Are you looking for a Data Science course in Dadar? Then, your search ends here! This article lists the top 10 Data Science courses in Dadar. Data Science in 2024 is a raging field to opt for among students. Data Science is the trending career option that students are seeking to have a secure profession in times of macroeconomic turmoil. With the advent of AI, it has become all the more necessary that one learns the mechanism behind it and uses it to their advantage for growth prospects.



But, before we begin with the best data science courses in Dadar, let us first understand data science.


What Is Data Science?

Data science is extracting relevant information from the data of your business and using it to enhance its operations and efficiency. Data Science helps in making strategic decisions for business and uses AI, ML and other Mathematics and Statistics tools to deliver value in decision-making.

In layman’s terms, Data Science deals with large, complex data and makes it simple to understand.


Applicability of Data Science

Data Science has universal applicability as all industries thrive on data to understand the status and progress of that industry. It is now being utilized in almost all fields of work including the Internet, Healthcare, Travel, Finance, and Manufacturing. It is used heavily in service industries to understand customers and predict consumer behaviour. It was already a huge part of the Science and Space industry and has now spilt over to all that has numbers involved.

Some Fields Where Data Science is Used:

Search Engines: This is a classic example of the applicability of data science. The large information captured over the internet is processed through natural language processing, a module of data science and then gives the most appropriate information on our search engines based on our history and behaviour of browsing.

The auto-predict feature is a part of the search engine when one doesn’t have to type the whole sentence on a browser and the text prediction kicks into action. Data Science can also be used in predicting images on the web, especially on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram where you can tag your friends and their profile comes in the display,

Health Care: Data Science is a boon for the Healthcare industry as it has processed and analyzed large quantities of data collected based on readings/cases of patients and helped in predicting and preventing diseases. Many drugs have been discovered and many diseases have been predicted using data science and its branches.

Air Traffic-Planning: Data Science is vital and pivotal in planning air routes and controlling air traffic in the world As trade, commerce and travel have become dense, the need for processing and analyzing data to prevent air hazards and better travel traffic has increased manifold.

Financial Analysis and Planning: Data Science is essential for Financial planning and analysis as it helps process and analyze large financial and complex data to predict future market scenarios and also prevent fraudulent activities and cyber crimes for money.

Manufacturing: Industries need operational efficiency and strategic decision-making to manufacture goods. Operational efficiency can only be achieved when the data collected over time is processed and analyzed to produce intelligible insights.

The manufacturing industries already have a large database due to the various functions that help run these industries. The data science field helps these industries to crunch numbers in a way that predicts the continuity, growth and sustainability of these manufacturing of goods.

Statistical and mathematical models are generated for refineries, and marine and manufactured goods industries to make informed decisions or plan strategies that boost production with optimal efficiency.

Some common jobs you can apply for after mastering data science are Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, ML engineer etc.

Data Science is a highly skilled field. The job prospects for highly skilled professionals are flourishing. There is less supply and more demand which leaves more space for better salaries and job prospects!

Data Science courses in India are thriving. Now you don’t even have to commute far in case you are looking for top data science courses near your area.

Explore These In-demand Data Science Courses Near You:


Top 10 Data Science Courses In Dadar With Placements



IIM SKILLS is one of the top institutes that offer data science courses which can be availed by students from all over the world including Dadar.
It was started in 2009 with the vision of providing quality education and courses to students in India. The institute offers a Data Science course as an 11-month MBA program. The course is popular not only amongst students but has been ranked number 1 by Analytics Insights, The Statesman and The Times Now.
They offer 160+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assistance, 16 projects and 10 case studies. IIM skills covers 7 tools of Data Science. They offer 24*7 support.

Course Duration: 11 months.

Course Fee: INR 99,900/- + 18% GST.


Statistics – Data Science
Power BI
R Language

Method of Training:


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Phone number: +919580740740

Email address: [email protected]



2. Sketo Infotech OPC Pvt. Ltd. 

Sketo Infotech located in Dadar, West Mumbai has been in the industry of providing courses in IT Programming Languages Training, Data Science & Business Analytics Training, and Web Technologies Training. They have been in this service for 8 years.

Their classroom training and instructor-led classes are thorough and deal with data cleaning, data visualization and statistical analysis. This data science course from Sketo Infotech helps students in analyzing and interpreting data to make strategic decisions.

Sketo Has an Intensive Course Curriculum for Its Students and is as Follows:

-Introduction to Data Science

-Python Programming

-Object Oriented Programming

-SQL & Advanced SQL



-Machine Learning

-Machine Learning

-Data Visualization

You can check this institute for a Data Science course in Dadar if you are a beginner and want to understand the basics of data science.

Level: Beginner
Course Duration: 126 hours
Method of Training: Off-line, in-person classes.


3. Laqshya Institute

Laqshya Institute located in Dadar, West Mumbai is a top-notch training institute for students looking for top data science courses in Dadar. The institute is associated with the Skills India Program under the National Skills Development Corporation of India

They have been in the industry since 2009 and have been recognised by several prestigious institutions. Their data science course is recognised under NSDC-Skill India, ISO, NIELIT, Microsoft, Certiport & Google. They are certified under ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Laqshya Institute strives to provide quality education to its students and therefore has ensured that it employs experienced faculties.

They have a limited batch size so that they can provide attention to each student well.  Assignments are on live projects, a free study material guide reference, and also provide free software for training online. Placements are provided to students after their training is done and the support is provided for a lifetime for the alumni.

Ad Hoc classes and Sunday sessions are held for doubts and queries.
Their support also extends to mock interviews, and oral and written tests to help provide the best of preparation to their students.


-Python Programming
-Machine Learning
-Linear Algebra
-Data Visualisation

-Natural Language Programming
-Time Series and  Data Analysis

Their data science course entails:
-Data Manipulation and analysis
-Analyzing Data along with Statistics
-Data Communication
-Big Data & Hadoop

Course Duration: 4 – 6 months, can be around 6 hrs.
Level: Beginner
Method of Training: Online and offline courses

A Few More Data Science Courses That You Should Explore Near You:


4. Quick Xpert Infotech

Quick Xpert Infotech is an institute giving one of the top 10 data science courses in Dadar. It is located in Dadar East.
Quick Xpert Infotech has been in the service of training for 10  years. The institute is ISO certified, having training experts who have been trained globally.

They believe in practical training and indulge in Live Projects and case studies. They train live on Zoom and Google and do not play pre-recorded classes.

Students have been placed in more than 1000+ companies and have done so while charging a reasonable training fee.

Free Demo classes are provided to help you decide how the flow of the classes goes.

Individualized courses are designed and can help custom design training on request.

For placements, they help target roles like Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst etc.
The tools that will be taught during the data science course include Tableau, My SQL, Jupyter, Anaconda, XGboost and Pandas to name a few.



Python & Python Analytics

Statistics, Machine Learning and Advanced ML

Artificial Intelligence

Power BI


Duration:3.5 to 4 months
Level: Beginner
Method of Training: Online and Offline courses


5. Stek IT education

Stek IT education is one institute that comes under the top 10 data science courses in Dadar. They have affiliations from various prestigious institutions like NIEELT.

They are a government-recognised institute, which offers 100% placement assistance after training.

Stek provides training by experienced faculty who have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The course is designed as per international standards, they also have a training lab for their offline classes and give practical training with case studies.


Statistics & Machine Learning
Data Science Concepts
The Field of Data Science
Connecting the Data Science Disciplines
The benefits of each discipline
The popular data science tools
Statistic Principles
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics, Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
Clustering, Associations
Mathematics and  Principles of Data Science
Python, R Programming and Business Intelligence
Programming Tools: Python and R Programming
Data Science with Python & R Programming
Python Libraries
R Packages
Functions in R
Data Visualization in R

Duration:3.5 to 4 months
Level: Beginner
Method of Training: Online and Offline courses

Have A Look At These List of Courses That You Can Explore in Mumbai:


6. NetTech India

NetTech India can also be considered if you are looking for top 10 data science courses in Dadar. They offer two courses, namely, the Certified Professional Diploma in Data Science and the PG Certification Program in Data Science.

Certified Professional Diploma in Data Science is a course that lasts 6-8 months.

Curriculum for Both Certifications:

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

NetTech India’s facility is huge bordering 2500 sqft and thus practical training classes are done with Live Projects. They give complete placement training and then placement assistance. They conduct mock interviews and give assignments to train their students completely and provide a global certification.

NetTech India’s data science course gives free demo lectures and reference study materials to prepare their students. They also have guest lectures from industry experts

They Strive to Place Students in Job Titles Like

Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist
Application Architect
Enterprise Architect
Data Architect
Business Intelligence

Duration:3.5 to 4 months
Level: Beginner
Method of Training: Online and Offline courses


7. Aptech Computer Education

Aptech Computer Education is a premier institute and provides one of the top 10 data science courses in Dadar.
Aptech is a brand which has been in the education industry since 1986. Overall the institute has trained and helped 70 Lac + students under various courses to get placed.
The data science courses of Aptech Computer Education include n R, Python, SMAC, Big Data on Hadoop and implement concepts such as data exploration, regression model, Hadoop


Phase 1

Financial data analysis with MS Excel

Python Programming

Emerging job areas-SMAC

Large data management

R programming


Phase 2

Foundation of Big Data systems

Processing Big Data [Hadoop-MapReduce, Hive, PigLatin]

Visual analytics with Tableau

Web, Social Media Analytics

Project-Big Data

Duration:14 months
Level: IT students/Professionals/Engineers
Method of Training: Offline courses


7. Develearn

Develearn, based out of Dadar,  is one of the top 10 data science courses in Dadar to check out
Develearn is known for its comprehensive module, experienced instructors and industry-relevant tools. They offer placement assistance.

They provide career assistance throughout after training their students. They also have a large data science community in Mumbai and host networking events and seminars introducing you to industry leaders.

They also provide one-on-one sessions to students for mentoring and clearing doubts and queries. They have mentorship sessions for the best guidance provided by the industry. They strive for roles like opportunities in job titles, including Junior/Senior/Associate Data Scientist, Forecasting/Risk Analyst, Research Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer,




Machine Learning

Data Wrangling



Duration:14 months
Level: IT students/Professionals/Engineers
Method of Training: Online and Offline courses


8. Skillslash

Skillslash offers data science courses in Dadar powered by Microsoft certification.
This course is designed by data science industry experts with a perfect blend of theory and practical experience to help you understand data science in the most comprehensive of ways.

The program is designed for people from various sectors like Healthcare, BFSI, retail and others. Most of the batch profile is a mix of UG & PG with 1 to 5 years of work experience They have both weekday and weekend batches


Foundations: Programming, Stats, Python Basics, Data Types.

Data Analysis: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, ML.

Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Big Data.

Excel sheets & SQL, Cloud service, Tableau, Power BI.

Advantages of Joining the Skillslash Data Science Course in Dadar

– Microsoft Certification

– Real work experience on actual projects of companies and a real-time work experience certificate for the same.

– Job references provided

– Hands-on training with interactive learning sessions and live recorded sessions available.

– Lifetime access to study material

Duration:14 months
Level: Beginner
Method of Training: Offline courses


9. Tech Data Solutions:

Tech data solutions is another option to consider studying data science courses in Dadar. They have industry-savvy trainers with more than 10 years of experience in industry and technology. Their module design is not only comprehensive, it is job-oriented as well.

They conduct 120+ hours of training sessions give 30_ hours of separate assignments and give 10 real-time projects during the course.
They have only limited students per batch as their philosophy is to give strong attention to each of their students.
The course material is both hard and soft copies and lifetime access to recorded sessions. They also have a 24*7 support system and give resumes and real-time interview preparation questions. They offer 100% placement assistance and certificates at the end of the course.

This Course is Designed for Anyone Including:

IT professionals who are looking to hone their skills in data science like analytics, machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

Subject Matter Expertise looking to improve their business decision-making.

Software developers want to switch to data science and data analytics or machine learning.

Experienced professionals
Students who like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

They also have customized learning courses based on the background of the student.


R Programming
Machine Learning
Data Wrangling

Duration:14 months
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
Method of Training: Offline courses


10. Rise Institute:

One of the institutes for the top 10 data science courses in Dadar, Rise Institute speaks of 1800+ students trained in data science courses. Rise Institute offers 100% placement assistance.

Their course is designed by industry experts and is suitable for beginners looking to start their career in Data Science. Their curriculum is based on projects and is practical.

Course Curriculum

Data Science & Analytics- Power BI

BI Concepts

Project-based Learning

You will find HR-managed sessions and preparations for resume-building sessions as well. They also give Naukri platform sessions, HR and Weekly Mock projects.

Rise Institute offers SQL,  Data Warehouse concepts, Programming, Data Visualisation, and end live projects in their Data Science course module.
The institute course duration is 6 months and has around 175+ sessions.

They also offer custom-designed courses based on your background and experience
Their students have been placed in companies like Google, MEta, Yahoo, Hubspot, Forbes, Genpact, Wipro, HCL, Fractal, and Capgemini.

Duration:6 months
Level: Beginner
Method of Training: Online and Offline courses



How is Data Science different from IT?

Data Science and IT can be grouped under one category in the Data Studies field.
However, Data Science is focused on studying methods to extract relevant information from data whereas IT is focused on making the computers crunch data by implementing software.

You can choose the IT sector if your capabilities are more towards coding, human and computer relationships or developing software.

Why study Data Science in Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the main hubs of the corporate sector in India. It is also easy access to the great tech giants who are expanding business in the western region of India.

Are you the right fit for a data science course?

If you are a student who enjoys solving complex problems, like using your analytical skills in general and has a keen interest in problems related to data and numbers, then you may opt for a course in Data Science

Are you eligible to pursue a Data Science course?

You are eligible in all the below cases to pursue a Data Science course:

-If you are an IT professional and want to switch streams.

-If you are a Marketing or a Business professional and want to make informed decisions.

-Undergraduates in Science stream/ Post graduates/Engineering Graduates.

-Statisticians and mathematicians backgrounds.

What are the job roles offered in Data Science?

Job titles in fields of data science are –  Data Analyst, BI Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer,
In small and medium organizations, these roles may be combined but in larger organizations, they are more defined and nuanced.

What is the average salary offered in the field of data science?

The range in the field starts from 10L INR annually and can go up to 25L INR
It depends on the level you are at and the function you are serving.
The mid to senior levels can also go upto INR 1Cr annually.

What are some of the top companies hiring for Data Scientists?

Some of the top companies that hire from this field are: FAANG, Air BNB, Uber, etc



The advancement of technology and the growing interest in Data Science has made access to the study of this course available to all. People nowadays don’t have to travel to any place to specialize in different courses.

If you are a student looking to hone those mathematical skills and crunch numbers based on Dadar. You can choose any of these top 10 data science institutes.

Data Science promises a lucrative career to anyone who dares to take the data dive.

Data Science requires a lot of business, analytical and problem-solving skills. One must have an interest in all three of the above to be successful in such a niche field.