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Top 17 Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh

In the last 7-8 years, the financial modeling course market has received a great jump in Chandigarh, where more and more professionals would like to study the subject. There are several institutes that offer financial modeling courses in Chandigarh through the mode of classroom training and online mode of training. In this article, we are going to cover the list of financial Modeling courses in Chandigarh. Now before we jump into it, let’s learn about what is financial modeling.

List of best financial modeling courses in Chandigarh

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a tool used to forecast a company’s and its investor’s future financial performance. It involves creating a spreadsheet summarising a company’s expenses and earnings and analyzing its performance on financial parameters.

It applies data analysis to help businesses manage their assets, track cash flow, and forecast business performance, and budget. Financial modeling entails both the creation of a new model and the maintenance of the existing model from scratch by incorporating fresh data.

It also helps companies project future financial performance, thereby helping the companies with suitable valuation. Investment bankers, stock research analysts, credit analysts, risk analysts, data analysts, portfolio managers, investors, and entrepreneurs commonly use the concept.

The types and levels of sophistication of financial models vary. A good financial model should be flexible, appropriate, logically structured, and transparent. The ten most popular types of financial models used by businesses are listed below:

  1. Three-Statement Model
  2. Discounted Cash Flow Model:
  3. Merger Model
  4. Initial Public Offering Model
  5. Leveraged Buyout Model
  6. Model of Sum of Parts
  7. Consolidation Model
  8. Budget Model
  9. Forecasting Model
  10. Model of Option Pricing

To create a seamless model, one needs to do planning and outlining regarding the timeline, years of historical numbers, projection years, and in-depth knowledge of the situation at hand. One needs to maintain the quality of the model, make an exhaustive and internally dependable model, make realistic assumptions, and add accuracy checks.

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Why Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a critical tool for company decision-making. It advises regarding the risks associated with implementing decisions. Financial models represent the economic performance of business entities in mathematical terms.

The tool helps executives make decisions about acquisitions, raising capital, business valuation, capital allocation, budgeting and forecasting, ratio analysis, management accounting, growing business, and many more purposes.

The financial model can also be used to estimate stock prices, and risk management, understand how businesses will react to different economic situations, and understand the outcome of financial decisions in quantitative terms. Through financial modeling, companies can compare their businesses with those of their competitors in the industry.

Companies can estimate the costs and profits of new projects. Financial modeling helps prevent financial losses by providing instant answers to future decisions, as any change in the decisions would change the values and formulae in the model and hence show the change in the results immediately.

It helps companies lower financial risks and evaluate projects as businesses can see the impact of their decisions like making a price change, launching a new marketing campaign, entering a new market, and many more. Financial modeling helps businesses assess their performance as per the budget and make adjustments accordingly.

Financial modeling provides consistent results for the companies. With the rise in demand for investment bankers, financial analysts, and research analysts in Chandigarh, Financial Modeling courses in Chandigarh are in huge demand.

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Career and Scope of Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is one of the most important abilities for finance professionals. Most companies require financial modeling professionals to understand the performance of the financial assets to make decisions about investments; evaluate a project’s performance; make realistic financial projections and execute a Pro-forma valuation of the company; decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions; capital raising; internal planning and budgeting.

The skill has scope in every country, including India, as the nature of business is getting more complex and uncertain. Today, businesses rely on data science to create financial models. The skills required for financial modeling include strong quantitative skills, problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and good communication skills.

The professional should be good at accounting, finance, and valuation, and excel in VBA financial modeling skills. An individual doesn’t need to have any formal degree, though MBA’s, CA’s, CFA’s, and engineers are preferred. Financial modeling requires years of experience and practice to become adept.

Aspirants also undergo financial modeling training courses to gain a sound base understanding. Equity Research Houses, Project Finance Departments, Project Appraisal, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, corporate finance departments, investment banking companies, financial KPOs, credit rating firms, and broking houses are the sectors that would take Financial Modeling as the preferred skill.

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The aspirants can work as investment bankers, project finance analysts, credit rating analysts, merger and acquisition analysts, venture capitalists, portfolio managers, financial analysts, associate analysts, equity analysts, as well as market research analysts.

Professionals with financial modeling certifications may have the leverage to work at higher-level positions as finance managers, group managers, audit managers, or business analysts. One can either work under these profiles or work as an investor and work in their start-up to raise funds.

The course is an added advantage for CA’s, MBA’s, CFA’s, FRM’s, and commerce graduates, along with business planners, decision-makers, executives, and managers.

Financial Modeling Salary and Specifics

The salaries offered to financial modeling professionals vary according to experience, company, and location. Top industry employers seek professionals who have financial modeling expertise. Freshers can expect a salary of up to INR 4,00,000 p.a.

A commerce graduate fresher can expect a salary of 2.4 LPA to 3 LPA. An MBA Finance fresher with knowledge of financial modeling can expect a salary range of 3 to 4 LPA. Job seekers having experience of 1-4 years can expect a salary of INR 6,00,000 p.a. Job seekers with experience of 5–9 years can expect a salary up to INR 12,00,000 p.a.

Those having experience of 10–19 years can expect a salary up to INR 20,00,000 p.a. Job seekers with experience of 20 years or more can expect a salary up to INR 30,00,000 p.a.

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The national average salary for financial modelers is Rs. 7,60,000 in India. A professional can expect to start from the business analyst level with good hands-on experience in financial modeling in banking and analytics companies. The average salary of a financial analyst is INR 5,00,000 per annum.

For finance managers, it is around INR 12 LPA. An associate in investment banking can expect a salary of around 11 LPA. The average salary in the United States for private equity analysts ranges from $70,000 to $1,00,000.

The salary for investment banking analysts in the U.S. ranges from $85,000 to $1,00,000. The salary for hedge fund analysts ranges from $90,000 to $1,00,000. The salary for equity research analysts ranges from $50,000-$80,000.


Top 17 Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh



IIM SKILLS is a leading ed-tech institute conducting a plethora of job-oriented in-demand courses to help students and professionals add additional skillsets to their resumes. Regarded as a top-tier institute for virtual, immersive learning they have one of the most highly-rated financial modeling courses in India.

Course Name – Financial Modeling Course 

Course Fee – INR 39,900 + GST

Course Topics 

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Excel and Different Excel Concepts
  • Understanding What a Financial Model Is
  • Business Valuations
  • Financial Statements Reading & Analysis
  • Advanced Excel
  • Assessment of Historical Data

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IIM SKILLS gives access to their learning management system once you enroll in the course. The LMS is accessible to you 24×7 for lifetime access. You are given details regarding the support desk and how to connect with the mentors in case of any queries.

Apart from the advanced financial modeling training, you are offered soft skills training with communication skills, presentation skills, verbal communication skills, email writing, and how to convey your points effectively. You glean knowledge of the financial industry, trends, and changes happening in the finance domain.


Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740

Email Id: [email protected]

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2. Upgrad

IIT Delhi offers the Financial Modeling certification through UpGrad. Upgrad’s online mode of study remains a good option for those who want to pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh.

The curriculum involves demystifying financial statements, deciphering a company’s performance using ratios, cost concepts and decision-making, long-term investment decisions, and budgetary control.

The program is for final-year students, graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and technical executives. The teaching pedagogy involves online live sessions from the faculty members of IIT Delhi, real-world case studies, projects, and videos.

The program is 15 weeks long, with live lectures twice a week. The participants have to submit an application form along with copies of their credentials at the UpGrad portal. The program fee is Rs. 75,000 including taxes, with an EMI option available.

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3. Financial Corridor

The institute provides financial modeling courses in Chandigarh. As the Institute remains located in Chandigarh, aspirants can opt for classroom training as well. The institute provides face-to-face classes and online recorded plus interactive classes.

The institute focuses on providing aspirants with practical knowledge of actual company financial statements. The course equips aspirants with knowledge of valuation tools and components to create a full-scale forecasted financial model of the company with an analysis of the economy and the effects of mergers and acquisitions.

The institute charges Rs. 45,000 for the entire course of two months. The course structure offered by them includes fundamentals of Excel, tools of financial modeling, data summarising and formatting, risk and return modeling, advanced Excel spreadsheet, financial statement analysis, company valuation, and merger and acquisition analysis.

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4. Grant Thornton

The institute offers a “Certificate in Financial Modeling and Valuation Online Live”. The program includes 70 hours of study, including 40 hours of instructor-led sessions and 30 hours of recorded VBA and case study. The students can access the LMS for up to one year.

The course structure involves MS Excel; designing financial models; designing revenue and expense models; valuation techniques; creating presentations; mergers and acquisitions; visualization-interactive excel dashboards; business models; and interpreting EPC and CAPEX schedules.

They offer students the opportunity to ask questions on a real-time basis. A professional can connect with global and virtual teams anytime. The course fee is around INR 30,000 plus tax. Grant Thorton is one of the good options for those who want to pursue Financial Modeling courses in Chandigarh through online mode.


5. Excellence Technology

The institute provides training courses to delegates to create their cash flow forecast in Excel. They provide training on Excel functionality and VBA to automate tasks. The institute is a good choice for those who want to avail themselves of classroom sessions for Financial Modeling courses in Chandigarh.


6. EduPristine

The institute focuses on providing practical training involving case studies, excel-based training, discussion forums, and training by subject matter experts. The training also includes soft skills training involving presentation skills, email and virtual communication, decision-making and problem-solving, and emotional intelligence.

They provide job preparation assistance, conduct interview skills workshops, provide customized career guidance, resume preparation assistance, and placement assistance. The course is for a duration of 70 hours.

It offers BSE-certified courses in financial modeling. Those aspiring to pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh can go for the online mode of study from EduPristine.


7. GB Training & Placement Centre

The institute provides 60 hours of training. Their financial modeling courses in Chandigarh structure include Excel Basics, advanced Excel features, excel built-in functions and analysis tools, building good Excel models, financial statements forecasting, time value of money, financial planning, and investments, analyzing market history, bond pricing, and duration, simulating stock prices, sensitivity analysis, merger and DCF models, financial planning and investment, beta calculation, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.

The institute will be a good choice for those who want to pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh through classroom training.


8. Udemy

Udemy offers 126 financial modeling courses. The course focuses on Excel basics, DCF valuation models, and many more. The course fee structure ranges from INR 1280 to INR 12800. Aspirants have the leverage to avail of seasonal discounts and access to some free sessions as well.

Some of the top-rated financial modeling courses on Udemy include Financial Modeling Workshop, Return on Investment Analysis for Manufacturing, The Real Estate Proforma Modeling Masterclass, and Building financial models and value companies the easy way.

Forecast Business Outcomes Using Monte Carlo Analysis, Financial Modeling for Corporates, C#, and Financial Modeling, Complete Financial Modeling for Project Finance in Excel, Real Estate Financial Modeling – The Complete Guide, and Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation for Beginners to Pros.  Udemy is a good option for those who want to pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh.


9. IMS Proschool

The institute has an association with NSE, India. The institute provides learning both through the classroom and online mode. The course structure revolves around project finance, equity modeling, financial statement reporting and analysis, corporate finance, and Excel.

They follow a case study-based methodology of the study. They cover financial models in six sectors. They have the capstone project, where the aspirant has to work under the guidance of a mentor.

In addition to the Financial Modeling Certification, aspirants can undertake additional certifications like Macros, Mergers and Acquisitions, VBA, Investment Banking, and SQL for free. The course fee is around INR 40,000. The course remains a good mode of learning with NSE certification for those aspiring to pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh.


10. Imarticus Learning

The Advanced Management Program in Financial Services and Capital Markets, in collaboration with IIM Lucknow, provides 126 hours of training for 6 months. The program is for middle management professionals with two years of experience.

The learning methodology would include live lectures, capstone projects, simulations, and classes by industry speakers. Hands-on projects, assessments, and personalized capstone projects provide students with valuable experience for applying to A-list firms and start-ups.

The subjects include investment banking, risk management, and compliance, capital markets and fintech domains, fundamentals of corporate finance, valuation, and equity research.

The certificate will be given by IIM Lucknow upon completion of the course. With accreditation from IIM Lucknow, Imarticus Learning offers great opportunities for those who want to Pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Chandigarh.


11. Coursera

It is an American MOOC provider run by Stanford University. It is a 24-week course. The course is designed for beginners. The online material provided by them includes audio, video, and assignments. Their course module includes Excel, analysis of data and presentation, creating spreadsheets, data validation, modeling risks and realities, and decision-making.

The two popular courses offered by Coursera include Finance & Quantitative Modelling for Analysts Specialization and Business and Financial Modelling Specialization. The course fee starts at INR 5000. With prices so affordable, it offers a good learning opportunity for beginners who want to pursue  Financial Modeling courses in Chandigarh through online mode.


12. Corporate Finance

The certification covers 24 courses with 100 hours of video instruction. It includes building financial models; financial analysis and ratios; business valuation methods; mergers and acquisitions analysis; sensitivity analysis; scenario analysis; and industry-specific financial models; and creating outputs in the form of PowerPoint, Excel sheets, and graphs. The course is for the intermediate level.


13. Wharton

The course is for beginners to intermediate levels. It is an online course for  40–50 hours. The course module covers spreadsheet modeling, investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and scenario analysis.


14. Wall Street Prep

The company provides highly detailed financial modeling courses with numerous mini-courses relating to the finance industry. The premium package starts at $499. The institute focuses on training students in building financial models using real-case studies and best practices.

Financial statement modeling, DCF modeling, M&A modeling, trading comps modeling, transaction comps modeling, and LBO modeling are all part of the course structure.


15. BIWS

The certification is valued in more than 75 countries. It offers multiple programs in financial modeling, industry-specific modeling, and investment banking. The institute provides interactive question-and-answer sessions, and all the content is digitally downloadable. They provide a 90-day trial run. The investment in this course is $597.


16. NSE Certification

They provide an online mode of study with a course structure involving 59 videos and 10 hours of content. The course fee is INR 9000. The course outline includes understanding financial modeling and financial statements; building financial models; case-study; financial statement analysis; and methods of valuation. It offers a beginner-level course, best suited for candidates aspiring to become Equity Research Analysts.


17. Henry Harvin

The institute provides 40-hour live classroom sessions with projects and internships. The institute provides a 100% placement guarantee with e-learning tools and techniques, video content, and assessments. The course is undertaken by trainers with 24+ years of experience.

The course focuses on advanced financial techniques, excel sheet formatting, financial reporting, understanding income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, application of financial statement and ratio analysis, project evaluation, financial statements, revenue and cost, and generating reports and presentations.

The course curriculum also involves MS Excel tips, financial statements, and ratio analysis, financial management and corporate finance, project finance modeling, equity research modeling, financial report writing, and case studies. Henry Harvin is a good Institute for those who want to pursue online financial modeling courses in Chandigarh.



  • How can one learn financial modeling courses in Chandigarh online?

Financial modeling is provided through several MOOC platforms such as IIM Skills, Coursera, Udemy, Imarticus, and edx. Aspirants can go for listed financial modeling courses providing excellent training.

  • What are financial modeling skills?

One needs to have accounting skills excel skills, forecasting skills, skills to link the three financial statements, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, simplification of complex statements, design skills, and presentation skills. An in-depth understanding of Excel formulas and shortcuts; the creation of profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets; and the creation of simple models. One should have the ability to interpret complex information in a simple format. A professional has to follow a logical flow of information. One should necessarily have the skills to read financial statements, dissect them, and build them back up. A professional has to focus on clean formatting and professional charts and graphs.

  • Is financial modeling hard?

It may appear difficult if one plans to learn on their own, but with the help of a professional training program, it becomes quite easier. In the finance industry, where continuous learning is required, it will only increase the professional’s opportunities. However, those with a strong background in math, accounting, finance, excel, and valuation may find the course easier. The level of detail, underlying assumptions, and financial modeling being a hybrid between backward and forward-looking statements increases the complexity of the financial modeling. The more experience one gets with modeling, the better and more comfortable one gets with it.

  • Why is financial modeling important?

Financial modeling has become a predominant skill required in the financial sector. Financial modeling provides an in-depth understanding of business, provides a periodic review of performance, decides the fund requirements and strategy, provides business valuation, minimizes risk, generates quick outputs, provides accurate financial budgets and forecasts, and helps in business growth. A financial model is a prerequisite for various roles like private equity, equity research, business modeling, budgeting, financial controls, and many more. Small business owners can forecast how various variables will affect revenue. These skills enable one to take leadership positions across investment banks, start-ups, corporates, and e-commerce companies, to name a few. The course will help professionals gain an in-depth understanding of the theory of learning.

  • Is financial Modeling important for Startups?

Financial modeling for start-ups is very crucial as it gives investors an idea about how a start-up is spending its money. Financial Models account for numerous scenarios and growth factors key to scaling up and key to survival. Financial modeling helps start-ups create reliable financial plans and make strategic business decisions. It guides start-ups according to the Start-up’s business plan and budget.

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