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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane

With its numerous benefits, digital marketing has become a must-learn skill for anyone who wants to promote their products and connect with customers. If you also want to learn and understand the fundamentals of digital marketing, follow along to read our recommendations for the best digital marketing courses in Brisbane.


List of best digital marketing courses in Brisbane


Digital marketing does not differ a lot from traditional marketing. It is just marketing done through digital channels such as social media, SEO, pay-per-click ads, Facebook or Instagram ads, e-mail marketing, etc. While traditional marketing still works, there are some significant advantages to using digital marketing. With a larger audience, selective and laser-focused audience targeting, cost-effective ads, immediate feedback, and better measuring and tracking options, digital marketing is the go-to option for most businesses nowadays.


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is simply defined as a form of marketing for selling and promoting products or services on online platforms. It is the process of leveraging different digital channels such as social media networks, search engines, and emails to reach your intended audience. Using digital marketing, you can reach the people interested in your products, interact with them and build trust around your brand.


As a brand or business, if you are planning to incorporate digital marketing in your campaign, you will have to follow these basic steps:


  • Identify the Target Market – The ideal customer that you want to connect with, identify their geographic, demographic, and psychographic details.
  • Create an Effective Message – Take a look at your potential client and the target market you identified previously, and determine their needs, goals, frustrations, and fears. Following this study, you’ll be able to position your product or service that will best suit your clients’ expectations.
  • Choose the Required Digital Media – Decide the platform you’ll use to communicate your message with your market. Depending on your target market, you can advertise your product on social media, through email marketing, using videos, or by placing ads on search engines.


To learn about each step in detail, enroll in one of the digital marketing courses in Brisbane that we have listed.


Why is Digital Marketing in Such Huge Demand Nowadays?


Digital marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy for a business. It provides a wide range of high-tech solutions that can be customized to fulfill your business’s needs. The main aspect of your digital marketing campaign is your website, so it should contain relevant quality content and be easily navigable.


Digital marketing is highly in-demand for businesses because, in today’s technology-influenced world, it is not enough to rely on the occasional billboard or word of mouth. To make it easier for you to understand why you should pursue digital marketing courses in Brisbane, let’s take a look at why digital marketing is essential for your business:


  • Digital marketing is the most effective tool to reach billions of people and create awareness about your business and its products or services. Through mobile marketing and social media marketing, customers can reach from anywhere and at any time because your marketing will be accessible from multiple different devices.


  • With the power of social media and the emergence of many different social sites, it has become easier to reach prospective customers and tell them why they should buy your products. You might have seen many examples in your daily life where your friends post about a new purchase they made or a new restaurant they discovered. Thus, it has become important in the digital marketing world to understand how social media works and how you can use it to promote your business.


  • For your business to succeed, you have to keep up with the emerging trends in digital marketing, else you’ll miss out on a viable opportunity to make more sales and promote your company. According to a recent study by HubSpot, over 60% of people prefer to buy products online and almost 92% of customers use their phones to search about a product or service before purchasing it. This is a clear indicator of how competitive digital marketing is and why you should familiarize yourself with whatever is happening in this field.


  • You can effectively increase your ROI through targeted campaigns. Using digital marketing you can reach out to a specific audience because you can display ads based on the user’s online activities. With this type of marketing, you can reach demographics that may not be able through other channels.


  • Digital marketers can monitor their marketing campaigns in real-time and see how their ads are performing using software that takes real-time data from the internet and stores it in databases. This allows marketers to analyze which of their campaigns have been most effective in reaching their target audience so that they can tweak or improve them accordingly.


What Skills Can You Master After Studying Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane?


While there are numerous skills you’ll learn throughout your digital marketing course curriculum, these 5 skills are the most in-demand and will help you land a good job or start your own business.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Every business has its website and an SEO expert is required to create optimized landing pages for the website, get it a high search engine ranking, and generate traffic through the search engine. Knowing SEO will open lots of career opportunities for you.


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Pay Per Click – To place paid advertisements on search engines, a business will need someone with SEM knowledge. PPC is an essential component of every company’s marketing strategy nowadays. Since so many people use search engines, it is an excellent platform to target customers and get traffic to your site quickly.


  • Social Media Advertising – In digital marketing, social media ads use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to display paid ads to your target customers. If a business wants to use social media for marketing, it’ll require a social media specialist who will plan and promote the content on these platforms.


  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies out there. Businesses want to engage with their audience and build loyalty. A company that plans on incorporating email marketing will hire an email marketing specialist who will implement email campaigns and send them to the identified target audience. Other duties of an email marketing specialist include optimizing email campaigns to gain more subscribers, have higher open rates, and create better engagement.


  • Content Marketing Some companies choose to provide useful information as a marketing method to attract their customers in the form of social media content, blog posts, podcasts or educational videos, etc. To work as a content marketer, you need to have a diverse set of skills that include research, writing, strategic skills, SEO, and marketing and promotion skills.


Here are the other highly recommended courses:


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Brisbane With Certification


Many institutes provide digital marketing courses in Brisbane, we have compiled this list keeping in mind that the courses fulfill the needs of both beginners as well experts who are looking to revise their skills. The list includes both paid and free courses so that you have the option to choose whatever course meets your budget and expectation.




IIM SKILLS is one of the most renowned online institutes providing digital marketing courses in Brisbane. Its digital marketing course is a 5-month comprehensive program consisting of 40 modules. The program is divided into two parts: 3 months of live training and 2 months of paid internship. IIM SKILLS provides its students with an opportunity to work on 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies. This digital marketing course allows you to get certifications recognized by Google, Facebook, HubSpot, and ISME.


Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to digital marketing – Internet marketing and what to expect from the course.
  • Web development using WordPress – Based on the student’s interests, they design their website while learning the benefits of WordPress, technical site management, front end, and back end setup for the website, SSL, various plugins, speed optimization, hosting options, and understanding themes.
  • Search Engine Optimization – The basics of organic marketing, history of SEO, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, advanced white hat SEO techniques, avoiding black hat SEO techniques, keyword research, local search SEO places, and various auditing tools for monitoring speed and performance.
  • Search Engine Marketing – Different types of Google ads, bidding and ads strategy, running ads campaign, mobile ads, competition analysis, and shopping ads.
  • Email marketing – Topics such as open rate, CTA, SMTP server, campaign performance, how to set up your email marketing platform, email automation, lead nurturing, drip emails, customer acquisition, and spam score checker.
  • Inbound Marketing – Building organic reach, optimizing landing pages, funnel creation, and web visitor engagement.
  • Social media marketing – How to set up your business profiles on the different social media platforms, running ads, paid and organic reach, and reputation management.
  • Digital marketing strategies – Learn the importance of the various marketing strategies and how effective they are in audience targeting and maintaining relevance.
  • Web/ Google analytics – Types of traffic, Google analytics, traffic sources budgeting & analysis, campaign building, performance and measuring, and social media analytics.
  • Online reputation management – Establishing a strong online presence on paid media, earned media, social media, and owned properties.
  • Blogging and content writing – Content creation through writing, understanding different formats of writing, keywords, and plagiarism.
  • Media buying and planning – Media purchases to display your ads, monitor how ads are performing, and analyze statistical data after the end of the campaign to look at well-performing and non-performing factors.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Learn how to do affiliate marketing through blogging, placing links in video descriptions, or sharing the link on social media platforms.
  • Video Marketing (YouTube) – How to develop viral content while maintaining quality and understanding of what Watch Hour is.
  • Marketing Automation – Bulk emails, social media postings, the process and strategy of automating a campaign, and its lifecycle and content.
  • Resume creation – Building an infographic resume that shows that you know digital marketing.



Tools Covered:

  • MailChimp
  • WOO Commerce
  • WordPress
  • Amazon
  • Google Ads
  • Ahrefs
  • Facebook ads
  • Ubersuggest
  • Twitter ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • SEMrush
  • Google Analytics


Course Fees: 650.61 Australian Dollar +GST


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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


#2 – Google Fundaments of Digital Marketing


Google provides certified digital marketing courses in Brisbane that cover all the fundamentals of digital marketing to help your career or business. With 26 modules, you’ll master the basics of digital marketing and earn a certificate recognized by The Open University and International Advertising Bureau Europe. Learn at your pace through simple videos and complete the quizzes at the end of each section. To get certified, complete the 40-question final exam.


Course Curriculum:

  • Digital Opportunity
  • Building and marketing online presence
  • Build, design, and understand how websites work, do’s, don’ts, and how to make websites easy to use
  • Plan online business strategy, understand customer behavior, competition analysis
  • Search engines, organic and paid searches, Google search console
  • SEO, the SEO process, and setting SEO goals
  • Creating Search friendly web pages
  • Search Engine Marketing, SEM auction, unique ads
  • Search campaigns that use proper keywords
  • Local search and local directories
  • SEO for local business
  • Social media basics, setting goals for social media
  • Ads on social media, social media pitfalls
  • Mobile for marketing and advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Data cycle and insights from data
  • Setting up an e-commerce platform
  • International Marketing


Course Fees: Free


#3 – Digital marketing specialization by Illinois on Coursera


Their digital marketing courses in Brisbane are designed as a specialization offered by the University of Illinois and consist of 7 parts covering the strategic marketing tools and concepts required to address brand communication in the online world. At the end of every course, there is a hands-on project. On the completion of all the courses and their projects, you’ll earn the Digital Marketing Certificate.


Course Curriculum:

  • The Digital Marketing Revolution – differences between analog and digital marketing, four ways in which analog marketing has been affected by digitization, marketing strategies for analog products in the digital world
  • Marketing in the Digital World – effect of digital tools on marketing, consumer behavior, tools, and concepts to enhance your digital marketing efforts
  • Theory of Digital Marketing Analytics – web analytics tools, collect, analyze, and visualize data from websites, use the data in decision-making
  • Practicing Digital Marketing Analytics – apply the knowledge learned in the previous section to the real-world
  • Marketing Principles and Digital Media – examine how marketing requires highly strategic communication, the impact of IT and digital media on marketing and communication, the future of digital marketing through AI, IoT, and Mix Reality, and understand various digital marketing strategies
  • Marketing Strategies and Digital Media – integrated and holistic approach to marketing planning, develop a successful content marketing strategy, mix paid, owned, earned, and shared media channels to target, discover, and reach your audience, evaluate the role of social media in marketing campaigns, and identify and measure risks in campaigns
  • Capstone Project – Execute a marketing campaign using targeted keywords, perform landing page optimization and SEO, and email campaign.


Course Fees: $44/month


#4 – SEMrush Academy


SEMrush Academy provides Digital Marketing for SMBs Certification that will teach you the basics of digital marketing to start and up your business game. Their digital marketing courses in Brisbane keep in mind that you are new to the digital marketing world and teach you at a beginner’s level. To earn the certificate, you’ll have to take the exam and pass it.


Course Curriculum:

  • How important digital marketing is for your business and how it works
  • What is the role of your website in your business and how it will affect your business’s success
  • How to use email marketing for the promotion of your services and products and how to attract customers to your websites
  • Understanding Search Engine Marketing and PPC for your business growth
  • Retargeting to bring customers to your website using paid ads
  • Role of display advertising for driving business and increasing brand awareness
  • Running ads on social media platforms
  • Competitive analysis
  • Understanding the best digital marketing mix for your business


Course Fees: Free


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


#5 – HubSpot Content Marketing Certification


HubSpot provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Brisbane called content marketing certification which teaches how to apply content marketing to your business strategy. After watching all the videos covering the course topics, prepare for the exam through the given study guide, and once you pass the exam, you’ll be a certified content marketer.


Course Curriculum:

  • How to tell your business’s story and how to create content that aligns with your company’s goals and purpose
  • How to build a framework for creating content that includes identifying campaigns, setting timelines, and editing and reviewing the content before it goes live
  • Planning a content strategy that will cover long-term campaigns, set realistic content goals, and understand what content your audience will find helpful
  • How to generate and research ideas for content
  • How to structure blog posts and how to choose titles and topics for blogs
  • Using blogging to rank on Google
  • Repurposing the same content across different formats to produce more content
  • Organizing content using topic clusters and pillar pages
  • Learn video marketing and how to create engaging videos
  • Guest blogging powered by SEO
  • Build a promotional plan for your content, and how to promote on paid and organic channels
  • How to analyze your content and measure ROI


Course Fees: Free


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is digital marketing important for an online business?

Digital marketing provides a way for businesses to reach billions of customers online, create targeted ads to reach the intended audience, perform well in a highly competitive environment, and measure the performance and ROI of marketing campaigns in real-time.


2. Why is IIM SKILLS the best among the digital marketing courses in Brisbane?

IIM SKILLS is a renowned institute that provides a comprehensive online digital marketing course that not only teaches students through live classes but also provides an internship opportunity to practice all the skills they learn. The institute has an excellent support system that welcomes its students to ask their questions any time they want so that they will never feel left out of their learning process.


3. What are some skills you can learn from studying digital marketing courses in Brisbane?

After studying a digital marketing course, you can learn SEO, SEM, Email marketing, content marketing, social media ads, etc. These skills are very crucial to learn and a digital marketing specialist should be apt in these. The digital marketing courses mentioned in the post clearly teach you all the aspects with practical implementations.


4. Can I take these online digital marketing courses if I live in another city or country?

If you live anywhere in the world, you can easily learn digital marketing by enrolling in any of the courses mentioned as they are completely online so you can access them from anywhere. The facility of virtual learning has made the education system easy and affordable, and you can leverage this opportunity by enrolling in your favorite course just sitting at your 0wn place enjoying your meal.


5. What career opportunities do I have after studying digital marketing courses in Brisbane?

There are numerous career paths in digital marketing such as SEO specialist, Social media specialist, marketing research analyst, content manager, etc.




With everything going digital and technology influencing every aspect of our lives, it is no surprise that the marketing world had to go digital as well. If you are a business or someone who wants to make a career in the digital marketing world then you have to master the skills required to succeed. The good news is that there are many opportunities online for you to learn these skills even if you are a novice. Many renowned institutes provide online digital marketing courses that will help you go from a beginner to an expert in digital marketing in a short time. As the world moves forward with technology, you have to brush your skills as well to boost your marketing career so earn a certificate by enrolling in one of the digital marketing courses in Brisbane that we have listed.

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