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IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Review – A Detailed Exposition

In the finance-corporate industry, a career in investment banking is seen as a prestigious position. In the upcoming years, it is believed that this area of banking will expand, creating work chances for ambitious individuals. But when we say that working in investment banking is difficult, we mean that you can occasionally have to sacrifice sanity and sleep to grind numbers. However, if you thrive at what you do, you will be rewarded greatly. And to make it easy for you, choosing an investment banking course is a great start to get into the field. Here, in this article we have discussed the IIM SKILLS investment banking course review, to help you get insights into investment banking and how enrolling in this course can give you lots of benefits.

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Define – Investment Banking

Investment banking is a sort of company that provides financial services to businesses, governments, individuals, and other organizations. 

The primary tasks of an investment banker include capital raising, equity research, making decisions, mergers and acquisitions, assisting with derivative trading, and other related tasks.

Managing the flow of cash is done through investment banking. Investment banking’s goal is to direct capital from investors looking to make a profit toward businesses and entrepreneurs with plenty of ideas but little money.

While investment bankers sell securities to raise money from investors, they afterward distribute that money to those who need it to start businesses, build buildings, govern cities, or finish their other large-scale projects. Companies and potential investors communicate through investment banks.

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Investment Banking as a Career

Professionals in the finance industry hold investment bankers in the highest regard. They help businesses in raising the money required to accomplish their objectives. They must also assist businesses in finding the best solution to their financial problems and attracting investors. An investment banking job has the potential to be very profitable and fulfilling.

As you develop expertise in this sector, it will be simple for you to earn a large salary.  An investment banker with five to nine years of work experience makes an average salary of 20 lakhs per year.

When you work as an investment banker, you will have the chance to collaborate with top executives, investors, venture capitalists, and other highly recognized people along with earning an excellent salary.

Furthermore, a job as an investment banker would be solid and safe for you. It is certainly worthwhile the work and time because investment bankers are regarded as being some of the top-paid professionals in the world.

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How to Start a Career in Investment Banking

You must be knowledgeable in management, statistical analysis, finance, financial law, and other related fields if you want to work in the investment banking industry. For financial planning, analysis, and M&A (merger & acquisition) tasks, investment bankers must develop completely detailed financial models.

Additionally, they have to analyze firms for investment purposes using a variety of approaches, including transaction comparisons and LBO. Companies seek trained and highly skilled people because of how difficult working in this field is.

To become a professional in this field, it is important to have an investment banking certification. There are several investment banking courses available in the world. Choose the one that effectively conveys the important concepts to you.

The ideal option is to seek online investment banking courses since they can securely educate you on important concepts without forcing you to leave your house or travel anywhere.

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Why Choose an Investment Banking Course?

Understanding the complexities of the financial world, from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to initial public offerings (IPOs) and beyond, is a key component of investment banking training. 

To become an investment banker you need solid skills and numerical analytical but you also need to understand investment banking concepts such as M&A, Initial Public Offerings, Bonds and Stock, and Restructuring.

It involves mastering the skill of financial analysis, learning how to assess risk, and selecting wise investments that have the potential to transform economies and businesses.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, a consultant assisting clients with their finances, or simply interested in learning more about finance, investment banking courses have something to offer everyone. 

You learn about market trends and investing techniques in investment banking courses that you could use in your day-to-day work. 

Gaining expertise in asset and portfolio management will increase your value and enable you to increase the value of your client’s investments. 

Investment banking education entails more than just learning concepts and theories. It involves working on projects, gaining real-world experience, and connecting with industry experts. It involves gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to prosper in a market that is rapidly changing.

So, think about studying investment banking if you are ready to expand your financial understanding. 

Here we have chosen the best investment banking course provider, IIM SKILLS. Doing an investment banking course is an excellent way to broaden your network and help you upskill in this field.

Investment banking is a journey that will challenge you, inspire you, and ultimately make you into a financial expert with the power to shape the future. Let’s discuss the investment banking course by IIM SKILLS in detail.

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IIM SKILLS – Overview

Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar established IIM SKILLS in 2015, and now it is regarded as a global leading Ed-Tech program with headquarters in New Delhi, India. They provide skill development courses in data, finance, marketing, and writing domains that can help a learner upskill in a few periods. 


With the motto of providing world-class education at affordable prices people from all over the world have benefited from their courses, which has increased the institute’s fame beyond the border of India.

This institute has provided training to over 35,000+ students and professionals from over 35+ different countries. Industry-related curriculum, hands-on learning, doubt-clearing sessions, internationally recognized certification, placement assistance, and 24×7 support are just a few of many features that attract students and working professionals.

To make it simple for the layman to comprehend each subject clearly, IIM SKILLS breaks down complicated concepts into a digestible manner that helps them easy to understand. 


IIM SKILLS institution provides you with incomparable care and assistance during your journey. The institute ensures that each participant receives individual attention. Given that IIM SKILLS is a globally renowned institution, student’s chances of landing a position in MNCs or foreign companies are increased.

Top education blogs like Course Report, Career360, and Course Dekho have ranked their program first. IIM SKILLS has also gained lots of media coverage from the Times of India, Business Today, The Daily Guardian, Business Today, and many more is actual proof of its exposure and popularity.

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Delivery:

The Investment Banking Course is exclusive instructor-led online classroom training for 3 months and 1 month of guaranteed internship. The training duration consists of 50+ hours of live interactive lectures and 20+ hours of doubt-clearing sessions. 


The majority of the students are working professionals, and even though they are men or women returning after work they ensure that everyone can have access to the course through their flexible schedule without any pressure.

Course delivered on weekdays and weekends from 10 AM to 1 PM. All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer/laptop to start your investment banking journey.

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IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Fees Structure: 

The total fees of the course are Rs.39, 900 + 18% GST which includes the exam and certification fees. IIM SKILLS gives a special 10% discount on 3 or more than registration. If you do not like the course after the first session, they give a 100% money-back guarantee. 

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Pre-Requisite:

The investment banking master course by IIM SKILLs believes both freshers and professionals can take up this course. It can help recent graduate begin their careers in the finance sector.

Similarly, professionals in the field can also match this course’s objectives with their own to improve their chances of getting better career prospects. Therefore, this training is beneficial for anybody interested in a career in finance.


IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Faculty:

The students are instructed by industry experts with a minimum of ten years of experience. These instructors have worked for some well-known companies that we are aware of and are subject matter experts. Students can learn a lot from their expertise about the actual scenario used in the investment banking profession.

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IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Curriculum:

The Investment Banking Master Course curriculum consists of eight modules that are designed specially by industry experts. This course curriculum aligns as closely as possible with industry standards and criteria that equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace and their careers.

The eight modules as listed below:

Module 1: MS PowerPoint

Getting started with MS PowerPoint, this module includes the understanding of the PowerPoint interface, creating new presentations, and saving your work. You will learn how to create, delete, and rearrange as well as apply different transitions and animation to slides. That also covers creating different charts and graphs to visualize data and information effectively.

Module 2: MS Excel

This module covers the fundamentals of MS Excel and more commonly used functions. That also includes learning how to format cells, fonts, number and style formatting, and use conditional formatting to make your date visually appealing.

You will understand Excel’s library of functions for calculations such as SUM, AVERAGE, IF, VLOOKUP, and more. Basic macros are also included and you will practice how to present data effectively through Pivot tables, Pivot charts, and sparklines. 

Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

This module has focused on the functioning of financial systems and the various markets within them such as the capital market, primary market, etc. You will explore the concepts of interest rates, market regulators, and their impacts on financial markets and investments. Examining how the stock market operates, including stock exchanges and financial centers.


Module 4: Derivative Market

Here in this module, you will learn about the complex world of financial derivatives and types of derivatives such as swaps, forwards, options, and futures. Get knowledge about future contracts, forward contracts, and how they differ from each other. It covers concepts of swaps including, interest rate, forex, and equity. You will also get to know about the basics of hedging and speculation.

Module 5: Technicals of Investment Banking

This module is the most important concept of the course curriculum that covers the understanding of the roles, types, and functions of investment banks in the financial industry. Get through the difference between commercial banks, merchant banks, and investment banks.

You will understand the process of taking companies public through initial public offerings (IPOs) and subsequent equity offers. Studying the concepts of mergers and acquisitions including due diligence, the concept of underwriting and book building approach, etc.

Module 6: Different Marketing Collateral

This module typically covers a list of investors or buyers, non-disclosure agreements, teasers, pitchbooks, financial models, and many more.

Module 7: Technicals of Financial Modeling

In this module, you learn the best financial modeling practices. You will learn to create scenarios using index, choose, and scenario manager. It also includes forecasting the financial statement. This module will help you prepare various scheduling such as debt, depreciation, equity, working capital, etc. 

Module 8: Business Valuation

This last module includes how to assess the financial worth or value of a business through DCF valuation and Relative valuation. 


DCF Valuation-

Understanding and calculation of FCFF vs. FCFE and its relationship

NOPAT, working capital modification, capex adjustments, and other related terms

WACC uses multi-factor models and CAPM to calculate complicated cost component

Understanding various risk concepts and how to include them in valuation calculations (CRP, SSRP, DLOC, DLOM, ERP

Different ways of calculating Beta

Leveraged and unlevered beta concepts

Several ways to determine a terminal value, including the Gordon growth model, the perpetual growth model, and the H-Model

Mid-period Valuation

Sensitivity Tables

Relative Valuation

Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps:

Difference between GPC and GTM

Values of the offer, the deal, and the transaction as they differ

Criteria to screen peers

Valuation multiples to be used

Value of Equity and other components in the Enterprise value calculation

Ideal timeframes to concentrate on the previous years and the following years including the last twelve months (LTM) and the next twelve months (NTM)

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Practical Learning/Case Studies:

The course is highly useful since it enables students to interact with the course modules through 100+ project assignments. They have consistently held to the idea that practical learning is important as well as theoretical learning.

Case studies are also a crucial component of the learning process since students need to get knowledge of the actual world and how things work there.  The investment banking master course offers students 5+ case studies that teach them about the fundamentals of work and results of particular investment banking projects.


Learning Management System (LMS): 

They provide the best possible features during the course and even post-training support to help students so that they can easily grasp the concepts.

Pre-reading materials, recorded lectures, eBooks, PPTs, and many more course content that help you in your learning journey are included in their Learning Management System (LMS), which you can access for a lifetime.

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Best For:

This course is best for individuals at different levels of their job in the finance industry profession. So many novice learners who want to start their career in the IB field or professionals who are still working in this field and want to make advancement in their career can go up for this course. The most suitable candidate for an investment banking course is, 

  • Graduates and Post Graduates
  • Engineers
  • MBA- Degree Holders
  • Finance Professionals
  • CFA

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Examination:

Participants after maintaining 70% of the attendance and completing all the assignments are eligible to take online examinations to get certification.

The minimum score for passing the exam is 50%.

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Certification:

After completing the course and exam, you will get your certificate in just 15 days.

This master certification states your expertise and is globally recognized in industries. The certificate will be your added advantage while applying for a job and you can add up to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social media accounts to get excellent opportunities.

IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Placement Assistance:

The journey doesn’t end after completing the course; IIM SKILLS makes sure to provide its students with incredible placement support. That includes job referrals, dedicated interview calls, interview preparation tips, and personalized career guidance.

Completing this course, they give 100% job support to students. It completely depends on the individual’s aptitude and the merit.


What Are the Benefits of Choosing IIM Skills Investment Banking Course?

Investment banking is a unique yet rewarding field that provides a variety of difficult positions and equally fascinating challenges. You can create a place for yourself in this competitive market. If this is what sparks your determination, you can start by enrolling in top-notch investment banking training by IIM SKILLS that provides you with an in-depth understanding of the industry. You can develop the necessary knowledge and skills in the industry through IIM SKILLS.

Here we have listed some of the best reasons why you should enroll in the IIM SKILLS investment banking course,

Develop In-Demand Skills

  • The biggest advantage of earning a certification in investment banking is that you will develop essential skills that employers highly value. Investment banking courses cover a range of topics, from financial analysis to valuation techniques, and will provide you with a solid foundation in the industry’s beginning.
  • You might learn how to assess financial accounts, create financial models, and do due diligence by enrolling in an investment banking course. Companies in the financial industry are highly in need of all of these skills.

Advance Your Current Position

  • If you are already employed in the field of investment banking, taking a course can help you update your knowledge and learn the most recent techniques and best practices. Additionally, the certification will increase your chances of promotion and help you get ready for higher-level tasks.

Expand Your Career Opportunities

  • Investment banking is a very professional field with many career opportunities. Enrolling in the IIM SKILLS investment banking program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in this interesting industry. Through this course, you will expand various career opportunities for that are advancing and rewarding.

Get a Job in Investment Banking

If you want to work in the industry, enrolling in an investment banking course can show your passion and commitment. By showing your skills and expertise with certification to hiring managers, it could help you stand out. Even IIM SKILLS also provides 100% placement assistance.

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Career Opportunities in Investment Banking

The field of investment banking is vast. Along with banks and investment rating agencies, investment bankers are in demand across a variety of sectors and organizations. Many sectors like auto manufacturers, retail store chains, and even utilities and energy providers, offer investment to their clients and depend on investment bankers to handle it for them. They are needed in several industries, including accounting, finance, and information technology to improve customer services and oversee financial operations.

There are several jobs for professionals in the investment banking industry. You can take a job at an entry level and develop your skills. You can work towards a chosen specialization such as capital building, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, hedge fund, mutual fund, and many more advisory services as you identify your interest.

Here is the List of the Roles in Investment Banking,

  • Anti-Money Laundering Specialist
  • Capital Market Operations Consultant
  • Corporate Banking Treasurer
  • Executive Director in Clearing Services
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Market Advisor
  • Global Finance Researcher
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Money Market Analyst
  • Regulatory Reporting Analyst
  • Risk Management Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I enroll in this course?

If you are interested in taking up this course, you can simply go on the official website of IIM SKILLS, and register by providing basic information about yourself. After the registration you can make the payment and done, now you have successfully enrolled in the investment banking course.

Q. Does it provide an EMI option?

The total fee of investment banking courses is Rs.39, 900 + 18% GST and they offer easy 7 interest-free EMI options for Rs.6, 716 per month.

Q. What are the eligible criteria for this course?

Though IIM SKILLS believes everyone interested in the finance industry can opt for this course. But here are some of the eligibility criteria to keep in mind before enrolling.

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce, and related field
  • A strong desire to work in the investment banking industry
  • Fundamental understanding of finance and statistics

Q. What if I miss the class?

Most of the scheduling for classes is flexible, even if you can’t attend the class, you can easily go into your LMS and find a recorded session there.


Rightfully, the cornerstone of many banking positions is investment banking. It increases your financial knowledge, teaches you how to handle pressure, and exposes you to regulatory requirements. While honing your convincing methods, you get the chance to network with influential industry leaders. Through IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course you will advance your progress appropriately. Visit IIM SKILLS’ official website to learn more about various courses that interest you, it is the best professional learning platform.

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