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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In The East of Kailash

Technology is one of the important factors in the lives of the people after the pandemic. For their day-to-day needs, they wholly depend on this technology. Most of the products are marketed using digital platforms which are more profitable, unlike the long-established ways. So, the need of the hour is to upgrade the skills suitably and appropriately. Are you the one looking for Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash? Then, this article can act as a suggestion through some of the top Digital Marketing institutes in the East of Kailash.




Before we list the top Digital Marketing Courses In The East of Kailash, let us understand the basics of digital marketing.


Understanding the Term

The perfect approach is always to have an overview of the syllabus along with employment opportunities as specified with the Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash to design the future in the best possible way.

Firstly, we start by understanding the term. As stated in Wikipedia, the term digital marketing is “ the component of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobiles phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services”. So, in simple words, we infer that marketing products and services use technology.

In the current trend, technology is captivating the lives of the people. They spend tons of their time using technology, surfing through various sites. From day-to-day utilities to transportation, everything is managed using this technology.

The influence of media also escalated among the people after they realized that less effort was required which is different from the conventional methods. Let’s take an example to understand it better. A company markets its product using diverse social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other platforms using their marketing strategies, people get influenced by these and decide to purchase the product.

So, the scope in this field is boosted with the changing situation and the Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash can help mould the skills perfectly.



Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Building a suitable career is the most crucial part of an individual’s life. Now, there are a variety of courses open to all irrespective of age. Now, a student or a professional can use the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills upgrading courses at their convenience. So, to be able to make the right decision at the right time can shape his/her future in the best way possible. The following points are to be kept in mind while making a decision, that is, opting for Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash as a career:

  • Creative individuals have an option to build their business online and influence wider customers in a shorter time.
  • Students can add to their profile as upgrading skills that they add while searching for employment. The chance of getting hired increases.
  • Professionals advanced by upgrading their skills, they could use it while pitching with the clients.


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Elements of Digital Marketing

After understanding the term and reasons to make it a career. Now let’s try to figure out the elements of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is all about advertising the product by the companies to take advantage of a larger audience and to gain revenue from it. Therefore, comprehending the following elements of digital marketing might help in deciding on the best Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash.


1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is placed as an extensive network where the populace connects from different areas. In the present scenario, youngsters are becoming influencers, the companies use them to promote or create awareness about products. The companies also use blogs to create articles about exclusive benefits and propose to target a wider audience in a minimal time.


2. Email Marketing

This is effective in targeting the customers who are already members to deliver a personalized experience. So, the company can always reach out to the customers for their promotion. There will be a relationship with them.


3. Online Advertising

Online advertising can be evaluated as popular and ubiquitous on sites. The company gives money for the space on the third-party site for advertising their products. These advertisements can catch a glimpse of images, videos etc, the customers might click and get redirected to the targeted sites. The search preferences of the customers can also be used to set advertisements consequently.


4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The objective is to increase the traffic to maximize the reach of the company. The use of keywords in search engines like Google, YouTube etc can help in increasing attention about the business on these sites. This will eventually help to attract the audience to targeted sites.

Above mentioned are some of the basic elements in digital marketing that will be learned after enrolling in the course. So, it is always better to be well-informed about the subject and its syllabus. As it will assist you in creating an overview and help in understanding the topics better.

It is very vital to be knowledgeable about the course that will help in deciding to determine the best Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash. In the current trend, it reasonably needs to be updated with newly developed skills to stand out from the normal crowd. Technology demand is now part of our lifestyle, new improvements are popping up daily. So, being updated and being informed regarding new courses can shape your career fruitfully.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In The East of Kailash With Placements



IIM SKILLS is one of the finest institutions with years of experience. They are offering a master’s course on Digital Marketing, which is recognized by the Government of India. Their training style is very comprehensive, instructed by instructors who are experts in their respective areas.

They provide live classes with in-depth training and live projects. The duration of this program is 3 months. The students are provided with a two-month paid internship with a fixed stipend so that students will get a chance to gain a wide knowledge about digital marketing.


Course Details:

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Online Training Program + 2 Months Of Paid Internship

Fees: INR 29,900 + Taxes


ModulesTopic Covered
1.Introduction to Digital Marketing
2.Web Development at WordPress
4.Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
5.Email Marketing
6.Inbound Marketing
7.Social Media Marketing Strategy
8.Web Analytics
9.Online Reputation Management (ORM)
10.E- Commerce Marketing
11.Quora Marketing
12.Graphic Designing
13.Content Writing & Advance Blogging
14.Media Buying & Planning
15.Affiliate Marketing
16.Video Marketing ( YouTube)
17.Market Automation
18.Digital Infographics Resume Creation
19.Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy


This course comes with practical training for over 60 hours of live classroom sessions, assignments, and industry case studies. The students are provided with many opportunities to enhance their learning and upgrade their skills to make their future goals and dreams possible.

The institution gives lifetime access to the training materials, recordings, and presentations so that the students can refresh and update their knowledge at any point in their career. So, it can be considered the best Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash.


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Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

A Few Digital Marketing Courses in India Near You:


2. DIDM – Delhi Institute Of Digital Marketing

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing offers digital marketing courses in three levels – Advanced, Master, and Customised. The institute judiciously designed the syllabus, so that the enrolled students can shape their destiny in the right way.

The classes are monitored by professionals proficient in their respective fields. This is a suitable option for a Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash.

Syllabus covered

ModulesTopics Covered
1.Ice Breaker for Digital Marketing Overview
2.Digital Marketing Strategy
3.Web Designing with no codes
4.Email Marketing
5.Inbound Marketing
6.Search Engine Optimization
7.Google Webmaster Tool
8.Search Engine Algorithms
9Local Business Listing
10.Competitors Analysis
11.Social Media Marketing
12.E-commerce Marketing
13.Google Adwords
14.Black Hat Techniques
15.Lead Generation for Business
16.Creating Market Strategy
17.Live Practical Session
18.Search Engine & Social Marketing Parameters
19.Case Study Discussion
20.Digital Marketing Interview Preparation


This course is designed for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. This institute offers intensive training in two modes – online and offline. The system is supported by Online Learning Management (LMS).

The course duration is 3 months (regular batch) and 6 months (weekend batch) and they furnish course materials online with recordings of the sessions. The students will get a month’s internship for practical exposure.  Experts provide the students with practice assignments and guidance. They also prepare the students for the employment opportunities making it best for Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash.

Course Fees:

Advanced – Rs. 44,280/-

Master – Rs. 58,188/-

Customised – Rs. 21,021/-

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3. Digiperform

Next comes Digiperform, the institute offering a Master’s in Digital Marketing is the best option for the students/ professionals looking for Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash.

They offer courses in two different modes – online and offline. They dedicate 152 hours for an exclusive classroom session with 260 hours of practical assignments. The batches are for the weekends with flexible timings.

Topics Covered

SectionTopics Covered
1.Digital Marketing Specialist
2.Google Ads Specialization
3.Lead Nurturing Section
4.Online Money Making
5.Interview Preparation
6.Professional Modules


Skills Learned

Sl.No.Skills Covered
1.Marketing and Digital Marketing Functions
2.Digital Marketing Industrial Applications
3.Web Research & Survey Management
4.Business & Social Media Graphics
5.Business Video Creation & Editing
6.WordPress Business Website Development
7.Social Media Management – Branding & Growth
8.Social Media Advertising & Lead Generation
9.Keyword Research Process
10.SEO Content Optimization
11.SEO HTML & Tag Optimization
12.SEO Link Building & Outreach
13.Web Analytics
14.Search Advertising
15.Email Marketing
16.Web Content Writing
17.Affiliate Marketing
18.Digital Freelancing
19.Google Merchant Centre
20.Amazon Ads


The institute covers various important topics with expert mentors. The convenient timings help both students and working professionals equally. They allow a paid internship, to get trained and get knowledge from the experienced.

They also conduct mock interviews to prepare them more efficiently. This institute with the practical live sessions and the assignments will guide the students/professionals more effectively, making the Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash a suitable option for transforming their careers.

Course Fees

Online Course: Rs. 72,750/-

Offline Course: Rs 55,750/-


4. Samantus Web Training

The institute is offering Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash which might be useful. The duration of the course is for 6 months in diverse modes – online and offline.

This course offers the students/ professionals dedicated classroom sessions with expert mentors to guide and cover a wide variety of topics that could help them build their future better.


Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Introduction to Digital Marketing
2.Website Designing – CMS (WordPress)
4.Keyword Research
5.Google Analytics
6.Search Console
7.Social Media Marketing
8.Email Marketing
9.Inbound Marketing
10.Google Adsense
11.Affiliate Marketing
12.Graphic Design Pro
13.Technical SEO
14.Content Creation
15.Video Optimization
16.Personalized Session – Doubts & Queries
17.Interview skill
18.Resume Building


This course will guide the enrolled students to be well-qualified for the employment opportunities ahead. During the timeline of the course, there are exclusive sessions with practical assignments that could enhance the learning experiences making it the best Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash.

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5. IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education

This institute is offering an MBA-level digital marketing course that can modify the dreams of the students choosing Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash and shape their destiny. The duration is for 11 months with weekday and weekend batches. This certificate is issued in alignment with Google and approved by N.S.D.C.

Syllabus Covered

Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Inbound Marketing
2.Outbound Marketing
3.Media Management & Automation
4.Managerial Skills and Soft Skills
5.Compulsory Internship & Thesis
7.Capstone Project

The course compulsorily focuses on the extensive 600 hours for learning and improving the skills using 13+ live projects. The institute guarantees two months of internship for the overall development of the enrolled students. This course is organized to prepare for the senior-level positions of the organization in the industry.

So, undoubtedly this can also be an option for opting for one of the elite Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash.

Course Fee – Rs. 5,95,000/-


6. Digitalkal

This institute offers a Certified Professional in Digital Marketing (CPDM) course that might be suitable for candidates looking for a Digital Marketing Course in The East of Kailash.

The institute is wholly focused on providing the best training possible with daily assignments and projects. The topics covered are chosen looking into the current trend and they teach tools that are irrelevant for the industry.

Syllabus Covered

Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Overview of Digital Marketing
2.Fundamentals of Graphic Designing
3.Fundamentals of Video Editing
4.Advance WordPress Website Designing
5.Social Media Marketing
6.Lead Management
7.Adsense Marketing
8.E-Commerce Website Creation
9.Online Reputation Management
10.Affiliate Marketing
11.E-Commerce Website Marketing
12.Introduction to Marketplace
13.Growth Hacking
14.Online Media Buying
15.Getting Started as a Freelancer
16.Mobile Marketing
18.Google Analytics
19.Inbound Marketing Solution
20.Email Marketing
21.Google Adwords & PPC
22.Interview & Personality Development

Course Fee – Rs. 49,999/- + 18% GST


7. Management Institute of Skill Development – MISD

MISD is offering a course on Advance Digital Marketing for students/professionals looking for a course in Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash. The course duration is 5 months. The students get an opportunity to learn from experts and the live classroom sessions will guide them to learn the market-relevant tools.


Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Digital Marketing
2.Website Planning
3.Website Creation
5.Google Webmaster
6.Google Analytics
7.E- Commerce Marketing
8.Google Adsense
9.Affiliate Marketing
10.Al Systems & Practices
11.Technical SEO
12.Domain Marketing
13.Display Marketing
14.Video Optimization
15.Lead Generation

With an affordable fee structure and one-on-one mentorship, this institution can be assessed as good for opting for Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash. They also provide placement assistance and resume building.


8. Techxian – Digital Marketing Institute

Techxian is an institute training in digital marketing for over 10 years and with experienced mentorship. They are offering a course which might be beneficial for aspiring students looking for the right Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash.

The classes are practically based on basic to advanced-level training. The students have an opportunity to engage in the live projects. They also assist in job assistance and resume building.

ModulesTopics Covered
1.Basic to Advanced SEO
2.Basic to Advanced PPC
3.Social Media Marketing
4.Web Analytics & Tracking
5.Content Marketing
6.Email Marketing
8.Amazon Seller & Affiliate
9.Google Adsense
10.E-Commerce Marketing
11.Mobile Marketing
12.Reporting & Interview Preparation


Course Fee: Rs.35,000/-


9. UpGrad

MICA is offering a course in Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication. The duration is for 7 months and the mode of training is online. The learning is extended by the intake of AI.

This certification is issued with the collaboration of upGrad and MICA and the students searching for the finest Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash can consider this course. The training sessions are live and inclusive with expert trainers that also include several case studies and live projects.

They guide in resume improvement and employment guidance. This course trains the individual ready for industrial experience.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Digital Marketing Landscape :

●       Here we learn about the transition from the traditional market to Digital Marketing

●       Trends and Metrics in digital marketing

●       placing customer as centre

●       Case Study

2.Digital Channel Deep Dive – I :

●       SEO

●       Social Media Marketing

●       Creating web

●       Case Studies

●       Blog creation project in WordPress

●       Social Media Marketing Live Project ( Facebook Ads Manager)

3.Digital Chanel Deep Dive – II:

●       Search Engine Marketing

●       Programmatic & Display Advertising

●       Content Marketing

●       Case Studies

●       Google Ads Search Campaign ( Google Ads Manager)

●       Email Marketing Live Project and get responses also.

4.Marketing Analytics and Integrated Strategy :

●       Web Analytics

●       Defining and understanding Robust Digital Marketing Strategy

●       Case Studies

●       Web Analytics Live Project.

5.Capstone Project and E-Commerce Bootcamp:

●       E-commerce Bootcamp

●       Capstone Project


Skills Gained

1.Generative AI in Digital Marketing
3.Search and Display Advertising
4.Social Media Marketing
5.Content Marketing
7.Web Analytics


10. Udemy

Udemy offers courses in digital marketing for professionals who are looking for a career upgrade. By this course, they get a chance to understand the concept more effectively and resolve the practical issues.

The professionals who are trying to master the digital marketing course can opt for it. This course is supported by the Oxford College of Marketing. This course is one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash made for professionals.


Sl.No.Topics Covered
2.ChatGPT- an intro to AI for Marketers
3.E-Commerce Masterclass
4.TikTok Masterclass
5.Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
6.Social Media Strategy for Business Growth
7.Web Copywriting
8.Web Analytics
9.Social Media Channel
10.Email Marketing
11.PPC- Pay Per Click
12.Content Marketing Strategy
13.Web usability (UX)
14.Campaign Planning
15.Digital Marketing Research
16.Affiliate Marketing



1.      Is the digital marketing course relevant?

Yes, certainly the course is relevant in the present scenario. All the products are marketed using online sources. Therefore, its relevance increases day by day.

2.      What is the qualification required to join the digital marketing courses?

Students with graduation in any field can join. Have a proper insight into the syllabus. Choosing the best course is the ultimate task for any student/professional/entrepreneur.

3.      What are the basic elements of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is advertising or marketing various products using online sources or technology to reach a wider audience in less time. The basic elements include SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, PPC etc.


Overall in this article, we began by understanding the basics of the term after that the important components of digital marketing and finally getting familiarised with top institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in The East of Kailash.

From all these, we can figure out that this course is gaining popularity for a reason. Most of the new entrepreneurs use social media to reach out to their customers. This is more convenient than the traditional ways because, in a short period, they can grab the attention using accurate marketing strategies.

So, the demand in this field is also increasing. The most essential part is to choose the right course from the right institution. For that, aspiring students can opt for the demo classes provided by them and try to understand the syllabus and other skills provided.

Choosing digital marketing as a career and learning the necessary tools and skills can make the future brighter and make your life successful.

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