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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Perth With Placements

Digital marketing is a popular trend in business to promote goods and services through electronic media. It is globally developing at a faster rate since it can focus on a specific and targeted audience that suits its business and products. A description of digital marketing courses in Perth is furnished below with important details.


List of best digital marketing courses in Perth


Importance of Digital Marketing:

In today’s scenario, everything is digital, and without integrating digital marketing, it is not possible for businesses to compete in the fast-developing business world.

  • Consumers today are more dependent on digital content. They browse, shop, and research content online.
  • Digital marketing strategies help create awareness, leads, and revenue in a measurable and cost-effective way.
  • It helps reach a new audience through multiple free and very economical channels.
  • The advantages of digital marketing include the ability to reach new customers at a low cost.
  • increases brand awareness
  • Automate marketing activities.
  • Digital marketing allows easy personalization and customization.
  • Digital marketing offers improved lead generation.
  • Positive online reviews aid in the enhancement of brand reputation.
  • Digital marketing raises awareness about the need to adapt to changing customer behavior.


What Strategies Are Learned From Digital Marketing Courses?

Digital marketing courses help build a successful cross-channel marketing strategy. Descriptions of a few important strategies that are included in digital marketing courses are listed below.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the older forms of digital marketing used by marketers to reach customers. The details are collected through the customer journey, their preferences are understood, and with their consent, their name is added to their email list.

The content of the email includes details of products and services, news about the company and events, offers, customer success stories, links to case studies, and technical and business briefs. Emails and digital assets should be engaging and appealing without cramming in too many details.


Video Marketing:

Video marketing has become one of the most powerful forms of marketing because people love watching videos. It builds brand awareness, boosts digital traffic, and increases conversion rates. Sharing videos through YouTube, third-party channels, and other social media channels have become more important in marketing. Therefore, it is important to keep the video content short, informative, and catchy.


Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the most powerful and effective way to reach targeted customers and partners. For example, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn are the social media platforms that can be chosen to target a particular audience.


Text Messages (SMS and MMS)

This is also a type of marketing, next to email marketing, that enables you to reach customers quickly. The messages should be kept short and concise, which means text-only messages and multimedia messages can include videos and gifs.


Content Marketing:

Content marketing aids in the creation of more personalized messages, making it easier to reach out to targeted customers. The vital thing when preparing the content is to choose the content that will most interest the particular group and attract their attention. The content types include email copy, landing pages, infographics, eBooks, business briefs, banner ads, videos, text messages, commercials, newsletters, press releases, blogs, and digital postcards.



A good search engine strategy optimizes the website content so that it appears higher and more often on search pages; therefore, the keyword selection should be long-tail keywords to improve the viewing of the web content. Search engine marketing is also a powerful way to advertise because it involves paying search engines to show marketing messages.


Website Design and Marketing:

The website of the company has more to do with marketing. An excellent web design helps in attracting more customers, and it is important to have all sufficient details presented in an appealing and informative manner. Websites should be more search engine friendly, which will provide a great user experience and improve the conversion rate by generating more clicks, signups, etc.


Display Advertising:

Advertisements can also be displayed in third-party channels via side banners, side boxes, video ads, and interactive ads that link back to your websites or landing pages.


Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is about bloggers and social media influencers who promote products and services on their websites and through their social accounts. This is a performance-based type of marketing where they bring in more customers and earn more money.



Advertising through social media is not the only means to advertise products and services; there are also TV channels, which are still popular among people to watch their favorite programs, so advertising through this is also common now. Further, technology has developed new TV platforms like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many others, so advertising has many options.


What is the Scope of a Career After Taking Digital Marketing Courses in Perth?

Digital marketers are in high demand now, and experts are needed in all types of businesses. Today, there is no business without digital marketing, and skilled professionals in the field are in high demand globally. Digital marketing is done through different social media platforms and digital platforms, so according to one’s interest and skill in specific media, one can excel in their career.


A Digital Marketing Professional’s Job Responsibilities Include the Following:

  • Performing business analysis
  • Understand the requirements of the client.
  • Conducting competitive research
  • Developing and creating strategies as per the client’s objectives
  • Analysis of the digital market
  • Creating SEO strategies for clients
  • Implementation of on-page and off-page activities in SEO
  • Building a social media presence for the project
  • Designing social media content and updating the social media pages
  • Creating and executing email marketing campaigns
  • Generating leads for clients
  • Staying up to date with market trends


What Are the Requirements of a Professional After Taking Digital Marketing Courses in Perth?

  • Any marketing degree for advanced-level professionals
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • The skill of project execution
  • time management skill
  • Recognized certificates from the learning institutes
  • Knowledge of current software tools and analytics
  • Certifications like SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, and Hub Spot


Top 5 Institutes That Provide Online Digital Marketing Courses in Perth

Digital marketing courses in Perth are popular since businesses today are dependent on digital marketing to promote their goods and services. Digital marketing is the best and most powerful medium for reaching a large customer base all over the world.

As a result, digital marketers are in high demand, and many choose to further their education in the field by enrolling in digital marketing courses. The following are a few of the best institutes that provide certificate and diploma courses in digital marketing in Perth.



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading online course providers and is spread across 23 cities in Asia. They offer world-class education at an affordable price via live online and self-paced learning programs. Learners looking for digital marketing courses in Perth can opt for the master digital marketing course at IIM SKILLS, which provides the best practical learning experience.


Digital Marketing Course Highlights:

  • Recognized certifications from IIM SKILLS and 13 certifications from Google, Facebook (meta), and Hub Spot.
  • Paid internship for two months (flexible scheduling)
  • 5 months of live, comprehensive training
  • Mastering 40 digital marketing modules
  • Opportunity to work on 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies
  • Lifetime access to training materials


Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • WordPress and digital tools
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): history of SEO on-page optimization, off-page optimization, local search SEO pages, my business listing
  • Tools: Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, answer the Public
  • Search engine marketing (Google ads): types of Google ads, tools
  • Email marketing: an introduction to different concepts of email marketing
  • Tools of email marketing: MailChimp, the SMTP server, SendGrid, MailerLite, Gmass from Gmail, MailTester, and Campaign Builder
  • Inbound marketing: an introduction and its importance in digital marketing
  • Tools in inbound marketing—landing pages, modal popups, Canva for infographics, MailChimp, social media channels
  • Social media marketing channels: introduction and importance
  • Tools used in social media marketing: Tweet Deck, Hoot Suite, Buffer, Pixlr for Instagram, Canva, and many other social media tools
  • Integrated digital marketing strategy—web designing and management Social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, local listing management, and paid advertising



Entry Requirements:

There is no entry requirement, but learners should be proficient in the English language because the course is delivered only in English and learners have no options to use regional languages at work as well.



The duration of the course is 3 months, and classes will be conducted on weekends and weekdays.



The course fee is $365.


IIM SKILLS is one of the institutes for online master digital marketing courses in Perth, with flexible learning options. This master digital marketing course can benefit any marketing or non-marketing professional, such as students, professionals, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and housewives.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Monarch Institute:

Monarch Institute is one of the best institutes providing digital marketing courses in Perth. This institute is well known for offering real-world education, and they aim at practical learning rather than intellectual theory and textbooks.


Key Benefits

Training is based on industry-standard software and includes writing tools, social media platforms, social analytics tools, e-commerce platforms, and many more. The course aims at preparing learners for the workforce with updated versions of internet tools.


Course Highlights:

This course has national recognition and is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.


Course Topics:

There are four modules with eight units, and all relevant topics are covered in the four modules.


Module 1:

Product evaluation:

  • Development of social media engagement plans with a preferred target audience
  • Strategies to facilitate content delivery
  • Learn to monitor and evaluate social media engagement.
  • Understanding how to establish content purpose, create briefs, and deliver persuasive content


Module 2

Creating your own launch strategy

  • Learn the skills to monetize digital engagement through a focus on customer engagement.
  • Understanding digital payment systems
  • Learn how performance marketing works.
  • An insight into various marketing channels that give the best outcome


Module 3:

Improve marketing campaigns

  • An understanding of organic and earned marketing opportunities and their difference
  • Learn how to incorporate both of the above-mentioned marketing options into one’s own campaigns.
  • Developing relationships and engaging customers
  • Testing the campaigns to get the best out of them


Module 4

Create a consistent brand experience.

  • Concepts of marketing automation and its application for business
  • Learn to select the right marketing software platforms.
  • Learning the use of integrated data and analytics across the campaigns
  • Learn how to use omnichannel experiences to improve sales, profitable marketing, and service strategies.


Entry Requirements: There are no mandatory requirements, but there are pre-training reviews to ensure the training is appropriate for the candidate. Further, for learners without sufficient qualifications, there is a quiz on numeracy, literacy, and language.


Duration: This is 2 years course.

Fee: The course fee is $3,350.


Monarch Institute in Perth is one of the best places to learn digital marketing, and the course is offered online. This institute is best for someone who aims to learn workforce-ready courses at their own pace with online study materials.


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3. The Career Academy:

This is one of the international online course providers that offers classes taught by industry experts. They aim to train 20,000 students per year, and they have enrolment for various courses all over the world. After completing the course, students should have no trouble finding employment in top firms. The online digital marketing courses in Perth provided by this institute are certificate courses, and learners get intermediate knowledge of digital marketing.


Course Outcomes:

  • An insight into marketing and social media platforms
  • Concepts of internet marketing psychology
  • Learn the benefits of websites, advertising, and other applications.
  • Understand the concepts of social media platforms.
  • Learn to target the customer.
  • Creating and using online content
  • Development of engaging campaigns using content marketing strategies


Key Benefits:

  • Earn a qualification that is recognized by your employer.
  • Improve your digital marketing skills.
  • understands social media and marketing strategies
  • Learn how to put highly effective digital marketing strategies into action.
  • flexibility to study online


Course Topics:

The course modules cover the most important topics in digital marketing.

  • scope and nature of digital marketing strategies
  • psychology of online marketing
  • Concepts of websites, advertising, and other applications
  • Applications of social media marketing
  • Capturing and converting customers
  • Usage of Online Content


Entry Requirements: There are no prerequisites for this certificate course.

Duration: The duration of the course is 80 hours and 6 months of access.

Fee: The course fee is $995.


4. Australian Academy of Digital Marketing

The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing is one of the leading institutes that offers home study and part-time classroom courses. This is the best place for digital marketing courses in Perth for home study, and the postgraduate certificate course offered by this institute has a 100% satisfaction rate.


Course Content:

  • Digital marketing evolution: an introduction to the fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Inbound and social media marketing: methodologies and different social media marketing channels
  • Search engine optimization: ranking factors, tools, on-page, and off-page optimization
  • Digital marketing channels: email marketing, paid advertising, mobile marketing
  • Website design and user experience help me gain a non-technical understanding of designing websites.
  • Analytics and performance management (Google Analytics, web tools, etc.)
  • Social media advertising: advertising on social media networks
  • Digital strategy and practice-industry framework, situation analysis, objective setting


Key Benefits

Course Highlights:

  • Home study
  • Practical experience is needed to do digital marketing campaigns.
  • Learners will be able to plan, implement and optimize integrated strategies for a targeted audience.
  • Develop the advanced technical skills
  • Full access to the learning center, which contains learning materials
  • In-depth feedback from tutors through the learning center
  • Students can take up to six months to complete the course.


Entry Requirements: The candidates should be above 18 years old and have English proficiency.

Duration: The duration of the course is approximately nine months.

Fee: The course fee is $28,455.


After completing the course, candidates are given a one-month work placement by the Australian Academy of Digital Marketing. This is because they prepare their learners to enter the workforce through their courses. This is a reputable institute for those who want to enter the digital marketing industry immediately after completing the course with fully equipped technical skills.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite



The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is the industry standard for digital marketing and advertising across all channels. They provide high-standard courses for professionals already in the field, including marketers and small business entrepreneurs. The certificate course provided by this firm is very effective, as this is the only company with top CMO guest lecturers.


Course Content:

The course contents are divided on a weekly basis. They are listed below:

Week 1: digital marketing landscape, future trends, strategic framework, live tutorial with industry experts

Week 2: Targeting segmentation personas, journey mapping, and a live tutorial with industry experts

Week 3: content marketing, personalization, paid display, programmatic, and a live tutorial from industry experts.

Week 4: Paid Search and Owned Search, Live with Industry Experts

Week 5-owned social paid/earned influencers, live tutorial with experts

Week 6-owned: email and SMS, platforms (landing pages, mobile, apps), a live tutorial with experts

Week 7: Implementation (Martech), Implementation (Automation), Live Class

Measurement pirate metrics and Google Analytics, live tutorial, week 8

Week 9: conversion rate optimization, testing, and conversion, working practices, live tutorial with experts.

Final Week: This is the final session, which students should attend if they are completing the course. This is the assessment part, and upon successfully completing the assessment, the students receive a certificate of completion.


Course Highlights:

  • 24/7 access to on-demand lectures, resources, and tools
  • Weekly live tutorials with activities and tools to complete the coursework
  • Interactive sessions with Australia’s leading CMOs
  • Earn the highly regarded ADMA badge upon completion of the course.
  • Every week, create a marketing strategy to implement in one’s own work.
  • network with peers


Entry Requirements: Existing marketing professionals and learners with a background in marketing can enroll in the course. The course lasts 10 weeks and includes the end-of-course assessment. The course fee is $ 4645 for non-ADMA members, and members may receive a slight discount.

The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is the only organization that allows its students to interact with and listen to live tutorials from top experts. The course prepares learners on a weekly basis to be career-ready by implementing the skills in their coursework.

Learners taking digital marketing courses in Perth benefit greatly from the ADMA’s digital marketing certificate because it provides a great platform for them to learn directly from industry experts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


1. Who is eligible to participate in digital marketing courses in Perth?

The course requires learners to have proficiency in the English language, and depending on the level of the course, the requirements differ. The diploma-level course requires learners to have a background in marketing, whereas the beginner-level course requires only language skills.


2. What are the benefits of taking digital marketing courses in Perth?

Digital marketing courses help students learn about marketing through various social media channels. Further, multiple techniques are learned, such as SEO, content marketing, campaign management, social media marketing, etc.


3. What skills are learned in digital marketing courses in Perth?

The learner develops the skill of communicating the messages to target the audience. Effective communication helps to improve customer satisfaction, establish trust, and build relationships to maintain customer service management successfully.


4. Do learners require any specific computer skills?

Learners are expected to have basic computer knowledge, but more specific knowledge related to the course will be learned through the course, like some internet tools and apps.


5. How about a career after taking digital marketing courses?

A career in this field is demanding because most businesses rely on digital and social media for marketing and advertising, so there is a high demand for experts in the field.



The digital marketing courses train and develop the skills needed to effectively work in the field of digital marketing. As the demand for jobs increases in today’s scenario, there are many institutions coming up with effective online classes with high-standard lectures and live projects to prepare learners for the workforce. As a result, digital marketing courses are highly regarded because they are in high demand worldwide.

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