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Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin With Placements

Print or traditional marketing, which is also one of the oldest forms of marketing, still holds its relevance in today’s world, but to reach a vast number of potential customers, restricting only to print marketing would result in heavy losses and losing out to competitors. This knowledge has now made the majority of marketing professionals tap into the world of digital means to market their products paving the way for jobs in digital marketing. Hence, let’s look into the options available for pursuing digital marketing courses in Berlin. 


List of best digital marketing courses in Berlin


What is Digital Marketing?

In layman’s terms, digital marketing can be said as marketing that is carried out through digital tools like computers, mobiles, television, etc. But in the broader sense, it includes various aspects of digital content creation, marketing through email, phone calls, sms, music during calls on hold, television advertisements, social media, etc.


Evolution of Digital Marketing

  • The first instance of digital marketing can be attributed to maybe radio. When a lot of people started listening to radio broadcasts, it provided an efficient way to transmit information about products and services. A good example can be marketing a fertilizer product during a program related to agriculture. Almost all the listeners are potential buyers in this case.


  • The next step in the field of digital marketing was that of advertisements on television. Radio only provided customers with audio information. Television gave a platform to showcase the products visually thereby attracting more customers.


  • By the time radio was accessible to a large number of people, television became the new trend. Likewise by the time television was accessible to the majority of the population, new digital media started emerging in the form of computers and the internet.


  • The very first form of present-day digital marketing was through email. The idea of connecting to specific people rather than people in general as was the case with television was only made feasible with the advent of the internet and computer in the 1980s.


  • But it was only during the 1990s and 2000s that accessibility and usage of computers turned out to be easier for the population and this made people start marketing their goods through the new age digital means of computers and the internet.


  • The late 2000 and early 2010s was the era when social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook started gaining popularity, and people old and young alike started getting on board these popular networking sites. Marketing through these channels looked very promising and it has remained till now.


Digital Marketing Vs Online Marketing

  • At the outset, both online marketing and digital marketing sound similar, and often they are mistaken to be the same.
  • Technically there is a subtle difference between the two. Online Marketing falls under the broader set of Digital Marketing.
  • Online marketing is a set of Digital Marketing ways in which the internet is used for propaganda. This includes website marketing, email marketing, and marketing through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  • Some examples that are not part of online marketing but fall under the Digital Marketing domain include television ads, ads through sms and caller tunes, digital boards, etc.
  • People interested in building a career in Digital Marketing should also gain proficiency in Online Marketing.


Is Digital Marketing a Necessity in the Present Day?

  • When we look at the business in the past that has flourished, the larger part of the reason for success can be attributed to the role of marketing.
  • Print marketing through newspapers,  print magazines, billboards, etc is still in place and they are providing the limited reach that they are capable of.
  • When the intended customers are dispersed geographically and reaching out to them is difficult through a physical medium, then digital marketing plays a key role.
  • Making potential buyers aware of a product that they are looking for and converting those interested customers to buy that particular product would mean reaching out to as many customers as possible. The higher the number of customers reached, the higher will be the number of buyers. Digital Marketing provides an easy platform to reach a large number of people.
  • With the majority of the population now being concerned with the protection of the environment, potential buyers would appreciate marketing means that have utilized fewer print materials like paper and saved trees in the process.


Expectations From a Digital Marketer

  • The basic expectation from a digital marketer would be the ability and skills to market a given product or service.
  • Understanding the pulse of potential takers in the market would be very helpful.
  • Being creative works, especially in times of stiff competition.
  • Knowledge of digital tools like computers, mobile phones, etc. is a must.
  • Should be comfortable with software and tools that are used to create content.
  • Understanding traffic on the internet and ways to tap into relevant traffic is very important.


Scope for Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin

Germany is one of the developed nations and it is always in line with technological advancements. Hence digital communication is always efficient. Germans rank ninth on the list of people using digital tools like smartphones and social media. Hence digital marketing would play an important role in reaching out to most of the population.

The per year salary of a digital marketer in Germany varies from around €41,700 to €53,000, thus making digital marketing a prospective job. E-commerce is increasing in their share of profits, thus proving that growth for e-commerce is promising. The flourishing of e-commerce would suggest better opportunities for the field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing also provides opportunities to work as a freelancer, thereby providing freedom in choosing projects and working self-paced without compromising on personal time and space.


7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin

Digital marketing courses are now available in plenty to pursue. Some courses offer unique benefits in terms of providing paid internships. The post covid era has seen a lot of online learning and some excellent digital marketing courses in Berlin that can be pursued online are also mentioned. Online learning and on-campus learning pose their advantages and it always comes down to the learner and his preferred choices in picking up a particular mode of learning.


1. Master Digital Marketing Course – IIM SKILLS

The most value-for-money course that’s available online for pursuing digital marketing courses in Berlin is IIM SKILLS. The course includes comprehensive live training for 5 months including a paid internship of 2 months. Training will be provided by experts with vast experience in the domain.


Key Features of the Digital Marketing Course Include –

  • Live training for more than 60 hours will be conducted online.
  • Instructors are experienced experts working with different companies in the field of digital marketing.
  • Exhaustive 40 modules of learning content will be mastered during the course.
  • Certification will include those aligned with Google, Meta, and Hubspot.
  • Guidance to launch a digital marketing agency of your own.
  • Complete access to course material, classroom recordings, and presentations for a lifetime.
  • The course focuses more on tools utilized for digital marketing.
  • Some of the modules covered include web development, email marketing, content writing, Google Adwords, micro video marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, etc.
  • The course fee is 330.68 Euro +GST. Weekday batches and weekend batches on Saturdays and Sundays are available.



2. MSc Digital Markeing – Berlin School of Business & Innovation

This course is offered in collaboration with the United Kingdom’s University of Creative Arts. Some of the United Kingdom and Germany’s top industry professionals are part of a team of lecturers. Distinguished businessmen from all over Europe are invited to interact with learners. Key Highlights of the course include:

  • The course is offered completely on-campus with provision for registered students to access materials from the University of Creative Arts platform.
  • Course completion would require 180 UK credits. This helps students to easier movement within higher education institutes within Europe.
  • Some of the modules covered during the course include strategic marketing management, research methodology, digital marketing communications, Global Marketing management, cross-culture management, consumer behavior, project management and leadership, and also German language studies.
  • The duration of the course is 18 months.
  • The course fee is €12,600 for International students and €8,000 for European students.


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3. Online Marketing Manager – PCS Berlin GMBH

It is one of the most comprehensive Digital Marketing courses in Berlin available. Possession of an education voucher would make this course available free of cost from the job center or the employment agency. Highlights of the course include –


  • The training will be conducted by specialists in the field of digital marketing where you’ll be trained on using SEO, SEA, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Some of the other topics on which training will be conducted include basic knowledge of economics, business administration, advertising, affiliate marketing, online law, etc.
  • Certification will be provided only after clearing a written test at the end of the course and presenting your project work from the practical course.


4. Online Marketing – Internationale Hochschule

This course is available in Berlin, Dortmund, Cologne, and Hamburg. Training will be from reputed personalities working in the domain of digital marketing. Some of the things taught include data-based information, designing cross-media campaigns, an insight into new developments in marketing, etc.


Highlights of the Course Include – 

  • Courses are state recognized and qualified.
  • More than 15,000 companies collaborate for students’ learning. Most of the time, students are absorbed into the company after graduation.
  • The list of company partners includes reputed brands like Vodafone, Montessori Deutschland, Panasonic, Check 24, Motel One, etc.
  • Lessons are taught in small groups rather than in large crowds in lecture halls. This provides better learning due to efficient teacher-learner interaction.
  • Course fees are often paid by companies that recognize students with talent, who later can be recruited to their company.
  • The course starts four times a year, providing interested learners to opt for a batch depending upon their convenience.


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5. Msc Strategic Digital Marketing – Arden University

This is an on-campus course that is offered full-time at Arden University, Berlin. The course focuses on providing comprehensive learning of digital marketing ranging from User Experience (UX) to digital content creation.

Some of the modules covered include social media marketing, big data analytics, and Martech, Understanding the digital marketing environment, how to start and manage digital brands, planning contemporary market communications, and managing user experience and customer experience, etc.


Highlights of the Course Include – 

  • The course is based on learning by practice. Hence it provides learners with an efficient learning experience.
  • The course requires the learner to have a UK honors degree at a level not less than 2.2.
  • The medium of instruction is English, hence an IELTS 6.0 or not less than 5.5 is essential. A learner can get enrolled by submitting a letter stating the acceptance of the medium of instruction is English.
  • The course duration is 1 year or 12 months.
  • The fee for the course is € 15,000. A discount of € 6000 is a possibility depending on the regional award offered.


6. Online Marketing Manager – Social Media Akademie

This is a completely online course with certification upon completion. Lifetime access to content will be provided. This includes even access to any updation to the contents. Learning modules include exhaustive content on advertising through social media like Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin, Email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Key features of the course include –

  • The duration of the course is 3 to 6 months based on how much time one can dedicate towards learning.
  • Tutors can be reached personally via e-mail, Facebook messenger, or telephone.
  • The course fee is €5,390. State subsidies funding up to 100% is a possibility. Kindly check your eligibility for the same.


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7. Digital Marketing Specialization – Coursera

Coursera is a popular platform for online learning. This course is offered by the University of Illinois. Some of the Universities will offer courses time and again, so do check the availability of courses. Compared to other available courses on Coursera, this course on Digital Marketing offers the following advantageous features –

  • The course is a part of the Master of Business Administration (iMBA) offered by the University of Illinois through Coursera.
  • The course offers an opportunity to work on the live capstone project if you have completed the course successfully.
  • The capstone project is set up in collaboration with Grainger, which is a well-known B2B supplier of Organizational supplies and maintenance repair.
  • Topics covered include choosing proper web analytics tools and techniques to study customers’ digital actions.
  • The courses are free to enroll but a course fee is to be paid if you want to obtain certification after successful completion of the course.
  • The course can be completed at one’s own pace with flexible timing for taking up the recorded sessions.
  • Approximately it requires 8 months to complete the course by taking up sessions at a suggested pace of 5 hrs/week.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin


1. Are there any minimum eligibility criteria to take up digital marketing courses in Berlin? 

There are no such minimum eligibility criteria to take up Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin. But some Universities offering on-campus courses do specify a certain level of education to be completed to take up the course. Most online courses do not restrict to such qualifications. A Digital Marketing job does not necessarily require an education level but it requires a lot of skills and creativity.

People with the required skills and interests have always faired well in their jobs. While taking up a job with a company, sometimes minimum educational qualification would be specified as per company norms. But for being a freelance digital marketer no such restrictions are posed. It’s the quality of work being done that would provide a market for freelancers.


2. Are Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin taught in German?

Not all digital marketing courses in Berlin are taught in German. Some International universities do offer courses in English. Most German Universities do provide courses in German, but options are available to take up courses in English. Some of the online digital marketing courses in Berlin offered are also available in German.

If you are residing in Berlin but would like to take up a course in English, International courses are always available online to take up the particular course in English or desired language of your choice. Some of the on-campus digital marketing courses in Berlin offered by German Universities, also include the German Language in their curriculum. This provides students with a unique opportunity of learning the German language along with digital marketing.


3. Is there a fee waiver for Digital Marketing Courses in Berlin?

Many of the state-funded universities in Germany offer courses free of cost. When it comes to the Digital Marketing courses in Berlin, a discount on the course fee and sometimes a full waiver due to the partnership with companies is available. But this needs to be ascertained before enrolling in the program. Not all universities offer the same fee or discount on fees. When it comes to online courses none of the universities or training institutes provides fee waivers. But, over the year during certain festive seasons, discounted course fees would be available. An opportunity to work on paid internships would help you in earning back some of the course fees that you have paid.


4. Are on-campus courses equivalent to Online Courses?

On-campus and Online courses differ in the mode of instruction. As for the value they carry, it depends on the University or Company from which the course is completed. Most industries today do not give more weightage to the certificates one carries. But a lot of emphases is given to skills a person has concerning the work assigned. The certificate only becomes a valid medium to highlight your interest and to showcase that all basic knowledge relevant to the work is already obtained so that the hiring company can save some resources and time which was meant for training.

Sometimes on-campus classes offer opportunities to interact effectively with people pursuing the same interest. The existence of career support through universities will also benefit as generally, Universities have contact with a larger number of companies owing to the diversified courses being offered through them. On the flip side, online courses provide opportunities to interact with experts who otherwise are impossible to get connected with. Online trainers like IIM SKILLS provide paid internship opportunities which are less in on-campus courses


5. What scope does one have outside of Berlin or Germany after completing a digital marketing course?

Digital Marketing is not geographically restricted. Although the necessity of digital marketing may vary depending upon how the concerned population is digitally dependent, its relevance in today’s world is true everywhere. Higher job opportunities exist at locations where the usage of digital tools and media is high. Hence being certified in digital marketing and open to work elsewhere other than the place of course completion is highly relevant. Some of the courses that one might take up may not even be from Berlin but the learnings are universally accepted due to digital platforms like social media, email, and e-commerce being globally existent.



With the rapid growth in usage of the internet, computers, social media, e-commerce, etc, the world of marketing has also seen tremendous growth through digital modes of advertising. The digital world doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon and looking at the profit posted by e-commerce and social media giants, it can be safely said that opportunities in the world of digital marketing will only grow in the coming years. The other benefit of today’s global village is that learnings are universally accepted, providing job opportunities in any corner of the world.

The post covid period has seen a lot of potential in online marketing and it has catapulted jobs related to online and remote working. Germany being technologically advanced and the population being one of the foremost users of digital tools, job opportunities in Berlin or Germany are also high. If one is not interested in routine day jobs, with digital marketing one can start working as a freelancer exhibiting their skills and choosing projects suitable to their interests.

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