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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Equatorial Guinea With Placements

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea boasts of having the highest per capita income in the continent, owing to its meteoric economic rise post the discovery of natural gas and oil. Equally remarkable remains the fact that at about 95%, its literacy rate ranks among the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. The hunger to advance further has led to a hunger for further education, and technical and vocational training providing an opportunity for numerous institutes and organisations to address these needs. Newly boomed fields are no exception to this, with the hunt for digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea going up. But why choose this niche? Read below the detailed guide. 


Off the West coast of Africa, lies a small country by the name of Equatorial Guinea, with a population of just over 1700000. Its capital and largest city, Malabo is located on Bioko Island. Laden with stunning islands, pristine beaches, and verdant rainforests, this obscure piece of paradise has a bounty of captivating experiences to enthrall locals and visitors alike. But its natural beauty and distinct fusion of Spanish and African cultures are not all the country has to offer. Let’s dig into the details of the digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea.

What is the Relevance of Digital Marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing is marketing done via electronic and digital media. Internet, cell phones, social media, search engines, online consumer communities, and other digital platforms can all be considered as examples of such digital channels.

Its relevance now is more than ever before because today’s world is driven by technology with the internet influencing practically every part of life. The benefits of Digital Marketing over its traditional counterpart are manifold including a wider reach with less effort, measurable results, easier customization for clients with the help of customer data, cost cutting, and so on.

It is no wonder that people all over the world are willing to jump onto the bandwagon and get started on a journey into the world of Digital Marketing. So why would Equatorial Guinea be left behind in the race for glory? So without further adieu, let us have a look at a comprehensive list to get things started.

Explore These In-demand Digital Marketing Courses:


Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea With Placements



Headquartered in New Delhi, India, IIM SKILLS is swiftly rising toward becoming one of the world’s top educational service providers. Offering top-notch courses in many aspects of digital marketing, it promptly earns a place in the list due to its global reach and rave reviews.

In addition to the Master Certification from IIM SKILLS, 15 other crucial certification tests, such as Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint, are also added to your portfolio, making this program one of the most industrially pertinent choices for Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea.


40 essential modules with real-world tasks are included. With 180 hours of in-depth instruction in digital marketing and live, online interactive classes, the curriculum is extensive and peppered with plenty of assignments.

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Online Training Program + 2 Months Of Paid Internship

Fees: 217589.81 Central African CFA franc + Taxes


No prerequisites other than the will to learn

Course Mode: Online lectures and internship

Course Duration: 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship


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Modules Covered

  • WordPress Web Development
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Writing And Blogging
  • Media Buying
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

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Placement Assistance:

Apart from boasting a very recognizable list of renowned hiring partners for placement assistance, they are hailed for their customer support and assistance long after the course has ended.

Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. The African Academy of Digital Marketing

Well-known across Africa, the AFADMA is a training platform based in Cameroon, specializing in numerous online Digital Marketing training programs. Their personalized progress monitoring and course recommendations are particularly useful.

Additionally, practical tasks are given to put newly learned abilities to use and help develop a portfolio. Courses are designed for both beginners and advanced professionals and have something for everyone.

Feedback from previous course-takers is overwhelmingly positive, comfortably placing this program at an impressive position in the collection of Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea.


No formal prerequisites

  • Course Mode: Online
  • Course Duration: Available on inquiry

Modules Covered:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Online Prospecting

Placement Assistance:

They actively pursue avenues to establish connections between their high-achieving trainees and prospective companies within the digital marketing sector.


3. Adventist University of Central Africa

Founded in 1978, the AUCA was built with a vision to become an international center for academic learning with global impact. The Faculty of Business Administration is responsible for several programs including Accounting, Management, Finance, and Marketing.

Different from other courses on this list, for this graduate program, Marketing is a major, and Digital or E-Marketing is part of a more extensive curriculum including several core and elective courses.

Nevertheless, anyone looking to invest more time and get a business degree with a wider knowledge base can always look into this program It does happen to include in its syllabus, one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea.


Students must have completed MKTG 225 (Principles of Marketing) from the same university.

  • Course Mode: Onsite
  • Course Duration: 3 years

Modules Covered:

  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • E-Marketing
  • Principles and Practices of Wholesaling and Retailing
  • International Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Distribution, Logistics, and Pricing Management


Application fee: CFA 14086.8 (for Rwandans) and CFA 37 for international applicants.

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4. The Knowledge Academy

Our pursuit for the best Digital Marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea kicks off with The Knowledge Academy, which has quite a global presence in the domain of education and training, providing more than 3000 courses in over 200 countries.

Their Malabo facility is successfully continuing this movement with a wide range of learning options including a Digital Marketing Masterclass enriched with internet marketing techniques and approaches for goods, services, and brands.

The course and training are intended for a wide range of professionals as well as anyone who wishes to obtain extensive industry-standard knowledge and abilities in online advertising and communication.

A unique opportunity is provided for you to bond and participate in debates, broadening the learning experience beyond standard classroom settings. To make things more convenient, their Malabo venue is fully air-conditioned and offers free wifi, IT support and video equipment


Anyone and everyone wants to learn about and get into this field. There are no official prerequisites.

  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Course Mode: Both online (self-paced option is also available) and offline (onsite at Malabo)

Modules Covered:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Planning, Strategy, and Testing
  • Customer Experience and Usability
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing: SEO and PPC Defined
  • Integrating Your Marketing Communications for Maximum ROI

Pricing: CFA 44

Placement Assistance:

The institute does not provide separate placement assistance.


5. Metropolitan School of Business and Management UK

With one of the best Master’s distance learning courses in the country, MSBM is an obvious choice when searching for Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea. It offers a two-part course, the first part being spearheaded by MSBM over 6 to 8 months and the second part being covered over 4 to 6 months by the International University of Applied Sciences.

It aims to teach students the fundamental principles, theories, and techniques of marketing management, such as market research, consumer behavior, product creation, pricing, promotion, etc.

Furthermore, learners can improve their analytical and critical thinking abilities, as well as their ability to apply marketing concepts and techniques to real-world business scenarios. Assessment is based on projects, assignments, and dissertations.

This master’s Programme prepares you for employment in marketing and related professions by equipping you with the skills and information required to design, implement, and evaluate marketing campaigns, as well as make strategic decisions in a fast-paced, constantly changing corporate environment.


Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Completion of undergraduate degree with 240 ECTS.
  • A final grade of at least Grade C or “satisfactory” or equivalent in graduation
  • Degree from either a state-recognized higher education institution.
  • Proof of at least one year of professional work experience after graduation

Course Mode: Online and self-paced

Course Duration: 12 Months (in two parts)

Modules Covered

  • Assignment and Study Guidelines
  • Applied Research
  • Online and Social Media Marketing
  • Performance Marketing – Affiliate and Mail
  • Digital Analytics and Strategies
  • Agile Online Marketing

Pricing: CFA 4057422.47

Placement Assistance:

The institute does not provide separate placement assistance.

A Few More Popular Digital Marketing Courses:


6. IIM Indore

Any list of top Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea or anywhere in the world would be incomplete without the mention of an IIM. This brilliant program prepares learners to reimagine marketing in the digital era, driving transformation and development as well as to understand how the Internet affects customer expectations and behavior.

Participants will undergo vigorous training to become well-versed in creating a digital marketing plan including models and processes, using modern technology to target customers, personalizing content, assessing success, and continuously improving results. A combination of written examinations, assignments, and online exams will be exercised to assess the applicants’ competency.

Additionally, there is a 4-week capstone project to apply course learnings and get practical experience in search, social, and email marketing. Test your understanding by deploying campaigns worth over $50,000 in simulated ad dollars.

The program is designed for graduates who seek to improve their industrial readiness as well as early professionals who want to transition into digital marketing careers.

Managers and senior managers in marketing, sales, brand, or communication may also use this opportunity to leverage digital marketing abilities for greater impact.


Participants must have at least a graduation degree or diploma.

  • Course Mode: Online via video lectures.
  • Course Duration: 18 weeks

Modules Covered:

  • Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Digital Consumers and Digital Marketing
  • Understanding the Customer
  • Search Engines: Organic Search and Keywords
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Display Ads and Targeting
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencers, Communities, and Online Reputation
  • Email Marketing and Affiliates Marketing
  • Landing pages, Microsites, and Mobile Apps
  • Digital Marketing Analytics: Data Sources
  • Frameworks for Evaluation
  • Attribution Issues and Experimentation

Pricing: CFA 717500.63

Placement Assistance:

Emeritus career services are provided to assist in resume & cover letter preparation, navigating job search, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, and so on.


7. Ulster University

This program aims to give working and aspiring professionals in the fields of business, marketing, communication, and information technology a better understanding of how the digital era is changing and how to take advantage of digital platforms and technologies to attain a competitive edge.

This again is different from most other programs on the list in that it is a longer course with prerequisites but for anyone looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea, this does provide an opportunity to pursue one of the more extensive international programs to exist.

Prerequisites include a Second Class Honours degree or above in Communication, Media, Business, Marketing, Information and Communication Technology, or a related field.

If you do not achieve the academic requirements indicated above but have substantial and important experience learning, a portfolio of written evidence may be considered as an alternate admission path. A minimum band score of Academic IELTS 6.0 is also required.

  • Course Mode: Onsite at their Belfast campus
  • Course Duration: 12 months

Modules Covered:

  • Leadership in Brand and Organisational Transformation
  •  Digital Campaign Planning and Management
  • Dissertation
  • Research Methods
  • The Digital Consumer
  • Data Analytics for Digital Marketing Communication

Pricing: CFA 12140029.68


8. Simplilearn

As one of the world’s leading online boot camp providers, Simpilearn has been adept at guiding students through rigorous and highly specialized instruction. They focus on developing technologies and processes that are reshaping the digital world at a fraction of the cost and time of old methods.

This can be a very viable option for people unable to find onsite Digital Marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea. With 13 assessment quizzes, lifetime access to rich, self-paced course content, and an industrially recognized certificate, this course will provide you with the abilities, perspectives, and technological know-how to become a highly productive digital marketer and have a quantifiable effect on the revenue of your business.


No prerequisites other than your hunger to learn.

  • Course Mode: Online and self-paced
  • Course Duration: 2.5+ hours

Modules Covered:

  • Course Introduction
  • Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Marketing Technology
  • The Future of Digital Marketing

Pricing: CFA 7245.89


9. Udemy

Offering over 210 courses in 75 languages, Udemy has carved out quite a name for itself as a platform for online training and upskilling for students and working professionals alike. Udemy Business enables businesses to accomplish essential business results and remain competitive by providing engaging on-demand, immersive, and cohort-based training.

This too can be a very convenient option for people unable to find onsite Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea. Coming to the course on digital marketing, Udemy has jam-packed 12 courses into this one super course for you to conveniently learn how to market a business online from the beginning using all of the key marketing platforms.


It can be a boon to pre-launch business entrepreneurs who are unsure about where to start, website proprietors who are battling to acquire traffic and sales, and anyone interested in adding highly fresh abilities to their resume.

Consisting of over 20 hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps to follow, this course is highly participatory, with tasks, checklists, and practical lectures integrated into each session.


No particular qualification or experience is required for this course.

  • Course Mode:
  • Course Duration: 22.5 hours of on-demand video

Modules Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Website Making
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • App Marketing
  • Old Content
  • Conclusion

Pricing: CFA 25381.38

Placement Assistance:

Though there is no official placement assistance, Udemy Business is chosen by top companies for their employees, adding to the organization’s significance in the industry.


10. Domestika

Our final recommendation for digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea is the compact package from Domestika. Having a predefined digital presence is essential to reach one’s business goals.

Economist, journalist, and digital marketing expert Gabriel Perelman, who has collaborated with Google, EnviaFlores, and Síclo, teaches you all the steps to follow to boost your brand with digital marketing.

In this course, participants learn to define their perfect marketing strategy step by step as well as to establish objectives and identify their audience to choose the best marketing channels to grow their businesses.



Anyone and everyone with a cell phone and an internet connection.

  • Course Mode: Online and self-paced
  • Course Duration:

Modules Covered:

  • Introduction
  • How to create a strategy
  • What to transmit and how to do it?
  • Measurement, strategy, and tactics to achieve your goals
  • Final project

Pricing: CFA 1443.53

So what are you waiting for? You have a well-outlined directory to set the ball rolling and choose from one of these amazing Digital Marketing Courses in Equatorial Guinea. Your answer might just lie outside our list, so do keep looking.


1. Which digital marketing course is best?

Several institutes and online training platforms are offering courses of varying durations on Digital Marketing. Each one has its own set of unique strengths and perks. You should select the one that best suits your needs and convenience.

2. Why Digital Marketing?

Brands may promote their goods and services and connect with their target market with the aid of digital marketing. Establishing digital connections with customers helps in expanding your brand’s trusted audience. Small businesses may readily implement digital marketing strategies without the assistance of a marketing staff or agency, making it very convenient for them.

3. Where to learn Digital Marketing for free?

Institutes all over the world are offering courses in Digital Marketing. While free courses are mostly available on online training platforms, schools are offering substantial scholarships for offline programs as well. Platforms like Simplilearn and Udemy do offer free courses to get you started.


Different courses on Digital Marketing have different prerequisites for applicants. Some may require graduates, or more specifically BBA graduates while there is an entire collection of courses available requiring nothing more than a will to learn. It all depends on your preference and qualifications since the choices are manifold. One point to note would be the level of course on offer, most introductory courses have no eligibility criteria whereas many intermediate and advanced courses have prerequisites. So it is up to find what best suits you.

Every professional path often makes a distinction between jobs that are entry-level, mid-level, and senior. Based on experience, roles can range from Digital Director to intern. To get into the industry, prospective digital marketers can work as assistants to digital marketing managers or complete internships. Moreover, the flexibility to become an in-house marketer for a company or at an agency or to be self-employed through freelancing is an added advantage. For a better training platform, the above top digital marketing courses in Equatorial Guinea are highly recommended.

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