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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in The UK With Placements

Data has been stored and documented since time immemorial. We are getting engaged with the collection of data through social media surveys, feedback forms, or content. Companies and organizations collect and store this data in a raw and unfiltered form. It is the role of a data analyst to sort this raw data into a coherent text. The UK is well known in the international market for its scope of data analytics. Well-renowned universities providing practical knowledge, unrivaled syllabi, and engaging coaching make pursuing data analytics courses in the UK a good choice. 

List of best data analytics courses in the UK

Here Are the Top 11 Universities to Study Data Analytics Courses in the UK:


Rank# 1. Data Analytics Courses in the UK


They are top-ranking institutes globally that offer the best professional & skill development courses. If you are looking for the best Data Analytics Courses in the UK, we highly recommend the consider IIM SKILLS to your top-notch choice.

They have the best-designed curriculum which is designed in a way best suitable for students from beginners to professionals who want to upgrade their professional skills. The mentors with IIM SKILLS are a highly efficient team who have years of experience and are experts in their domain.


Data Analytics Course by IIM SKILLS is a course for 6 months with comprehensive online training with 2 months of internship which is optional for those who want to have a professional experience.  The Data Analytics Course is 100% certified and provided with full career guidance support.

The course materials have free lifetime access and are not additionally charged for extended access after completing the course period. If you are already a working professional or a homemaker with personal commitments then this course offers flexibility in learning without disturbing your ongoing projects.


Also, the course fee is under budget and offers EMI payment options that have zero interest. Those who want to register for the course can avail of an additional offer of a 10% discount on group registrations.

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The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI

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Contact Information:

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Rank# 2. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

2. University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool currently proposes a master of science degree in business analytics and big data. Students of this program will study and develop how to organize and work with data while polishing their analytical and leadership skills.

The course is built in collaboration with leading industry experts PepsiCo and AstraZeneca, and formulated through interdisciplinary research.

In This Course,e Aspirants Will Study 2 Modules:

Compulsory Modules Containing:

  • Business Simulation and Analysis
  • Big Data Analytics for Business
  • Big Data Analytics for Business
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Management and Business Technology
  • MSc Project

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An Optional Module Consisting of:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Physical Distribution and Logistics
  • Global Maritime Logistics
  • Global Corporate Strategy
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Service Operations Management
  • Simulation and Operations Modelling
  • Visualization and Data Mining
  • Enterprise System Sap
  • Portfolio Management in Organisations and Projects

Course Period: The course period ranges from 12 months for full–time students and 24 months for part-time students.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants of the course are required to meet the basic entry requirement of the institution which includes a physics, engineering, management, mathematics, or computer science qualification from a UK or non-UK university. Non-graduate applicants require prolific professional experience and related qualifications. All aspiring applicants must meet the university’s required level of knowledge in English.

Course costs/fees: The course fee ranges from 14,000 euros for UK-residing applicants and 27,000 euros for non-UK residing students.

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Rank# 3. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

3. London School of Economics

London School of Economics offers a course in MSc in data science with an all-around syllabus supporting students in the technical, practical, and theoretical areas. It gives students insight into obtaining and applying theoretical knowledge with the hands-on-deck experience provided by in-house computer lab sessions as well as working with partner companies.

Students will be required to partake in four compulsory coursework while working on a capstone project. Students are also required to select optional courses from the provided list of options on the university website.

The Module of Data Analysis Courses in the UK:

Compulsory Coursework:

  • Statistical Methods and Data Analysis
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Visualizing Data and managing

Optional Coursework:

  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Bayesian Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Time Series
  • Social Network AnalysisModellingg in Operations Research
  • Computation and Algorithms
  • Financial Statistics
  • Survival Analysis and Generalised Linear Modelling
  • Computer programming analysis applied
  • Distributed Computing – Big Data
  • Representation Learning and Representation Learning
  • Risk Management Statistical Methods

Course Period: The course duration is strictly limited to a period of 12 months and is pursued full-time only.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants seeking entry are required to hold a degree in relevant disciplines with a knack for mathematics. International students applying from out of the UK may refer to the detailed criteria according to your specific country on the university website.

Course costs/fees: The course fee for UK-based students is 31,584 euros and 32,208 euros for international students.

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Rank# 4. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

4. University of Lancaster

The University of Lancaster has crafted an MSc in a data science program for its students to gain the technical nitty-gritty of the vast world of data science. The course is designed to provide students with keen expertise through its specialized and detailed modules and make them gain real-time experience of how data science is applied in society.

Students Study From a Range of Two Module Structures Including a Core Module Consisting of:

  • data mining,
  • statistical learning,
  • data science fundamentals,
  • MSc data science dissertation,
  • statistical foundation and fundamentals I
  • programming for data scientists.

The Optional Module Consists of 16 Topics:

  • time-series models
  • Epidemiology principles
  • Longitudinal data and modeling multi-level
  • Protection and groundwater resources
  • Clinical trials
  • Big data system building
  • Bioinformatics
  • Methods for missing data
  • Applied data mining


Course Period: The course is 1 year for full-time students and 2 years for part-time students.

Eligibility Criteria: An honors degree in statistics, computer science, or a similar stream is an expected requirement for students from the UK. International students looking forward to applying may check out the university website for the country-specific qualifications required. According to one’s nationality, one may be required to provide a reputable English language certification. An IELTS test with an overall score of 6.5 and a minimum score of 6.0 is necessary.

Course costs/fees: The course costs 12,600 euros for the full-time program and 6,300 euros for part-time for those based in the UK. International students will have to pay 26,985 euros for full-time and 13,490 euros for part-time programs.

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Rank# 5. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

5. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester provides an MSc data science course that is a fruit of multi-disciplinary collaboration. Students here at Manchester University are transformed into professional data scientists or analysts who can adapt and be flexible o various work environments. To help students’ data science skills, they will study courses consisting of mandatory and optional.

The Module of Data Analysis Courses in the UK:

Core Course:

  • Applications in Data Science.
  • Understanding Databases
  • Machine Learning and Statistics
  • Understanding Data and their Environment
  • Dissertation
  • Statistics and Machine Learning 1: Statistical Foundations
  • Statistics and Machine Learning 2: Artificial Intelligence, Computationally Intensive Statistics, Complex Data

Optional Course:

  • Text Mining
  • Principles of Digital Biology
  • Introduction to Health Informatics
  • Introduction to Health Informatics

Course Period: the University of Manchester currently only has a full-time course option available for one year.

Eligibility Criteria: All applicants must carry a foundational background in computer science. First or strong second-class honours degree in computer science is expected from the UK as well as the respective variant from international students. Applicants whose first language is not preferably English are asked to meet the English language requirements which include:

IELTS -7 overall score, with not below 6.5 component score.

Tofel IBT – 100 scores, not below 22 in each section.

Pearson test of English –76 overall score, not below 70 component score.

It is to be noted that candidates don’t need to submit English language certificates while applying but upon eligibility for an offer from the university.

Course costs/fees: The course fee ranges from 15,000 euros for UK students and euros 27,500 for international students.

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Rank# 6. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

6. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds offers students a data science and analytics master’s in science degree where they gain awareness of the world of data science by working on large data sets. The course is crafted in collaboration with the School of Geography, computer, and Mathematics, and the Leeds University Business School.

The institution is also closely associated with other organizations like the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics, the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, and the Alan Turing Institute. These collaborations with various organizations allow students to gain the advantage of learning from a range of data science perspectives.

This degree is divided into two modules: compulsory and optional modules. Students are allowed to tailor the optional syllabus according to their area of interest.

The module of Data Analysis Courses in the UK:

Compulsory Module:

  • Learning Skills through Case Studies modules
  • Data Science
  • Dissertation- Data Science and Analytics

Optional Module:

  • Statistical computing
  • Time series and Spectral Analysis
  • Statistical Learning
  • Transport Data Science
  • Multivariate and Cluster Analysis
  • Transport Data Science
  • Generalized Linear models
  • Multivariate Methods
  • Big Data and Consumer Analytics
  • Data Mining and Text Analytics
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Geographic Data Visualisation and Analysis
  • Information Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Geodemographics and Neighbourhood Analysis
  • Forecasting and Advanced Business Analytics
  • Mixed Models
  • Applied GIS and Retail Modelling
  • Machine Learning in Practice
  • Linear Regression Robustness and Smoothing
  • Time Series
  • Statistical Theory and Methods
  • Mixed Models – Medical Applications
  • Statistical Theory
  • Linear Regression and Robustness
  • Business Analytics and Decision Science
  • Machine Learning

Course Period: The course period for the degree of MSc data science and analytics is for one year full-time.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree with considerable mathematics, statistics, and computer background. Refer to the detailed qualifications required according to your location on the university website. ILTES 6.5 general, no less than 6.0 in entire components.

Course costs/fees: UK students are required to pay 13,250 euros and international students need to pay 28,750 euros in fees for the one-year MSc degree.


Rank# 7. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

7. University of Warwick

Ranked fourth in the UK by the REF in 2021, the University of Warwick MSc in data analytics course is sure to polish your developmental and data analyst skills. Its leading-edge faculty is sure to provide one-on-one expertise in the field of data analytics, which is always surging in the market.

Students Will Be Studying From a System of Core and Optional Modules:

Compulsory Modules:

  • Data Mining
  • Foundations of Data Analytics
  • Dissertation Project in Data Analytics
  • Foundations of Computing
  • Research Methods

Optional Modules:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Communications
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Sensor Networks and Mobile
  • Social Informatics
  • Image and Video Analysis
  • Agent-Based Systems


Course Period: The duration of the course is for one year and is to be pursued full-time.

Eligibility Criteria: First-class honors or a high second-class undergraduate degree is preferred. Applicants must preferably hold degrees in the discipline of physics, statistics, mathematics computer science, or relevant disciplines. The course English language requirements are:

Band A

IELTS – 6.5 score overall, not less than 6.0 component score

Course costs/fees: The course fee is 29,950 euros.


Rank# 8. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

8. University of Glasgow:

If one is planning to study data analytics courses in the UK, the University of Glasgow post-graduate MSc in data analytics should be highly recommended. This course claims to build your statistical and computational skills by gaining practical knowledge from real-life data analytical projects. Students learn 10 compulsory and one applied optional course unit in semester 2.

The Modules of Data Analysis Courses in the UK:


  • Probability (level medium)
  • Database theory and application
  • Introduction to statistical programming: R and Phyton
  • Statistical inference (level medium)
  • Regression models (level medium)

Semester 2:

  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Big data analytics (level medium)
  • Data analytics skills (level medium)
  • Bayesian statistics (level medium)
  • Advanced predictive models


  • Functional data analysis (level medium)
  • Environmental statistics (level medium)
  • Spatial statistics (level medium)
  • Statistical genetics (level medium)
  • Information visualization (level medium)

Course Period: The MSc in data analytics course program is for 12 months and is to be pursued full-time.

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates applying must have a first-class degree with a background in mathematics. Applicants that meet the university’s expectations will be considered. International students may refer to the country-specific entry requirements to apply for on the university website.

Course costs/fees: UK-based students will be required to pay 11,520 euros for the course. International students pay 29,370 for the course program.


Rank# 9. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

9. Cardiff University

Students at university can bag in-demand skills and the relevancy demanded by today’s employers and organizations. Cardiff University’s data science and analytics MSc course students learn from a band of leading experts from the Cardiff School of Mathematics and the School of Computer Science and Informatics.

Students learn by solving real-time problems and engaging in data science projects. The course module structure is built to have 120 credits for theory and 60 credits for project work.

Compulsory Module of Data Analysis Courses in the UK:

  • Computational data science
  • Data visualization
  • Dissertation
  • Applied machine learning
  • Foundations of Statistics and Data Science
  • Foundations of Operational Research and Analytics

And Optional Course Modules:

  • Healthcare Modelling
  • Time Series and Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Modelling
  • Human Centric Computing
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing
  • Statistics and Operational Research in Government
  • Databases and Modelling
  • Mathematical Methods for Data Mining
  • Credit Risk Scoring

Course Period: The course period lasts for one year and is a full-time MSc post-graduate degree.

Eligibility Criteria: Aspirants need to have a second-class honors degree in areas like science, mathematics, or engineering. IELTS-6.5 overall score,6.0 in all subset skills.

Course costs/fees: Students who are approved and are based in the UK have to pay euros 10,200 for the course. International students are required to pay 24,950 euros for the MSc program.


Rank# 10. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

10. University of Essex

Planning to study undergraduate data analytics courses in the UK, the University of Essex is the one to look out for. The University of Essex offers an undergraduate course in BSc data science and analytics. It strengthens your fundamental learning and experience as a fresher.

At Essex, students learn using modernistic amenities which aids in developing practical thinking. The course module is divided into three years with a blend of the core and optional modules.

Year 1:

  • Programming Introduction
  • Database Introduction
  • Calculus
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Statistics I
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Challenge: Team Project

Year 2:

  • MA214-5-SP / MA216-5-SP
  • Optimization
  • Algorithms and Data structures
  • Artificial intelligence introduction
  • information retrieval and databases
  • Statistics II
  • Challenge: Team Project
  • Complex numbers and matrices


Year 3:

  • Stochastic Processes
  • Applied Statistics
  • information retrieval
  • Capstone Project: Mathematics

Course Period: The undergraduate BSc course is a three-year full-time program.

Eligibility Criteria: A high academic aptitude is shown for mathematics through A-level, BTECH, and IB. Country-specific eligibility requirements are needed for international students, please refer to the university website for the same.

IELTS- 6.0 overall. English language requirements of students are needed where English is the second language.

Course costs/fees: UK-residing students opting for the undergrad course have to pay 9,250 euros as fees. International pay 19,530 euros for the undergrad degree.


Rank# 11. Data Analytics Courses in the UK

11. Middlesex University London

The MSc degree in data science at the university strengthens candidates as aspiring data scientists and data analysts of tomorrow by drawing on their present knowledge and polishing their skill base. Students work with multi-disciplinary areas to make them industry-grade-ready.

The Module of Data Analysis Courses in the UK:

  • Security Aspects of Data Management, Ethical and Legal
  • Data Science Project individual
  • Machine Learning, regression, and modeling
  • Visual Data Analysis
  • Applied Data Analytics: Cloud Distribution, Tools, Practical Big Data Handling

 Course Period: The postgraduate MSc data science program is for one year full-time and two years part-time.

Eligibility Criteria: A second-class honors degree in mathematics or computer-related discipline is required. Those with the necessary academic qualifications and work experience may consider applying to the postgraduate MSc course.

Course costs/fees:  Full-time international students of the course pay 15,300 euros as course fees, while part-time international students pay 99 euros per credit. UK students pay 10,500 euros as fees for the full-time course while part-time costs 70 euros per credit.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is studying data analytics courses in the UK a good choice?

UK universities are among the world’s top-ranked universities in terms of education, amenities, and job placements. With various sectors hiring data analysts, the demand for data analytics skills keeps increasing day by day.  While studying, students get campus placements in world-class top companies through their respective universities. These placement opportunities help students gain experience while dealing with real-life projects. The average salary of a data analyst in the UK ranges between 34,000 to 39,000 euros yearly. An entry-level data analyst can earn up to 17,950 euros to 28,000 euros.  The more experienced and senior level can earn up to 50,000 euros. Thus, it is a good and beneficial decision to pursue data analytics courses.

Q2. What skills and software are required to become a good data analyst?

  • SQL
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • POWER BI Microsoft
  • MATLAB programming language
  • R programming language
  • Python programming language calculus
  • Creating dashboards and presentations
  • Machine learning
  • Data cleaning or mining
  • Statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Coding

To become a highly skilled data analyst with a competitive edge, one may be required to keep updating oneself with the above-mentioned skills and software and new programs respectively in the market or the ones stated in your job profiles.  A reputable academic degree from an esteemed university is sure to put you on top of your game.

Q.3 What is the role of a data analyst?

Data is everywhere and in abundance. A data analyst is expected to carry out the role of extracting raw data and turning it into important insight for necessary stakeholders and organizations to comprehend. A data analyst is constantly on the lookout for underlying patterns and monitors them to figure out how they affect the performance or try to tell the analyst something. These patterns and trends are analyzed and then studied to learn about how they can affect the future. This data is gathered from primary sources or the internal data held by the organization. Data analyst then presents their research finding and help in solving problems, predicting future trends, diagnosing past patterns, etc. Data analytics may sometimes require learning programming or coding to design, create, and maintain these large databases. Data analysts carry out a process called “data cleaning “to look for inaccuracies’ in datasets.


The UK’s globally well-renowned universities are sought after throughout the whole world for their excellent curriculum. Choose from our given featured list of top universities to pursue a data analytics course or one may further research into the course and program structures that will be the best fit for you. One may make a list of the curriculum, admission rate fees, eligibility criteria, and duration of the program and compare them, weighing their pros and cons. It is important to focus on your wants and goals while selecting the course for you. Get in touch with the respective institution, and expert counsellors that may help you find a path on your journey of becoming a data analyst.

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