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IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review (Updated)

Technical writing has evolved tremendously over the years to become a coveted career choice. If you are eyeing technical writing as a career option, opting for the best technical writing course is your first step. While hunting for the best technical writing courses, you must have pounded upon the Technical Writing Course by IIM Skills. Here in this article, we will analyze and provide you with the granulated IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. We assure you that, by the end of the article, you will be able to make a rational choice. 


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course review


Now, before we unearth the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review; we will illuminate you about few-related questions:


  • what technical writing is, 
  • is technical writing the right choice for you, 
  • does it pay well? 


Feel free to skip this section if you have already done your research on the technical writing career. 


What is Technical Writing? 


Technical writing refers to the art and science of turning complex jargon into simple, lucid language. Technical writing includes but is not limited to technical reports, business writing, documentation, and user manuals. 


Technical writers who write these manuals and documents act as the bridge between the technology-makers and end-users. Let’s get this straight with an example. 


Whenever you buy a new gadget or machine; what is the first thing you check? The tad user manual explains the usage, warnings, and other aspects of the product. Isn’t it? That is the job of a technical writer to convert complex functions and operations into concise, understandable, and coherent writing. 


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Why Technical Writers?


With technology booming at an alarming rate, one cannot overlook the importance of technical writers. Nowadays, technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. Most significantly, technology plays a vital role in IT, communication, medicine, manufacturing, security, entertainment, education, and other relevant industries. 


Apparently, technology is the future, and technical communication is crucial. That is why there is visible demand for technical writers. If you want to be a part of this growing technical writer community, then just go for it.


Is technical writing the right career choice for you? 


Technical writing has lighted up new avenues for tech-savvy individuals. The term, which remained under the sheets for a long time, now has developed into one of the highest-paying jobs. More and more people have instrumentalized this as a career opportunity. 


If you are a logical thinker with good communication skills, then bring it on! This is an apt career choice for you. If researching, creating, and curating content is your thing, then this career is cut out just for you! Indeed, if you hail from a technical background on a quest to switch careers, then hit the technical writing career road. 


For writers, engineers, homemakers, or anyone with an inclination towards technology and writing, in particular, technical writing is an excellent option. 


To cap it all, researches show that the employment of technical writers is projected to grow at a rate of 12% from 2020 to 2030. Clearly, there is massive demand. All that is required is your perception of yourself as a part of this technical writer community.  


Does technical writing pay well? 


Do technical writers get paid suitably? The short answer is YES! Technical writers receive lucrative payments for their hard work and skills. The starting salary of a technical writer is ₹2.7 Lakhs per year (22.5k per month), as per Ambition Box. As you grow professionally and acquire expertise, the salary increases manifold. 


As per PayScale, the average salary of a technical writer in India is ₹507762. Understandably, technical writing is a money-making career option with enormous demand. 


Now, that we have canvassed a clear picture of the technical writing industry, skills, and salary, let’s get to the best institute that offers a technical writing course. Yes, you are right, we are talking about the IIM Skills institute. 


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An introduction to IIM Skills Institute


IIM Skills is a one-of-a-kind ed-tech institute that believes in high-quality training for skill development. Headquartered in Delhi, IIM Skills is a pioneer of online learning in varied in-demand courses. Counting from 2015 till today, the institute has a list of 25000+ happy graduates.


With over years of experience, the institute has carved a steady reputation and prestige not only at a national but international level. People from all over the world chip in for their didactic learning programs. 


So far, IIM Skills offers competent courses in the domains of marketing, writing, and finance; these include:


Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Advanced SEO Course

GST Certification Course


In the upcoming years, the institute envisions spreading its wings across these domains:


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence


Time and again, the institute caught the eye of the media houses like The Times of India, The Statesman, Prime Time, Mid-day, etc. Above all, many educational blogs have ranked their courses as No.1 in the market. Altogether, IIM Skills is a well-known and prominent name in the world of online learning. 


About the Technical Writing Course


Before passing on the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review, let us know about this course in brief. 


The technical writing training at IIM Skills is a one-month-long all-inclusive course program. This one-month is carefully assorted into 20 hours of live interactive lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments. 


Along with the 5-week training, there is an optional internship for the same duration. Together with, it is a 2-months program with lots of practical learning exposure. 


In close proximity to the set standards by Google, the courseware is developed organically. The exhaustive courseware is cut out into digestible module chunks for easy comprehension. Here is an insight into the defined course structure:


  • Introduction
  • How to Write
  • Content Creation
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers or Journals
  • DDLC & Versioning
  • Conversational Writing
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API Documentation
  • Datasheets and User Manuals
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Studies


Clearly depicted, the courseware covers all the technical aspects intrinsic to technical communication. In addition, the program constitutes the usability and application of the relevant technical tools like Scribus, MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Canva, etc. 


All this extensive curriculum, tools knowledge, and practical application come at a reasonable cost price of INR 14,900+ GST. 



Who can Benefit from this course? 


Industry experts suggest that this course is an excellent fit for anyone who has a flair for technology and writing. With no specific pre-requisites, this course can accommodate newbies, content writers, or existing technical writers. 


On a broader scale, the course is an excellent fit for you if you fall into any of these categories:


  • Content Writer

Being a content writer, you are already a well-bred writer. With this advanced technical writing training, you can flex your career into a skillful technical writer. 


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  • Working Technical Writer

As a working technical writer, you can take up this program to enhance your skillset, update your knowledge spectrum, and learn about new tools. 


  • Marketing Professional

Having established your mark as a marketing professional, you have full knowledge about the target audience, selling points, and strategies. Taking up technical writing training can fuel you into gaining prominence in the tech field, which is, by the way, a growing field. 


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  • Technical Documentation Engineer

As a technical documentation engineer, you are well versed in computer design software to document product specifications. Since you already possess the basics skills like communication, documentation, and designing, this course can be an ideal fit for you. 


  • Development Engineer

Possessing the finesse of research, design, and development of the product, a development engineer can aptly fit into the shoes of a technical writer. The plus point here is that you already have the expertise in product specifications so you can explain the processes from scratch. 


  • Hardware Engineers

Hardware engineers are again at ease with the elements of products, which makes a technical writing career a befitting choice for you. 


  • Software Engineers

Well-grounded software engineers have an upper hand in terms of the technicalities of products and software. As a result, many software engineers take the technical writing route and bud into pro technical writers. 


Whether you fall into the aforementioned categories or you have an intrinsic desire to be a technical writer; in both cases, you can assent into this career trail. 


Key Highlights of the Course


In this section, let us scrutinize the charming factors that form the core of the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. These factors are the roots that strengthen the program as a whole:


Industry Veterans as Mentors

The course is imparted by industry veterans who have been working in the technical writing industry for a long time. These industry insiders have true knowledge of the best practices of technical writing, which they imbue in the candidates like you. 

Not only do they train you with the ins and outs of technical writing in general, but also cement you with tips and tricks. 


Courseware in Alignment with Google

Promising you the best knowledge, the courseware is strictly designed as per the Google standards. That said, you will receive the updated and most useful training in alignment with Google.   


Tools-driven Training

Technical writing training is incomplete without instrumental knowledge of tools and software. Thereby, the technical writing training at IIM Skills is absolutely tools-driven. The program explores the usage of tools like MS Project, MS Viso, Git, Scribus, Canva to lift the heavy lifting. As a result, you learn to speed up the processes, chalk out enchanting designs, and maximize productivity. 


Gain First-hand Learning Experience

In the wake of new-age skills-based employment, practical experience is all that matters. Moving along those lines, the IIM Skills TWMC program gives you plenty of chances to acquire first-hand experience. 

As an incumbent of the program, you can expect to:


  • Create and Publish your First White Paper

After learning the art and science of defining and curating white papers, you will venture to create your own white paper. Moreover, you will go on the publish the same, which will further add up to your portfolio. 


  • Write and Publish Scholarly Article

On another level, you will work on a scholarly article. From writing to publishing the same on live platforms, you will again have an in-hand experience. 


  • Publish First Technical Blog at Times of India

Among other things, you will try your luck at writing a technical blog. The best part about this is you will get to publish the same at the Times of India blog, which is itself a fringe benefit. 


Flexible Learning Schedules

Another striking feature of the program is the flexible learning schedules. You don’t have to miss out on college learning or the job front to acquire a new skill. 

With both weekday and weekend batches available, you can squeeze up your learning time along with your jobs or colleges. Moreover, with any time anywhere access, you can learn from any part of the world. 


Assembled Backup available

At any point in time, due to unforeseen circumstances, if you miss any class, class backups are always available. To cap it all, there is a simple navigation system, called LMS, with which you can access all the resource material and class recordings 24*7. 

This access stays with you forever. You can come back and log in to revise your knowledge at any later point in your career. 


Lifetime Support

IIM Skills institute provides lifetime support for both consultation and technical aspects. What it means is that you can reach out to the institute for support and guidance as and when required. They will be more than happy to lead you in the right direction. 


Some Additional Benefits

  • Job Referrals

The dedicated placement support brings you the best job referrals for you. Since technical writing has a vast scope, you can go on to work in any industry and grow yourself. 


  • Interview grooming

Apart from job referrals, you also get interview grooming sessions. You will learn the do’s and dont’s of interviews. With the interview support sessions, you will learn to flag the interview and get your desired dream jobs. 


  • Post-training support

Post-training support lets you have support even after your course is complete. If you have trouble finding jobs, want to kick-start your own agency or blog, or foster freelancing, you can seek guidance from the mentors. 


Connecting all the dots, the TWMC is an affluent program enriched with spot-on features. These characteristics will help you bring out the best in you and make a steady career in the field of technical writing. Coming along, let’s drill down at the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. 


Alumna Reviews


Anubhav Bhandari from Kolkata, who works at ICICI Bank Ltd. says the following about the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course review: 


Anubhav's review on Technical writing course


Bhumika Sharma, a senior editor at Hinduja Group Mumbai says the following about the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course review:


Bhumika's review on Technical writing course


Nishant Jha, a Senior Associate at Fidelity, Gurgaon finds the course best among all the courses available in the market. Here is what he says:


Nishant's review on Technical writing course


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review- End Verdict


Based on the alumna review, authentic research, and all other reasonable factors, IIM Skills is the best institute for a technical writing course. The program is all-encompassing with all suitable elements of an excellent technical writing course. 


Developed and delivered by the industry veterans, the course is desirable for anyone and everyone who wants to learn technical writing. To add to it, the state-of-the-art teaching methodologies fuel the learning. 


While many institutes deliver pre-recorded sessions, the IIM Skills TWMC program is live and interactive. You can interact with students and mentors, pose doubts, and seek advice at the same time. All the doubts are cleared at an instance. 


More than anything, the lifetime access to both resource material and training makes it all the more worthwhile. Counting on the freebies, you get a free demo, free backup classes, interview preparation, and job referrals. Inferring from it, the program is well-expansive as it covers everything from the basics to the day you find your career alley.


In a nutshell, the IIM Skills Technical Writing course Review suggests that if you want to become a professional technical writer, this is the best choice for you. Go ahead without a shadow of a doubt. 


FAQs Related to IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review


Q1. What is the best technical writing course?

A1. With an equal focus on theoretical and practical acquisition, IIM Skills Technical Writing Master Course is the best technical writing course. It serves all the purposes by imparting updated knowledge, tools learning, and post-training assistance. 

The one-of-its-kind course is customized to meet the requirements of all aspiring technical writing. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, the course benefits you to become a better technical writer. 


Q2. What can I expect from a technical writing course?

A2.  A technical writing course equips you with all the necessities and intricacies of technical communication. In this course, you learn about the entire technical writing process- beginning with planning, writing, editing to formatting, designing graphics to assessing user requirements. 


Q3. What are the examples of technical writing?

A3.  Here is a list of examples of technical writing, which are included but not limited to the technical writing industry:

  • Press Releases
  • Technical Reports 
  • Memos
  • Business Proposals
  • Datasheets
  • Product Descriptions and Specifications
  • White Papers
  • API Documentation
  • User manuals
  • Resumes


Q4. What skills should a technical writer have?

A4. A good technical writer must have these 7 vital skills:

  • Ability to write
  • Understanding about technology (area of expertise)
  • Ability to write in clear, concise, and understandable language
  • The knack to depict ideas in a graphical manner
  • Patience for problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Aptitude to interact with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Good knowledge of the available tools


Q5. Is a technical writer a good career?

A5. Technical writing is a promising career option that pays well. Research suggests that the demand for technical writers expect to increase by 12% from 2020 to 2025, which is the highest among all the professions. 

If you are passionate about technical writing and willing to adapt to the challenges of this rapidly growing field, this could be an excellent career opportunity. 


Summing Up!


Coming to the end of the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review on a positive note, the program is worth a shot. We hope that we answered all your queries and doubts in this post. If there is anything more that you want to know, feel free to mention it in the comment section.


Or else, you can ask for assistance with the counselors at IIM Skills to guide you down the road. You also have the option to take a free demo before investing your money in this program. 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


We wish you all the best for your tech writer journey!

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