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Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad

Financial modeling is one of the valued and most sought-after skills in the finance world. Be it investment banking, credit research, financial planning, or analysis, financial modeling is a widely used tool for making financial projections and decisions. The insights and interpretations gained from the modeling help to shape decisions that have long-term impacts on business. A course in financial modeling is thus indispensable for those looking to carve a career in finance. In this article, you will get a bird’s eye view of the financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad.   

List of best financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad

A cursory look at the job that demands finance professionals shows that the ability to analyze and assess financial data is needed to create financial models, hence it is one of the key skills required by companies. Since the demand is huge, there are a plethora of course offerings for this topic.

What is Financial Modeling and its Significance?

Let us begin by understanding what is financial modeling. In simple terms, financial modeling is a numerical presentation of a company’s past and present performance, and the forecasted future.

The financial model tries to represent the real financial situation where the inputs such as historical assumptions, balance sheets, income statements, graphs, charts, etc. are provided, and the output generated is a set of hypotheses about the financial situation that is being analyzed.

This gives the basis for making further recommendations or for decision-making. The financial model is used for various reasons such as decision-making for estimating costs and predicting profit projections for upcoming projects, determining the impact of external factors such as government regulations on a company’s stock, business valuation – decisions on sell or buying business units, capital allocation and budget forecast, financial statement analysis/ratio analysis and so on. 

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Use of Financial Model by Different Finance Professionals:

Financial modeling is an iterative process and is typically done by an analyst or an associate. To better comprehend what is financial modeling, let us see its application in real life in the finance domain.

  • Credit Analysts use financial models to check if the firm has required cash flow or if a renegotiation of credit terms is required. Financial models thus help in the decision-making process as the key credit metrics are analyzed.
  • In investment banking, the financial model is built for various services they provide for their clients such as the mergers and acquisitions model to evaluate the impact of an acquisition., the underwriting model to determine the level of credit risk for a different purpose – mortgage, industrial, education loans, etc.
  • Risk Analysts use financial modeling for measuring risk. Risk models are built to assess what variables have an impact on business. The most attractive investment opportunities are determined after assessing risks and volatility.
  • Portfolio Managers use financial models to come up with the best investment portfolio for their clients such that it minimizes risks and maximizes returns.
  • Equity Research Analysts build a financial model to analyze the financial statement of the organization or its stock. This analysis then helps to provide recommendations on stocks (to buy or sell decisions).
  • Entrepreneurs and Financial Managers use financial modeling to analyze variables impacting operations, financing, investment, etc for best decision-making.

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Skills Required to Become a Financial Modeler:

So, what makes financial modeling the most sought-after of skills in today’s professional world?  It is quite a specialized field, as it requires a mix of technical, analytical, and soft skills. Apart from having a strong understanding of the accounting field, the financial modeler has to have technical and soft skills such as:

  • Design and conceptualize models to get clarity on the entire financial model for building sound and accurate financial models.
  • Proficient in Excel – Excellent working knowledge of MS Excel formulas and functions that will help in performing complex calculations is indispensable to carrying out financial analysis to build accurate models. An understanding of regression analysis is also important for making predictions on the available data.
  • Soft skills such as thinking logically to create meaning out of gathered information are important. Also, an aptitude for focused work with attention to detail is a highly desirable skill.  Another important skill is problem-solving which can help to understand the issue and design the model that can help resolve the issue. 

Furthermore, the financial modeler must have a knack for creatively presenting the results gathered through the model using graphics, charts, etc.

Scope of Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad

These days businesses have adopted data-oriented decision-making. Financial modeling professionals have a lot of opportunities in the financial industries in Ahmedabad such as research firms, the infrastructure sector, banks and other financial institutions, real estate ventures, new start-up companies, health insurance industries, manufacturing plants, etc. 

Since this is a key skill that is valued by the market, many institutions are providing financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad both in online and offline mode. Let’s look at 5-course providers:

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Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad



IIM SKILLS is one of the top institutes providing practical, industry-relevant, and career-oriented courses. The institute delivers job-oriented and industry-relevant courses that are high in demand. The institute has a wide variety of professional courses to cater to different career aspirations.

IIM SKILLS offers courses that are meticulously designed and include the most relevant topics that cover the key knowledge and skills. Furthermore, it is tightly designed to complete the course within the minimum required time to create industry-ready professionals within 3 – 6 months. 

The courses are carefully designed by thoroughly analyzing the needs of the market. The curriculum is created such that it includes the most relevant topics to enable learners to upskill in a short time.

The course caters to different types of learners – freshers looking for a job, professionals having some experience in the industry, students, homemakers, as well as those looking for freelance/work-from-home basis. 

The courses are a mix of theory and practice and offer placement support and resume assistance as well to enable learners to fulfill their career aspirations, be it full-time, freelance, or work from home. The reputed institute has helped over 25,000 learners get trained and absorbed in various industries. 

Course Details of the Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad by IIM SKILLS:

Program Features 

  • Comprehensive coverage of financial modeling concepts and fundamentals
  • Practical assignment to create robust financial models
  • Hands-on learning that incorporates the spirit of problem-solving that is geared towards creating realistic financial models rendering real-world business problems
  • Gain industry-relevant skills in conducting analysis, forecasting future projections, creating valuations, presenting assimilated financial statements, delineating conclusions, casting recommendations, and so on.
  • Certified facilitators having industry experience
  • Flexible schedule for learning having both practical and hands-on learning opportunities 
  • Placement and Resume development support
  • Accredited master certification from IIM Skills
  • 24×7 learning and technical support etc.

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Duration: 3 months

Fee: ₹39,900 + taxes

Tools You Will Learn:

  • PowerPoint

Who Can Enrol in This Course:

  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals
  • B. Tech graduates/ Engineers etc.

Contact Details:

For more information on financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute at:

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2. NIFM (National Institute of Financial Markets)

NIFM’s Financial Modeling course has a module designed for equity research used in stock markets. The course content covers concepts of predictive modeling techniques used for stock market analysis. The course content is structured into topics that build expertise in building financial modeling for value calculation using Advanced Excel.

 Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad Highlights:

  • In-depth coverage of financial modeling using Excel and Advanced Excel
  • Comprehensive course coverage that makes learners proficient in the valuation calculation of a company and share
  • Learning through live assignment case studies and examples that touch upon the various approaches to valuation and its application
  • Presenting the output in a meaningful and appealing manner
  • Topics covering skills required by leading banks, financial institutions, and stock markets 
  • Certification from NIFM on successful completion of course contents
  • Certified faculty with professional experience
  • Guest faculty from top-notch banks, financial institutions, and stockbrokers

Program Duration

 2 Months (Total 48 Hours of Classes)

Program Fee:

  • Rs 35000 + GST (In Instalment)
  • Rs 30000 + GST (One Time Payment)

Tools You Will Learn

  • Excel 

Who Can Enrol in This Course:

  • Aspirants of financial modeling, Equity research, company valuation, and investment banking.
  • Professionals with relevant working experience in equity, trading, etc.
  • Traders and investors interested in learning financial modeling

Contact Details:

For more information on financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute at:

  • Contact Number: 

079-48007780, 9265282922

  • E-mail:

[email protected]

  • Website:


Other Courses

Other course programs by NIFM are:

Financial Market & Stock Market Courses

  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Market Management (ADFMM)
  • Diploma in Financial Market Management (DFMM)
  • Diploma in Research Analyst
  • Diploma in Equity Sales Certification
  • Certificate in Stock Markets

Accounting & Taxation Certification Courses

  • Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation (DFABT)
  • Diploma in Taxation
  • Certified Accounts Professional (CAP)
  • Certified GST Professional

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3. Mentor Me Careers

Mentor Me Careers is a collaborative community of live trainers committed to providing various Finance Skills needed in the finance domain. It is one of the leading providers of financial courses for CFA and financial modeling aspirants.

The Financial Modeling courses in Ahmedabad focus on aspirants looking to start a career in investment banking and equity research profiles. The course is spread into four modules beginning with the basics of financial modeling and progressing to the advanced level of Equity Research DCF modeling topic.

Financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad offered by Mentor Me Careers:

Duration: 3 months

Fee: ₹24,999 (+ GST)

Program Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of financial modeling 
  • Hands-on working with Excel and advanced excels functions for financial modeling
  • Learn to perform financial mathematical calculations create a valuation Model and recommend stocks
  • Professional faculty members having industry experience 
  • Real-life business scenarios
  • Placement assistance
  • Available in online and self-paced modes 
  • 12 Specializations in finance modeling topic
  • Highly skill-oriented and interactive sessions
  • Courses crafted by industry experts having 10+ years of experience
  • Question Bank and Mocks tests
  • 24*7 support to learners for doubt resolution
  • Placement Preparation, Personalised Mentoring, and Internship for MBA


  • Excel 

Who Can Enrol in This Course:

  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals

The other course program mentoring me in careers:

  • CFA Level 1 Training Program


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4. Udemy

Udemy, Inc. is a popular massive open online course (MOOC) provider founded in May 2010 for upskilling for professional adults and students. It is a widely used platform having more than 52 million students, 196,000 courses, and 68,000 instructors as of May 2022. 

The courses offered are up-to-date from their different domains in the marketplace and are available to its customers at reasonable pricing. companies, governments, and non-profits have tied up with Udemy to access and use the curated collection of business and technical courses offered by Udemy for their learning requirements.

Features of Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad Offerings by Udemy

  • Unlimited lifetime access to all course materials
  • Emphasis on learning by doing
  • Well-designed and easy-to-understand materials
  • Detailed explanations with comprehensible case studies based on real situations
  • Downloadable course materials
  • Regular course updates
  • Access on mobile and TV

The courses offered by Udemy for financial modeling are listed:

Financial Modeling and Valuation

This course provides content on creating financial models using Microsoft Excel and many of its advanced features. 

Program Features:

  • 15 hours of on-demand video with 9 articles and 621 downloadable resources, assignments 
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion Proficient in Excel to carry out regular tasks faster than ever before
  • Learn how to extract data to build P&L statements 
  • Financial modeling skills to build valuation models from scratch using multiple scenarios
  • Design professional and good-looking advanced charts using Excel functions, pivot tables, visualizations, and advanced features


Price: ₹3,499

Who can enroll for this course:

  • Graduate students aspiring to careers as investment bankers, financial advisory professionals, consultants, etc.
  • Business and finance practitioners who want to improve their Excel and Financial Modeling skills

DCF Valuation Model

This course provides content on creating financial models using Microsoft Excel. 

Program Features:

  • 5 hours of on-demand video with 1 article, 134 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion Proficient in Excel to carry out regular tasks faster than ever before
  • Ability to build Cash flow statement
  • Perform sensitivity analysis
  • Build a valuation model from scratch
  • Create professional graphs and charts

Price: ₹3,499

Who can enroll in this course?

  • Aspiring Investment Bankers
  • Graduates who pursue a career in Corporate Finance

Financial Modeling for Beginners

This course provides content on creating financial models using Excel

Program Features:

  • Hours6 on-demand video with 3 articles, 18 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion Proficient in Excel to carry out regular tasks efficiently
  • Understand core concepts in finance
  • Build their first financial forecast model in Excel

Price: ₹3,499

Who can enroll in these financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad?

  • Students and freshers with no experience in Finance and or Excel who want to become proficient in financial model 


5. Henry Harvin Finance Academy 

Henry Harvin is one of the well-known companies dedicated to upskilling and reskilling talent. It offers more than 200+ online and offline certification/diploma/degree programs to professionals and students from countries across the world.

Also, the company collaborates as a training partner and education provider to leading academic colleges, MBA institutes, corporates, and government organizations. The financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad offered by Henry Harvin cover financial modeling for risk management, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation of companies, options pricing, budgeting, forecasting, and capital allocation.

The course aims to make the industry ready for careers in financial domains such as equity research, investment banking, financial and business analysis, credit ranking analysis, etc. The course is structured into 40 Hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions.

Projects and internship methodology are used with an emphasis on practical experience. Learners are provided with access to various Tools and Techniques, video content, and assessments. Bootcamps and hackathon competitions are organized for the interactive and engaging learning experience.

Program Highlights

  • Practical and hands-on approach to developing a robust and efficient Financial Model
  • Work proficiently using Advanced Financial Techniques
  • Acquainted with Excel and Advanced Excel for creating models
  • Understand the application of Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis, income statement, balance sheet, and Cash Flow Statement 
  • Work on Financial statements and perform analysis and forecasting and presentation of findings
  • Well-designed course curriculum designed by experts in the industry
  • Trainers with 24+experience in the Industry with Global Certification 
  • Focus on hands-on learning using the popular GCAO Pedagogy
  • Job and placement support for 1-Year post successful completion
  • Alumni network support
  • Learners can attend unlimited batches with multiple trainers during the membership period
  • Soft skills training and resume development support


  • Total Program Fee: ₹ 29500
  • EMI Option available: (₹ 3278/month)


Other Courses Offered by Henry Harvin:

The EdTech company has organized course offerings as separate dedicated academies. The other courses offered include:

  • Content Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Medical Writing Course
  • GST Practitioner Course Training
  • Business Analytics with R (CBAP) Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course
  • SAP FICO Course
  • Accounting and Taxation Course
  • Teen MBA Course
  • Artificial Intelligence Course
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9 Course



Q1. What is financial modeling? Can I opt for financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad after my B.Com graduation?

A financial model is built for financial forecasting which is undertaken by companies to predict the business’ performance in the future. The model uses historical data to construct a financial model that can be used for decision-making and performing financial analysis. It is one of the options that students who graduated in commerce can opt for based on their interests and aptitude.

Financial modeling is a much sought-after skill in the industry, and you can create a career in financial modeling. Today, there is a lot of demand for this job profile and thus, a lot of fresh candidates are hired. 

Q2. Is it a rewarding career choice?

Yes, It is one of the best career options in today’s complex and ever-changing competitive job market in Finance. Just as the financial world keeps evolving with time, the various skills that one learns in financial modeling such as business valuation, mergers, and acquisitions, pivot tables, advanced Excel, etc. become important toolkits for finance professionals.

The stronger your fundamentals in working with sheets and tabulate tabulating the higher your chances of success in a career r as a financial analyst in several organizations.

Q3. What is the scope of financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad?

The field of financial modeling is vast and has wide-ranging applications. There is a scope of financial modeling not only in Ahmedabad but all over India as many organizations are moving toward data-centric decision-making. Recently, financial modeling has become the primary talent required for a career in finance.

Companies now search for skilled and professional analysts with real experience who are proficient in managing and working around data using industry-standard tools. Not only that the skills that you get after learning and practicing financial modeling give you an edge as it is used in a plethora of industries other than finance.

Q4. I have completed my MBA in sales, can I learn financial modeling?

Depending on your interests and career progression goals, you can take up financial modeling. Finance modeling is useful for finance professionals, managers, and those working in corporate finance, private equity, and M&A professionals. Apart from these, those in CA, FRM, MBA Finance, CFA course candidates, and those who are self-employed can learn this skill.

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