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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Surat With Placements

To start a professional career, there are many options available. Data analytics is one of them that can be a good choice. Data analytics is a form of science that helps draw trends and practical conclusions. This article lists some of the best options for data analytics courses in Surat. If you want to become a professional data analyst, dig into the post to get a complete overview of this field. 


List of best data analytics courses in Surat


Surat is famous for its vast textile industry and is the most developed city of Gujrat. Surat is the world’s largest diamond manufacturing center, and due to this, 1000+ companies are working there. This is why data analytics is given more emphasis. And in this article, the top 10 data analytics courses in Surat are mentioned. 


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a process in which raw data is analyzed to draw a valuable conclusion about that information. Data analytics is just more than studying, it is a process of collecting, integrating, and preparing data and then developing, testing, and revising the produced results.

Companies around the world generate loads of data daily in many various forms, including social media also. Data analytics helps a business/company improve its performance more effectively and speedily and to maximize its profit as the techniques and technology of data analytics are being automated.


Four Primary Types of Data Analytics:


  • Descriptive Analytics is the simplest form, which means digging up the history and telling us what has happened till now. 
  • Diagnostic Analytics focuses more on why this specific thing happened. This involves a more diverse input of data.
  • Predictive Analytics moves to what is going to happen next in the future. 
  • Perspective Analytics suggests a course of action. This means advising on actions and decisions that should be taken. 


Every given types have a different approach and conclusions in the data analytics process. These are also applied in business analytics, which will help in cost-cutting and increasing profit margins. A Business also uses data analytics to make strong and quick decisions. This way, it helps businesses grow their services and products by doing data surveys on their customers and consumers.


What Does a Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst is responsible for gathering, collecting, interpreting, and presenting the data in the simplest form so it can be easily understandable to everyone. They use automated tools to gather data from primary and secondary sources. They then remove corrupted information and fix the problems. 


Tools Used by Data Analyst:- 

  • Python
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Tableau  
  • Google sheets
  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
  • Power BI
  • RapidMiner


To become an efficient data analyst, you need to learn at least 2 to 4 tools listed above in the list. 


Few Roles and Responsibilities of the Data Analyst:-  

  • Using automated tools
  • Removing corrupted data
  • Performing analysis to obtain a conclusion of the data
  • Preparing final analysis reports


These are just a few responsibilities of a Data Analyst, yet there are many more aspects to this job. Being a data analyst is a tough job but on the other hand, it is a good option for a career change.


How To Become a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst is needed in all industries. These people are primarily appointed in the following sectors: 

  • Banking and Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • IT Companies


The most common way of becoming a Data Analyst is to complete a professional certification course with internship experience. The primary steps in data analytics are data mining, statistical analysis, and data presentation.


Data Analyst Skills Required

  • Mathematical and statistical ability 
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Data-driven decision making


These are some basic skills that are required for the job of a data analyst. To become a professional Data Analyst, many more skills should be learned through the courses listed in this article for you. 


Why is Data Analytics Important?

Data analytics is a broad concept and is used in many sectors. Analysis of big data is beneficial in optimizing the performance of many industries. And improving performance leads to success for businesses/companies in this competitive world. Data Analytics plays a vital role in the rapid growth of business, marketing, and other industries. 


Major Sectors in Which Data Analytics Plays an Important Role Are :

  • Financial sector
  • Scientific research
  • Healthcare 
  • Corporate sector


The applications of data analytics are endless. This leads to various opportunities for applying data analytics in business, science, and everyday life. 


Future of Data Analytics 

Data Analytics has become one of the highest demanded careers in Surat and other cities in India. If you are considering a career in data analytics, there has never been a better time. As the market is growing and collecting bid data files, businesses/companies are facing a shortage of skills, and data analysis will benefit them. Data analytics plays an essential role in the field of healthcare, scientific research, banking, and real estate. 


Top Data Analytics Courses in Surat

When looking for Data Analytics Courses, these points should be checked and confirmed with your institution of training in Surat : 


  • Type of the certification course they’re providing – Diploma, Degree, or Short Term Certification Course.
  • Price of the course.
  • Duration of the course.
  • Mode of the course whether online or offline.
  • Internship Program.
  • Location. 


These are some essential criteria that should be kept in mind while looking for the course. 


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Here Are the Best Data Analytics Courses in Surat: 


1. TOPS Technologies


Tops Technologies started its journey in 2002 in Surat. They provide the best opportunity for learning data analysis courses in Surat with 20 years of experience in the field of IT training and placement industry. Currently, this institute is located in 2 places in Surat and 8 of Gujrat’s top 8 cities.


Tops Technologies is a Leading Training Institute With These Highlighted  Numbers : 

  • 1 Lac+ Student Placed,
  • 3000+ Companies Tie up,
  •  19+ Offices in India,
  • 50+ Industry Courses.


 Apart from these good numbers of achievements, this institute holds a perfect place for reviews and comments also. 


Course Curriculum :

  1. Getting started with Database
  2. Getting started with Excel
  3. Introduction of Data Analytics 
  4. Python Programming
  5. Data Analytics with Python
  6. Data Analytics Certification and Projects


Get your Training Certificate by Government Recognised NSDC/Skill India.


Key Highlights Are:- 

  • Limited Students Batch
  • Personalized Attention
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Interactive Learning
  • Live Projects
  • Online Mode of Teaching
  • Affordable Fees
  • Organizes a Jobfest in which 50+ companies participate to interview the candidates.


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2. Indian Institute of Hardware Technology :


IIHT Surat (Indian Institute of Hardware Technology ) is a Surat-based international IT Education and Training Institution and was founded in 2007. IIHT Surat is providing multiple courses like  PHP, Python, Web Designing, Java, Advance Java, Advance PHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Data Science, Data Analytics, R Analytics, Tableau, Graphics Designing, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Game Development. 


Data Analytics with R Traning Course

Data Analytics with R course is drafted to help learners master data analysis using different technologies, techniques, and algorithms. This course allows learners to analyze data and learn and predict desirable outcomes from various data sets. Analytics with R is the science of collecting, transforming, and modifying data to inform conclusions and effective decision-making.


Learning Outcomes

  • Over 45 hours of training
  • Student-based training schedule
  • Suitable for all kinds of learners
  • Practical assignments
  • Live projects
  • 60 days course with 44 lessons


A certificate will be provided after completion of the training course and is valid for any industry. 


BI Analytics and Visualisation Analytics Course 

At IIHT Surat, learners will learn about the Tableau tool for data visualization in the BI Industry. Users will learn to create graphs and designs. 


Learning Outcomes:- 

  • Learn to make basic and advanced charts and graphs.
  • Learn to create time-based calculations
  • Real time projects
  • 75 days duration and 28 lessons. 
  • Suitable for all kinds of learners.


Course competition certificate will also be provided. 


3. Intellipaat


Course Name: Advanced Certification in Data Analysis Courses in Surat :

Intellipaat and CCE IIT Madras are together providing data analytics courses in Surat in which the learners can develop skills like descriptive statistics, data architecture strategies, business analytics, and many other skills. This is again one of the best choices for data analytics courses in Surat where the trainers equip the students with the basic to advanced data analytics techniques that gives vast exposure to the learners. 


What Will Students Learn? 

  • SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Python 
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Problem Solving and Storytelling
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Warehousing
  • Visualizations using Power BI
  • Analytics using Spark


Key Highlights :

  • 400 Hrs of applied learning
  • 218 Hrs of self-learning
  • 50+ live sessions for around 7 months 
  • Learn from the IIT Madras faculty 
  • 3 guaranteed interviews
  • 2 days of campus recruitment 
  • 85k fees, with No Cost EMI 


Duration:- 7 months


Pricing:- ₹85,000/-


The learner will receive a certification from IIT Madras & CCE upon completing this data analytics course.


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4. Creative Design and Multimedia Institute


Course Name:-  Data Analytics Courses in Surat

Creative Design and Multimedia Institute or CDMI is a reputed and popular institute in Surat for web designing, game design, mobile app development, game development, etc., This institution provides full-fledged 8 years of training to their learners in Surat. The advanced data analytics courses in Surat by CDMI help in learning the fundamental concepts of Data Analytics like data mining, data collection, data analysis, etc.  


Course Cover:- 

  • Introduction to Python 
  • R training
  • BI with Tableau
  • Excel
  • Power  BI


With a course duration of 8 months. Including 2 lectures per day.


Mode of Studying:- Classroom and live sessions. 

Certification:- A certificate will be provided after completion of the course from the Creative Design and Multimedia Institution. 


5. 360 DigiTMG


Course Name: Data Analytics Course Traning in Surat

360DigiTMG, founded in 2013, is providing the most demanded course of Data Analytics globally through an online platform. After completing this course, the learner will use Excel, SQL/NoSQL, and data visualization tools professionally. Here you will get a chance to learn the industry-specific data analytics process that will help you develop a strong foundation in the domain.

The course covers a deep curriculum to make sure no one is left with any important topic which is much needed in the workplace. If you want to develop strong data analytics skills, 360DigiTMG is one of the finest places.


Learning Outcomes:- 

  • Work with various data generation sources
  • Will learn the use of different SQL and NoSQL tools
  • Day-to-day reports 
  • Developing live reports
  • Uses of Advanced Excel 


Data Analytics Course Modules:-  

  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Power BI


Key Highlights:-  

  • Live online classes
  • 365 days of availability of courses
  • Lifetime availability for LMS
  • Weekdays and Weekends classes
  • Fees are 25k 
  • 80+ hours of assignments and projects  


Duration:- Self-paced.

Mode of study:- Classroom and live sessions  

Pricing:-  Varied


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6. ExcelR


ExcelR is a global leader, providing technical and management training in over 40 countries. This institute focuses on the growth of both an individual and an organization globally. The institute offers the best training programs, and also focuses on theoretical and practical concepts which are beneficial for the learners. ExcelR always comes into people’s minds when it comes to tech-related courses. This is again one of the finest places for data analysis courses in Surat.


Course Name: Data Analyst Course in Surat


This Course Consists of the Following:- 

  • Excel ( Basic and advanced)
  • Power BI
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • R programming Fundamentals 
  • Python Programming
  • SAS ( Self Paced )


Course Highlights:-  

  • 50+ case studies and assignments 
  • 10+ live projects
  • Tied- up with 150+ companies 
  • 100% job placements
  • Lifetime accessibility of the course 
  • Interview preparation sessions 
  • Free guest lectures and webinars 


Skills Covered:-  

  • Database concepts 
  • Pivot table 
  • Data visualization 
  • Functions, charts, and slicers 


Modules Covered

  • Module 1: Data Collection
  • Module 2: Data Preparation 
  • Module 3: Insights Generations
  • Module 4: Visualizations and Dashboards 


Fees: Rs 39,999/- and 6 months duration of the course


They Are Offering 3-in-1 Certifications Including :

  • Course Completion Certificate from ExcelR
  • IBM Certificate
  • Internship Certificate from AI Variant


7. Simplilearn 


Simplilearn is the world’s best online boot camp, offering popular courses like applied data science with python, data science with R programming, tableau certification course, Power BI, etc. Simplilearn provides Data Analytics Courses in Surat through an online platform in association with IBM, by focusing on practical training programs. 

Through this course, the learner will get actual knowledge about the latest data analytics tools and technologies, how to use SQL databases, and many more. This partnership of IBM and Simplilearn makes their learner’s industry ready. 


Course Covered : 

  • Course 1:- Introduction to Data Analytics Course 
  • Course 2:- Business Analytics with Excel
  • Course 3:-  Basic programming and data analytics with python
  • Course 4:-  Tableau Traning
  • Course 5:-  Data Analyst Capstone 


They Are Also Providing a Master Course in Which All the Modules Are Elective : 

  • Power BI 
  • Programming Refresher 
  • R Programming for Data Science 
  • SQL Traning
  • Industry Master Class – Data Analytics 


Course Highlights:-  

  • Anything Ask Session 
  • 10+ live projects 
  • 20+ industries tied up 


Duration:- Self-paced. 

Course Fees: Rs. 54,000/- ( incl. taxes )  

Certification:- Get the certificate from IBM and Simplilearn.  


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8. Imarticus Learning 


Imarticus Learning is a technology-friendly institute that provides top job-oriented job courses to its students. They primarily focus on hands-on experience with advanced technology, by balancing between theoretical and practical learning.  They provide the best data analytics courses in Surat online by collecting information and knowledge from premium universities globally. 


Duration of Data Analysis Courses in Surat Highlights:-  

  • Assured placement
  • Leading edge curriculum
  • Industries-specific case studies
  • Guaranteed interview opportunities 


Languages and Tools Covered:-  

  • OpenCV
  • Colab
  • Pandas 
  • Tensor Flow
  • NumPy
  • jupyterhub


Mode of Traning:-  

  • Classroom Traning
  • Live online class Traning


They Are Offering Two Types of Module Courses:-  

  • Fresh Graduate Weekday Track ( Recent Graduates and Early start in Professional Career )
  • Working Professional Weekend Track ( Professionals with 0 – 5 years of experience )


Apart from these courses, they also offer a complimentary course worth 40k  including Hadoop ( Self Paced) and Data Science with R ( Self Paced ).


This Program Comes in Two Formats: 

  • The Full-Time Weekday- is of 6-month duration, with classes conducted on weekdays for freshers.
  • The Part Time Weekend- is of 10-month duration conducted on weekends for professionals with work experience. 


Fees Structure:-  

  • Option 1: Pay ₹225,000/- and get a flat 10% fee wavier 
  • Option 2: Pay ₹12,072/- per month according to available EMI options. ( as low )
  • Option 3: Pay ₹67,650/- in installments ( as low )


Certification:- Imarticus Learning and Skill India certificate. 


9. Logic Rays Academy :


Logic Rays is a professional IT institute in Ahemdabad. This academy is helpful for both IT and non-IT students, as they are experts and have several years of experience in basic to advanced concepts of data analytics. They provide live projects for practical training in the data analysis courses in Surat. Logic Rays offers different kinds of advanced certificate courses like Web and Graphic Designing, Python, PHP, etc. 


Course Name:-  Data Analytics using Python, Surat 


Course Highlights:-  

  • Limited batch size
  • Work on Live Projects
  • Assurance of Job
  • Get mentors 
  • Doubt and Problem-Solving Session


Course Covered:- 

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Python OS and filesystem
  3. Numerical Computing and NumPy 
  4. Data Analysis using Pandas
  5. Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
  6. Exploratory Data Analysis
  7. Applying Statistical methods using Python
  8. Machine Learning for Data Analytics 


Duration:-  Self-Paced

Mode of Study:-  Online and Live Sessions 

Pricing:-  Varied

Certification:-  Logic Rays Course Completion Certificate 


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10. iClass- Training Institute 


iClass training is considered to be a top-class training institute worldwide, with 20 years of experience in professional training. This Surat-based institute offers courses in IT software, Computer Hardware Networking, etc. This institute also provides data analytics courses in Surat with live classes. 

They offer real-time and job-assured courses. This institute provides basic to advanced learning of Data Analytics, for beginners to experienced work class professionals. This institute provides one-to-one online classes considering the Covid-19 guidelines. 


Course Covered or Syllabus:-  

  • Introduction to Data Management 
  • Statistics and EDA
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop


Duration of Data Analysis Courses in Surat:- 

  • Regular Classes – (Morning and Evening)
  • Duration: 5 weeks


  • Weekend Training Classes- (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)
  • Duration: 8 weeks


  • Fast Track Traning Classes-( 5+ hours daily)
  • Within 35 days


Mode of Study:- Online and Offline modes. 

Pricing:- Varied


Training Batch Size:- 

-Regular Batch seats available 5 students maximum per batch

-Weekend Traning Batch seats available 4 trainees per batch

-Fast Track Batch seats available 6 maximum in the class


Certification:- A certificate will be provided after completion of the course by iClass Traning.


Frequently Asked Questions-


Q1. How does data analytics play an important role?

 Data Analytics is important because it helps businesses/companies to optimize their profit and helps in cost-cutting and making better decisions. In today’s world,  technology has become very advanced and big files of data are being produced on daily basis. To analyze and draw information and accuracy-based conclusions Data Analytics plays an important role. Data Analytics also plays important role in social media platforms by selecting, interpreting, and then developing that data into useful information. 


Q2. How to choose the best and most affordable data analytics courses in Surat?

There are various data analytics courses in Surat, both in online and offline modes. Some of the top-rated institutions are mentioned in the above article. Go through the article, and choose the best course available by comparing the prices, duration,  job placement ratio, and course modules.  


Q3. What skills are required to become a data analyst?

In addition to using and mastering tools and technologies, a data analyst must have some basic skills, like problem-solving ability, decision-making, good communication skills, and strong mathematical and statistical ability. A data analyst should have some basic knowledge of programming language beforehand. This article will help you to choose the best suitable course, and that will enhance your skills as a data analyst. 



In the growing technological world, the data analyst’s role becomes more challenging, but with great opportunities with it. As Surat is a textile-based city of Gujrat, it creates more big data files every day. For this purpose, data analysis becomes a keen career opportunity globally. The article provides a list of the top 10 data analytic courses in Surat. This article offers you the best-learning programs in Surat and will help you in becoming a professional data analyst. 

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