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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Spain With Placements

Digital marketing is one of the components of marketing that uses the Internet, online-based digital technologies, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Companies use various digital marketing tools and techniques to promote their effects on the Internet and popular social media platforms. Digital marketing courses in Spain attract thousands of international candidates. The culture, lifestyle, and weather of Spain are excellent. Business Universities and Institutes in Spain are best known for their prestigious education system and marvelous teaching style.


List of best digital marketing courses in Spain


Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Spain




IIM SKILLS is one of the world’s best online education services institutes. They offer a variety of courses for professionals, students & entrepreneurs. Their courses provide high-quality teaching and plenty of opportunities to get dream jobs. IIM SKILLS is well for its digital marketing courses in Spain as well as in Europe.

It is an online teaching platform so anyone around the world with a good internet connection can access the services. The objective of IIM SKILLS is to provide World Class Education around the globe. The courses are affordable, live online, and interactive. They have been working continuously for years to provide in-demand skill development courses for professionals, students, and entrepreneurs to upskill in their respective industries.



  1. IIM SKILLS originated as an educational blog and digitally provided career guidance to more than 1 million people. After that, they launched their first fully developed Master Content Writing Course and the course completely transformed the content-educating industry.
  2. IIM SKILLS provides simplified learning of skill-based courses. The platform makes learning easy and affordable.
  3. IIM SKILLS experts and trainers help you to break down complex topics and concepts into simple understandable bits and tips.
  4. The courses are designed so that even a layman can understand these concepts.
  5. In addition to all, the institute provides lifetime access to its resources with post-training support and guidance.



Master Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS:

The course offers the best learning experience and hands-on Digital Marketing training and is one of the best digital marketing courses in Spain. The curriculum is designed with a perfect combination of theory as well as practical teaching. After enrolling in the course you get-

  • Guaranteed Paid Internship for 2 Months
  • Certification & Letter of Recommendation
  • Personalize Mentorship from business experts
  • Placement & Interview Support, Write Blog for TOI, etc.


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2. Spain Business School


Spain Business School is pioneering in teaching digital marketing courses in Spain. It is one of the best Digital Business Schools in Spain in digital training. Each year more than 1,000 students participate in the training courses offered. The institute has helped individuals and various companies to transform their services digitally.

The school consists of expert teaching professionals with extensive experience in the digital sector, who have made it possible to attract thousands of students. The teachers have been teaching since the birth of the internet in the country.

The School believes in social functioning and the foundation grants necessary aid for the participants to study and research to provide guaranteed training and development in Digital fields.


Why Spain Business School?

  1. Spain Business School is formed by experts, professionals, and a great group of people combined and working together in a team.
  2. The team consists of youth as well as experienced and they understand and identify the needs of advising, accompanying, and teaching companies and individuals and transform them accordingly in their digital development.
  3. The institute promises to guide you in decision-making and help you to achieve excellence in the digital world.
  4. The fundament principle of the institute is to unite all the participants and make them work in teams and on live projects. And also help them to work with other entities to get exposure to real-world scenarios.
  5. The School has collaborated with high-class and multinational organizations, institutes, and companies.


Master in Digital Marketing:

Being one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Spain, the course offers-

  • Expertise in the field of Internet marketing with the help of digital marketing tools & techniques
  • Understand, Learn & practically apply the fundamentals from the vision digital market
  • A gain in dept knowledge of marketing and customer management
  • To achieve the best ROI by optimizing recruiting platforms
  • Start your own online business and build your projects
  • Learn from professionals, who are experts in both online as well as offline marketing.


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3. IM Digital Business School


IM Business School is a leading School that offers digital marketing courses in Spain. The School is the leading School in Digital Marketing and ARD Methodology. The School offers expertise in Digital Marketing, Digital Communication & Digital Business Development.

They have trained high-performance digital marketers through a teaching methodology that unites training in technical competencies with training in performance skills. The IM School consists of high-performance digital professionals who fill the students with pride.

The company focuses on hyper-updated training that is led by professionals and experts. The institute focuses on hyper-current knowledge, and at the end of the training, participants will be comfortable working in the digital field.

They also have its Content Department that is highly dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards. The IM Teams work daily with professionals and experts in the digital area, and always update themselves as per the periodic trends.


Why IM Digital Business School?

  1. The Training methodology offered by them defines the effectiveness of understanding of contents and the practical applications.
  2. IM makes sure that every participant gets to learn more with the help of pedagogical innovation and learn techniques with pedagogical flexibility.
  3. The mentors of IM inspect the learning process and offer the necessary feedback and provide the monthly progress report so that improvement can be made.
  4. Analyzing the performance periodically helps to reorient the learning experience and areas of personal experience.
  5. Provides a complete training experience with flexibility in time management, collaborative work on projects, real practice, and close relationship with the mentors.


Master in Marketing Digital

The Master in Digital Marketing course opens the way to Spain and also offers scholarships and funding and is one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Spain. The Master in Digital Marketing was launched in 2008, and since then the course has been optimized continuously as per the latest scenarios. Having more than 20 editions, it has become one of the best programs offered by IM. After completion of the course-

  • You will be able to manage the digital marketing area of any organization with confidence, comfort, and a high percentage of success.
  • You’ll learn about different professional profiles that operate in the digital marketing area,
  • You’ll have exposure to every bit and piece of digital marketing from basics to advanced.
  • You learn to use advanced strategies to analyze all digital marketing actions, and their performance and will be able to manage every obstacle in digital marketing projects.


4. ISDI: The business and Technology School of the Digital Era


ISDI was formed in 2009, and since then it has been transforming students, entrepreneurs, and organizations into the digital world. It has led the education of the digital era with industry experts and professionals. ISDI has become the largest school of business, technology, and digital transformation with more than 800 active experts.

The training in business and specialization has modalities that easily adapt to your lifestyle. The courses have face-to-face sessions and are taught online as well as offline by experts in leading companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. ISDI trains many multinational companies from Spain, France, and Mexico.

They have worked with more than 350 companies in the digital marketing field, and have trained around 20,000 professionals. The institute’s digital marketing courses are considered the best Digital Marketing Courses in Spain.

They have taught participants who are currently world leaders in the digital marketing sector. Tailor-made programs designed are based on the specific needs of every corporation.


Why ISDI Digital Talent?     

  1. The institute was formed by leading digital world professionals aiming to transform participants into a new, more competitive, and efficient economic and technological model.
  2. The digital world is a powerful tool for transforming business models and s organizations and the ISDI trains you to get comfortable with the challenges.
  3. At ISDI, possibilities are endless. They transfer you to a whole new level of the digital world. They help you to master the skill and knowledge and adapt to the new reality.
  4. ISDI Promises to help individuals positively manage the new digital era with a whole new education model. The institute helps you to become confident enough to face any challenges in the business world.
  5. It helps students, companies, and entrepreneurs to transform themselves to overcome the fear of change in this competitive digital era.


Master Digital Marketing (MDM)

The Master Digital Marketing Program answers your question about the present and future professional development in digital marketing and the new technological era. The Program is one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Spain. The course will develop in you the necessary skills to face and solve the challenges of digital marketing. The program extensively offers:


  • Necessary Marketing Strategies used in New Age Marketing. The utilization of Various Tools and Techniques will be taught from an ethical perspective.
  • Teaches essential tools like Google Analytics, Tableau, AWS, Salesforce MKT Could, and HubSpot and they trust in MVP, accelerating iterative and A/B testing.
  • Consultants and career advice from working professionals and get to learn from their experiences. The course also provides pre-reading material, live sessions, and additional material such as podcasts and pdfs.
  • Regular tasks for practice on whatever you learned and use tools such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Salesforce.
  • Get regular news and updates on recent trends in the market from the institute accredited by the Accredited Council for Independent Colleges & Schools in the USA.


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5. CEI. School of Design & Digital Marketing


CEI (Center of Innovative Studies) is an institute of the 21st century. The institute was founded in 1991 and since then they have been providing quality training to their participating candidates. Known as the official training center for Autodesk, Apple, Adobe, Maxon, and Google Partners with them.

Extensively popular for the best digital marketing courses in Spain, the institute is specialized in training design and digital marketing. The School’s office is located in Madrid, Valencia & Seville.

They offer courses, Master, Workshops, Bootcamps, and Higher Studies in six areas- Graphic Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Interior Design and Architecture, Video Games, and post-production (VFX).

After the successful completion of the course, the students will be able to perfectly handle the techniques taught. More than thousands of students who have completed the courses are now working in the labor market. The institute consists of trainers who have an experience of more than 30 years in the respective field.

Their objective is to enhance their participant’s skills by constantly updating themselves as per the strong demands of the labor market in the world. Recently, the institute has been awarded by the Excellence Educational Awards as Best Face-to-Face Training Center, Best Educational Program for Professional Insertion, Best Face-to-Face Training Center Website, and Best Vocational Training Center.


Why CEI?

  1. The Course Methodology offers face-to-face online classes. Since the best way to learn theoretical and practical concepts is in the presence of a teacher specialized in the subject, the courses are offered in face-to-face sessions.
  2. The trainers constantly supervise and direct the students learning process guaranteeing the maximum outcome in the student’s performance.
  3. Recorded sessions will be available at end of every face-to-face class, with the students having a repository of viewing them whenever they want.
  4. The teaching is done in small groups of 14-16 students. So, it makes it easier to monitor all the students individually unlike a large group of 60-80 students, where it becomes difficult to monitor the students.
  5. The institute offers a diversity of schedules. The courses are available in the morning, afternoon, and night, so as per the needs of the students one can enroll accordingly.


Digital Marketing Courses:

Digital Marketing is characterized by the implementation of traditional marketing tools, techniques, and knowledge in the digital world through the application of information technologies. At present, the course is one of the best digital marketing courses in Spain. Digital Marketing Courses are offered in different streams such as Courses, Master, Bootcamps, and Higher Study Programs.


  • The course specializes in teaching e-commerce websites, emails, social media and networks, online advertisements, web analytics, web positioning of contents, SEO, and SEM for companies and analysis of data.
  • The objective of the course is to teach organic positioning in search engines SEO, Web 2.0 business Model, Key tools to address Social Media Marketing, and business communication strategy.
  • The Couse also teaches how to evaluate the performance of a website (Web analytics), Online Advertising in Digital Media (SEM), and other social media networks.
  • The course also prepares you to take and clear the Google Analytics and Google Ads exams.


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6. SEOintheSun


Digital Marketing seems daunting to many students, SEOintheSun breaks down complex concepts into easy and manageable ones and helps them to achieve online success. The courses offered are at a reasonable price. The institute makes sure that every service offered is up to the industry’s best standards with the help of its monthly revision process and constant updates.

The institute’s objective is to help students to have meaningful, strong, confident, and effective digital knowledge in this digital world. The institute is in the training market for more than 10 years, and it has been providing online marketing classes to new-generation marketers, students, professionals, and beginners to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding in the digital marketing field.

It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Spain as well as all over Europe. The institute is being supported and funded by programs like Erasmus+ and “Bildungsurlaub”. The team consists of experts working in the Internet Marketing world for many years. The institute is located on the island of eternal springs: Tenerife.


Why SEOintheSun?

  1. The training institute achieved huge success in the training sector because of its teaching style and mentorship. The courses are delivered in ways that suit the clients and necessary changes are done as per their needs.
  2. The institute’s objective is the provide the best training to clients in the digital marketing world. The institute’s lifelong passion for teaching and dedication and hard work has helped this institute to become one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Spain offering institute.
  3. Since the world is transforming towards the digital era, the courses are designed in such a way that the best training should be offered to the participants so they can feel confident enough to create a successful career in this sector.


Digital Marketing Strategy Course

The Digital Marketing Strategy Course helps you to master the basics of digital marketing & build successfully your first online strategy. The course is a 5-day program but the institute also offers in-depth digital marketing training with Web Designing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Web Analytics & Conversation Optimization. The strategy course will help you-

  • To build and improve your website layout
  • Make your website in a way that users can access your website easily
  • Develop and create high-quality content
  • Apply widely used sales techniques to increase traffic on your website
  • Market your products, events, or services
  • Improve your ranking and generate high volume on your website




1. Who can join the Digital Marketing Course?

Everyone can be part of the digital marketing course, but you need to know basic computer knowledge. Because the courses offered here are mostly online. So, anyone from all around the world can learn this skill of digital marketing. Specifically, the courses are designed for students, business professionals, content creators, website creators, and marketers who want to build a successful career in the digital marketing world.


2. How qualified are the instructors/faculties?

The institutes mentioned above consist of the finest, most experienced, dedicated, and hard-working faculties who have worked in the digital field for many many years, and are well-equipped with Internet Marketing.


3. What’s the duration of the digital marketing courses?

The duration of the digital marketing course varies as per the institute’s policy. Some institutes offer a 1 week of Bootcamp and workshops while some offer a 2-year program for advanced digital marketing. So, per the need and choice, the students can enroll in the courses.


4. Why is the future of Online Marketing?

The world is transforming into a digital era, and this new era is filled with opportunities, competition, and possibilities. There is going to be a high demand for well-versed professionals and experts in the digital marketing field. After completion of the course, students can build their own consultancy or even become freelancers.


5. Will I be getting job assistance after completion of the training programs?

The Institutes offer 100% placement and support. You will get lifetime support from the institutes. Some institutes have been collaborating with leading multinational companies such as IBM, Amazon, Google & Microsoft and offer jobs in these companies. They also offer lifetime access to high-quality resources such as pdfs, articles, videos, and podcasts. Enroll once and enjoy access forever.



Europe attracts a large number of aspiring students for its education and the cool environment, beautiful culture, and sound weather are the cherry on top. Digital Marketing Courses in Spain are different from other digital marketing courses. Their style of teaching is authentically cool and easily understandable. The world is advancing toward a digital era, and learning digital marketing skills will help you in the long run. Marketers need to be updated with the upcoming trends in the digital world.

The importance and scope of digital marketing are very vast. Now everyone is surrounded by gadgets and most of our daily time is spent around the internet. Using the internet in your business is the best way to improve the company’s growth and profit. The scope of digital marketing is beyond imaginable. The need for digital marketers is increasing every day. Now companies are understanding the importance of digital marketing, so they are using their resources on the digital side.

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