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Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Indore

Are you located in Indore and looking for the best GST certification courses in Indore?  Or are you a GST aspirant, seeking knowledge and skills to become a GST professional? If your answer is yes, then this article will serve you as a guide to choosing the best GST certification courses in Indore and set you on the right path. In this article, you’ll find the top 5 GST certification courses that are available in Indore and online as well. Moreover, this article will answer the most common queries on GST certification and how it is benefitting many individuals across the country.


List of best GST certification courses in Indore


What is GST?


Before we take a dive into the list of the top 5 GST certification courses in Indore, let us understand what GST is and learn some facts surrounding GST. GST stands for Goods & Service tax. It is a tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in an indirect manner.


The Goods and Services Tax Law in India is a single domestic tax law that applies to the entire country, that is comprehensive, multi-stage, and imposed on each value addition. The Goods and service tax came into effect on 1st July 2017 replacing many indirect taxes such as excise duty, VAT, services tax, and so on.


Why was GST introduced in India?


1. To promote the idea of a single tax across the country


As mentioned earlier, GST has replaced different taxes that were existing under the previous tax regime. The idea behind GST was to bring a single tax for the whole country so that every state follows the same rate for a particular service or product. With the Central Government deciding on tax rates and policies, tax administration is simplified. GST also means improved tax compliance because taxpayers are not burdened by multiple return forms and deadlines.


2. To encompass the majority of India’s indirect taxes


Previously, India had several indirect taxes such as service tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Excise, and so on. Some taxes were administered by the states, while others were administered by the central government. With the introduction of GST, all of the major indirect taxes were merged into a single one. It has significantly reduced the compliance burden on taxpayers while also making tax administration easier for the government.


3. To eliminate the cascading effect


One of the primary goals of the GST was to eliminate the cascading effect of taxes. Previously, due to differing indirect tax legislation, taxpayers were unable to offset one tax credit against another. As a result, taxes began to cascade. Under GST, the net value contributed at each stage of the supply chain is the sole thing that is taxed. As a result, the tax cascade effect has been eliminated, and input tax credits have been flowing smoothly across both products and services.


4. To reduce tax evasion


In order to claim an input tax credit under GST, taxpayers must provide invoices uploaded by their respective suppliers. In this manner, the chances of claiming input tax credits on forged invoices are reduced to a bare minimum. Due to the fact that GST is a national tax with a centralized surveillance system, catching defaulters is much easier and faster. As a result, the GST has reduced tax evasion and fraud significantly.


5. To widen the tax base in India


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has aided in broadening India’s tax base. Because GST is a consolidated tax levied on both commodities and services, the number of tax-registered firms has expanded. Furthermore, stricter rules governing input tax credits have aided in bringing certain unorganized sectors in India like the construction industry within the tax net.


6. Switch to online tax procedures


Previously, taxpayers faced numerous challenges while interacting with various tax agencies under each tax code. Furthermore, while return filing was done online, the majority of the evaluation and reimbursement procedures were done on paper.  GST procedures are now almost entirely done online.


From registration to return filing to refunds to e-way bill generation, each and every process is executed with the click of a button. It has made it much easier for taxpayers to comply with the law and has helped India’s overall ease of doing business.


7. A more efficient logistics and distribution system


A unified indirect tax system eliminates the need for numerous forms of documentation for the provision of products. GST reduces transportation cycle times, increases supply chain and turnaround times, and encourages warehouse consolidation, all of which benefit the economy. It aids in lowering the high logistics and warehousing costs.


8. To promote competitive pricing and increase consumption


The implementation of GST has also resulted in an increase in consumption and indirect tax revenues. The uniformity of GST rates has aided overall pricing competitiveness in India and around the world. As a result, both consumption and revenue have increased.


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Who is a GST practitioner?


A GST practitioner or GSTP is a tax professional approved by the state and central government who helps prepare tax returns and other related activities. A GST practitioner’s job profile comes with a lot of responsibility. He or she serves as a bridge between the GST system and the registered person.


Role of a GST practitioner


A GST practitioner role includes:


  • Filing an application for fresh registration
  • Providing details of outward and inward supplies
  • Providing monthly, quarterly, or final tax returns
  • Making payment for credits into an electronic ledger
  • Filing a claim for a refund


Is there a demand for GST practitioners in India?


As GST has been welcomed by 1.4 billion people of India with open arms, the jobs related to GST have been on the rise since its inception. Due to various economic changes in the country, the demand for GST practitioners is at an all-time high. Ever since its implementation, GST has created over 1 lakh job openings in the country.


Moreover, around 50,000-60,000 jobs will also be created for GST-related activities. This has opened up a huge job market for GST aspirants. There is an immediate need for GST professionals, particularly those with expertise in taxation, accounting, and data analysis.


However, due to the novelty of the concept, there is a scarcity of professional GST talent. Professionals capable of handling the new reform are in short supply. A GST certification course is the best way to fill this void. A GST certification course from a reputed institution can help fill this knowledge gap that exists in today’s youth.


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Who should enroll in a GST certification course?


  • Graduates from a commerce or engineering background can take up this course.
  • Chartered accountants, law aspirants, company secretaries can also take up this course.
  • A GST certification course can be done by finance professionals looking to switch to taxation, individuals seeking career opportunities in taxation, etc.


Top 5 GST certification courses in Indore


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a renowned ed-tech institution located in New Delhi, India. IIM Skills offers online professional courses related to content writing, digital marketing, technical writing, CAT training, and  GST certification course to students, working individuals, entrepreneurs, etc.


IIM Skills courses are designed to meet the industry standards and help students to be industry-ready as a professional. IIM Skills believes that skills are the gateway to earning your dream job. IIM Skills has trained over 14000 students and professionals from over 30 countries across the globe.


The courses are designed and validated by industry experts. Each subject is taught by industry experts with years of experience. Students after completion of the course are awarded an internally accepted certificate. IIM Skills’ GST certification courses in Indore is an online course with an in-depth syllabus that includes 16 hours of self-study lectures, practical assignments & weekly assessments.


The syllabus is tailored in such a way that you can grasp all the significant elements of GST very well. The mentors are industry experts from finance, tax, and accounting background.  Class recordings are provided after each session.


IIM Skills provides a learning management system that stores all the class recording, practical assignments, and students get lifetime access to this LMS for free. IIM Skills includes practical assignments and hands-on implementation which helps its students understand complex topics very easily.


Live classes are conducted online that help the student interact with their mentors and get all their doubts cleared in the live session. They also provide GST invoicing tools and software implementation learning.


IIM Skills’ GST course curriculum includes


  1. Concept of GST
  2. Framework and structure of GST
  3. Registration under GST
  4. Invoicing in GST
  5. GST returns filling
  6. E-way bill under GST
  7. Composition scheme under GST
  8. Input tax credit & payment in GST


Course fee: Rs 2900+GST.



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2. Future multimedia


Future multimedia is a fast-growing training institute located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. They provide dedicated training to students, working professionals, entrepreneurs through various professional and vocational courses. Their certifications are accepted globally. Their faculties have more than a decade of experience and expertise in preparing their students for industry and their professional careers.


They offer courses in marketing such as digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, mobile marketing, design courses such as web designing, graphic designing, UI/UX design, photoshop, development courses such as web development, software development, mobile app development, other courses such as GST, Big data, accounting training, etc.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Future multimedia offers specialized GST certification courses in Indore for aspiring tax and accountants. This course is designed for college students, commerce graduates, and working professionals.


They have the competitive and job-oriented course material, latest tools, and infrastructure to support their student’s learning. They also offer real-time training under experienced mentors, hands-on assignments, and projects.


The GST certification course syllabus includes


  • Basics of GST
  • GST migration & registration
  • Returns under GST
  • Refunds with GST rules
  • Input tax credit
  • Electronic commerce in GST
  • Job work & composition levy in GST
  • Other topics with GST rules & formats


Course duration: 2 -3 months.


3. Truecommerce


Truecommerce is one of the oldest institutes of professional accountants located in Indore. Truecommerce offers a certificate course in computerized finance accounting, taxation, banking payroll. They also offer tally courses using the latest version of tally ERP.


Truecommerce also offers finance certification courses in finance management, banking e-commerce, and e-taxation. Their courses are targeted towards students and individuals looking to run their own businesses. Their courses are well designed and are taught by experienced faculty who are industry experts.


Their professional certification course includes


  • 8- 10 month Certification course in financial accounting & taxation
  • 6-8 month Certification course in business accounting and taxation
  • 2-3 month tally certification with GST
  • 2-3 month Certification course in payroll accounting
  • 2-3 months Certification course in computer application
  • 1-2 certificate course in advanced Microsoft excel
  • 1 month certified GST professional


GST certification courses in Indore is one of the in-demand courses offered by Truecommerce. The GST course is designed for students and GST aspirants looking to make a career as a GST professional.


The GST certification course covers


  • Overview of GST law
  • Provisions of supply
  • GST migration & registration
  • Returns under GST
  • Refunds with GST rules
  • Input tax credit
  • Electronic commerce in GST
  • Job work & composition levy in GST
  • Invoicing under GST
  • E-way bill


The duration of their courses ranges from 1 month to a year.


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4. Tally institute of learning


Tally institute of learning is a renowned institute located in Indore offering various professional courses since 2015.  It is a  3 star authorized certified partner of tally solution Pvt. LTD. for software sales, service, Training for tally learning, and offers job placement. Their branch is affiliated with Bengaluru.


The institute offers courses such as Basic accounting with tally & GST, tally sales and services, tally AMC & training, GST return filing and training, job placement, and consultancy. They also provide computers and hardware such as desktops & laptops, Computer parts & peripherals, Antivirus,  Inkjet & laser printers, Cartridge & refilling, and hardware networking courses.


The GST certification courses in Indore are designed to target students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and GST aspirants. The training is provided by experienced faculties who have in-depth knowledge in GST and are experts in the field of accounting, and taxation. The institute offers courses ranging from short-term to certificate courses.


Along with GST, the institute aims to offer practical skills that can help students acquire industry knowledge and excel in their careers. They also offer GST-related course materials, assignments, and projects that help students understand the concept of GST better. You can check their website and contact them for additional information on the GST certification course.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a global Ed-tech company that offers both online & offline certification/diploma professional courses to students and working professionals. It was founded in 2013 and named after Mr. Henry Dunster,  the first president of Harvard University to honor his contribution towards education.


The company works as a training partner and education provider to leading technology and management companies, corporates, and government entities. Henry Harvin provides its courses to over 300000 students across 9 countries. Henry Harvin offers 200 + online and offline courses in the field of finance, law, management, content writing, digital marketing, sales, accounting, and more.


Henry Harvin offers GST certification courses in Indore. The course is delivered by experts who speak on renowned news channels like Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other notable platforms. The GST practitioner course from Henry Harvin consists of 32 hours of live online interactive sessions. It facilitates projects in GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A.


The institute provides internship opportunities to gain practical experience. The students are awarded a GST practitioner certificate after the completion of the course. The institute offers 100 % placement support to students who successfully complete the course. The institute offers E-learning access to course materials, videos, assessments, etc.


The GST practitioner course fee for live classroom training is Rs 12500.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the qualifications required to pursue a GST certification course?

A graduate degree in commerce, law, banking, business management, business administration, from any Indian university.


2. What are the topics covered in the GST courses?

A typical GST course syllabus covers the Concept of GST, Framework, and structure of GST, Registration under GST: criteria & process, Invoicing in GST, GST returns filling, E-way bill, and many more.


3. How much does a GST practitioner earn?

The average annual salary for GST practitioners is INR 3-4 lakhs in India depending upon the skill sets and knowledge in the field. The salary increases with experience.




These are the top 5 institutes that offer professional GST certification courses in Indore. In a time when the marketplace is filled with certification & training courses, signing up for GST certification courses in Indore would yield a lot of benefit to your professional career. As a tax-paying citizen of the country, it is essential for every individual to know the concept behind GST, its purpose, its working, and its benefits. GST certification courses in Indore will not only make you knowledgeable in the aspects of GST but will help you get hired with high salaries and promotions to managerial levels.

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