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Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

Did you know that Dubai is a fast-growing city and a global financial hub? There are a few reasons behind it like Dubai has a lot more regulatory environment and high-class developed infrastructure that leads to being a Giant Financial center in the Middle East. Dubai always shows its positive attitude towards the sustainable rise in the financial sector. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you. You might be thinking about how to grab that opportunity. This article will cover all of your queries related to financial modeling courses in Dubai with certifications.


List of best financial modeling courses in Dubai


What is Financial Modeling?


Financial modeling gives you the opportunity to create a business-related financial model. Every company wants to develop its own financial model. To develop a financial model, these companies need financial experts to maintain their budget, evaluation, and other risk-related analysis.


If you have a degree related to this field or started digging into your career in the financial world and want to get a job in Dubai. You might want to look for financial modeling courses in Dubai. To get a job in a good company, you need to make plans to make a successful career.


One thing you have to remember is that if you are dedicated to the subject then no one will stop you become successful. To brief about it, you have to learn the three-statement models like cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet. Based on this model every company simplifies its financial model.


For that, you have to be excellent at Excel spreadsheets. This software will allow you to forecast future estimations after collecting past data about a company. The main thing is you have to keep an eye on every detail around you.


Benefits of Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai


  • Having a financial consultant will always be good for the company or a firm.
  • After working in a firm or with a client, it will be clear to understand their financial statements, incomes, and other things.
  • It will allow you to make a financial decision-making model that can be useful to understand a company’s outer and inner financial environment.
  • A few people get an opportunity to work in a financial company and slowly develop their talents in this field. That is why every company chooses the most talented person to handle its financial model.
  • If you are talented then there will be lots of benefits that you can avail yourself of after joining any company.
  • After completing financial modeling courses in Dubai. You can excel in your skillset and you will be able to gain a confidence level to work with financial clients.


Required Skills


  • You have to keep an eye on details. It will be beneficial for you to understand how to use excel to complete the task. It is not a one-day thing you have to pay attention to all during the training period.
  • After completing any financial modeling courses in Dubai. You will develop forecasting skills. This skill always will be a good thing to predict the future of the company or any client’s business.
  • All of the courses will help you understand three financial statements. These three statements are essential after linking those using excel. This skill set can a tricky part to learn. When you master this skill you can easily use them.
  • Problem-solving skill is the most important skill for a certified financial modeler. If you already have this skill then you will always use them to solve any type of problem.
  • Having presentation skills in PowerPoint is mainly a good thing. It is always an essential skill that everyone must know. It will be helpful to create a presentation to showcase a company’s financial statements and related things.
  • Accounting skills are a must to understand the concepts. If you have these skills then you always can take financial modeling courses in Dubai. Upgrade your skills always will be good for you.


Future Prospects of Financial Modelling


Dubai always wants to stay updated in terms of technology. You have to learn those technical terms to use them. Within a few years, financial sectors also will be adept the automation techniques and big data. Therefore, you have to stay updated and financial modeling courses in Dubai.


Use of Automation Techniques

Big companies have a large amount of data. Collecting manual data will take a lot of time. The company will use automation techniques to collect its data in large quantities. In the future, all companies will use pre-programmed devices that will help to collect and manage the data collection process.


Big Data in Financial Modeling

The Financial part always needs to collect a lot of complexity in the data limitation process. It always will help to understand the challenges that help to identify the decision-making process. Using the dig data, a company always will give their financial experts customer or supplier-related data.


Using Automation, Models Will Be Updated

Using models will be helpful to solve problems in financial modeling. Sometimes it happens if their multiple variables in the financial modeling. Therefore, the human mind is not able to understand all the expressions that give results in mathematical form. It will be good to understand the future financial models. It can be a big challenge for financial modeling experts.


Using Automation, Models Will Be Constructed

Sometimes it happens in the financial models there are lots of things that can be used. It only can develop using financial models. These models can be constructed using artificial intelligence. Therefore, developing a good interaction model will manage the difficulty level.


To construct all these advanced models, one will need a conceptual-based understanding process to solve different types of things in the future. It will be always helpful to manage a detailed concept related to the model. It will be able to create a detailed ecosystem with the help of using artificial intelligence.


Eligibility Criteria to Pursue Online Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai


  • A fresh graduate candidate who already has a degree in the commerce field and has the interest to excel in their career in financial modeling.
  • Any financial professional who is already in the financial field in Dubai but wants to update with new tools and techniques.
  • Candidate with MBA in finance degree but wanted to get a placement in Dubai.
  • Technical background candidates like Engineers with a good understanding of finance and who want to start a fresh start.


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Career Opportunities With a Salary After Completing Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai


Corporate Sector

  • Financial planning & analysis (FP&A) – Starting Salary from AED 27,875 per month
  • Corporate Development Manager – Starting Salary from AED 16,500 per month.
  • Treasury Officer – Starting Salary from AED 21,500 per month.


Banking Sector

  • Bank branch manager – Starting Salary from AED 38,900 per month.
  • Equity analyst – Starting Salary from AED 12,300 per month.
  • Investment banking analyst – Starting Salary from AED 9,000 per month.


Institutional Sector

  • Research Analyst – Starting Salary from AED 15,500 per month.
  • Portfolio -manager – Starting Salary from AED 5,000 per month.


Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the finest online course providers. This institute offers 3 months of live online classes on the “Financial Modeling Course”. After enrolling in this course, you will get 2 months of guaranteed internship and 100% job support. Another advantage is they will prepare you for mock interviews. Their placement cell and course instructors are dedicated to students’ success and provide assistance lifetime. They work hard to make each and every student skilled while performing different assignments during the training. The assignments and projects based on real-life situations will force you to stretch your expertise and make good financial decisions for the firm.


The Course Covers

Module No.Subject Covers Hours
1Understanding of Basic and Advance Excel 8 -10
2Knowing the Financial statements and Accounting concepts5-7
3In-depth views of KPI/Ratio Analysis4-6
4Covering Basics of Financial Modelling4
5Drive into different types of Financial Models12-15
6Concept of Business valuation7-9



Steps to Getting Certified

Registered yourself in their financial modeling course

  • They have two batches, weekdays and weekends. You can take any baches of your choice.
  • 70% attendance is a must to get qualified for the examination.
  • Along with attendance, 50% marks is the minimum to pass the examination.
  • After submitting the examination, within 15 days they will give you a soft copy of the certification.
  • Now you are eligible for their 2 months of guaranteed non-paid internship.
  • After completing the 2 months, you will get placement support to crack the interviews.
  • Now you can say you are a certified financial modeler. You can take an do anything like getting a job or setting up your own agency.


Course Fee – AED 1,846.57+taxes

Mode- Online


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. CFI (Corporate Finance Institute)


The corporate finance institute has a course named financial modeling and valuation Analysis. Understand this you can choose 38 courses and you will get bonus materials as well. They added monthly new courses that will help you to understand the course. They will provide you blockchain certificate that will help you to skill up.


Steps to Getting Certified

  • Step 1 will help you to prepare for their programs and will understand 7 other optional courses.
  • Step 2 will help you to understand their 11 core courses to understand financial modeling and valuation.
  • In step 3 you can choose 3 related course topics out of 19 other courses. It will help to get expertise in your skill set.
  • Step 4, you have to get 70% passing marks on the final exam to get certified.
  • Step 5, now you will get a certificate along with a blockchain digital certificate.


Course Fee

Self-study- $497 per year or AED 1825.49 per year

Full Immersion -$847 per year or AED 3111.04 per year


Mode- Online


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3. Kaplan Genesis


Kplangenesis has lots of courses offered in financial modeling. The institute has three different levels of courses – beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. You can choose a course based on their knowledge. The institution has financial modeling experts and they shared their knowledge related to financial modeling. It will be based on an effective business strategy in terms of financial development.


The Course Covers

  • ‘Financial analyst foundation program’ – you can get this before starting the CFA journey or can start during the program.
  • ‘Excel analyst for finance professional’
  • ‘Three statement modeling and valuation’ -you can start this during the CFA program.
  • ‘M&A and LBO Modelling’
  • ‘Advanced financial modeler’
  • ‘Bank modeling’
  • Project finance modeling
  • ‘Real estate modeling – You can unlock this during level II/ level III to the CFA program.
  • ‘Chartered financial modeler’ – it is optional.


Steps to Getting Certified

  • Through this course, you can learn and use advanced excel to use analytical tools.
  • There are lots of case studies to develop financial models. You will be knowing about the global and regional case studies.
  • There are some manuals that have step-by-step instructions related to financial model development.
  • After joining their courses, you can access the online recorded lectures. It will provide brief ideas about the concepts covered in the class.
  • After completing all lectures, you have to give an exam to get certifications.
  • In the end, you can continue earning educational credits from IMA institutes and NASBA institutional bodies.


Course Fee–  Chartered Financial analyst courses start from AED 10,290. There are three different levels.


Mode- Online


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4. Coursera


This institution offers several types of small and medium-length courses on financial modeling. These courses are offered by different types of universities. If you are someone who wants to pursue short-term courses or medium-length courses then Coursera can be good for you.


The Course Includes

  • This institution offers several types of beginner courses.
  • Length can mostly be 3 to 6 months and few of them can take less than 2 hours.
  • Most of their courses get 4.0+ ratings.


Steps to Getting Certified

  • You can choose any courses that you want to pursue.
  • After taking these you will have hands-on specialised projects and case studies.
  • After completing the course you have to give an exam to earn a certificate.


Course Fee–  After joining the course you will get to know their fee structure.


Mode- Online


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


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5. EDOXI Training Institute


This training institute provides a good overview and a depth knowledge about the financial model. Institutions have certified financial modeling instructors to help you understand the basics to advance the level of the financial model. There are no minimum qualification is required to join their course. Weekdays and weekend classes are available.


The Course Covers

This institution provides 36 hours of classes with video presentations.

  • Module 1 – Insights of Accounting.
  • Module 2 – Understanding Budgeting, FP&A, and Forecasting.
  • Module 3 – learn everything about excel.
  • Module 4 – Brief about Finance.
  • Module 5 – In-depth understanding related to Financial analysis.
  • Module 6 – Analytical view of Financial modeling.
  • Module 7 – Understand math.
  • Module 8 – How to give a presentation.
  • Module 9- learn Valuation.


Steps to Getting Certified

After applying to their course, you have to follow 3 simple steps that will help you get certified in financial modeling.


  • You can check all curricula before joining their course.
  • After completing all the classes you have to apply for the certification exam.
  • After passing the exam you will get a professional certificate.


Course fees are not available online. Their pricing options are flexible. If you want to know more about the financial modeling courses in Dubai. You can reach them using three different ways.


Contact Options

Call – 043801666

Email – [email protected]

Whatsapp- 0581236600


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. I am working in a financial firm in Dubai and after reading this article I want to take part in a course to update myself. Can I handle both work and course?

Yes, you can take any financial modeling courses in Dubai. You can take any courses at your convenient time. There are various types of good institution that offers certified courses on financial modeling. You can manage work with online courses.


2. What are the payment options to enroll in these institutions?

All the institutions’ pay mode is online. If you have any queries related to the course or payment option, you always can visit their sites and contact their administration department.


3. If I choose to take a course in financial modeling and I regret it afterward, what will happen?

In this case, the suggestion will be always to join those institutions that have Demo class options. Then you will understand which course wanted to take. Therefore, IIM Skills always has a Demo class option. You can join their Demo classes too.




In today’s world, financial experts are in demand. Having an excess degree always will help you to update with new market trends. Dubai is a city that itself will give you lots of opportunities if you have related skills. Day-by-day financial modeling courses in Dubai are trending. Most people are looking for those courses that give a certification. The above article, suggests lots of institutions that provide certification to become Certified Financial modeling experts. Now, You can use that Certification wisely. Wish You Good luck in your future.

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  • Sajjad

    Hello, I am Sajjad . As an Asset Manager I manage money and securities on behalf of my clients, with an objective to grow the value of their assets. Financial modeling techniques are employed for financial analysis in which the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement of a company are forecasted for the next five to ten years. It includes preparing detailed company-specific excel models which are then used for the purpose of decision-making and performing financial analysis. It is nothing but constructing a financial representation of some, or all, aspects of the firm or a given security. I want to learn financial modeling techniques to know the latest trends and innovation in the field. I would consider registering with IIM skills for the financial modeling training in Dubai.

  • Saleel

    I have recently partnered in a small firm. In addition, I have a job as a senior accounts manager. According to the current trend, financial modelling expertise is crucial for accounting and finance professionals. In businesses, financial modelling is crucial since it supports a range of strategic business decision-making abilities. Financial modelling helps firms, whether they are small or large, make informed decisions and predict and estimate financial investments, opportunities, results, risks, and other scenarios. Considering its importance, I intend to enrol in a financial modelling institute in Dubai to learn this crucial talent that would benefit both my business and my career. There are listings of institutions that provide training in financial modelling in Dubai, but I would prefer attending the free demo session prior to enrolment.


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