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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Germany With Placement

In recent years, data analytics has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage. And when it comes to commercial digitization, Germany is one of the most advanced countries. German organizations are worldwide-oriented, particularly in the IT business sector. You might make a sensible career choice by enrolling in data analytics courses in Germany if you want to increase your job prospects both domestically and abroad. 

List of best data analytics courses in Germany

Data analysis aids businesses in numerous ways, including decision–making, increasing competition, enhancing customer experience, and streamlining operations. Most colleges that offer data analytics courses demand prospective students to have very strong backgrounds in math and computer science. This article lists the best data analytics courses in Germany with a campus-based learning system.

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Why Should I Learn Data Analysis Courses in Germany

To begin with, let’s start by knowing what data analytics is. It’s the process of collecting, managing, and analyzing data to find patterns and other sorts of information. The information derived from these patterns acts like gold mines for businesses to make crucial decisions and study customer behavior toward their products and services. 

Based on those results, they modify or introduce new products to the market. The amount of money being invested in data science has skyrocketed with some high-profile companies around the world. Analytics is the way of the future, but they are also the way of the present, without a question! 

After being adopted by a wide range of industries, analytics are now utilized for anything from manufacturing plant predictive, and maintenance monitoring to airline route planning. Even sectors like retail, which you might not often identify with big data are joining in.  

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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Germany


Rank #1. Data Analytics Courses in Germany


Beginning with their very first course in content writing back in the year 2015, IIM SKILLS is now in the top position in the world for offering a wide range of skill development & professional courses. Among their top-rated courses, the Data Analytics Course is highly recommended.

IIM SKILLS believes in reaching all learners who are willing to grow and achieve their professional goals.  Hence they chose an online platform so that they are not limited to a particular location. They also have the most budget-friendly cost for their courses with a zero-interest fee EMI payment option.


IIM SKILLS aims to reach the maximum number of students helping them achieve their professional goals, which is why they have 24*7 helpline services that not only handle course-related queries but also provide full assistance and career-bulging guidance.

These helplines are active and have a trained and dedicated team who are capable of dealing with every query. The pillar of every educational company to run successfully is their team of highly efficient mentors.


IIM SKILLS has the best team of faculty who are not only professionally experienced but are also domain experts. They constantly strive to train their student focusing more on practical teachings with assignments so that they already make their pass-outs career-ready.

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The Types of Tools Covered with Data Analytics Course in Germany by IIM SKILLS:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI

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Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank #2. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

2. Knowledge Hut. Munich, Germany

Course Name: Big Data Analytics Course Training

This course from Knowledge Hut exposes participants to how data analytics is used in organizations and the concepts of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), understand customer needs make wise decisions, and analyze sentiments and techniques to find profitable company strategies. 

By better-comprehending market conditions, businesses can outperform their competitors. It helps organizations identify current trends and offer goods and services. 

Core Concepts of the Data Analysis Courses in Germany:  

  • Learning core concepts of Hadoop, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), and MR  (Map Reduce )
  • Learn the components of HIVE, PIG, SCOOP, and FLUME 
  • Creation of batch analytics for UK news channels with the integration of Clickstream and Sentimental Analytics  

Course Syllabus:  

Module 1: Introduction to Big Data, Data Analytics, Challenges, and New Technologies  

  • Introduction to Hadoop, HDFS, Breakthroughs, and its Distributions  
  • Anatomy of the Hadoop Cluster  
  • Horton Network of Hadoop 
  • Cloudera DNA  MapR of Hadoop  

Participants also get hands-on experience in installing a virtual machine through a VM player and working on basic Hadoop commands.  

Module: 2 Different types and processes of Hadoop 

  • Name and Data node 
  • Secondary Node. 
  • Job and Task Tracker

Perks After Completing This Module: 

Participants can create a Unix Shell script to run each daemon at once and launch HDFS and MR independently.  

Module 3 Learn about HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System):

  • Read and write files on HDFS  
  • Recognize functions of Name, Data, and Secondary Node in the HDFS structure.  
  • Methods to access HDFS  
  • Input Splits and Block  
  • Replication of Data  
  • Hadoop Rack  
  • What are Cluster Architecture and Block Placement? 


Perks You Get After Completing This Module: 

Participants create a shell script that can write and read HDFS files and replicate data on three levels.  

Module 4:  

  • How to Install HDFS Modes?  
  • Types of Mode: Local, Pseudo-distributed, and fully distributed mode.  
  • Installation and configuration of Pseudo mode 
  • Basic operations of HDFS files.  

Perks You Get After Completing This Module:  

After completing this module, participants will be installing a Virtual Box Manager to run in pseudo-distributed mode and various other configuration files.

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Module 5: Learn About Developer Tasks and Different Phases of Hadoop:  

  • The understanding of the life cycle of MR ion yarn and the cache concept  
  • API Concepts and different classes such as Driver, Mapper, Reducer, combiner, and practitioner class.  

Perks You Get After Completing This Module:  

Discover how to create MT jobs from scratch and create various mapper and reducer logic and 

  • Learn how to calculate an employee’s average salary if they fulfill particular criteria.  

Module 6 Ecosystem of Hadoop  

  • Significance of Pig in the World of Data 
  • Structure and Latin commands of Pig  
  • Functions of Pig UDF and Piggy Bank Library  
  • Learn to write flexible inputs to Pig scripts.  
  • Installation and configuration of pig in a cluster 
  • Difference between PIG, SQL, and MapReduce  
  • UDFs of Pig
  • Perks  
  • Hands-on training on how to access Pig commands using the Grunt Shell and other execution modes.  
  • Register with UDF operations in front of Shell.  

Module 6.2 Importance of HIVE 

  • Concepts, Architecture, and Installation  
  • Learn about external tables and Managed tables  
  • Adding Data to the HIVE  
  • Function of HIVE  
  • What is Bee UDF?  

Perks You Get After Completing This Module:  

  • Carry out HIVES queries in various modes.  
  • Create tables for internal and external use  
  • Run user-defined functions – Windows and Explode.  

Module 6.3 

  • Learn SQOOP  

Module 6. 4 HBASE  

Module 6.5 Learn OOZIE  

6.6 What is FLUME? 

  • Concepts, Architecture, Installation, and Configuration and execution.  

Module 7 Use of Pentaho as ETL Tool  

Perks You Get After Completing This Module:  

Practical assignment on how to use the Pentaho tool for Data Analytics  

Module 8 Integration of Hadoop’s Ecosystem into Data Engineering.  

Perks You Get After Completing This Module:  

  • Integration of MapReduce with HIVE and HBASE 
  • Integration of Java with Hive and HIVE with HBASE.  
  • Practical assignment on the integration of HIVE with PIG and HBASE.

This course is best for Data Architects, Project Managers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, BI Analysts, and BI Developers.  

Phone: +442033320846   

Email: [email protected] 

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Rank #3. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

3. Technical University of Munich  

Course Name:  Data Engineering and Analytics, Munich Germany  

The course offered by TUM is one of the top training in Germany. It was founded in 1868 and provides Data Analysis, Data Engineering, and Analytics as three parts of the course. The course is designed to enable students to design and plan solutions for the industry grade and build a strong foundation for research.  

Prerequisites for This Course: 

  • The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree in informatics or similar.  
  • Knowledge of foundations of informatics, programming, algorithms, and databases. 
  • Knowledge of the English language is a must.  

The course has Mandatory, Elective, and Elective Interdisciplinary Modules. We have mentioned key topics of the Mandatory module. 

Module A Mandatory: 

  • Foundations of Data Engineering  
  • Foundations in Data Analytics  
  • Seminars and Practical Courses  

Module B Electives:  

  • Data Engineering  
  • Advanced Topics in Data Engineering  
  • Data Analytics  
  • Algorithms for Uncertainty and Quantification  
  • Data Analysis, Computational Statistics, and graphical Models 
  • High dimensional Statistics  
  • Probability theory 
  • Liner and  Non-Linear optimization  

Module C – Electives:  

  • Master Informatics of Area and Algorithm  (ALG) 
  • Computer Graphics and Vision  (CGV) 
  • Databases and Information Systems (DBI) 
  • Digital Biology and Digital Medicine (DBM) 
  • Engineering Software-intensive systems  ( SE) 
  • Formal Methods Applications  (FMA) 
  • What is Machine Learning and Analytics (MLA)  
  • What is computer architecture?  And Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (RRV) 

Phone:  +498928922245 

Email[email protected]


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Rank #4. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

4. Excelr Training  

Course Name:  Data Analytics Course in Collaboration with IBM, Germany    

This course offered by ExcelR and tech conglomerate IBM is designed to give students high-quality up-skilling opportunities. The course meets the needs of the market as well as individuals looking to advance their careers in the digital field where just coding is not the norm. At the end of the course, participants get certified in IBM-powered Data Analytics. 

Data Analysis Courses in Germany Syllabus:

The course covers technologies of Excel, Tableau, SQL, and the Basics of Python & R. Students also get a hands-on assignment to work on projects and apply those concepts.  

  • Business Statistics  
  • Basic to Advanced Excel
  • My SQL  
  • Tableau  
  • Basic Python and R  
  • Power BI  

Phone  +1 281 971 3065 (USA)


Rank #5. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

5. Berlin School of Business and Innovation  

Course Name:  MSc in Data Analytics  

In collaboration with the University of Creative Arts, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation aims to provide MSc in Data Analytics. The course is an 18-month post-graduate program that gives students the fundamental information to work in data analytics.

The course is offered on campus with full access to cutting–edge amenities. The course is ideal for students who want to learn the principles of data Analytics to pursue a career in computer science or data analytics.  

Data Analysis Courses in Germany Syllabus:

Module 1 

  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics  
  • Machine Learning  
  • Python 
  • Predictive Analysis  

Module 2  

  • Database Management Systems 
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse  
  • What is Big Data Analytics?  

Module 3  

  • Tableau 
  • Visualization And Story-Telling  

Module 4

  • Caps stone Project  

Phone:  493058840959 

Email[email protected] 


Rank #6. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

6. Keystone Master Studies  

Course Name: MSc Data Analytics and Information System  

In this course, you’ll develop the capabilities you need to grasp the opportunities that big data offers. By gaining this knowledge, you will be able to apply data-handling strategies to inform businesses and guarantee that the information systems at your workplace align with your goals and strategies.  

Passionate IT managers looking to establish a career in data analytics can take advantage of big data opportunities with this course. The knowledge gained from this course can give them an advantage over other IT professionals and competitors.   

Prerequisite of This Course:

  • A 2:2 UK honors degree or GPA of above 60% for a 4-year bachelor’s degree from Pakistan  
  • IELTS score of 6.5 or above 

Awarding body: Arden University of Berlin 

Data Analysis Courses in Germany Syllabus:

  • Data Designing  
  • Decision-Making and Data Handling  
  • Aligning IS and Business Strategy
  • Monitoring Trends and Technology  
  • Research Project 

 Phone:  +498005895337 

Email[email protected] 


Rank #7. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

7. Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) 

Course Name: Machine Learning and Data Analytics in Finance and Accounting    

This course aims to enable you to leverage basic machine learning methodologies and data analytics methods for your professional advancement. Participants will discover how to automate time-consuming operations including the classification of analyst conference calls into economically significant information. There is no prerequisite for this course, and all essential programming abilities are taught in this course.  

Check the Course Syllabus  

Courses 1 and 2  


  • Basic concepts of Python and Data Analysis   
  • Learn how to import and clean data  
  • Process Natural languages in Python  

Course 3 

Machine Learning  

  • Learn what supervised and unsupervised machine learning  
  • Evaluate the prediction model  

Course 4  

Data Analytics  

  • Learn Data Visualization 
  • What is Data description 
  • Statistical Analysis   

For Registration:  

Phone  +498921800 

Email: [email protected]


Rank #8. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

8. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management  

Course Name: Master’s in Data Analytics and Management  

This course from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management equips you with the expertise and abilities to steer data-driven organizations through periods of digital transformations.

This course is best for managers who encourage goal-driven innovation and inspire organizational change using disruptive technologies to manage digital transformation in a world that is always changing. You will learn how to use data to change a company model into a data-driven organization.

Prerequisites of This Course  

  • AN Undergraduate degree, or Diploma
  • IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL IBT 90   
  • Candidates who have earned an English language degree and spent more than a year in an English-speaking nation are eligible for language competency waivers.  

Data Analysis Courses in Germany Syllabus:

  • Week 1 Data Boot Camp  
  • Week 2   Machine Learning Boot Camp   
  • Week 3 Business Model: Disruptive    
  • Week 4 Business Model:  Optimization   
  • Week 5 Organizational Transformation  
  • Week 6 Experiential Learning and Digital Learning  
  • Week 7 Blockchain in Business 

Phone:  069154008565


Rank #9. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

9. 8 RWTH Aachen University 

Course Name: MSc. Data Analytics and Decision Science   

This master’s degree program is designed to learn how to combine machine learning and deep learning techniques with mathematical optimization, algorithms, and simulation techniques to create value in different application areas.

The course comes into a schedule of core courses supplemented by a selection of elective courses for in-depth studies. Seven essential building elements make up the two-year degree program which can be altered to fit your requirements.

Requirements: 12 months of professional experience.

This course also lets you sign up for a free German language course. 

Course Syllabus  

Semester 1  

DDS Essentials  

  • Learn the essentials of Statistics and Mathematics   
  • Algorithms and Data Structures  
  • Data Analytics – Learn about Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning  

Semester 2 

Decision Science  

  • Learn how to optimize models, Linear, and Integers
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms  
  • Heuristic Optimization  

Analytics Project  

  • Practical Assignments on machine learning and optimization techniques.  
  • Report presentation to practice and scientific audience.  

Semester 3 

Application of Skills  

  • Applying learned skills for Digital Operations and Supply Chain Management (SCM) 
  • Optimization of Logistics Systems and to economically model Energy and Climate Systems. 

Semester 4 

  • Master Thesis  
  • German language Course  

To enroll, contact their Team Leader – MMsMandy Bollinger  

Phone:  +49 241 8020010


Rank #10. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

10. Steinbeis University, School of Management and Innovation

Course Name: MaMasterf Science in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence  

Location: Berlin, Germany  

This Master’s program focuses on how to integrate data with relevant business insights. You will develop in-depth knowledge of data technologies, data applications, strategies, and data-driven decision-making in a corporate environment both operationally and strategically. You will learn how to optimize company operations and how to use a variety of statistical tools to solve complex challenges faced by businesses. 

Prerequisites for Admission 

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • IELTS 6.0 or PTE 56 or Duo lingo 100 
  • TOEFL 80 or Cambridge Advanced 

Course Syllabus  

  • Management and Entrepreneurship 
  • Project Management
  • Understanding Market and Consumer Behaviour  
  • Research Methods  
  • Statistics  

Specialization Courses 

  • Data Economics and Ethics 
  • Data Technology  
  • Data Applications, Methods, and Processes 

Besides this, the university offers the Launch Pad Program, where they train learners in analyzing profiles, personal branding, teaching German cultural codes, preparing a resume, and interviews for job placements with salary negotiations and invitations to networking events.   

Students who prove academic achievement and exceptional interpersonal skills can earn up to 25% off their entire tuition fees through the Steinbeis Foundation Scholarship Fund.  


Rank #11. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

11. Stiftung Univetsität Hildesheim

Course Name:  International Master’s Program in Data Analytics  

The International Master’s Program in Data Analytics combines a comprehensive introduction to cutting-edge research in machine learning, big data analytics, and analytical technologies. These techniques are designed for students to build their knowledge for modeling and analyzing complex systems in businesses.  

Course Syllabus: 

Semester 1  

  • Machine Learning  
  • Techniques for Optimization  
  • Programming of Machine Learning  
  • Data Analytics Seminars  

Semester 2  

  • What is Big Data Analytics  
  • Advanced Processes of Machine Learning  
  • Data Protection  
  • Seminars for Data Analytics (Part 2)  
  • Project 1  

Semester 3  

  • Optimal controlling and Planning  
  • Methodological Specialization  
  • Data Analytics Seminars (Part III)
  • Project- 2 

Semester 4 

  • Master Thesis on projects. 


Application Modules (AM) 

  • Computer software Engineering  
  • Media Systems  
  • Advanced Marketing and Logistics  
  • Seminars on Business Studies  
  • Processing Natural Languages 
  • Lab Courses  
  • Geographic Info Systems  

Course Structure:

 2-year master’s Program, structured as 65% methodological, 10% application, and 25% master thesis.  


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT, Math, or related fields.
  • TOEFL certificate with a test score of 61 or above or German Abitur  

Students completing this course will become highly competent to work as research scientists, Data engineers, machine learning scientists, and analysts for Business intelligence. 

Phone: +49512188340388 

Email[email protected]

Data Scientist or Data Analyst: Which One is For You?   

Businesses are generating massive profitability and growth from the results and insights gained from data available within the firm. This is the major reason that the number of jobs for data engineers has increased dramatically in every company.  

Data Science has evolved into the most important component of any business, it helps us in identifying meaningful insights by studying raw and unstructured data. This field focuses on seeking answers to questions that companies are asking to grow and make profits.  

Data Analysts process the given datasets and carry out various statistical analyses to get actionable insights. In other words, Data Analysts work on solving existing business challenges with the use of data that is available by presenting the facts in a visual context that everyone can understand.  

Frequently Asked Questions    

Q1. Is Germany good for Data Analytics? 

When it comes to commercial digitalization and digital public services, Germany is one of the most advanced countries, even though Big Data and Data Science are still relatively young academic fields, there is a huge demand for competent Data Analysts in Germany.

Q2. Is it possible for a Data Analyst to work as a Data Scientist? 

Since both fields work on data, a bachelor’s degree is required for both disciplines.  After becoming a data analyst, you can advance to become a data scientist by upgrading your mathematical and programming skills and getting an advanced degree to get started as a Data Scientist.

Q3. What are the most in-demand jobs for Data Analysts in Germany?  

Data Analysis, machine learning, Python, deep learning, research, and related careers are the most in-demand jobs in Germany.


Data Analytics has a long and illustrious history in Germany. The nation is home to some of the top data science researchers, teachers, and students in the world and its universities provide some of the top data analytics courses in Germany. If you want to work in this industry, Germany is a wonderful place to consider enrolling in data analytics courses. Since data science ecosystem in the nation is booming and offers many prospects for professional advancement.

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