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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Edmonton With Placement

Every year that goes by, more data is produced. The role of experts like data analysts is crucial, even though there are automated tools that can manage these raw data. The study of data helps organizations all over the world to perform better. As it helps interpret the information and make more informed decisions. The current demand for data experts is quite high in the IT sector. In this article, we’ll provide a list of the best data analytics courses in Edmonton to get you started.

List of best data analytics courses in Edmonton

Understanding Data Analytics And Its Advantages

Data analytics focuses on extracting value from raw data by transforming it into actionable insights. These insights then help businesses to make informed and effective business decisions. Data analytics involves collecting the data, filtering it, and processing it to bring out applicable and helpful information to aid businesses.

To deeply understand the data analytics process, you can enroll in any of the data analytics courses in Edmonton listed in this post. Today, data or information can be found anywhere. Every action you take online or in real life creates data, which can be used to advance a company’s goals.

Almost all businesses acknowledge the importance of data analytics to their development. Data analytics is crucial for businesses to get a competitive advantage and some of them are listed below:

Acquiring And Maintaining Clients

Customers’ online activities can reveal a great deal about their tastes, wants buying habits, and other traits. Companies analyze large amounts of customer data to better understand their clientele and respond to their requirements. This is a surefire strategy to increase revenue and strengthen client relationships.

Targeted And Specific Ad Campaigns

With the help of data analytics, companies can now provide more tailored offerings to their core clientele, eliminating the need to waste money on ineffective advertising. Businesses can learn about consumer habits by keeping tabs on their customers’ online and in-store purchases, thanks to data analytics. Based on these observations, specific and targeted marketing initiatives are developed to assist companies in meeting customer expectations and strengthening brand loyalty.

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Recognizing Risks And Addressing Them

Organizations operate in risky conditions, making efficient risk management solutions essential. Effective risk management methods and strategies rely heavily on the use of data analytics. Rapidly optimizing complicated decisions in the face of unanticipated occurrences and prospective dangers is made easier with the use of data analytics tools.

Creating New Ground-Breaking Products

The ability to draw meaningful conclusions from large data sets is a crucial step toward fostering creative solutions. With the use of data analytics, businesses can improve and develop new products and services. Large amounts of data allow companies to better understand their clientele. Feedback from customers is crucial for making improvements to existing offerings.

These nuggets of knowledge can then be used to reorient business objectives, refine advertising approaches, enhance the quality of customer service, and boost the efficiency of employee labor.

Enhance Productivity

Your interactions with consumers and the feedback they provide can help you collect massive volumes of useful data that can be used by data analytics to boost business efficiency. Then, the data can be analyzed to reveal hidden patterns that can inform the development of targeted services and products. The tools can simplify mundane operations, giving workers more time for more challenging work that requires their higher brain functions.

Data plays an important role in every business in this data-driven world. And the one who deals with it to give helpful insights is highly in demand and gets paid handsomely.

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List of 8 Data Analytics Courses in Edmonton

Finally, after researching several Data analytics courses in Edmonton, we’ve settled on these. If you’re looking for an institution that gives you a good foundation in both theory and practice, check out this list.


Rank# 1. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton


IIM SKILLS is the highest-rated ed-tech company that offers top-class professional & skill-developing courses globally. Data Analytics Courses in Edmonton are their most recommended and popular courses. This course is a comprehensive training program that also provides internships.


The data analytics course by IIM SKILLS is a 100% tool-oriented learning program that focuses more on practical learning by assigning live projects to train their students on a professional level. This course curriculum is designed for all sorts of trainees, from beginners to professionals of any level.

Course Details:

Name: Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 months + 2 months of optional internship

Certification: Yes

Fees: CAD 803.19 + Taxes

Job Placement: Yes

Refund: Yes (check for details on their website)

The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank# 2. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton


NAIT comes at the top when you’re searching for data analytics courses in Edmonton, and it really deserves that place. The NAIT “The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology” is a top institution in healthcare sciences, business, hospitality, design, and communications.

Graduates of NAIT have reported a 94% satisfaction rating with the school as a whole which is known for its extensive student support services. Courses at NAIT are created in collaboration with employers and policymakers, giving graduates an edge in the job market.

FOI, in September 2022, the Government of Alberta granted NAIT $650,000 over two years to create fresh micro-credential programs to assist students in acquiring marketable skills. To fulfill the needs of Alberta’s job market, 3 new micro-credential courses will be created over the next two years.

NAIT offers a Post-Diploma in Data Analytics using online classes to its students. This helps in building up fundamental knowledge and required skills to score employment in the data industry. As a student, you’ll go through classroom theories, industry-relevant case studies, and sponsored projects. Keep in mind for any in-person sessions of the course, you’ve to be available on campus.


Course Duration – This program can be completed in one year if you attend classes on a full-time basis. On average, you can expect to have 20 hours of class in a week each semester. Also, there would be 20 to 30 hours of self-studying, researching, assignments, reading, etc.

Enrollment Fees – The total fee for the first year is 8,940 CAD. You can learn more about fees and their structure on the official website.

Contact Information –

You’re required to submit a form to get their contact email and phone number.

Others: Live Chat

Rank# 2. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton

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3. NorQuest College

NAIT isn’t the only institute that has received grants from the Government of Alberta. NorQuest College received 613,012 CAD in September too from the Government for the same reasons. This makes it the second runner-up in the list of top institutions providing Data analytics courses in Edmonton.

NorQuest College is a publicly sponsored post-secondary college in Edmonton, attended by more than 17,000 students a year. Students can take advantage of certificate and diploma programs in business, health, technology, and community studies.

Programs at NorQuest are designed with the needs of the workforce in mind and are taught by knowledgeable, actively involved teachers. Students can gain valuable job experience, make professional connections, and receive training that is directly applicable to the industry thanks to these programs.

The course, Exploratory Data Analytics, helps students understand the techniques for gathering data, exploring, assessing, and showcasing data. The course teaches students how to efficiently store and manipulate data for analysis and machine learning.

Averages, standard deviations, histograms, averages, and more will all be discussed in the context of their practical use in this course. The goal of this course is to introduce students to data analysis and visualization tools.


Course Duration – The course includes 45 hours of lecture and 36 hours of practical training on campus.

Enrollment Fees – You must submit a form to request information about the course fees.

Contact Information –

Phone: (+1) 780 644 6000

Toll-Free: (+1) 866 534 7218

Email: [email protected]

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Rank# 4. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton

4. SCS By University Of Toronto

Everyone wants to study at the best institutions available. The University of Toronto (UofT) is currently ranked 18th position in the list of best global universities. This university was established in 1827 and has since become the premier research university in Canada. These days, it ranks high among the most prestigious research universities in the world, with a focus on invention and innovation.

The UofT’s School of Continuing Studies, also referred to as SCS is dedicated to the education and enrichment of working adults through the delivery of high-quality, non-degree programs in both traditional classroom and digital formats by faculty members widely recognized as among the best in their respective fields.

The Data Analytics Boot Camp offered by SCS is one of the top-notch data analytics courses in Edmonton. This course allows you to study at your own pace while still receiving the structure and assistance you need to advance in the data industry.

The course covers all relevant data tools and techniques required for you to land a job, after completing it. Along with the studies you’ll participate in workshops to deal with datasets used in the projects that come from a wide range of industries. Once you’ve completed the course, the faculty will help you with various job opportunities for three months.

Course Duration – This course can be completed in 24 weeks and all the lectures will be delivered online.

Enrollment Fees – You must contact their phone number to know about the fees or you can submit a form to get the complete course guide.

Contact Information –

Phone: (+1) 647 370 3837


Rank# 5. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton

5. Robertson – Data Analyst

The Robertson College campus is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and it is a private-funded institution of higher education that focuses on vocational preparation. The institution first opened its doors in 1911, and its current name didn’t appear until 1993. The college has grown since 2003 to now include campuses in both Calgary and Edmonton.

The institution is dedicated to providing an education with a concentration on the fields of business, technology, healthcare, and community service. More than 5,000 students attend Robertson College, and they come from all around the world.

The program Data Analyst offered by Robertson College is highly effective in making you a data expert. The skills you learn in this program will be highly sought after and well compensated in a wide range of fields. You will develop skills in data collection, data communication, and data presentation while in school.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll go through a practicum to polish the skills you’ve gained. It’s important to put your skills into action to gain entry-level work experience, which also adds value to your resume. Not only that, you’ll get lifetime placement services from the faculty.

Even though you leave the college upon completing the course, the placement team will be there to support you in your professional journey. With so many features involved, this college’s program has made its name on the list of best data analytics courses in Edmonton.

Course Duration – This course can be completed online within 12 months. Also, there will be an internship program for 3 weeks without any pay.

Enrollment Fees – You must submit the form on their website to get information about the fee and its structure. Also, there are many forms of financial help available to students, to reduce their anxiety and allow them to concentrate on their academics.

Contact Information –

Toll-Free: (+1) 855 333 9319


You can submit the request form for the faculty to reach you right back for your concerns.


Rank# 6. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton

6. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is the most popular online boot camp and a frontrunner among certification training providers. A Blackstone business with locations in the United States (San Francisco) and India (Bangalore). Simplilearn was established in 2010 and quickly rose to prominence as the premier online boot camp for developing employable skills relevant to the digital economy.

Simplilearn offers Data analytics courses in Edmonton which is an IBM-sponsored program. The skills you’ll get from taking this course include working with SQL, databases, R, and Python, visualizing data, and using stats and predictive modeling in the corporate world.

This course is tailored to your work schedule and is led by industry experts who share the latest best practices and case studies. During the course, you’ll also be given real-world projects to hone your skills, which will surely help you gain a solid practical foundation.

Course Duration – The total time you’ll need to complete this course is 12 months if you commit to investing a few hours a day.

Enrollment Fees – The total fee for the course is 1499 CAD and you can also go with an installment plan.

Contact Information –

Toll-Free: (+1) 844 532 7688

Others: Live Chat


Rank# 7. Data Analysis Courses in Edmonton

7. Google

We all know about Google and how much it means in our daily lives. Now, what if Google issues a certificate for you being a Data Analytics Professional? Sounds great right? Having a big name verifying your credentials as a certified data expert would definitely improve your professional profile.

Google provides most of its certificate programs via Coursera, a popular online learning platform. This course has made its name in this list of top data analytics courses in Edmonton, because of its creator. This course is created to help you to acquire the job-ready skills to fit you in the data-driven industry.

The industry professional will help you with the course and explain the concepts using real-world cases. Not only that, you’ll work on live projects to build up your portfolio to prove that you’re ready for employment.


Course Duration – This course would take 6 months to complete if you commit 10 hours of studying a week.

Enrollment Fees – Coursera offers a 7-day free trial and once it ends, then you’ll be charged 39 USD every month. You can complete this course in less than a month or 6 months, all up to you.

Contact Information – Although, all the information that you need is available on the course page. But if you’re looking for more information, you must consider visiting the Learner Help Center.


Rank# 8. Data Analytics Courses in Edmonton

8. KnowledgeHut by UpGrad

KnowledgeHut is one of the leading online corporate training providers and was acquired by UpGrad. It has been assisting professionals in a wide variety of fields to acquire new knowledge and close skill gaps to advance in their careers and compete on a worldwide scale.

KnowledgeHut was created to provide high-quality training in a variety of areas, including tech and management, using novel and applicable methods. You must look into this project-based data analyst course if you’re searching for the best data analytics courses in Edmonton.

This course is engineered to give you intensive and professional guidance, which will help you go from knowing nothing about the field to landing a fulfilling job in it. The course itself covers a wide range of topics from basic mathematical and stat ideas to the use of common tools like Excel and SQL for data management, analysis, visualization, and presentation.

The industry experts will teach you how to analyze data effectively and work with it. They’ll also help you learn the ropes of data analytics by understanding its many moving parts such as analysis, collection, management, organization, storage, and presentation.

Not only studies but you’ll also be given live projects to work on and build up your professional portfolio. And the best part about KnowledgeHut is that you’ll get job assistance after you’ve finished the course.

Course Duration – The minimum time you need to complete the course is 115 hours, only if you’ve joined the blended classes format. Visit the official page to learn about all formats.

Enrollment Fees – The course enrolment fees start from 2,399 USD for blended classes. For more information, you must visit the official website.

Contact Information –

Phone: (+1) 613 707 0763

Email: [email protected]

Others: Live Chat


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why consider a job in the data analytics field?

These are the most compelling reasons to consider a career in the data analytics field:

  • Even though you’re working with data, figures, and statistics, you get to use your imagination in coming up with solutions to issues.
  • For this expertise, you’re compensated handsomely.
  • The demand for data analysis is only expected to increase as data volumes continue to swell.

However, there’re additional advantages that aren’t as obvious:

  • Skill sets are highly sought after, by most employers. Lack of interest in higher study is common.
  • Jobs for data analytics are increasingly available in remote capacities. There’ll be no more daily commutes.
  • You may use the knowledge you gain in fields like programming, data science, and others in virtually any industry.

Due to these benefits, many professionals are looking forward to shifting into this data field. This trend makes data analytics courses in Edmonton quite in demand. So, if you start now, you’ll have a brilliant future in the data industry.

2. What skills are in demand to get hired as a data analyst?

Once you’ve acquired the necessary skills, a career change into data analyst can lead to secure work in a lucrative field. But, what skills are we talking about? Well, a data analyst’s job is to collect, clean, analyze, and present the data to solve a problem.

So, here’s a list of skills that are high in demand that you’ll need to have to land a job as a data analyst:

  • SQL – databases
  • Python or R programming
  • Machine learning
  • Maths and stats
  • Data management
  • Statistical presentation with Tableau
  • Econometrics

3. What kinds of jobs are available in the data analytics field?

There’s no doubt this field is lucrative and highly in demand. This industry has various job profiles, responsibilities, and earning potentials. Here’s a list of top in-demand jobs available in data analytics fields:

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Data analyst consultant
  • Marketing analyst
  • Project manager
  • IT system analyst

Not sure, which job profile you should pick? Well, many of the institutions mentioned in the above list of data analytics courses in Edmonton, provide job consultation to help you choose the right career path.

4. How much does a data analyst make in a year?

The data analyst profession is one of the most highly paid-professions out there. Many surveys suggest many figures, but you can expect to earn more than 60 grand a year as a data analyst in the USA. Most businesses from different parts of the world, hire freelance data analysts to do the job. So, you might earn more or less than the suggested figure, if you’re working as a freelancer for non-USA-based businesses.


Everyday data volume is increasing and businesses need experts to work on these datasets to help them make the right decision. The current number of data experts in the market isn’t enough to fulfill the entire industry’s needs. This is why this field of work is highly in-demand and the demand will grow in the future as the data grows. Businesses are ready to hire you as a data expert and pay you handsomely for your skills and talents. In short, your professional future is secure and lucrative, if you become a data expert. So, if you’re looking for a career in this data industry, get started with any of the data analytics courses in Edmonton. This first step will help you move forward and get you into the industry of data.

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