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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur With Placements

In the current digital and immediate environment, data management is an effective tool for a corporation to get recognition in the market. Due to this, data analytics/analysis courses are in demand to meet industry requirements. Data Analytics converts raw and unorganized data into organized information as per requirement. If you are residing in Udaipur- A city of Lake, and searching for an industry-recognized data analytics course, you have reached the right place. Here, we provide information about the top 10 industry-recognized data analytics courses in Udaipur.

List of best data analytics courses in Udaipur

What is Data Analysis?

We live in a digital environment, leaving digital footprints at every step. Now, these digital footprints and information work as data for corporations to enhance their services and products. They have the data or set of information but in an unorganized way.

Here comes the role of a data analyst, which is to draw the strategic information per institutions’ requirements. As per the definition, data analysis draws useful information by inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data for decision-making.

Data analysis has multiple approaches and techniques used differently in today’s business world, but the foundation remains the same as machine language programming.

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To become a data analyst, a person must learn about different tools and techniques used in the analysis. In today’s complex, interconnected, globalized world, business leaders need accurate, real-time access to available data in an accurate manner for decision-making.

Data analysis is one of the fastest-growing career options with a high package. Data analysis uses analytical and statistical tools to visualize meaningful information from data. And to become a data analyst, you must learn about SQL, Python, Advanced Excel, Tableau, etc.

Learning is a process, and every individual has a different approach. Some are comfortable with online learning, and others prefer classroom training.

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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur



When looking for skill development & professional courses, IIM SKILLS is the most recommended ed-tech company in the world. They have a wide range of courses that help you train the best to enhance your career growth and development.

Therefore, there is no second doubt about IIM SKILLS being the best platform for providing data analytics courses in Udaipur. IIM SKILLS believes in giving quality coaching to create a stream for professional growth and success.


Hence, all the courses by them are 100% practical oriented and tool oriented which helps each candidate to have a practical learning experience. For any institute mentors play a vital role in shaping the growth and success of their students.

IIM SKILLS has the most efficient and talented trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in their respective domains. The course curriculum is best designed for the interest and the benefit of the students. Also, the curriculums are regularly upgraded so that they are on track with the growing trends in the market.

They have a helpline that is open 24/7 and provides the right guidance and support not only to help the candidates with their career development but also to help them choose the right stream for their career based on their skills and interests.

The courses with IIM SKILLS are quite affordable so it’s affordable to everyone. Each course is structured in a way where the candidates who are totally fresher can also enroll. These courses are also for professionals who want to upgrade and enhance their professional skills for further growth and success in their careers.

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All the courses with IIM SKILLS are 100% certified government-authorized and approved. Data analytics course with IIM SKILLS covers all the latest and upgraded tools. They provide free learning materials which are accessible for a lifetime.

Also, the applicants receive live recordings of every session on a timely basis which provides flexible learning for the working class applicants.

Tools Covered:

  • R
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Excel

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2. Quick Xpert Infotech

Industry-recognized and job-oriented certification in Data Analyst from Quick Xpert Infotech will benefit students and working professionals. Through this course, IT and non-IT professionals get the fundamental knowledge of tools used in data analysis, like SQL, Python, Advanced Excel, etc., from experienced professionals.

As per requirement, the institution is providing the data analytics course in two durations, four months & 6 months. The institution provides learning through both modes, online and offline, but offline classes only at Thane, Mumbai.

The data Analytics courses in Udaipur offered by the institution meet all the Industry’s requisite requirements and make the candidate equipped for the job of a data analyst. Due to industry-oriented certification, this is one of the best data analytics courses in Udaipur.

Features of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur:

  • Training from experts
  • Affordable Fees
  • Learn from basics
  • 80% Practical training
  • Interview Prepare sessions
  • Resume building
  • Live Projects & study materials provided

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3. iCERT Global

iCERT, an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and Accredited Examination Centre (ATC) provides cost-effective online courses. iCERT has headquarters in the United States and provides online industry-certified courses through experienced professionals.

Through online Data Analytics courses in Udaipur, iCERT Global helped the aspirants to better understand and visualize data into information.

iCERT Global course has some distinctive features like 32 hours of online coaching through self-paced video, industry-oriented certification, and practical Training through R CloudLab.

Features of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur:

  • Global approvals & accreditations
  • The course at more than 100+ locations
  • Complimentary E-learning for all participants
  • Practice tests to benchmark the standards
  • Instructor-led classroom & online training worldwide
  • Industry-oriented study modules

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4. Central University of Rajasthan

The Central University of Rajasthan partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to provide data analytics courses in Udaipur. According to the industry requirement, the University designed the course in consultation with TCS.

Due to this, a renowned brand association with certification helps to develop the course in a methodological way. The course is designed in a way that comprises computer science, statistics, and mathematics to provide extensive knowledge about data analysis.

This extensive two-year course provides an in-depth understanding of Java, Python, and R programming. The main course feature is in-depth classroom training through experienced professionals; two years course frame includes professional training.


Features of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur:

  • Recognized Certification
  • Experienced faculty
  • National-level conferences and seminars
  • Become a part of the innovation cell at the University
  • Central Library


5. Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies (GITS)

GITS is providing the course in a different way; the institution is providing Institute of Analytics (IoA) approved advanced data analytics courses in Udaipur. The main requirement to enroll in the Data Analytics course is B.Tech.

After completing the course, a candidate may apply for membership at the internationally recognized organization IoA. Members of IoA have access to ongoing professional development, skill, and career consultation.

Through 3 years degree course, candidates get dual recognition in the form of a University degree and IoA membership, participation in international seminars, industry interaction, and intensive workshops. This course opens the gates for a global career through integrated learning modules.

Features of the Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur:

  • Internationally recognized IoA membership
  • Experienced faculty
  • More than 38 study partners in different courses
  • Dual recognition in the form of a University degree & IoA membership

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6. ExcelR

ExcelR has a presence in 40 countries and designed the course through real-life skills and conceptual principles. The institution’s data analytics courses in Udaipur make learning easy through advanced tools and provide an in-depth understanding of Tableau, PowerBI, and Excel.

ExcelR collaborated with IBM to design and develop the Data Analytics Course that fulfills the market demands.

Through this course, a candidate gets exposure to MySQL, Tableau, Advanced Excel, Python, PowerBI, and Agile. E-learning portals, job assistance, and dedicated team support made the course different from others available in the market. After the completion of the course, the candidate gets the IBM certification.


Features of Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur:

  • Personalized program curriculum
  • Best Mentors in Industry
  • Online access to learning modules
  • Assistance even Post completion of the course
  • Learning through online modules


7. Apponix Academy

Apponix Academy, an authorized training partner of IABAC, provides data analytics courses in Udaipur through classroom mode for 6 to 12 months. Apponix has been providing training in data science since 2014 and covers basic and advanced concepts.

The institution develops the course in line with the European Commission Project EDISON framework, and the course includes Machine learning with Python, R programming, Forecasting, SQL, and Excel.

Some other support provided by Apponix along with this Course: CV building preparation, interview preparation, and mock interview sessions to enable the candidate for market placement.

Features of the Data Analysis Courses in Udaipur:

  • Learning about SQL & Python
  • Working with industry-recommended software & system
  • Learning through cluster analysis
  • Data Visualization using advanced Excel
  • Different tools used online to process & forecasting
  • Understanding Decision trees, random forest
  • CV making, interview preparation through online mock interviews


8. 360 DigiTMG

360 DigiTMG, offering data analytics courses in Udaipur with the collaboration of IBM, equips the candidate with an understanding of data processing tools like Excel, and SQL, and Data visualization tools like Tableau and PowerBI.

Data stored in Database Management Software is used through SQL/ NoSQL and Tableau & PowerBI are used in analyzing it and presenting it to end users. This course gives an overview of the different techniques used to analyze structured and unstructured data and visualizes the data blocks in an informative way.

This three-month course worked on analyzing and preparing daily data reports, applying data-driven insights for decision-making, developing live reports, etc.

Course modules upgrade the skills through on-site or virtual-based sessions, customized courses, industry-oriented modules, and corporate-based learning management.

Features of Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur:

  • Working online with various data generation sources
  • Applying data-driven, visual insight for business decisions on live cases
  • Practical related to building dashboards and reports for day-to-day applicability
  • Usage of advanced Excel concepts to represent data for end users
  • Perform online load, retrieve, update, and delete the data in RDBMS


9. Edubotix Innovations

Edubotix Innovations is providing training in robotics and data analytics courses in Udaipur. They also worked with institutions like IITs, NIT, NID, government colleges, etc., to impart training in robotics and data analytics.

The institution provides a lab-based training session with practical training through live case-based data analysis and provides a certification recognized by the corporation. Course modules are designed with the help of industry experts and are regularly updated with the dynamic requirements of the Industry.

Features of Data Analytics Course of Edubotix Innovations at Udaipur:

  • Flexible deadlines
  • Shareable corporate recognized Certificate
  • Experienced and professional instructor
  • Lab-based training sessions
  • Live case-based data analysis


10. ROSE India

ROSE India trained the candidates from fundaments to advance in data analytics courses in Udaipur. Anyone can access the online Course on Data Analytics, which provides insight into Machine learning and Data learning technologies. No programming experience is required to enroll in the course and become a data scientist.

After the completion of the course, the candidate will be able to address the business issue and work on data science projects. One can learn about data models, machine learning languages to analyze data, and NLP technologies. ROSE India course will help to upgrade your career in data analysis.

Features of the Data Analytics Course of ROSE India at Udaipur:

  • Work on real-life projects
  • Work on industry-grade assignments with high relevance in the corporate world
  • Arrange job interviews in top MNCs
  • Lifetime access to the course and course material, along with lifetime upgrade and 24*7 support


11. Udacity

Udacity provides data analysis courses with Python and SQL machine language. That will advance the ability to tackle complex and unorganized data. Learning helps to visualize and analyze the data. Four monthly courses mainly focus on learning through advanced data analysis tools through online mode.

The primary requirement for enrollment in the course is working experience with Python and SQL, as their course is based on these machine languages. So, it’s not for beginners. They provide the LinkedIn profile optimization service with the course.

Features of Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur:

  • Learn the data analysis process
  • Work with data in Python, using NumPy & Pandas
  • Learn to apply inferential statistics and Probability to real-world scenarios
  • Real-world projects from industry experts
  • Technical mentor support
  • Career Services like access to GitHub portfolio review and LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Flexible learning program


Benefits of Learning Data Analytics Courses in Udaipur

Courses on Data Analytics help to upgrade the skills required in the field of data analysis. A few critical skills are:-

1. Machine Language

The first and prime learning from the data analysis course is knowledge about machine languages like Python, SQL, etc. The base of any analysis is programming language and understanding that will help to use different tools and techniques used in data analysis. Because every tool or technique follows some programming language, understanding helps analyze the Data efficiently per requirement.

2. Decision Making

In a competitive business environment, a margin of error in decision-making will result in disastrous output. So, the data analysis course will help visualize and analyze complex and unorganized data in an informative way. With this course, anyone can easily find the trends and patterns in massive data. These online courses enhance the skill of decision-making in complex scenarios by analyzing data. The right decision will lead to a favorable outcome.

3. Advanced Excel Skill

Data analysis required advanced Excel knowledge, and after completing the course, that requirement was fulfilled. Excel understanding makes the analysis more accessible and opens more career doors. Advanced Excel skill helps to boost productivity and proficiency.


Data Analyst Skills in-demand

If you have the right set of skills, you can become a part of a high-paying industry & stable employment. Each year, the demand for data analysts and scientists is increasing. If anyone wants to become a part of the data analytics industry, then they must possess these seven skills:

1) SQL (Structured Query language)

SQL is the standard query language used to communicate with databases. Technical screening of SQL is standard in data analytics interviews; understanding SQL will make it easier to qualify. So, becoming fluent in SQL is mandatory to become data analytics.

2) Statistical Programming

Statistical programming languages like R or Python are required to perform advanced analyses. These languages help to visualize, analyze, and clean extensive data more efficiently. If someone needs to gain experience in programming, then Python is better to start learning because Python is easier than R language.

3) Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most critical developments in data science, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning helps to draw patterns in big data analysis and improve their accuracy over time. Mastering machine learning is not much required for data analytics, but that skill gives a competitive edge over others.

4) Data Management

Different companies use different data management systems and understanding how databases work will help to analyze big complex data. Data management is the practice of collecting, organizing, and sorting data to convert it into useful information.

5) Econometrics

Data analysis is working on unorganized data to get helpful information, and with econometrics, analysts use statistical and mathematical models to forecast future trends. Econometrics is mainly used in financial sector investment banks and hedge funds. So, understanding econometrics skills gives me an edge over others in the financial sector.

6) Probability and statistics

Two important streams of mathematics, Probability, and statistics, help to analyze big data. Through probability analysis, an analyst will try to find the Probability of an event’s occurrence in the future. On the other hand, statistics refers to the field of math and science related to collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data.

So, understanding Probability and statistics is essential for analyzing complex data. An event’s occurrence or non-occurrence affects the outcome and this analysis matters for decision-making.

7) Visualization

Visualization of Data is essential in data analysis. Learning visualization software, like Tableau, will enhance data visualization skills. A data analyst visualizes the data through charts, graphs, maps, and other visualization aids to present useful information that helps decision-making. In simple words, we may say statistical visualization of data will be helpful in decision-making.

In-demand jobs in Data Analytics

Courses on data analytics open many doors to enter the market; some in-demand roles are:-

  • Associate Data Analyst
  • Data Technician
  • Marketing analyst
  • Business Performance Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Finance Analyst
  • Junior Data Scientist

A recognized institution certification will help get the mentioned profile in the corporate world. Knowledge with experience helps to grow in career path.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Which course is best for data analysis?

The course, which provides practical exposure and live case analysis, will be the best in the Industry. And the industry-recognized course will be best, and they work according to the requirements of the Industry.

2. What is the eligibility for the Data Analytics course?

Domain knowledge and a degree holder in the relevant field are the basic eligibility for the Data Analytics course. Because data analysis requires some basic knowledge of tools like Excel, Python, etc., to become an expert in data analysis.

3. What is the duration of the data analysis course?

The course duration varies from 3 months to 3 years, i.e., from Certificate to degree, and pursuing the course depends on the requirement. A student may go for a long-term course, while a working professional opt for a short-term online course. So, the course duration will depend on an individual’s requirements. Even some institutions are providing customized data analysis courses.

4. What is the data analytics course fee?

Like the duration of the course, the fee also depends on the type of recognition going for. The certificate course will cost Rs. 9000/- to Rs. 200000/-, the degree course may range from Rs. 200000/- to Rs. 2500000/- while post-graduation may vary from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakh.

5. What kind of companies hire data analytics?

Today, every kind of company, from finance, pharma, IT, consumer goods, etc., hires data analytics to be in the market. Data analytics provide information used by promoters to increase their business. Day by day, technology increases the demand for data analytics in the market.


Due to the high demand for data analytics, many institutions have come up with courses on data analysis. Before enrolling in any course, one must verify the credibility and recognition of the institution, industry collaboration, teaching methodology, and faculty. And, last but not least, the cost of pursuing the course because everyone has some financial obligations and limits due to which cost of course also matters in selection. If you are interested in analyzing numbers and solving complex problems, then you have a career option in data analysis.

An undergraduate may go for the degree course instead of a short-term course or Certificate. A student has the option to study further and gain knowledge about different aspects of data analysis. However, a working professional is not free to break into a career due to financial obligations or personal reasons. For them, a short-term course or online/virtual course is beneficial. Certification or degree from a recognized institute helps to get noticed in the corporate world. So, get the certification and open doors for progression in your career.

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