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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Cork With Placements

In today’s world, data is everywhere! Whether it’s your phone, computer, the internet, grocery store, hospital, or bank. In the present day and age, every business needs people who can help them understand this data and use it to increase their sales. And that is the work of a data analyst. With the boom in industrialization and digitalization, as the complexity of data increases, demand for skilled Data Analysts is also increasing. In this blog, we are going to talk about the top 5 Institutes that offer data analytics courses in Cork.


List of best data analytics courses in Cork


Cork is a beautiful city located in the southwest of Ireland. Being the second largest city, Cork is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Known as the Pharmaceutical hub of Ireland, Cork also has a growing number of technological companies and establishing startups.

Hence, the demand for skilled professionals in Data Analytics is also high. So people who are looking to embark on a career as a Data Analyst, Cork offers plenty of opportunities.

Additionally, Cork has a vibrant set of communities with an enthusiastic and collaborative spirit. This makes it an ideal environment for learning and networking. Students enrolled in data analytics courses in Cork have access to a supportive community of peers, instructors, and industry professionals who are passionate about innovation and growth.


What is Data Analytics?

Data for ‘Figures’ and Analysis for ‘Scanning’, Data Analytics is a self-explanatory term. Just like one brings together all the pieces of a puzzle to see the bigger picture, Data Analysts use certain tools and technology to dig through numbers, facts, and patterns in the data and find the hidden answers.

Data analytics courses teach one to analyze and interpret data effectively. They cover vast topics such as data collection, cleaning, analysis techniques, visualization, big data analytics, business intelligence, ethical considerations, etc. They provide practical skills and knowledge to work with data and help students make informed decisions in various industries.


What Are the Skills Needed to Pursue Data Analytic Courses?

Technical Skills:

Proficiency in Programming Languages: helps in writing instructions for computers, so that they can perform tasks like analyzing the fed data. For instance, by writing code in Python to analyze customer feedback, one can predict which products are likely to sell best next month.

Data Manipulation: this means cleaning up messy data and organizing it in a way that makes it easier to understand and work with. Here MS Excel or Google Sheets are the best examples where one can remove duplicate entries and format dates in a sales spreadsheet.

Statistical Analysis: By using math and statistical methods one can find patterns, trends, or relationships within data. Here, certain statistical tests can be used to analyze the results of a survey, which can determine if there’s a significant difference between the two groups.

Data Visualization: By creating visual representations like charts or graphs, one can understand data quickly and easily. Software like Tableau or Google Data Studio helps create interactive dashboards that can display sales performance metrics over time.

Machine Learning: helps in teaching computers to learn from data and make predictions or decisions. For example, training a machine learning model to predict future stock prices by analyzing patterns in the historical stock market data.

Analytical Skills:

Having strong analytical skills to identify patterns and insights within data. Ability to pay close attention to details while interpreting data to ensure accuracy. Capacity to make informed decisions based on data analysis, considering a wide array of factors and potential outcomes.

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Soft Skills:

Effective communication skills– are necessary to articulate results and insights. This makes the individual apt to deliver the recommendations to the various stakeholders through presentations, meetings, etc.

Ability to work in collaboration– is needed to work in multidisciplinary teams where one has to share knowledge. This helps the organization to achieve one common goal.

Strong organizational and time management– helps in prioritizing various tasks, meeting deadlines, and managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Flexibility and adaptability– aids in learning new tools and techniques. Knowledge of multiple methodologies is crucial for a rapidly evolving field like data analytics.

Curiosity and passion– ignite continuous learning to stay updated with emerging trends, and technologies, which helps in best practices in data analytics.


Why Become a Data Analyst?

If you possess the above-mentioned skills, becoming a data analyst will prove as a rewarding career path. There are ample opportunities for growth in this sector that will lead to personal fulfillment. You can prove yourself as a worthy asset to a company, hence they will be willing to invest in talented professionals.

Skills gained through the job are highly transferable and can be applied to various industry setups. You will continuously learn and grow with this profession and will never get stuck in a dead-end.

Businesses these days rely more and more on data to crack the code to success, hence demand for data analysts is high. Being a data analyst will create a big impact on your company’s decision-making, sales, and earnings. 


Why Must You Go for Data Analytics Courses?

Data analytics courses teach advanced methods and tools that you may not learn on your own. For example, predictive modeling and deep learning of algorithms can help you solve complex problems more effectively and make better decisions with data.

If you already know basic statistics, a data analytics course can teach you how to use advanced statistical models to predict future trends in sales or the customer itself. The courses often give you a chance to get your hands on some real-time projects where you can apply what you’ve learned.

This practical experience will help you build confidence and enhance practical skills that employers value. You might get to work on a project where by analysing social media data, marketing strategies for a company can be recommended through the results. This will give you valuable experience that can be put on your resume.

Data analytics courses can provide you the chance to connect with other professionals in the same field. These connections can lead to further job opportunities, mentorship, and collaborations on projects. Someone from the connections might get you in for a job interview at your dream company.

Completing a course will get you certified in data analytics. This will show the employers that you have the right skills and suitable knowledge for the job.  Getting certified in a specific data analytics tool e.g. Google Analytics or Python, will show employers that you’re serious about your career and have the expertise.

A Few More Data Analytics Courses To Explore:


What Other Positions You May Hold Except for Data Analyst?

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer Quantitative Analyst (Quant)
  • Data Architect
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Healthcare Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Statistical Analyst

These are just a few examples. The specific titles and responsibilities will vary depending on the industry, organization, and also on individual skill set.


Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Cork With Placements



#1 Data Analytics Courses in Cork

In today’s digital world, what can be better than online learning? IIM SKILS is set to break all geographical boundaries and reach the masses. One can learn from the comfort of their own space without being time-bound.

You can be a student, a working professional, or an at-home person and still pursue your dream. This makes IIM SKILLS our best choice for data analytics courses in Cork, Ireland.

IIM SKILLS is a rapidly growing Ed-Tech company based in New Delhi, India. It has a presence in 23 cities across Asia, including Dubai and Singapore. They offer courses in various educational domains such as Finance, Marketing, and Data.

Course Curriculum

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel

  •   Introduction to Data Handling
  •   Data Visualisation in Excel
  •   Data Manipulation Using Functions
  •   Data Analysis and Reporting
  •   Overview of Dashboards

Data Analytics Using VBA

  •   Introducing VBA
  •   Key Components of Programming Language
  •   How VBA Works with Excel
  •   Programming constructs in VBA
  •   Functions & Procedures in VBA – Modularizing your programs
  •   Objects & Memory Management in VBA
  •   Communicating with Your Users

Data Analytics Using SQL

  •   Basics RDBMS Concepts
  •   Utilizing The Object Explorer
  •   Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)
  •   Data manipulation (DML Commands)
  •   SQL Server Reporting Services
  •   SQL Server Integration Services

Data Analytics Using Power BI

  •   Introducing Power BI
  •   Data Preparation and Modelling
  •   Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  •   Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)

Data Analytics Using Python

  •   Introduction to Basic Statistics
  •   Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
  •   Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
  •   Python Essentials (Core)
  •   Operations With NumPy (Numerical Python)
  •   Overview of Pandas
  •   Cleansing Data With Python
  •   Data Analysis Using Python
  •   Basic Visualization Tools
  •   Visualizing Geospatial Data
  •   Data Visualization With Python
  •   Advanced Visualization Tools
  •   Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Data Analytics Using Tableau

  •   Getting Started
  •   Data Handling & Summaries
  •   Data Handling & Summaries
  •   Building Advanced Reports/ Maps
  •   Table Calculations
  •   Calculated Field

R For Data Science

  •   Data Importing/Exporting
  •   Data Manipulation
  •   Data Manipulation
  •   Data Analysis
  •   Data Visualization with R
  •   Using R with Database
  •   Introduction to Statistics
  •   Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems
  •   Testing

Data Analytics Using Alteryx

  • Overview of the Alteryx
  • Select tool
  • Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
  • Remove from the data set
  • Understanding Alteryx Designer
  • Connect to data sources
  • Alteryx designer Interface
  • Set data field types
  • User and Workflow settings
  • Remove and rename fields
  • Filtering Data/Data processing
  • S Blending/Join Data from Different Sources
  • Filtering Using String Data
  • Input Data, Dynamic Rename, Text to columns, Transpose
  • Identify common data fields
  • See how all records fit the filter
  • Data Cleansing
  • Impute Values
  • Random Sample

 Course Details:

  • Name:  Data Analytics Course
  • Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)
  • Fees: 552.57 Euros + Taxes
  • EMI: Interest Free
  • Certification: Yes
  • Job Opportunities with 100% Placement Assistance

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Analytics Tools Covered by IIM SKILLS

  •       Excel
  •       SQL
  •       Power BI
  •       Python
  •       Tableau
  •       R
  •       Altreyx

The course provides hands-on project opportunities to all its students and has more than 500 hiring partners.

This Data Analysis course can be suitably meant for you if you are someone from these fields:

  • Fresh Graduates
  • UG/PG Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Supply Chain Network Managers

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2. University College Cork, Ireland-

#2 Data Analytics Courses in Cork

The Post Graduate Course in Data Science and Analytics is jointly offered by the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, and the Department of Statistics. It is designed to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that are required to help companies and public bodies deal with data. With this training program being offered by such esteemed departments, it makes a great choice for data analytics courses in Cork.

Course Modules

PART I (60 credits)

Core Modules (30 credits)

  •  -Datamining (5 credits)
  •  -Deep Learning (5 credits)
  •  -Foundations of Statistical Data Analytics (10 credits)
  •  -Generalised Linear Modelling Techniques (5 credits)

Database Modules

Students who have adequate database experience take:

  • -Database Technology (5 credits)

Students who have not studied databases take:

  • -Introduction to Relational Databases (5 credits)

Elective Modules (30 credits)

  • -Optimisation (5 credits)
  • -Information Storage and Retrieval (5 credits)
  • -Topics in Artificial Intelligence (5 credits) Semester 1
  • -Data Visualization for Analytics Applications (5 credits)
  • -Multivariate Methods for Data Analysis (10 credits)
  • -Operations Research (5 credits)
  • -Stochastic Decision Science (5 credits)
  • -Machine Learning and Statistical Analytics II (5 credits)

 Programming Modules

Students who have adequate programming experience take:

  • -Complex Systems Development (5 credits)
  • -Scalable Computing for Data Analytics (5 credits)

 Students Who Have Not Studied Programming Take:

  • -Programming in Python (5 credits)
  • -Programming in Python with Data Science Applications (5 credits)

 PART II (30 Credits)

  • Dissertation in Data Analytics (30 credits) or
  • Dissertation in Data Analytics (30 credits)

 Course Details

  • Name- MSc in Data Science and Analytics
  • Duration- 1 year
  • Teaching Mode- Full Time
  • Certificate- Professional Diploma
  • Fee details can be checked out on the UCC Website.

Candidates must have-

Second Class Honours Grade I in a primary honors degree in computer science or mathematical sciences or

Second Class Honours Grade I in a primary honors degree with a strong numerate content (e.g. engineering, finance, physics, biosciences, or economics).

If you are not able to fulfill the above requirements, you can enroll with UCC under Recognition of Prior Learning with a minimum 5 years of working experience with a relevant industry. You can also apply through an interview. A candidate should also be able to provide an English Language Proficiency certificate during the application process.

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3. MTU Cork Campus-

#3 Data Analytics Courses in Cork

The Data Science and Analytics program by MTU has been designed with industry experts to ensure that in the first two semesters graduates develop core skills in programming, database management, statistical modeling, time series analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

Students also learn how to interpret these results to improve business performance. The capstone research project in Semester 3 is a key component of this MSc program. These hands-on projects make MTU a good choice for doing data analytics courses in Cork.

The program by MTU has been designed with industry experts to ensure that in the first two semesters, graduates develop core skills in programming, database management, statistical modeling, time series analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.

Students also learn how to interpret these results to improve business performance. The capstone research project in Semester 3 is a key component of this MSc program.

 Course Module

Semester 1

  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Mathematical Methods and Modelling
  • Data Management Systems
  • Introduction to R for Data Science
  • Scientific Programming in Python
  • Applied Stats & Probability

 Semester 2

  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation & Analytics
  • Distributed Data Management
  • Time Series & Factor Analysis
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Research Methods

In Semester 3, the MSc learner will take a capstone project module (Research Project – Data Science) worth 30 credits.

Course Details

Name- MSc in Data Science and Analytics

Duration- 1 year

Teaching Mode- Full Time

Certificate- Professional Diploma

Fees- Full-time Mode of Study: EU Students: €6,500

Non-EU Students: €15,000

The entry requirements for the MSc programme are

2.1 in a Level 8 Honours degree.

Alternatively, graduates with a 2.2 Honours degree will be considered, subject to having three years of relevant experience. 

The language of academic instruction as well as administration is English. Non-native speakers of English require a minimum IELTS score of 6.0.


4. University of Limerick-

#4 Data Analytics Courses in Cork

This Data Analytics course will equip you with practical skills such as data interrogation, visualization, and predictive analytics. You will be working with datasets from real-industry processes.

After that, you will be able to produce digital dashboards that offer elevated insights to your organization which will enhance your business performance. The University of Limerick is among the top choices in offering data analytics courses in Cork, Ireland.

Course Module

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics
  • Data Analytics with R
  • Future-Focused Professional Portfolio 1

Semester 2

  • Statistical Learning with Applications
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • Future-Focused Professional Portfolio 2

Course Details

Name- Data Analytics Course

Duration- 1 year

Teaching Mode- Part-Time

Certificate- Professional Diploma

Fees- EU – €3,500 per annum

Non- EU – €4,750 per annum

This Programme is for You if:

You hold a primary honours degree in a cognate discipline, (minimum H2.2), or equivalent and have at least 5 years of relevant industry/workplace experience.

If you do not meet the minimum entry criteria, you may be considered per the University’s policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning. Or applicants can be required to undertake an interview.


5. UpGrad Abroad-

#5 Data Analytics Courses in Cork

Upgrad Abroad offers affordable overseas education opportunities. Here, you can choose from among 200+ Accel Programs, wishlist various courses & track applications. You will get the latest updates on overseas education. Also, you can watch webinars led by Industry Experts. It is a great platform for someone looking for data analytics courses in Cork.

Course Details For their Data Analytics Courses in Cork:

Name- MSc in Data Science and Analytics at Cork Institute of Technology

Duration- 1 year

Fees- 15000 Euros

Course Module and other relevant information is available through registration on the website.



1. Can a person with a science background become a Data Analyst?

A science background is a strong foundation for this job. Scientific training equips you with critical thinking, analytical, problem-solving, and research abilities, which are highly valuable.

2. Is Python necessary for Data Analytics?

It is not necessary for every data analyst role, but Python is a valuable skill to have in this field. It can handle various tasks like data automation, data manipulation, and data visualization. Learning Python will be a wise investment.

3. What is R?

R is a programming language just like Python, but it excels in statistical computing and data visualization while Python will offer a general purpose.

4. What industries offer jobs in Data Analytics?

You just name it! Be it Finance, Healthcare, Retail, IT, or Marketing, the list goes on and on. Everyone needs a Data Analyst.


It’s the technical & digital era and every person on the globe is opting for it. This expansion in technology has led to demand for certain careers like digital marketing, sales, investments & of course, data analytics. Data analytics is going to keep growing for the next coming years and with that, the demand for data analysts is also expected to rise.

So no matter if your parents don’t understand the new era, just keep on upgrading and updating yourself with new skills and make utmost use of it in your career life. Even Doctors and Engineers are going to need data analysts.

The above-mentioned data analytics courses in Cork will help you in achieving your professional goals & also provide you with career guidance & support in portfolio building.

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