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Top 7 Renowned Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

In today’s time, the global economy is constantly evolving, and so there is a need for professionals to study various aspects of a business to forecast valuation, future financials, risk management, etc. To keep up with the time, learning a new skill set of financial modeling is imperative in the field of finance. Suiting your needs, we have come up with a list of the 7 best financial modeling courses in Kolkata.

List of best financial modeling courses in Kolkata

With the advancement of technology in recent times, the need is increasing for financial modeling analysts who can analyze massive amounts of data to help companies strategize their economic models and build profiting sales plans.

Financial modeling is a skill set, imperative for people wanting to make their career in finance. Its applicability is in the field of accounting and corporate finance.

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Financial Modeling

Financial models are mathematical models, usually built using spreadsheets in MS Excel, which help companies make strategies to run simulations, set budgets, and allocate corporate funds.

On the whole, financial modeling involves analyzing the historical financial data of a company on the basis of its income statement, cash flow statement, or supporting schedules to determine company valuation and creditworthiness.

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Different Types of Financial Models

Depending on the purpose of the job, there are different types of financial models. Built to address various business scenarios, financial models are predominantly based on valuation but can cover topics like project finance, pricing, and portfolio performance.

They range from pretty basic to complex like mergers and acquisitions (M&A model) and discounted cash flow analysis (DCF model). Following is the list of different types of Financial Models-

1. 3 Statement Model

The three-statement model is the most basic financial modeling setup. As the name implies, the three statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow) in this model are all dynamically linked with Excel formulas.

The goal is to connect all of the accounts so that a set of assumptions can drive changes in the entire model. It’s critical to understand how to link the three financial statements, in order to create this kind of model, which necessitates a solid foundation in accounting, finance, and Excel.

2. The DCF Model

Building on the premises of the three-statement model, the DCF model calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) of a company’s future cash flow. The DCF model takes the cash flows from the three-statement model, makes necessary adjustments, and then uses Excel’s XNPV function to discount them back to today at the company’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC).

3. Consolidation Model

These are classified as reporting models. A consolidation model combines several business models into a single model for financial analysis. Each business unit has its own tab, with the consolidated tab primarily adding up all of the business units.

4. Forecasting Model

This type of model is used in financial planning and analysis to yield a forecast that can be compared to the budget model. This kind of model is widely used by companies to evaluate the future success of their sales or business models.

Courses and Eligibility

There are various financial modeling courses available in the market, both in offline and online modes. Any graduate can take up this course and take their career to new levels. However, a background in accounting, mathematics, and finance can enable the candidate to grasp some fine concepts better.

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A Career in Financial Modeling

Upon completion of a financial modeling course, candidates can take roles in various industries like equity research companies, private finance corporations, and government, etc., and get such promising careers in the field of finance as: –

  • Business Analyst
  • Junior Research Analyst
  • Merger and Acquisition Associate
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Financial Planning & Analysis – Junior Manager
  • Equity Research Associate
  • Debt Syndication-Junior Executive

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Skills Required for Financial Modeling

In order to do good in the field of financial modeling, it is extremely important to have basic accounting skills and presentation abilities. Following is the list of all the essential skills needed to ace Financial Modeling courses in Kolkata –

Excel Proficiency

As Financial modelers and analysts spend most of their time working on Excel spreadsheets, it is extremely important for an individual to be proficient with their Excel skills. Along with it, a professional is required to have complete knowledge of VBA, Macros, and formulas.

Analysts, generally work themselves out creating spreadsheets with humongous amounts of distorted data, this skill is then essential for them to be quick while analyzing loads of Excel spreadsheets.

Accounting and Finance

The most important skill to develop if you want to excel in this job role is accounting knowledge. As most part of the life of Analysts is spent analyzing just numbers, it is extremely important for them to be good with their accounting skills.

Accounting fundamentals should be very clear to them, and they should be familiar with all necessary financial statements in order to identify any anomalies and make necessary adjustments.


Being a financial modeler, it is a must for you to have the necessary skill for business forecasting, based on data that you have gathered and analyzed. You must be able to forecast based on the business’s historical and current data after making the necessary assumptions. It also entails taking into account significant factors such as management team and culture, which may have an impact on the outcome as well.

Problem-solving Skills

Financial analysts are required to have this skill because they are needed to make informed decisions at times, and that can only happen if an individual can think logically in an organized manner. This skill plays a crucial role when a financial analyst has to deliberately dissect complex data to be put in a logical and systemized form. A professional shall have impeccable analytical skills.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are a must for a financial modeler or analyst no-brainer. The role of a financial modeler does not just involve constructing mathematical models, but it takes into account other premises as well. Financial Analyst is required to have great presentation skills as they are entitled to the responsibility of presenting complex information in such a form as could be easily understood by anyone.

Attention To Details

A Financial analyst needs to be proficient in all the above-mentioned skills but giving attention to details while creating elaborated models, is extremely crucial. While conducting a complex analysis, an analyst needs to be mindful of each and every factor that might affect the outcome and make changes in the final equation.

Connecting Financial Statements

While conducting their research, the financial analyst needs to connect all the dots between the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement and present a simplified picture of the whole financial situation. This skill can only be perfected with time and practice.

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Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata


Rank# 1. Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata


IIM SKILLS is one of the most coveted names for finance courses and is regarded as one of the top financial modeling courses in India. With 3 months of a comprehensive curriculum, 100+ hours of practical assignments, and 5+ case studies, the financial modeling course is offered to finance enthusiasts who want to make successful careers as finance modelers.

There are provisions for internship opportunities and the course is aligned with MS Excel. It is a fully practical-oriented training with an emphasis on key aspects of Excel.

Course Name – Financial Modeling Course

Course Price – Rs 39900 + GST 

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Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata Curriculum

  • Fundamentals and Advanced Excel Concepts
  • Accounting Concepts And Financial Statements
  • Basics Of Financial Modeling
  • Types of Financial Models
  • Business Valuation

This course will provide you with conceptual clarity on financial modeling and help you master the essentials of the financial modeling course. You will become efficient with handling financial statements, analyzing them, and creating a consolidated financial model incorporating all the 3 key financial statements.

Other than this you will become adept at critical thinking, presentation skills, and communication skills to become pro-level financial modelers.

Contact: [email protected], +91 9580 740 740

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Rank #2 Financial Modeling Courses in India 

2. Kredent Academy

A certification course in Equity Valuation and Financial Modeling in Kolkata is produced by the joint efforts of NSE Academy and Kredit Academy. Aimed at teaching students the practical application of theoretical methodologies, this course is for all those candidates who want to learn long-term investment and value creation.

This course is built to focus on the premises of Accounting, Finance, and Excel skills to help students depict financial statements and investment analysis effectively.

This classroom course is designed to help students with some crucial concepts of cost of capital, discounted cash flow approach, etc. It helps candidates in dynamic evaluation and informed decision-making.

This course by Kredent Academy is taught by excellent faculty.; Mr. Rajeev Poddar—MBA(Finance), CFA, CA. He has an experience of 15 years of in the field of finance and has worked with renowned investment banks in equity research.

The course will give its participants an edge in the market with its unique module content. The topics covered will be focused on case studies and real-time portfolio analysis.

Course Content

Basics of Financial Modeling and Financial Statements

  • Why financial modeling?
  • Linkages between the financial statements i.e., Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement.

Financial Statement Analysis and Forecasting

  • Ratio analysis
  • Understanding revenue and cost drivers, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow drivers for forecasting

Methods of Valuation

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Peer Group Method i.e., fundamental multiples, comparable, etc.
  • Free Cash Flow to Firm, cost of equity, cost of debt, the weighted average cost of capital, terminal growth rate, terminal value, and enterprise value.

Financial Modeling Case Study

  • Live case study on a listed company

Participants will get 10 hours of guaranteed internship with the faculty and an NSE Academy-approved certificate upon completion of the course.



Rank# 3. Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

3. International Institute of Research and Wealth Management

The Certified Financial Planner Certification Course by the International Institute of Research and Wealth Management (IIRWM) is internationally accepted, globally recognized, and respected by the international finance community. It is one of the best Financial Modeling courses in Kolkata.

This Professional Certification in Financial Planning hones the existing skills of financial intermediaries with a practical edge by teaching real implications of theoretical concepts. Participants learn comprehensive financial advisory services and build a rewarding career in the financial services industry.

With over 1,62,000 CFPCM Certificates, CFPCM Certification is widely recognized in the field of Financial Planning and is respected by many consumers, professionals, and industry.

Upon completion, candidates can take up various top-notch jobs in the field of finance like Banking, Insurance, Financial Planning, Accounting and tax, Wealth Management, Investment Advisory Services, Mutual Funds, Stock Broking, etc.

With this course, IIRWM helps participants get recruited by the top 50 companies which include brokers, bankers, MF, and Insurance companies (Reliance, Tata, LIC, ICICI, etc.).

The CFPCM Certification course is awarded by the Financial Planning Standard Board India (FPSB)and is also accredited by NISM (National Institute of Securities Market) as one of the best Financial Modeling courses in Kolkata.

Course Benefits

  • Classroom as well as Live Virtual Training
  • Opportunity to learn concepts under the best faculties with more than 15 years of experience in the CFP domain.
  • Access to module-wise books and FPSB content.
  • References and Numeric Practice via Email to ensure proper understanding of the concepts.
  • Use of Financial calculator and Excel spreadsheets to connect classroom learning with industry applications.
  • Internship and complete placement assistance.




Rank# 4. Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

4. BSE Institute Limited

BSE Institute Limited (BIL) is a completely owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd. BIL imparts knowledge and insights into the financial market domain. For students interested in acquiring and updating their abilities in financial markets, BSE Institute Limited offers a variety of professional courses ranging from 5 international PG degrees to more than 100 short-term certifications.

The Global Finance Market Specialist (GFMS) program by BSE Institute Limited is a comprehensive course on Banking and Financial Markets which will help students to carve out their careers successfully in the aggressively competitive field of finance and banking.

Their Financial modeling courses in Kolkata help students make informed decision-making by understanding algorithm trading and basic data analysis. The training of the course will involve real-time trading in the simulation lab, networking with industry experts, and real-time case studies to develop practical knowledge of various skill sets.

Course Content 


  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Introduction to Mutual Fund
  • Economics for Capital Markets
  • Retail Banking Technology and Operations
  • Financial Reporting & Fundamental Analysis


  • Advanced Derivatives Strategies
  • Quantitative & Statistical Concepts with Spreadsheets
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Project Initiation
  • Financial Modelling
  • Introduction to Algorithmic Trading
  • Indian Banking Structure and Laws
  • Project Viva

The duration of this course is 8 months. This course will involve placement assistance and preparation of regulatory exams in the end.


Rank# 5. Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

5. IVY Professional School 

IVY Professional School is a top-ranked school of Data Sciences and Analytics in the country. Having a very high rating of 4.9 stars on Google and Facebook, IVY Professional School has its centers in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

With its excellent financial modeling courses in Kolkata, being exactly aligned with the needs of the finance industry, it provides placements in companies like Honeywell, Cap Gemini, Genpact, HSBC, and Cognizant. Participants enrolling in their courses get the benefit of getting trained by an excellent faculty associated with organizations like ISI, IIMs IITs, and esteemed US universities.

The course built by IVY Professional School is called the Business Analytics Certification Course. Any student with a background in math, statistics, economics, accounts, or finance can take up this course.

Course Content

  • Dashboarding and Automation using Advanced Excel
  • SQL Queries and Relational Database Management
  • Tableau Essentials
  • Business Statistics
  • Predictive Modeling with R
  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning Essentials

The total duration of the course is 6 months. Participants will have the chance to get their hands on real-time projects and do an internship with SAS/R.



Rank# 6. Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

6. IMS Pro School

Financial Modeling courses in Kolkata by IMS Proschool is a one-of-a-kind endeavor by IMS. Proschool’s foundational belief lies in imparting students with practical knowledge and skills at an extremely affordable cost. The financial modeling course of IMS Pro School is one of the most prestigious courses in the industry.

This course was created by Proschool in order to balance the demand and supply of finance professionals. It is a course that lays the foundation for more prominent financial avenues.

Any graduate or post-graduate student irrespective of their stream can take this course and build a career in avenues like Investment Banking, Equity Research, Credit Research, Project Finance, Financial Research, Market Research, Portfolio Management, Treasury Management, and Wealth Management.

Built-in partnership with NSE Academy, this course is designed to build Excel and equity modeling skills. A case study-based technique is used to ensure that students are work-ready from the start. It also uses Level 1 of the CFA program to help you brush up on your accounting and financial modeling skills.

Course Content

  • Excel proficiency
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Du point analysis
  • Financial analysis techniques
  • Corporate finance
  • Time value of money
  • Capital budgeting
  • Cost of capital
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Equity research modeling

Upon completion, a participant will be entitled to a Financial Modelling Certification approved by IMS Proschool and NSE Academy. Along with it, the participants can avail of the added benefit of training and certification in VBA-Macros and Merger & Acquisition (M&A).


Online Training: INR 32,000

Classroom training: INR 40,000


Rank# 7. Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

7. Corporate Finance Institute

Founded in 2016, CFI is one of the leading providers of online certification programs. Powered by leading instructors, an innovative curriculum, and proprietary technology, CFI is the leading resource for finance professionals worldwide, offering productivity tools, certification, and online training for financial modeling, valuation, lending, securities, capital markets, data science, business intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and more.

All the courses, models, templates, and case studies by CFI are designed with the help of proficient Wall Street trainers, with an experience of over twenty years in global investment banks as financial industry leaders.

Candidates enrolling for this online financial certification platform will get access to 100+ courses, 5000+ lessons & topics with more than 1 million students enrolled in various programs. FMVA has gained popularity all over the globe within a short span of time with its unique and interesting modular content.

The FMVA certification in Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst course in Kolkata helps students learn financial modeling skills to improve their competency levels across the entire finance and accounting spectrum.

The FMVA certification provides all of the necessary skills, tools, and techniques to become a world-class financial professional.

It is a comprehensive program with over 29 courses; consisting of 1550 + lessons, 170+ interactive exercises,100s of Excel &PPT Templates, and 100+ hours of video training. Along with all the video lectures, students also get access to quizzes, assessments, and CFI’s rich course library.

Course Categories

  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Presentation and visuals
  • Strategy

The duration of this course is 4-6 months. All the candidates will have to complete the prep, core, and elective courses in order to be entitled to the BlockChain Certificate.


Self-study: $497/year

Full immersion: $847/year



1. Is Financial Modeling a good career?

Financial Modeling is one of the most sought-after career options in today’s evolving scenarios when businesses completely rely on data science to evaluate present business conditions and predict future trends. In such times Financial Modeling courses in Kolkata could help you in gaining all the practical knowledge needed in this domain.

2. What are the skillsets required to ace Financial Modeling?

In order to ace financial modeling, it is required to have an understanding of accounting, strong Excel skills, logistics to do problem-solving, and great modeling or presentation skills.

3. What is the best way to learn Financial Modeling courses in Kolkata?

It takes years of experience to become an expert in financial modeling, and you must truly learn by doing. Reading equity research reports can help you practice by providing something to compare your results to.


If you are a working professional or even a student wanting to shape your career in the field of finance, do not wait because now is the time for you. With the shift in times, many companies and giant corporations are now asking for professionals who could work to analyze tons of data for a company, and come out with simplified models that could facilitate informed decision-making.

Financial Analysts are required by businesses all over the globe to do a study of the performance of a company’s investments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, etc., and to give guidance for future investment decisions. Financial Modeling training can prepare you for various job opportunities in the market. This course can provide you with an edge in the market. After gaining all the needed logical, forecasting, and presentation skills you can go on to pursue your career in some of the most handsome avenues in the finance domain.

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