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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Nashik With Placements

Nashik is one of the richest cities near the Godavari River in Maharashtra. It is an ancient city named after RAMAYANA poems and stories. In the modern era also it has become a hub for educational sectors, IT, and Business industries infrastructures. It has emerged place to explore opportunities and job seekers, beginners, professionals, and students. The city also ranges from innovative to Information technology creative and builds knowledgeable professionals in fields like data science, data visualization, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning. As demand grows for data analysts and data scientists, searching right data course is essential. In this article, we will see the top 10 data science courses in Nashik that you pursue in 2024.



But before we move to the list of top data science courses in Nashik, let us have a small briefing about data science.


Outline of Data Science 

Data Visualization(Power BI)

Data Visualization is used to visualize raw data to remaining portions such as trends, patterns, and connections in the data, and perform visualization operations such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Dashboards, and many more that will lead to successful output. It is an open-source tool that will easily demonstrate how to construct and use visualization applications for better understanding.

Basic and Advanced Python

Students can learn the deep basics of Python, such as programming, loops, functions, databases, and data types before giving tests and completing assignments. Also, students can easily gain knowledge of advanced concepts of Python like object-oriented concepts, file handling, and decision-making statements.

Reasoning and Algorithms

For interview preparation, beginners can understand reasoning concepts with new methods of solving problems, coding, and logic improving through practical sessions, structured and unstructured data, and memory management techniques.

MongoDB and Panda

Big data and data handling methodologies will be managed and developed by students, beginners, and professionals through exploring    Panda Library.

Gain SQL database query tricks by MongoDB and key operations and components, which will be smoothly carried out.

NumPy Mathematics and Statistics

Professionals and beginners will earn knowledge in Probability in mathematics and statistics problems that can be understood through NumPy programming. Fundamentals of mathematics, significance, and distributions can easily addressed by students. Put your ideas into practicals with NumPy. Descriptive statistics, methodologies, and hypothesis tests are included for becoming perfectionist professionals.

Interview Cracking and Mock Tests

Struggling can make more sharpen to get a job in the IT industry. You do not need to worry about coding and programming because this subject is based on single-line syntax to bring accurate output that freshers or newcomer users can understand easily.

Learners will get quality knowledge of data science and understand advanced concepts with coaching and expert guidance. Students can participate in mock HR interviews and technical interviews in specific subjects and attend weekly tests to get a job in tech companies. They assure you to get the job with good packages.

Check These Very Popular Courses Available in Nashik:


Top 10 Data Science Courses In Nashik With Placements


1. IIM SKILLS      

It is one of the high Ed-tech institutions that provides courses to students who want to start a career journey. The core branch is in Delhi, and they are actively present in 25 states in India. This institution’s branch teaches on international platforms such as Cyprus, Singapore, and Dubai. I am one of the students from IIMSKILLS and feel proud to say acquired knowledge from CEO Vaibhav Kakkar and top subject experts.

As compared to other infotech or institutions. No false commitments or misconceptions from this institution. The environment of this institute is friendly for everything like acquiring skills from various subject specialists or asking questions and getting answers from them is done in a very co -cooperative fashion. Today IIM SKILLS offers 15+ certified courses in data science courses to become a data scientist and data analyst.

Course – Data Science Master Course

Fees – ₹ 99,900 + 18% GST, pay in 12 interest-free EMI

Course Duration- 11 Months

Mode Of Study- Online

Course Eligibility- Any fresh graduates/ postgraduate

Note: If you don’t like the course, you can get a 100% refund after the first class.

Get a 10% group discount on 3 or more registrations.

The primary goal of this institute is to provide updated skills and make them job-ready especially in advanced data science.

IIM SKILLS is one of the top institutes for Data science courses in Nashik

Let us take a deep dive into data science course contents

Course Contents

  1. Mathematical and Statistical in Data Science
  2. SQL in data science
  3. Power BI in data science
  4. Python in data science
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Data Science
  6. Tableau in Data Science
  7. R in data science
  8. Alteryx in data science
  9. Big data analysis
  10. Cloud computing
  11. Programming in Python
  12. Exploratory Data Analysis
  13. Data visualization techniques
  14. Dashboard creation using data visualization tools
  15. Report preparation using Power BI tools


  1. 150+ hours for practical tasks
  2. 20+live projects
  3. 24*7 Support
  4. 200+ lecture hours
  5. Multiple online sessions
  6. 6+ tools teaching
  7. Learning Management System portal
  8. Mock Tests
  9. 15+case studies
  10. Certifications
  11. Interview Preparation
  12. Live training and internship experience with top MNC companies

Tools for Data Science That You Will Master:







Top MNC Companies Hire Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Sr.NoCompany NameDesignationSalary
   1TCSData Analyst  9 to 10 INR
   2Cognizant Technology SolutionsData Scientist14 to 15 INR
   3GoogleData analyst and data Scientist8 to 12 INR
   4AmdocsData Scientist and data analyst


9 to 14 INR
   5PersistentData  analyst7 to 8 INR
   6WiproData Scientist12 to 14 INR
   7AmazonData Scientist13 to 15 INR
   8CapgeminiData analyst and Scientist10 to 15 INR

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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Digital Marketing Course

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Technical Writing Course

GST Course

Content Writing Course

Business Accounting And Taxation Course

Investment Banking Course

Data Analytics Course

Contact Information-


2. Edureka

It is one of the high-level digital learning consortiums in the world with 15+ million learners. The data science courses in Nashik have one of the top institutes named Edureka that offers virtual training sessions. The vision of this institute is student satisfaction and the mission of this institute is expert teaching from top IT experts.

The institute believes that every individual has the right to blossom knowledge and skills. Key academics include Indian institutes in IT technology, London University, Delhi University, and Jammu University with corporate partners like Microsoft, IBM, and Google.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to Python with fundamentals
  2. SQL connectivity
  3. Preliminaries of data science
  4. Power BI infrastructure
  5. Data mining via supervised and unsupervised learning methodologies
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. Data transformation
  8. Data reduction and generation
  9. Black and white box methods
  10. Engineering prompts


  1. Webinars
  2. 100+hours assignments
  3. Access study materials from the LMS portal
  4. Interview demo
  5. 100% placement assurance


3. Nashik University

Data science courses in Nashik are offering well-known institutes in data science. This course comes up with graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs designed to meet the needs of businesses and IT industries. The university emphasizes academic growth, and excellent teaching, and training facilities.

Currently, it does not facilitate data science and data analytics courses in Nashik, because the university offers specializations of data science at graduate and postgraduate level. These courses provide students with relatively technical and logical skills to succeed in data data-centric world.

Course Contents

  1. NumPy fundamentals
  2. Types of array with NumPy
  3. Reshape Array
  4. one-dimensional array with a two-dimensional array
  5. Operations on array:-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and exponential
  6. Array slicing:- change property during slicing


  1. Virtual training
  2. One-to-one mentorship
  3. 30+ assignments
  4. 20+ projects
  5. LinkedIn profile building
  6. 24-7 hour support

Key Futures of Data Science

  1. Data collection and preparation
  2. Machine learning methods and statistical analysis
  3. Equipped with knowledge
  4. Focused on discovery through data exploration
  5. Land your dream job as a data scientist and data analyst


4. KnowledgeCaves

It is one of the reputed institutes that focuses on training and campus placement which is provided by data science courses in Nashik. The motto of this institute is to remedy corporates and freshers unable to deal with software and technology and they will get helped. By threading the needs of students, professionals, and beginners it aims to offer high quality experience. Promise their students for live projects and internships on live company projects to magnify their skills.

Course Contents

  1. Excel data analysis
  2. Python programs
  3. Python with data science
  4. Case study for practice
  5. Statistical methods
  6. Advanced Excel and SQL
  7. Basic testing of data
  8. Assignment on Power BI and SQL


  1. 10+ industry projects
  2. 50+ case studies
  3. Bootcamp
  4. No EMI cost
  5. Alumni meet professionals
  6. Industrial training


Python: – Used for programming operations

Excel: – Create tables and tables extract the table in Power BI

AWS: – Build visualizations

Tensorflow: – It helps to build reports and display data in

Understandable format

Sample Case Study

HealthCarea.Predictive analysis and forecast for various aspects in health care sections.


A lot of reports are developed using visualization techniques.

a.How many get admitted

b.How many get admitted

Diamond FactoryPower BI for forecasting and trends in their business. Give insights without investmenta.Develop sales on profit

b.Report based on diamond filter shape, size, color, and clarity

Campus Recruitment AnalysisCampus placement or placement drives are conducted in various colleges. Providing job opportunitiesa.How many companies appear

b. How many students appeared

C. On which technology how many students can be selected

A Few More Data Science Courses That You Must Explore For Better Career Growth:


 5. Datamities

The demand for large data skills is continuously increasing in day-to-day life. It is mandatory to find a good institute to enhance skills. The Datamities Institute is mainly focused on training. It provides training in online and offline modes. It is certified by Nashik University and Bombay University.

The institute offers demo lectures. Professionals, beginners, and students can attend demo lectures by doing a free registration. They can make decisions after attending demo lectures to join the course or not.

Datamities offers top data science courses in Nashik and at the national level. Students can learn concepts within two months and a three-month internship includes fundamentals of data and machine learning, Algorithms, and Python programming.

Course Contents

  1. Gathering primary data methods
  2. Gathering secondary data methods
  3. Roles and stages of data science
  4. Issues of data security
  5. Sample evolution
  6. General evolution
  7. Training and testing data
  8. Grid search for testing multiple parameters
  9. Predictions on model
  10. Data round off


  1. Live teaching sessions
  2. Demo lectures
  3. Self-paced environment
  4. Certifications from course
  5. Job assurance
  6. Resume Preparation
  7. Aptitude exercises


  1. NumPy:-Perform arithmetic operations
  2. Power BI:- Useful for Glassdoor reports
  3. Seaborn:- More visualize data
  4. Matplolib:- Plot functions for clarification


6. Pragati Academy

The data science courses in Nashik are provided by Pragati Academy. It includes projects in the curriculum as part of advanced data science.

Job training assists beginners in cracking maximum interviews and obtaining outstanding jobs in organizations, industries, and businesses. The staff members are highly qualified to teach data science fundamentals and strategies and clear all problems and doubts.

After completion of the course and successfully getting marks in unit tests the students can get certificates. During the internship sessions in three months, the experts from industries can give training on data science, cracks interviews using multiple techniques, and how to build a resume thesis essential concepts are covered in training. The students will be industry-ready and capable of taking responsibility within the company, industry, and businesses.

The institute searches for new talent to increase knowledge to become a successful scientist in the future. It believes the 3syntax method” Learning-Practicing-Implementing” helps students in accepting better learning through their career. Beginners can study and learn data science from experts with high-level experience in the field.

The experts are highly skilled and they can train students in specialized subjects.

Course Contents

  1. Machine learning modules in data science
  2. Linear transformation and vector operation
  3. Problem formulation
  4. Paradigm of learning
  5. Panda CSV file read
  6. Panda JSON file read
  7. Cleaning wrong data
  8. Panda correlation
  9. Panda plotting


  1. Panda Quiz solving
  2. Panda exercises and editors
  3. Panda tool working
  4. Panda programming practical sessions
  5. Demo sessions on programming




Excel R

SAAS technology for Data Science

Software As A Service in Data Science provides cloud-based service to customers online. The services include DataBase, hosting websites, and maintenance. Track data to make data decisions and smarter work. You can access data from Excel and database files.

Example. Using servers allows access to applications and servers based on subscription. SAAS is a software licensing module.

SAAS for Big data transforms AI programs and analytics into high opportunities.


7. Dreamviewer Infotech

Dreamviewer Infotech is a Nashik-located course institution that offers various courses to learners to help them develop and update skills for industry jobs. The courses merge practical skills with the academic curriculum. It provides the finest value in lectures and training sessions, with creative minds and strategies to develop solutions to meet goals. The final result is that it is ranked as one of Nashik’s highest data science courses.

Data visualization, Data science, Python, Machine Learning, and digital marketing are many courses at Dreamviewer Infotech. You can easily acquire skills in data science and apply for jobs in industries via job sites.

The data science courses at Dreamviewer Infotech include 50 modules that will teach students the principles of data science on real-life projects It also helps widen knowledge of curricula such as dashboard, python fundamentals, statistics, data handling mechanisms, and analytics.

Students will receive data science certification after completion of the course and ensure 100% placement support.

Course Contents

  1. Data Wrangling
  2. Data plotting and visualization
  3. Annotation to drawing plot
  4. Figures, colours, Markers, lines, and tricks
  5. Reshaping and pivoting
  6. Annotation and drawing subplot
  7. Objects
  8. Web scraping
  9. Writing data in text format
  10. Binary data format


  1. 500 learning hours
  2. 25+ live projects with top industrialists
  3. Bootcamps (50 hrs.)

Features for Joining the Data Science Courses in Nashik

  1. Get Practical skills in data science subjects like Excel, Power BI, SQL, and Python
  2. Do projects using visualization tools
  3. Visualize the dashboard using different techniques to make it more attractive and easy to understand
  4. Getting certifications from institutes helps you with your career opportunities
  5. Through expert guidance complete your training and case studies
  6. One-to-one mentor guidance makes you strong in visualization
  7. Join the course initially by taking the experience of free demo lectures
  8. Pay fees in instalment



8. DataTrained

The DataTrained builds beginners and students to use the platform by delivering them to LMS, permitting them to access data or content, attend classes online and offline, solve tests, take project mentor guides, and take coaches for career assistance.

The primary session includes a step-by-step content description and instructions on how to install the software. Data science courses in Nashik teach Excel with Power BI calculations, mean, mode, median, and derivations through real-world projects.

Programming course defines and develops code logic, flowcharts, and algorithms for data science. Data science insights provide professionals with an understanding of data science and the duties of data analysts and data scientists. Professionals can make decisions based on data analysis using charts and graphs.

It begins with an overview of Excel, dataset connectivity, altering, and data cleaning data.

Course Contents

  1. Creating frames
  2. Concate operation
  3. Column value sorting
  4. File formats-CSV, JSON, txt, Excel
  5. Feature standards
  6. Feature scaling
  7. Matrix of NumPy
  8. Spaced NumPy array
  9. Dimension, Flattening, transposing, size, and shape of an array
  10. Slicing, broadcasting, concatenating, and stacking n-dimensional arrays


  1. 100 hrs. of projects
  2. Learn from IIT faculty
  3. Campus facility
  4. Tool installation

Step-by-step Guide for Creating Dashboards and Reports:-

  1. Extract data from Excel or any media into Power BI
  2. Set data as a workbook
  3. Perform data analysis tasks and determine visualizations
  4. Create a dashboard using Excel data
  5. Customize dashboard


9. GreatLearning

It is a multinational education company that provides top education programs and skills in the technology circle, business sectors, and data collection. Graduation and post-graduation education offers in data science.

Through data science courses in Nashik, students can learn from remote places online through experienced faculty and support on live projects.

Course Contents

  1. Objects and operations of Python
  2. Python package and modules
  3. Parallel processing and deployment
  4. Methods and statements in Python
  5. Python configuration and installation
  6. Application Programming Interface
  7. Processing natural languages
  8. Principles of Component Models
  9. Network working sessions
  10. Predictive and descriptive analysis


  1. Project demo
  2. 200+ online lectures
  3. 100+offline lectures
  4. Practical sessions

All the modules help data analysts or data scientists, including applications, skills for dashboard creation, and so on.


10. Coursera

It was founded in 2015 in Nashik. Initially, Coursera included 50 faculties and 500 students but today they have achieved the goals of having 1100+ faculties and 5000+ students learning different courses.

Special practical sessions are arranged on weekends and weekdays to be more perfect. Learn from home in a self-paced environment.

Learners are looking for development, IT education, and courses they should come to the correct place. It expands into endeavours, and rays of hope expand training soon. 500+ hours of data science instruction over 6 months will help you to become an excellent Data Scientist or Data Analyst.



How should candidates apply for data science courses in Nashik?

  • There are no eligibility criteria for the data science course
  • Candidate have only graduate or postgraduate degree in computer/mathematics /technical field
  • The beginner with zero knowledge can also enrol in this course

Which contents are included in data science courses in Nashik?

Data science institutes include concepts, tools, practicals, and training sessions to become a data analyst or data scientist. Additionally includes freelancers, work from home, and live work in companies.

How much do data scientists earn?

The average salary for a data scientist in Nasik is 90, 0000 salaries depending on factors as follows

  1. Education
  2. Responsibilities
  3. Company size
  4. Industries

Because of the shortage of data talent, salaries or wages are on the rise.

It’s time to begin a career in this field.



Nashik’s data science courses provide students with the requirements for companies and businesses. The technologies and skills are needed in data circumstances around the industries.

After completion of the data science certification course, students can start training and developing portfolios in Nashik. This course is helpful for beginners, learners, and professionals to advance their careers in interested fields. It delivers programming skills, interview preparation, and the ability to build models and programming.

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