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Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Cyprus With Placements

Data Analytics Courses in Cyprus have given a new pathway to understanding the culture of the globe the modern world and the technology of science. Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make closure about information. Many of the procedures and mechanisms of data analytics are automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human expenditure. It acts like a filter when it comes to acquiring meaningful discernments out of a huge data set. It helps keep human inaccuracy away from the research conclusion with the help of proper demographic treatment.



Let us begin to explore the best data analytics courses in Cyprus in the article below.

Why Take Data Analytics Courses in Cyprus?

Data Analytics is the procedure of manipulating and understanding data to analyze and uncover acumen that can influence business decisions, With large and diverse data sources, including structured and unstructured data.


Benefits of Taking Data Analytics Courses in Cyprus:

➢    Data Analytics Skills Boost Your Problem-solving Skills

The core of analytics is all about using data to solve complex problems. Consistently working on solving problems helps you think more adversely, communicate better, work under pressure, and be a greater asset to any employer.

 ➢    Data Analytics Helps You Make Better Decisions

By learning how to utilize the power of the data that you cooperate with at work, rather than leading with just your gut feelings, you can have a big impact on your company’s business decisions and success. It helps reach your sales goals and better connect with your audience.

➢    Data Analytics Skills Are Pertinent to Everyday Life

Explaining intricate data to senior management can help fortify your communication strategies outside the office while understanding and learning how to codify data effectively could help you with subjective budgeting. It is very beneficial for life.

➢    Data Analytics Jobs Are in More Demand

In a variety of sectors with the tech industry growing to new heights, the ability to analyze data is necessary, and so is the necessity for data analysts. Hence opportunities are vastly provided through the organizations, and the salary you demand.



Top 7 Data Analytics Courses In Cyprus With Placements



IIM SKILLS is one of the world’s skyrocketing learning technology companies. IIM SKILLS has its axis in 23 cities in Asia including Dubai, and Singapore offering a wide variety of courses with an easy-going curriculum in academic fields.

Their ties with Google, Times of India, Meta, and other ventures from India also boost job opportunities. IIM SKILLS has valid identification from delegated bodies and hence taking Data Analytics courses in Cyprus is helpful.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 552.48 Euros + Taxes

The Data Analytics Curriculum Offers:

  1. Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Introduction to Data Handling
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Overview of Dashboards
  1. Data Analytics using VBA
  • Introducing VBA
  • Programming constructs in VBA
  • Key components of programming language
  • How VBA works in Excel
  • Objects and memory in VBA
  • Functions and procedures in VBA Modularising your programs
  • Communicating with your users
  1. Data Analytics using SQL
  • Basics RDBMS concepts
  • Utilizing the Object Explorer
  • Data-based object creation (DDL commands)
  • Data Manipulation (DML commands)
  • SQL server reporting services
  • SQL server integration services
  1. Data Analytics using Python
  • Introduction to basic statistics
  • Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
  • Introduction to analytics and data science
  • Python Essentials (Core)
  • Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)
  • Overview of Pandas
  • Cleansing data with Python
  • Data analysis using Python
  • Basic visualization tools
  • Visualising Geospatial Data
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • Statistical Methods and hypothesis testing
  1. Data Analytics using Power BI
  • Introducing Power BI
  • Data preparation and modeling
  • Data analysis expressions (DAX)
  • Reports development (Visuals in Power BI)
  1. Data Analytics using Tableau
  • Getting Started
  • Data handling and summary
  • Data handling and summary 2
  • Building advanced Reports/ Maps
  • Table calculations
  • Calculated field
  1. R for Data Science
  • Data importing/ exporting
  • Data manipulation
  • Data manipulation 2
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization with R
  • Using R with database
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Linear regression: solving regression problems
  • Testing
  1. Data Analysis using Alteryx
  • General Overview of the course with fundamental concepts ● Using the select tool for renaming fields and changing the data type ● Understanding the user environment and Alteryx settings                             ● Remove the data set
  • Connect to the data source
  • Alteryx designer interface
  • Set data field types
  • User and workflow settings
  • Remove and Rename fields
  • Filtering data/ Data processing
  • S blending/ Join data from different sources
  • Filtering using String data
  • Finding customers with 10 or more transaction histories
  • Transpose, dynamic rename, and input data, and text to columns
  • Identify common data fields
  • See how all records fit the filter
  • Data cleansing
  • Input values
  • Random sample

Eligibility Criteria for Individuals such as:

⮚ Fresh Graduates

⮚ IT Professionals

⮚ Sales Professionals

⮚ Banking and Finance Professionals

⮚ UG/PG Students

⮚ Supply Chain Network Managers

⮚ Marketing Managers

Benefits and Highlights of Taking course at IIM SKILLS:

▪ Trained by Industry Experts

▪ Career Empowerment

▪ Internship Opportunities

▪ Certification of completion from IIM SKILLS

▪ Window for Placement

▪ 100+ Hours of practical assignment

▪ 160 hours of live teaching/ lectures

▪ 16 hands-on projects

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

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2. UpGrad

UpGrad is one of the top thriving online education platforms that offers various courses to individuals to reach their true potential in the professional world. Our principle is to guide working professionals or students and upskill their knowledge to engage new technologies in modern technologies.

Learning Data Analytics courses in Cyprus focus on delivering envisaged comprehension along with hands-on experience to ensure a successful boost for your career in the line of business, At upGrad we highlight grasping automation to modify the way education is distributed in the new modern age of technology and data analytics.

Tools Covered Are:

Tableau, TensorFlow, Spark, pandas, aws, NumPy, python, Keras, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop

Your guide to becoming a Data Science professional by taking Data Analytics courses in Cyprus is as follows:

  • Pre-Bootcamp

➔   110 Hours of Self-Learning Content

➔   10+ Modules to Strengthen Your Fundaments

  • Bootcamp

➔   20 Case Studies

➔   165+ Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions

➔   15 Hours of Mentorship

  • Capstone

➔   Industry-Led Master Class

➔   Industry-Led Feedback Sessions

➔   17 Industry Oriented Capstone Projects

  • Post-Bootcamp

➔   2 Mock Interviews

➔   Dedicated Placement support

➔   LinkedIn Profile Review

Course Curriculum are

❖    MS Excel

❖    Programming Basics

❖    SQL Basics

❖    Data Analytics Using SQL

❖    Python for Data Science: Data Structures Installation Building Blocks, and Strings

❖    Python for Data Science: Modules, Functions, Errors, Lambda functions, Files, and OOPs

❖    Probability and Statistics: Regressions, Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

❖    Probability and Statistics: Probability Theory, Descriptive Statistics, and Distributions

❖    Data Preprocessing: Web Scraping and EDA

❖    Data Preprocessing: Numpy, RegEx, Pandas and Visualizations

❖    NoSQL

❖    Data Visualization with Tableau

❖    Machine Learning: Linear Regression

❖    Machine Learning: Math for Data Science

❖    KNN, Naive Bayes and SVM

❖    Regularization Techniques: LASSO and RIDGE

❖    Introduction to Classification and Logistic Regression

❖    Decision Tree, Random Forest and Boosting

❖    Big Data Processing with Hadoop

❖    Unsupervised Learning: Clustering and PCA

❖    Streaming Big Data with Spark: ETL, SparkSQL, Spark Runtime, and Stream Processing

❖    Streaming Big Data with Spark: Apache Kafka

❖    Machine Learning Model Development on Cloud

❖    Natural Language Processing: Sentiment Analysis and Chatbots

❖    Natural Language Processing: Spacy, Text Classification, Feature Extraction, and Textblob

❖    Data Structures and Algorithms

❖    Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow: Keras, TensorFlow, and CNN

❖    Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow: NLP, GANs, and Adv CNNs

Career Assistance:

  • Career Planning & Teaching

➔   Career Coaching

➔   Goal Setting

➔   Personalized Career Planning

  • Interview Preparation

➔   Hackathons and Mock Interviews

➔   DS, Algo, and System Design

➔   Interview Analysis and Feedback

  • Dedicated Placement Support:

➔   Resume, LinkedIn, and GitHub Reviews

➔   Target Software Developer Roles

➔   Comprehensive Placement


+1800 210 2020

[email protected]

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3. My GreatLearning

Data Analytics courses in Cyprus at GreatLearning enable me to have a great career in the digital world. It is one of the most affluent online educational platforms which has set its footprint globally in 170+ countries, Established 10 years ago, it provides great learning to students and working professionals to grow efficiently.

The Data Analytics course here at My GreatLearning has delivered a commendable career boost to those curious about the tech field. Mentors here shape the students to learn profoundly and be future-ready. Career progression in leading companies like Adobe, Amazon, IBM, Deloitte, Microsoft, American Express, McKinley, Accenture and many more.

Course Overview:

  • Personalized Weekend Mentorship Sessions
  • 12 Months/ Online
  • World-renowned faculty and Seasoned Industry Experts
  • Hands-on Exposure to 10+ Languages and Tools (Tableau, Python SQL, etc)
  • Case Studies with Real-World Datasets:

➔   40+ case studies across different industry verticles

➔   11 hands-on projects and 1 capstone project

➔   40+ quizzes (25 graded) for reinforcement of conceptual and practical understanding

Career Opportunities Provided:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineers
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Curriculum Modules:

★    Data Science Foundations

➔   Module 1: Introduction To AI and Data Science (Self-Paced)

➔   Module 2: Business Finance (Self-Paced)

➔   Module 3: Marketing And CRM (Self-Paced)

➔   Module 4: Introduction To SQL (3 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 5: Python For Data Science (4 Quizzes-1 Project)

★    Data Science Techniques

➔   Module 1: Inferential Statistics (3 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 2: Predictive Modeling (2 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 3: Machine Learning-1 (3 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 4: Machine Learning-2 (3 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 5: Unsupervised learning (2 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 6: Time Series Forecasting (3 Quizzes-1 Project)

➔   Module 7: Optimization Techniques (Self-Paced) (2 Quizzes)

★    Domain Exposure

➔   Module 1: Demystifying ChatGPT, Overview & Applications of Generative AI (Self-Paced)

➔   Module 2: Marketing and Retail Analytics (1 Project)

➔   Module 3: Social Media and Web Analytics (Self-Paced)

➔   Module 4: Financial and Retail Analytics (1 Project)

➔   Module 5: Supply Chain & Logistics Analytics (Self-Paced) (2 Quizzes)

★    Visualization and Insights

➔   Module: Data Visualization using Tableau (2 Quizzes)

★    Capstone Project

Fee Structure & Contact:

2,95,000 INR+GST

+080 6947 4555

[email protected]


4. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The business world is booming and reaching great heights of technology, Data has become the key drive to modern powering everything from the perception of curious minds of working professionals to students, Data Analytics courses in Cyprus offered by online ed-tech Indian Institute of Technology Delhi shape students to achieve growth and experience in the digital world, through hands-on teaching and mentorship with real case studies provided by our faculty.

You will learn advanced techniques, and core statistical analysis in business analytics, which will build a great career and empower students to make efficient decision-making skills and take on complex challenges.

Tools provided are Spss, Python, JASP, SQL, Orange, KNIME, Excel, and more.

Course Overview:

  • Impactful weekly online live learning sessions led by IITD Faculty
  • Data Analytics for Business Applications certificate from CEP IIT Delhi
  • Hands-on experience, real-world data sets, industry-oriented insights
  • Essential business analytics tools like Knime, SPSS, Orange, Python, and SQL
  • Expanded professional network through peer-to-peer learning
  • Capstone project under the guidance of IITD Faculty

Data Analytics courses in Cyprus Program Curriculum include:

★    Pillar 1: Core Statistical Analysis

➔   Data Formats and Collection

➔   Secondary Data Analysis

➔   Approaching BA- Summarization, Exploring Difference, Casual Inferences

➔   Small Data- Descriptive Statistics: CrossTabulations, Chi-Square, Correlations

➔   Analysis of Variance- T-Test, ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, MANCOVA

    Pillar 2: Prescriptive Decision Science Systems

➔   Exploratory and Principal Component Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis

➔   Logistic Regression

➔   Market Basket Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Cluster Analysis

➔   Regression- Linear Multivariate

➔   Qualitative Data Analysis- Content/ Text Analysis

➔   Nonparametric Analysis of Small Sample Data

★    Pillar 3: Prescriptive Decision Science Systems

➔   Data Visualization

➔   Data Analysis and Types

➔   Analytic Hierarchy Process

➔   Linear Programming and Mathematical Programming

★    Pillar 4: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

➔   Unsupervised Machine Learning

➔   Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning

➔   Supervised Machine Learning

➔   Social Media Analytics Using Natural Language Processing

➔   Machine Learning Implementation using Orange/ Anaconda

➔   Hands-on Business Applications of Analytics in Marketing, Finance, HRM, Strategy, and Supply Chain

➔   Web Analytics and Google Analytics

Course Duration & Fees Structure:

7 Months Duration

98,000 INR+GST (EMI Option Available)


+91 86570 38243

[email protected]

[email protected]


5. ExcelR

By taking Data Analytics courses in Cyprus, ExcelR is one of the fastest-growing educational organizations and has been honoured with many awards for the skills and training they offer young minds to make their career leave a mark in this global digital market. The mentors are committed to providing great learning skills and knowledge to students.

This 150+ hour Data Analyst training provides certification collaborated with IBM and the curriculum includes Excel (Basic and Advanced), Power BI, MySQL, Tableau, and many more. Data-driven businesses are more likely to flourish in the digital industry.

We have also collaborated with NASSCOM, and Future-Skills Prime to build a beneficial digital and technical ecosystem for students to learn great skills and are accredited with 2 certificates after the completion of the course.

Skills Covered Are:

Database Concepts, Data Analysis Concepts, Functions Charts & Slicers, Data Visualization

Tools Covered Are:

Excel (Basic & Advanced), Tableau, MySQL, Python Programming, PowerBI, R Programming Fundamentals, SAS (Self-Paced)

Course Structure:

  • 5+ Capstone Projects
  • 4 Skills and 8+ Tools Covered
  • Course Duration 150+ Hours / 6 Months
  • 80+ Assignments and Case Studies
  • 60+ Hours of Internship With AI / Variant
  • 5 Value Added Courses

➔   Business Statistics

➔   R Programming

➔   Python

➔   Introduction to SAS

➔   ChatGPT

Course Modules:

★    Excel

➔   Introduction

➔   Referencing, Named ranges, Uses, Arithmetic Functions

➔   Logical Functions

➔   Referring to data from different tables: Nested IF, Various types of Lookup

➔   Advanced functions

➔   Date and Text Functions

➔   Data Cleaning, Remove Duplicates, Data Handling, Data cleaning, Data type identification, Formatting and Filtering

➔   Data Visualization: Conditional Formatting, Charts

➔   Data Summarization: Pivot Report and Charts

➔   Data Summarization: Dashboard Creation, Tips and Tricks

➔   Connecting to Data: Pivot, Power Query, Power Pivot within Excel

➔   VBA and Macros


➔   Introduction of MySQL

➔   DQL & Operators

➔   SQL Commands and Data Types

➔   Case When Then and Handling NULL Values

➔   Group Operations & Aggregate Functions

➔   Constraints

➔   DDL

➔   Joins

➔   Indexes and Views

➔   DML & TCL Commands

➔   Exception Handling

➔   Stored Procedures

➔   Function, Constructs

➔   Union, Intersect, Sub-query

★    Tableau

➔   Basic Charts and Formatting

➔   Introduction to Tableau

➔   Filters

➔   Calculations

➔   Custom Charts

➔   Groups, Bins, Hierarchies, Parameters, Sets

➔   Data Combining Techniques

➔   Dashboard Actions & Tableau Public

➔   Analytics and Dashboard

★    Power BI

➔   Power BI Introduction and Installation

➔   Sample Dashboard with Animation Visual

➔   The Power BI user interface, including types of visualizations and data sources

➔   Power BI Artificial Intelligence Visual

➔   Power BI Visualization

➔   Power BI Service

★    R Programming

➔   Introduction to R, Data types in R, Installation of R Studio

➔   Decision-Making Statements, Loops, Functions

➔   Built-in Functions in R, Joins, and ggplot2

   Python Programming

➔   Anaconda Installation, Operators, Data Types, Introduction to Python

➔   Sets, Regular Expressions, Set Theory, Decision making Statements

➔   Loops, Functions, Lambda functions, Modules

➔   Data Types Contd, Inbuilt functions in Python, Slicing the data

➔   Pandas, NumPy, Matplotib, Seaborn

★    Business Statistics

➔   Probability and Normal Distribution

➔   Descriptive Statistics

➔   Data Cleaning and Insights

➔   Inferential Statistics

★    ChatGPT

➔   Introduction to ChatGPT & AI

➔   Types of AI and ChatGPT Architecture

➔   ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

➔   ChatGPT Functionalities and Applications

Fee Structure and Contact:

44,999 INR+ GST

+1800 212 2120

[email protected]

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6. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is one of the leading and renowned online educational platforms that has made its mark in over 155 countries. Through learning Data Analytics courses in Cyprus from Intellipaat, students or working professionals receive great help to reach a good career mark in this digital world.

Our course collaborations with top universities and big MNCs like EICT IIT Guwahati, EICT IIT Roorkee, IIM Ranchi, IIT Jammu, LSBU, IITM Pravartak, University of Liverpool, University of Essex, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Our faculty provides technical support and services to students to understand and apply the skills necessary. In the new age of technology growing globally, we enable a digital ecosystem to flourish.

Skills to Master:

SQL, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Time Series, Machine Learning, PowerBI, Data Wrangling, Advanced Statistics, R Programming, Data Mining, and Prediction Algorithms.

Tools to Master:

KNIME, Excel, SQL, Presto, Python

Course Highlights:

❖    218 Hours of Self-Paced Learning

❖    24*7 Support

❖    50+ Live sessions across 7 months

❖    Learn from IIT Faculty & Industry Practitioners

❖    No Cost EMI Option

❖    Designed for Freshers & Working Professionals

❖    50+ Industry Projects & Case Studies

❖    Resume Preparation and LinkedIn Profile Review

❖    One-on-one with Industry Mentors

❖    400 Hours of Applied Learning

❖    1:1 Mock Interview

❖    3 Days of campus immersion at IIT Roorkee

❖    Placement Assistance

The Course Curriculum is as Follows:

★    Module 1: SQL

★    Module 2: Performance Metrics

★    Module 3: Data Modelling

★    Module 4: Time Series Forecasting

★    Module 5: Python

★    Module 6: Machine Learning

★    Module 7: Data Analytics Capstone Project

★    Module 8: Statistics And Probability

★    Module 9: Business Case Studies

★    Business Problem Solving, Insights and Storytelling


★    Module 11: Visualizations using PowerBI

★    Module 12: Microsoft Excel

➔   Job Readiness



6th Floor, Arekere Gate Junction, Primeco Towers, Bannerghatta

Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

+91 7022 37 4614


Intellipaat INC

300 Delaware Ave Ste 210-207

Wilmington, De 19801


7. CIIM Cyprus International Institute and Management

Data Analytics Courses in Cyprus offered by CIIM Cyprus International Institute and Management offer a diverse set of skills and knowledge for participants to learn Data Analytics in the digital eco-system. Our faculty offers great resources and help them to understand the insights of the course. In today’s modern-day world, Data Science is high in demand for tech-savvy corporate employees.

Data Analytics helps them make better decisions and work efficiently. We offer particular emphasis on participants learning practical skills for data analytics, real-life case studies and materials are given to get more practical experience. Career guidance and placement are offered with the course.

Program Structure

  • Data Mining, Decision Making and Visualization
  • Managing Big Data
  • Programming for Business Analytics
  • Database Management and Cloud Computing
  • Information Security Management for Business
  • Foundations of Business Information Technology

Fee Structure & Duration:

1 year course

8,500 EUR / 7,69,827 INR (Tuition Fees)

579.20 EUR / 52,167 INR (Living Costs)

Contact & Location:

21 Glafkou Kleride Avenue

2107 Aglandjia, Nicosia-Cyprus

+357 22462246

[email protected]



Q) Are online Data Analytics courses in Cyprus worth it?

Yes, certain online data analytics courses are certified and offer great career exposure and you can learn in the comfort of your home and helpful for working professionals.

Q) How will the Data Analytics course benefit my career?

Data Analysts are in high demand with opportunities in fields such as technology, healthcare, finance, and marketing to enhance career growth.

Q) What tools will I learn to use?

Python, R Programming, Excel, Tableau, and other software tools are included.

Q) What Important topics will learn in Data Analytics courses in Cyprus?

Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis, SQL, Python, Excel, R Programming, Data Cleaning, and Data Collection.



The main aim of learning data analytics courses in Cyprus is to not just rely on your gut feeling but also take statistical analysis and technologies for solving complex problems. In this fast-growing digital world, learning data analytics helps an organization build efficiency, and profit status, and make good strategic decisions.

Learning Data analytics helps reach a good career margin and you get a vast spread of opportunities offered by big companies, organizations, and businesses. Learning Data Analytics gives a systematic insight into evaluating data, competitive edge, and much more to learn.

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