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Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Qatar With Placements

Data has become the next gold with the increasing upsurge of digital technology. Every business relies on data to answer specific questions about better opportunities. Hence, a data analyst becomes one of the most desired professionals who can utilize and analyze raw data to create insightful conclusions for the business. If you have a knack for data analysis, you have come to the right place. We have compiled the 9 top online data analytics courses in Qatar in this article. Qatar is a productive land for aspiring data analysts as they get paid handsomely for their skills.


List of best data analytics courses in Qatar


Data analytics has grown into a colossal industry in the last ten years. As a result, finding a good job has grown more complicated. Candidates are chosen based on their educational background and capacity for dynamic project collaboration. Thus, there is a high demand for students to enroll in value-adding courses that provide appropriate hands-on training and internships.

One of the leading countries experiencing a boom in the data analytics sector is Qatar, which will soon have plenty of job opportunities. So, dive deeper into a complete breakdown of the top data analytics courses in Qatar.


What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the process of looking at unprocessed, known data in order to gain knowledge and draw valuable conclusions. Data analytics focuses on performing statistical analysis of existing data. Data analytics helps a business answer questions to understand why something happened. For example, a business can figure out the reason for the drop in sales with the help of data analytics.

Data analysis works with data to solve tangible business problems, the solutions to which can otherwise get lost in the vast amount of data. It usually uses tools like SQL, R, or Python programming languages and includes processes like data visualization and statistical analysis. You can learn about these processes and tools in the data analytics courses in Qatar listed below.


Process followed for Data Analysis

  • Data analysis starts with data collection. For each department, businesses typically maintain a different database. In these situations, the data is dispersed among databases and needs to be gathered in one location.
  • Although data analysts work with structured data, it is essential to organize the data to meet the company’s needs. Never is the data readily available in the best format to begin the analytical process. The crucial phase of the process is data cleansing and transformation. Eliminating noise, unused entries, duplicate values, and null values from the data makes the analysis process easier and produces reliable results.
  • Finally, the actual data analysis is performed employing the various tools and techniques required depending on the data’s requirements.


Types of Data Analytics

  • Descriptive

Descriptive analytics uses current and past data to identify what changes have occurred in the business.


  • Predictive

Predictive analytics creates forecasts based on historical data about what is expected to happen. It makes it easier to spot patterns and trends in the data and predict whether they will continue.


  • Diagnostic

Diagnostic analytics pinpoint why something occurred, while descriptive analytics concentrate on what happened.


  • Prescriptive

Prescriptive analytics examines the data to determine the future course of action. It is used to respond to the query, “What actions must be conducted to achieve the desired result?”


Commonly Used Techniques for Data Analytics

Data analysts employ various techniques to extract valuable information from the data. The most popular data analytics techniques include:


  • Regression analysis

Two variables or a group of variables are considered in regression analysis. The analysis is done on the correlation between one variable and another. Based on changes in the independent variable, the behavior of the dependent variable is examined for changes.

A real-world example of regression analysis can be the analysis of the relationship between lead generation and time spent developing one’s personal brand. The independent variable here is the amount of time dedicated to personal branding, and the time and effort invested into personal branding will determine how many leads you generate.


A time series analysis is performed to find trends and cyclical patterns in the data points across time. To look at these trends, multiple points in time are used to analyze the same variable. With the aid of time series analysis, analysts can successfully forecast future fluctuations. Most frequently, time series analysis is employed in stock market forecasting.


  • Factor analysis

Factor analysis is a technique used by data analysts to divide a big set of variables into smaller components. It operates under the premise that because numerous distinct, observable variables are all linked to a common construct, they correlate with one another.

Not only does this help to reveal hidden patterns, but it also breaks down big datasets into more manageable, smaller samples. It enables you to investigate ideas like prosperity, happiness, fitness, or, for a more applicable example in business, customer loyalty and satisfaction that are difficult to quantify or observe.


  • Cohort analysis

Cohort analysis puts related data points into groups rather than examining each one separately, and cohorts are the name for these connected groups. The clubbing is based on shared traits that are common across all of the individual data units during a specified time frame.


  • Sentiment analysis

Most people see data as numbers. However, data is not only about quantity. Sentiment analysis uses qualitative data, which also contains a wealth of information that can be gleaned.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used in sentiment analysis to analyze the textual material. Understanding the customers’ reactions and making adjustments in response may be accomplished by analyzing customer evaluations, which is a wonderful approach to identifying emotions like happiness, satisfaction, anger, dislike, and more.


  • Monte Carlo simulation

The Monte Carlo method, also called Monte Carlo simulation, is a computational approach for creating models of potential outcomes and their probability distributions. It determines the likelihood that each specific outcome will materialize after considering a variety of potential outcomes. Data analysts do advanced risk analysis using the Monte Carlo method to predict better what might occur in the future and take appropriate action.


  • Cluster analysis

Cluster analysis identifies structures in a dataset. The clusters formed are internally homogeneous and externally heterogeneous. That is, the data points within the cluster are similar to each other. But they are dissimilar to the data points in another cluster.

A great example to consider would be Netflix. The data consists of all viewers. With cluster analysis, the data points can be divided into clusters of viewers watching similar genres of movies or having watched the same movies. The data points in one cluster will not be similar to another.


Tools used for Data Analytics

A data analyst has to master using multiple tools to handle the varied data analytics tasks successfully. A few of the most commonly used data analytics tools are:

  • Python
  • Excel
  • R
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • SAS
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Apace Spark


The Annual Salary of a Data Analyst

A beginner or junior data analyst earns 22,536 QAR per month. The average annual salary in Doha, Qatar, is 75,000 QAR. The additional compensation for a data analyst in the Doha, Qatar area is from QAR 2,500 to QAR 4,500, with an average of QAR 3,500.


Best Online Data Analytics Courses in Qatar

With digitization taking over the education sector, learners can now take their skills to the next level with online courses. Qatar is evolving as a global data analytics hub and offers some of the best courses. We have listed down the top 9 data analytics courses in Qatar.


IIM SKILLS is the leading ed-tech company that ranks in the top list of institutes that offer the best online learning platform for professional and skill development courses. They have a wide range of courses in finance and other skill-enhancing courses. They have a team of the most efficient teachers who are professionally experienced with more than 12 years.

IIM SKILLS is popularly known for offering best data analytics courses in Qatar and across the world. The course is 100% practical and tool oriented.

Tools Covered:

  • R
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Power BI

Why Should You Choose IIM SKILLS:

  • Well-trained & experienced mentors who are industry experts.
  • 24*7 support and guidance
  • Best career-building support
  • Lifetime free access to their learning materials
  • Practical oriented training
  • Assured internship
  • Job placement

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

NIIT Qatar

The 35 years old global corporation, NIIT, has had franchises in Qatar for the last 15 years. Through its myriad courses, the corporation has trained more than 3,00,000 learners. It has established itself as one of the best data analytics courses in Qatar.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration – 50 hours.
  • Live onsite classes with an option to attend online classes.
  • Projects to learn real-world simulations.
  • Tutors with at least 15 years of industry experience.


Course Contents:

  • Data analysis using Excel
  • Statistics
  • R programming
  • Machine learning


To know more about the fee structure, you can contact the numbers available on their website.


Contact Details:

Phone Number: +974 5065 6051,  +974 4455 1796, +974 4455 1798


By providing courses on a wide range of subjects like Data Science, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and more, ExcelR has carved a space for itself in the field of online courses. ExcelR provides the Data Analyst Training course in collaboration with IBM. Professionals in commerce, engineering, finance, accounting, management, and science can opt for this course.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration – 160 hours.
  • Course fee – INR 39,999
  • Placement guidance and assistance.
  • Online live classrooms.
  • More than 60 case studies and assignments for hands-on learning.
  • Trainers having industry experience and working in MNCs.
  • Real-life projects.


Course Contents:

  • Business Statistics
  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Basics
  • Python Basics


Contact Details:

Phone Number: 18002122121



Founded in 2011, Knowledgehut is one of the pioneers in providing online data analytics courses in Qatar. The Big Data Analytics Course Training offered by Knowledgehut aids in developing big data analytics skills and hands-on experience using various data analytics tools. The course provides training with data analytics tools like Pig and Hive, and Hadoop.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration – 30 hours.
  • 15 hours of MCQ assignments.
  • 3 real-time projects using the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • 24 hours hands-on training on Pig and Hive.
  • One-on-one big data training.
  • Placement assistance.


Course Contents:

  • Performance real-time analysis
  • Hadoop ecosystem
  • Big data analytics tools like Pig and Hive.
  • Data analytics using Pentaho


You can check out the course website to learn more about the course and fee structure. You can also download the course curriculum before enrolling for the course. The website provides different contact numbers for different countries.


Must check the best:


QuickXpert Infotech

The Data Analytics course by QuuckXpert Infotech is one the best data analytics courses in Qatar, offering training in MySQL and Oracle SQL. The course comes in three training packages – Data analytics, Advanced data analytics, and customized data analytics. The course suits freshers who want to build data analytics skills and experienced professionals who wish to hone their skills.


Course Highlights:

  • Training for skills like MySQL, Python, Python analytics, Excel analytics, Tableau, and Power BI.
  • Hands-on training on tools like matplotlib, seaborn, NumPy, and more.
  • Live projects and case studies.
  • Interview guidance and preparation.
  • Placement assistance.


Students of QuickXpert Infotech are placed in Accenture, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Datamatics, Puratech, and more MNCs. To inquire about the fee structure, you can check the course website.


The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy provides online Big data and Analytics training with two sections. One section covers Hadoop, and the other one focuses on big data. The training covers storing and processing big data, developing big data strategy, implementing big data solutions, and hands-on projects on Hadoop.


Course Highlights:

  • Available in online self-paced, online instructor-led, classroom, and onsite mode.
  • Course duration – 2 days.
  • Course fee – INR 19,995


Contact Details:

Phone number: +971 8000311193

Email id: [email protected]



The Data Analyst course by Simplilearn is ranked number 1 by Career karma. Simplilearn collaborated with IBM to design the course. Students get to learn and master data analytics tools like SQL databases, R, Python, and techniques like statistics, data visualization, and more.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration – self-paced
  • Course fee – INR 54000. No-cost EMI is available at INR 4500 per month.
  • A masterclass from IBM experts.
  • Tools covered – Excel, NumPy, pandas, SciPy, Power BI. python, R, tableau, and MySQL.


Course Contents:

  • Data Analytics
  • Business analytics with excel
  • Programming and data analytics with Python
  • Tableau
  • Capstone projects
  • Electives are available for the learners to choose from.


You can download the course syllabus from the website.



Thinkful offers flexible payment and course duration options. The course can be completed in self-paced mode, either in a cohort for full-time or independently for part-time. The course offers live video mentoring sessions and daily live online lectures and workshops.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration: 4 months for full-time and 6 months for part-time availability.
  • Course fee: USD 13,475 for the full-time duration and USD 8,240 for the part-time duration.
  • 4 hours-long self-paced preparatory course available for full-time option.
  • Career coaching and placement assistance.
  • Resume writing support.
  • Technical interview practice.


Students of Thinkful are placed at Google, Webflow, IBM, Amazon, Twitter, Walmart Labs, and more. With its unique fee payment options, Thinkful has curated one of the most flexible and affordable data analytics courses in Qatar.



The Data Analytics course by Udacity is also one of the best data analytics courses in Qatar. The course is designed in collaboration with Kaggle. The course teaches data analytics fundamentals like Python, SQL, and statistics.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration – 4 months
  • Course fee – INR 22,849 for monthly access and INR 77,676 for 4-month-long access
  • Career Guidance
  • Mentor support
  • Flexible learning hours
  • Review of Github account and LinkedIn profile optimization.


The course syllabus can be downloaded from the course website.



The Data Analytics Certification program by LearnBay is specifically designed for working professionals in the beginner stage of their careers. The students of LearnBay have a salary package ranging from 14 LPA to 22 LPA.


Course Highlights:

  • Course duration – four and a half months
  • Course fee – INR 75,000 + 18% GST. You can opt for EMI options with INR 14,750 per month.
  • Hackathons and coding competitions.
  • Custom-fit training.
  • One-on-one mentoring.
  • Hands-on experience with real-world projects.
  • Subscription for 1.5 years.


Course Contents:

  • Python Programming
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Data analytics tools


Contact Details:

Phone number: +91 77956 87988


Myth Bursters

Let’s find the truth around the prevalent myths about data analytics.


  1. Data analytics is needed by only big companies generating huge data.

If your business is small or medium-sized, you might believe investing in data analytics is pointless. However, data analytics can be applied more skillfully to quicken business growth. Analytics insights can help a corporation identify problem areas by accurately approximating client expectations. This gives companies the crucial edge they require to contend in the industry.


  1. Data analytics is time-consuming.

The enormous volume of data created is one of the reasons this fallacy is widespread. Another explanation is that your data are unsuitable for the technique you utilize. The correct methods and tools will facilitate quicker and more accurate analysis. Self-service business intelligence solutions and apps enable you to assess enormous amounts of data with a few simple clicks, saving you time if you know what to search for. The data analytics courses in Qatar listed above provide knowledge of using the right techniques for your data.


  1. Only online businesses need data analytics

The use of data analytics is not limited to only online businesses. Even if you are not scaling to the online platforms, data analytics can still help you in marketing campaigns, understanding customer preferences, improvising products and services, and much more.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How much time is needed to become a data analyst?

Though data analytics is demanding, the time required to acquire the needed skills and become a data analyst is much less. A person can become a data analyst in 2-3 months with thorough practice and implementation of data analytics techniques and tools. You can start by acquiring mathematical and statistical skills, followed by Business Intelligence tools.

A deep understanding of business acumen is also required. Next, it’s ideal for learning programming, especially Python and R. Finally, you can learn SQL. It goes without saying that all these learnings can be implemented in real-world projects to build your portfolio and qualify for better job opportunities. All of these steps are covered in the data analytics courses.


Q2. Does a data analyst need to use a lot of math?

As answered in the first question, a deep foundation in mathematics and statistics is essential for any data analyst. Learning or polishing your mathematical skills is beneficial before you get into coding and data analytics techniques.


Q3. Does a data analyst require coding?

Coding skills are not normally needed for data analysts, but some data analysts do have to do it on a daily basis. With the rise of big data, coding is much more likely to come up, and having those technical skills will certainly be valued if you want to become a Data Analyst. Hence, most of the data analytics courses in Qatar include modules on Python and R programming.


Q4. What career paths can an experienced data analyst take?

You can explore and advance more with positions like data scientist, specialist, consultant, or analytics manager after earning experience as a competent data analyst. All of these positions require the knowledge and skills of a data analyst, but they can be specialized into more specialized positions with better chances and income.


Q5. What stream is most relevant to become a data analyst?

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, economics, or computer science is ideal for a data analyst job. However, following the right learning curve, any professional can start a career as a data analyst. The data analytics courses in Qatar listed in this article are the right place for anyone without experience or a relevant degree to start as a data analyst and excel.



Without a doubt, data is revolutionizing the analytics industry. Every company generates zettabytes of data every year, prompting the necessity for a diligent data analyst who can deliver insights from the data that could otherwise go overlooked. Data analytics has emerged as a new, lucrative professional option in the last decade. Due to the vastly increased creation of data, it will gain even greater exposure and demand in the future.

Qatar is one of the several UAE nations emerging as a center for data analytics. The moment is now to stake out your position as a knowledgeable data analyst in the data-driven world. If you are looking to start your career as a data analyst, we hope this article will help you make an informed decision to choose any one of the data analytics courses in Qatar.

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