Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Australia

Are you searching for the best financial modeling courses in Australia? No need to worry, you have landed at the right place. This article is going to give you a sneak peek into details of financial modeling and top courses related to it in Australia. In the current global environment, competition emerges as a challenge for businesses and companies. To cope with global competition, companies need to make financial analyses of the past, present, and future performances and to foresee future outcomes. They fulfill this objective with the help of the financial modeling process. 


List of best financial modeling courses in Australia


What is Financial Modeling?


Financial modeling is a tool to determine past performances of the company and businesses by analyzing historical data and also the analysis of future outcomes of the new projects. Financial modeling is also used as a tool to determine the forecasted results of the company’s new projects. In other words, it is a numerical representation of the company’s operations in the past present, and future. Financial modeling also helps to build financially sustainable businesses.


What Are the Uses of Financial Modeling?


  • Financial modeling is used in decision-making by companies and businesses.
  • Financial modeling plays a crucial role in overview, future income, and expenses.
  • Financial modeling is used to create a summary of the expenses and revenue incurred in the functioning of the enterprises.
  • Financial modeling minimizes the risk factor in businesses.
  • Financial modeling helps in business evaluation.
  • Financial modeling helps in periodic reviews of the performances of companies.
  • Financial modeling is used for in-depth understanding and improvement of businesses.
  • Financial modeling is used to set up the right strategy and also helps in deciding fund requirements.


What Are the Benefits of Pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Australia?


Apart from its scenic beauty, Australia is also famous for its education system. The Australian education system is one of the best education systems all over the world for both domestic and international students. Australia has a stable and open economy with friendly global relations.


In today’s scenario, financial modeling is going to give above average rewarding career in the finance industry of Australia. The students interested in working in the finance industry can opt for this course. Australia’s finance sector is expanding with growth potential and can provide ample job opportunities to financial analysts.


This course is also useful for setting up start-ups, and businesses in Australia. The knowledge and skills developed by pursuing this course can improve your business. The financial modeling course ensures that you are ready for employment or business as per your requirement


What is the Scope of the Financial Modeling Course?


There is a great scope in financial modeling as a career, and the positive news is that it is increasing every day. It doesn’t require any formal degree to do this course instead, anyone can do this course. A financial analyst can do a job or work as a freelancer. Many firms are hiring them because the scope of financial modeling is very broad, as models are used for decision-making and overall evaluation of the performance of the company. This course is very distinct from traditional accounting and auditing, which is the reason why this skill is in high demand in today’s scenario.


What Are the Job Opportunities After Doing the Financial Modeling Course?


The Financial Modeling Analyst Can Apply to Work in:

  • Banking sector
  • Equity research
  • Equity analyst
  • Valuation
  • Corporate Development
  • Research Analyst
  • Advisor
  • Investment banker
  • Strategy Consultant


What Are the Skills Needed to Do a Financial Modeling Courses in Australia?


Although with some financial knowledge anyone can pursue this course, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and accounting can enjoy preference. Besides, the following skills are also necessary for a candidate to become financial modeling analyst.


1. Basic Knowledge of Accounting Concepts: Basic knowledge of accounting and financial terms is a must for building a career in this field which is not so difficult, with little research and dedication you can learn. Prior knowledge of these things comes in handy in this field.


2. Problem-solving Ability: The main job of financial modeling analyst is to solve problems that arise in businesses by building models and by analyzing situations, here a good problem-solving skill is needed.


3. Excel Skills: One needs excellent skills in using excel for creating charts and in using predefined formulas. Also, knowledge of python helps in making big in this field.


4. Management of Time:  Time, being an important factor, should be managed effectively otherwise all work of analysts will go in vain. an efficacious model is of no use if doesn’t get ready in time. So if you want to taste success in this field, try to master time management skills.


5. Sincere Approach: Sincerity is necessary for not only this but in any profession. without a sincere approach, one cannot acquire any skill in any field.


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How Much One Can Earn After Doing Financial Modeling Courses in Australia?


Although it depends on one’s proficiency and skills in this field, the average base salary of a financial modeler is $128,094 per year in Australia. Also, the salary factor is different from firm to firm or according to the designation.


What Are Some Best Financial Modeling Courses in Australia?


While there are many institutes, online and offline, providing financial modeling courses in Australia, but below listed institutes are the best in this field. You can go through the following details and can choose accordingly.


Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Australia


1. IIM Skills


IIM SKILLS is one of the most reputed online institutes offering financial modeling courses. Their financial modeling course is structured by some of the industry’s most qualified and experienced finance leaders. The course is designed according to the need of job place as well as students learning capacity. This integrated course gives a power boost to your career.


 Key Features:

  • To make students competent at developing a strong and dynamic financial model from scratch.
  • To equip the student with proficiency to compete in the global finance market
  • To teach critical and analytical skills.
  • To successfully conduct the business evaluation.
  • To make students adept at Excel data tools such as sorting, filtering, data importing, and data validation. C


Financial Modeling Course Syllabus:

The whole course is divided into 6 modules and specific hours are allotted to cover that particular module. Each module contains different topics related to financial modeling. 


Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to MS Excel, Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Regular use of functions like Hlookup, Vlookup, Match, Index, Sumifs, etc
  • Conditional formatting rule 
  • Number and font formatting
  • Table functions and dynamic array
  • Introduction to macros
  • Sparklines
  • Data presentation through pivot tables
  • Time value functions PMT, PV, FV, NPER, RATE


Module 2: Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements 

  • Fundamentals of key accounting
  • Understanding income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  • Comprehensive income concept
  • Interlinkage and understanding of relationships among three financial statements
  • Common size financial statement preparation.
  • Relevance of notes to account


Module 3: Ratio /KPI Analysis

  • Types of ratios
  • Dupont formula
  • Basics of eps
  • Financial summary preparation


Module 4: Basics of Financial Modeling

  • Financial model structure
  • Building revenue and cost drivers
  • Different schedule preparations
  • Key formatting tips
  • Financial statement projection
  • Addition of index financial summary cover page and other key tabs


Module 5: Different Types of Financial Model

  • Three statements projection model
  • LBO model
  • M&A model
  • Private equity return model
  • 13-week cash flow model 


Module 6: Business Valuation 

  • Relative valuation
  • DCF valuation
  • NAV approach 
  • Blended valuation
  • Preparation of valuation report
  • Pre-money and post-money concept



  • Basic working knowledge of computers
  • Basic excel knowledge
  • Finance discipline would be a plus


Fees: 718.84 Australian Dollar +Taxes

Course Duration: 3 months

Mode: online


Contact Details: +91 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)


Corporate Finance is a globally recognized institute providing financial modeling courses and certification programs to hundreds and thousands of students worldwide. Their financial modeling & valuation program is meticulously designed for teaching you the essential skills required to perform practical financial analysis.


Key Features: 

  • Helps students learning in financial modeling skills, streamlining budgeting, and forecasting process.
  • Provides all techniques, tools, and skills required to become a world-class financial professional.
  • Helps in improving your financial proficiency and analytical skills.
  • Extensive job opportunities are available after completing this course.
  • Provides considerable financial case studies to the students.


Syllabus Covered:

FMVA certification program consists of four steps. Each step further consists of a different number of courses. 


Step 1: This step consists of 7 courses that contain the fundamentals.

Step 2: This consists of 11 compulsory financial modeling and valuation courses.

Step 3: In this step, you have to choose any three courses out of the 11 courses mentioned above in step 2.

Step 4: It consists of a final exam in which one has to score 70% and above.


Main Topics Covered in the FMVA Program:

  • Financial modeling
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Excel skills
  • Accounting
  • Business valuation
  • Finance theory
  • Presentation


Duration of Course: Six months 

Eligibility: No specific eligibility is required

Fees: $ 497


Mode of Teaching: online

Contact Details: Visit their website –


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3. CCE The University of Sydney


The full form of CCE is the Center of Continuing Education. It is a prestigious institute affiliated with the University of Sydney. Along with financial modeling courses, there are several other courses also available here. There are two types of financial modeling courses available, one is classroom based and another one is online mode. These courses are highly designed to provide you with an overview of best practice financial modeling and to inculcate confidence and knowledge in you to construct a professional financial model.  


Key Features:  

  • Suitable for both who are working or about to start working in a financial sector. 
  • Also suitable for students of commerce as well as science and mathematics students 
  • Self-managed learning through Learning Management System
  • At all stages, students will have the access to the facilitator.
  • Study material and related videos will be provided for step-by-step guidance


CCE is Providing Two Types of Courses in Financial Modeling:

Course 1:  Financial Modeling Best Practice course  

Course 2: Financial Modeling course: online


Syllabus Covered:  Course 1  

  • Excel uses
  • The modeling lifestyle
  • Modeling best practice
  • The blacklist 
  • Testing


Mode of Teaching: Offline

Duration of Course: 8 hours


 Syllabus Covered: Course 2

  • Uses of integrated 3-way models
  • Learn how to build 3- way model
  • Error checks and troubleshooting 
  • Modeling best practices and advanced excel 
  • Valuation 
  • Revenue and expenditure
  • Integrated financial statement
  • Quality control


Mode of Teaching: Online 

Duration of Course: 60 hrs.  / 120 days


Contact Details:

[email protected]



4. Pivotal 180


This institute has gained global popularity for its variety of courses which are quite trendy in 2022. They also offer financial modeling courses online, live streaming, or on-site. They have set the standards high for their project Finance Modeling Course. They boast of teaching financial models as well as how to deal with financial models.


Pivotal 180 run self-paced online learning programs. This program uses video lessons and downloadable demonstration files. Their online platform allows students to review materials or dive deeper whenever they choose to. The name of their course is project finance and infrastructure modeling.


Key Features: 

  • Focused solely on teaching
  • Flexible delivery options like self-paced learning, online, live streaming, in house 
  • Having practical transactional knowledge of the finance world 
  • Trained the top advisors, developers, lenders, and funds across the world 
  • The course covers a broad enough set of topics related to financial management


Syllabus Covered:

  • Pre-course material
  • Financial modeling introduction
  • Term loans
  • Cash flow drivers
  • Waterfall and cashflow summary
  • Debt service reserve account
  • Construction phase
  • Depreciation and tax
  • Returns 
  • Core outputs
  • Modeling quality checks
  • Optimizing a deal model


Mode of Teaching: Online

Duration: self-paced learning course


Contact Details:

[email protected]



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5. Plum Solutions


Plum Solution is a Sydney-based alleged institute that provides training and consulting in the areas of financial modeling. They provide offline classes in major cities of Australia and are also available online. Their courses are mainly for business professionals who want to improve their skillsets using Microsoft excel. Their team of experts teaches how to build best practice financial models budget forecasts and analytical reports.


Key Features:

  • Online support during the course
  • Categorized level of courses according to the prior knowledge of courses
  • Certification of completion is given after one clears the exams
  • Promotes practical learning and covers raw basic concepts of the model building perfectly
  • Four-week subscription to plum solutions support center after the course completion


Syllabus Covered:

  • Introduction to financial modeling
  • Basic excel tools 
  • Building financial models 
  • Model analysis tools 
  • Essential formulas 
  • Techniques of financial modeling
  • Building a business case 
  • Analyzing and presenting a model
  • Scenarios and sensitivity analysis
  • Conditional formatting
  • Dynamic charting 
  • Model output


Duration: an online course is spread over 12 months period

Mode of Teaching: offline and online both


Contact Details:

[email protected]



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6. Noble Desktop


Noble Desktop is a New York-based licensed training school. It provides full-time and part-time certificate programs in various fields of technology and finance. They have created and delivered the highest rating corporate programs. Most of the courses are customized as per the need of the candidate.  In this course, prior knowledge is helpful but not required. The institute provides a short guide before registration to candidates of non-finance background.


Key Features:

  • Having substantial experience in developing a syllabus
  • Programs are customized as per needs
  • Providing comprehensive support throughout and after training
  • Guidance from top industry experts
  • One-to-one meeting before registration to understand the needs and goals of aspirants.
  • A smaller class size allows for one-to-one help and enables you to understand the material you are working through.


Syllabus Covered: 


Course 1- Financial Modeling Boot Camp

  • Basic finance & accounting concepts
  • Cash flow
  • Basic excel skillset
  • Accounting and corporate valuation
  • Building a comprehensive financial model


Duration: 3 days/ 21 hrs.

Mode of Teaching: online and offline


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Course 2- Advanced Excel & Financial Modeling Intensive                             

  • Core excel skills
  • Advanced excel for finance
  • Accounting, finance, introduction to finance modeling
  • Finance modeling intensive


Duration of Course: 4 days /28hrs

Mode of Teaching: Online and Offline

Contact Details:

[email protected]



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7. NYIM Training


 NYIM training is a New York-based educational institute offering different kinds of business courses and corporate training. They are providing certification courses in data analysis, project management, office productivity, and financial modeling. NYIM is working in this field since 1998.


Their experienced instructors are their USPs in this field. They train the candidate in the skillsets needed to become a top financial analyst. They teach advanced excel, financial modeling, corporate finance, and accounting. The candidate can learn industry best practices from experienced investment bankers and analysts.


 Key Features:

  • This course covers advanced Excel for finance and accounting principles and a custom-crafted curriculum with world-class instructors. 
  • Established curriculum and supporting material.
  • Interactive training with small class sizes
  • Digital completion certification


Syllabus Covered:

  • Advanced techniques to expedite workflow
  • Advanced analytical tools & sensitivity analysis 
  • Database function for finance 
  • Functions for financial modeling 
  • Intro to corporate finance 
  • Enterprise value 
  • Financial accounting & statement analysis
  • Integrated financial modeling 
  • Intro to DCF modeling 
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Intro to LBO modeling
  • Company analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Terminal value
  • Discounting cash flow
  • Corporate valuation
  • Final analysis & reasonability testing


Duration of Course: 3 days

Mode of Teaching: online and offline


Contact Details:

[email protected]



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Where to do financial modeling courses in Australia?

 There are plenty of institutions offering financial modeling courses in Australia. So sometimes it may seem difficult for a candidate to choose one. But the above-listed institutions are the best in this field. One can choose according to his needs and convenience. 


Q2. What is the mode of teaching in financial modeling courses in Australia?

Nowadays, Most institutions are providing online, offline, live-in sessions, pre-recorded videos, in-house training, etc. So it has become quite easy for international students to enroll themselves in these classes without being residents of Australia, or Australian students can also enroll in other international institutes without leaving their country.


 Q3. Is it worth doing financial modeling courses in Australia?

 As we all know Australia has a well-established education system. So doing financial modeling courses in Australia will prove highly beneficial to you. If you are willing to make a career in the finance sector, then this course is going to make you outshine others.




In today’s competitive world, one needs some extra skillset to compete with others in their respective fields. There is always a dire need for skilled professionals in every field. So, updating with trends always proves beneficial for one in achieving his goals, gives confidence, and motivates one to perform better in his career. So, if you want to pursue your career in finance, then financial modeling course can add value to your resume and you can improve yourself for the better. This course can help you on securing your job, increase your confidence, it helps you to grow and achieve your career goals.  So, if you are thinking to take financial modeling courses in Australia, just go for it without hesitation, you will not be disappointed.

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