertinent data, cleaning and preprocessing that data, and modeling and analyzing it using specially created algorithms. 

Once you’ve gleaned insights from your investigation, it’s critical to make them accessible to viewers through lovely visualizations or interactive dashboards.

To advance and demonstrate your skills as a Data Analyst, you must work on a variety of practice projects that give you the chance to work with various data types. Making predictions and determining causation may include processing audio, processing video, dealing with text and pictures, and mining structured data.

You will be able to develop and show off your abilities in statistical analysis, data modeling, and machine learning—all of which are essential for success as a data analyst—by taking on these various projects. You may also acquire the soft skills that set top-performing data analysts apart from their contemporaries by working on a variety of projects.


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Building Portfolio

It’s important to think about how you’ll present your data expertise to companies if you’re hoping to work as a data analyst. Sharing the code you’ve developed on websites like GitHub is a key first step in developing a professional portfolio. It allows you to demonstrate your technical prowess and compile a portfolio of your best work.

It’s crucial to choose data projects for your portfolio that you are actually interested in. It will make the task more interesting and inspire you to finish it. After deciding on a subject, create a question that may be addressed using facts, then employ your analytical abilities to discover the solution.

An excellent method to show off your data analysis skills and leave a lasting impression on potential employers is to complete a data project successfully. 


Apply for Jobs as an Entry-Level Data Analyst

For people with data skills, the field of data analytics provides a variety of work prospects. Data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, data engineer, data architect, and marketing analyst are a few well-known jobs that need proficiency in data analysis.

New applications for data analysis are, however, continually being created as the discipline of data analytics continues to evolve. As a result, job descriptions and duties may alter and grow in the future.

Keeping up with the most recent data analysis tools and technologies and consistently honing your abilities via practice projects and practical experience are crucial for increasing your chances of success. By doing this, you may establish a solid body of work for your portfolio and establish yourself as a highly qualified and in-demand data specialist.

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Now, let’s talk about IIM SKILLS vs Coursera Data Analytics Course.


IIM SKILLS vs Coursera Data Analytics Course

IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course

This organization is considered as one of the top suppliers of online programs with a professional skills emphasis. Being a student-friendly institution, the main reason this organization was founded was to help bright, young people land jobs with reputable businesses.

These professional courses cover everything from the most elementary to the most complicated areas through a blend of theory and practicals.

With excellent professional courses that increase your competence, sharpen your existing abilities, and prosper in the workplace, IIM SKILLS supports you in achieving your goals. These courses are applicable to both careers and industries. The course material is carefully planned to help students develop their abilities and receive the best instruction.


Data Analytics Course at IIM SKILLS: An overview

Tools and software expertise are necessary in today’s computer and technology-driven environment to succeed in any given industry. While AI bots cannot totally replace human intelligence, they can certainly contribute by streamlining and automating some processes. These large instruments end up being much more crucial in the case of data.

In light of this, at IIM SKILLS they make it a priority to strengthen your working understanding of the essential tools for the data analysis sector. Consequently, you will receive training in this direction to give you a competitive advantage when applying for positions in the real-market business. You will be able to shine and truly make a difference in demonstrating your professionalism at the job if you possess the necessary tool and software expertise. It will not only enable you to make the most of your data drills but also unlock your hidden potential.


Course Modules

IIM SKILLS has developed this advanced data analytics course to teach and educate students about the real-world trends of data analysis in recognition of the growing relevance of data in market trends. This excellent program puts the complexities of Data Analytics front and center to prepare you for employment as soon as you finish the course. 


Below Are the Course Modules:

  • Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
  • R For Data Science (20 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)


Course Objectives

This sophisticated Data Analytics course is designed by professionals with the following specific objectives in mind:

  • To acquaint learners with the fundamentals of data analysis, including its many forms, data mining, etc.
  • To enable students to do data-pulling, -cleaning, -manipulating, and -analyzing business analytics jobs.
  • To increase your understanding of how to use data analytics tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau.
  • Using Python as an alternative to spreadsheets to handle datasets
  • To have a thorough understanding of statistical Data Analysis, which supports corporate decision-making


Features of the Course

Free Trial

You are welcome to participate in a brief trial demo session at IIM SKILLS to get an idea of the format, speed, and mentor’s teaching style. You may move to enroll yourself in this excellent data analytics education program after you feel at ease with the demo session.

Learning Materials

Our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) offers a library of pre-session readings, recordings of sessions, and other reference materials to help you progress step-by-step. In the LMS, you may keep track of your progress and obtain any additional materials as needed. No time limits, restrictions on the amount of views, etc.

Outstanding Faculty

The genuine glory of the institute is its outstanding professors, each of whom has years of expertise in their field. In addition to being skilled experts with in-depth topic knowledge, they also possess a deep understanding of effective instructional techniques. Before presenting you to more advanced concepts, tools, and practical advice, they cover the basics. 

But there’s more! Making the most of the acquired abilities will enable you to tackle challenges encountered in the field. Mentors provide trade secrets among other things to prepare you for potential issues at work.


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IIM SKILLS’ Master Certification Data Analytics Course

IIM SKILLS, a reputable brand in the field, provides a master’s certification in Data analytics. You may attract potential employers by adding the shareable certificate to your accounts on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Additionally, you can include it in your resume and CV to increase your employability in the eyes of recruiters.

Special Features of This Course:

  • Live Data Analyst Training for 6 Months 
  • 160 hours of lectures, 100 or more hours of practical assignments, and tool-based instruction
  • Master 7+ Tools | 7+ Live Projects | 10+ Case Studies
  • 100% Internship Guarantee | 100% Interview Guarantee
  • IIM SKILLS’s Data Analytics Master Certification is acknowledged by the Indian government.


How to take IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course


Registration is the first step in enrolling in this popular Data Analytics course. You can gain access to your LMS account by entering your name, email address, and phone number, followed by the payment of the course cost. The module will include information from all of the course modules and pre-study materials to assist you in determining your course objectives. Access your account and fully explore the course’s components.

Choose Your Batch

The last step is to choose a batch—weekday or weekend, whichever suits your schedule best. You may choose your batch easily depending on your work schedules, past commitments, and other factors.


You must attend class regularly in order to be qualified to take the final assessment exam. To be eligible to take the test, each candidate must have at least a 70% attendance rate. Backup recordings will count as attendance, provided that unavoidable circumstances caused the absences. In other words, if necessary, session recordings do qualify as attendance.


Candidates must show up for the course-ending test after successfully completing the course, which evaluates their overall knowledge and development. Candidates must receive a score of at least 50% on the MCQ-based test in order to qualify for the Master’s certification.

Now, let’s talk about Coursera’s Data Analytics Course.


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS



Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng started Coursera in 2012 with the goal of giving students all around the world educational opportunities that would change their lives. 

Currently, Coursera is a global platform for online learning and professional development that provides access to online courses and degrees from prestigious organizations and businesses to anybody, anywhere.

Coursera obtained B Corp accreditation in February 2021, which means that while they continue to work to remove obstacles to top-quality education for everybody, they have a legal obligation to have a good impact on society as a whole.

In order to access top-notch education whenever and wherever they choose, more than 7,000 institutions, corporations, and governments, together with 113 million learners, have turned to Coursera.


Data Analytics Course by Coursera: An overview

Data analytics specialists are in great demand since it cannot be avoided in any industry, including manufacturing, banking, commerce, and healthcare. 

Globally, Coursera is the top platform for learning. The free courses and paid courses offered by Coursera for data analytics will aid in your learning of many data analytics topics, such as the big data ecosystem, data mining, and cloud data mining technologies. 

In order to deliver online data analytics courses, Coursera works with several universities and online course providers, including HSE University, Google, IBM, the University of Illinois, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

With beginning, intermediate, advanced, and all-levels data analytics courses accessible on Coursera, students of all skill levels may learn data analytics. The option of choosing Coursera data analytics courses and certificates with varying lengths of a few hours, weeks, or months is also available to students. This makes it easier for students to enroll in data analytics courses with appropriate lengths for their learning. Additionally, Coursera offers its data analytics courses in a number of other foreign languages. Nearly all of Coursera’s data analytics courses are available for free auditing for students.


Course Features

  • The courses and credential programs in data analytics offered by Coursera are distinctive and unusual in many ways.
  • All students, regardless of ability level—beginners, intermediate learners, or advanced students—can discover a Coursera data analytics course that is appropriate for them. 
  • Students from all around the world can enroll in Coursera data analytics courses because they are available in a variety of other languages. 


Best Courses on Coursera for Data Analytics

Online data analytics courses on Coursera come with a variety of features. The best Coursera data analytics courses are listed here:

  • Python-based accounting data analytics
  • Foundations of Data Analytics for Accounting II
  • Data Analytics for Team Management and Sports Law

After completing a Coursera data analytics course, professionals and students with data analytics abilities can choose from a variety of professional alternatives and employment. Several job opportunities include:

  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Engineer 
  • Big Data Engineer 
  • Project Manager 
  • Data Architect


Coursera’s Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Prepare for a new career with this course in the quickly expanding field of data analytics, with no prior degree or experience needed. Get access to Google-designed professional training and the chance to network with leading businesses. 

You will acquire in-demand skills that will equip you for an entry-level position throughout the course of eight courses. You’ll hear from Google staff members whose training in data analytics helped launch their careers. You can earn the certificate in fewer than six months if your job schedule is less than ten hours each week.

Whether you want to change careers or start a new one, professional certificates on Coursera can help you land a job. Learn whenever and wherever it fits you most, at your own speed. Become a member and benefit from a 7-day free trial to find a new job path. Anytime your membership may be canceled or ended.


Conclusion on IIM Skills vs Coursera Data Analytics Course

You must study everything you can if you want to master data analytics. This page contains several data analytics courses at Coursera that you may select from, regardless of whether you want to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

A professional certificate or certification shows future employers and present employers your expertise. To improve your analytical abilities, you can either take a flexible online course from IIM SKILLS or  Coursera’s catalog of data analytics courses after going through their demo classes. 


Frequently Asked Questions on IIM Skills vs Coursera Data Analytics Course

Q. What skills do I require to become a data analyst?

You need good quantitative and analytical abilities to succeed as a data analyst. To answer issues logically, you must be able to pay attention to detail. You must also be able to clearly explain your conclusions to others who will use them to make judgments.

Q. What kind of qualifications are required to be a data analyst?

A bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, economics, computer science, can be very beneficial. However, you can work as a data analyst without a degree in this field if you have the necessary abilities and expertise. 

Q. Which software applications are often utilized by data analysts?

Spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are frequently used by data analysts. They help to organize and analyze data. They can also employ statistical analysis tools like SAS or SPSS. Additionally, database management programs like MySQL or Oracle are used.

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