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Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

Are you planning to enroll yourself in the data analytics course? But, aren’t aware of the best institutes providing training in this domain? Don’t worry; indeed you are at the right place to know about the best data analytics courses in Coimbatore. In this article, we will guide you through the top best institutes in Coimbatore. But before, we must know about data analytics in a little detail so that our vision of the course will be much clearer.

List of best data analytics courses in Coimbatore

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about the given information. There are many techniques and processes of data analytics that have been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.

It is also a medium to help businesses optimize their performance, perform more efficiently, maximize profit, or make more strategically guided decisions. Data Analysis relies on a variety of software tools ranging from spreadsheets, data visualization, reporting tools, data mining programs, or open source languages for the greatest data manipulation.

Data analytics is a broader term that encompasses many diverse types of data analysis. Any type of information can be easily subjected and compiled to data analytics techniques to get insight that can be used to improve things. Data analytics techniques and methods reveal the trends and metrics that could otherwise be lost in the mass of information.

For example, manufacturing companies often record the runtime, downtime, and work queue for the various machines and then analyze the data to better plan the workloads so that the machines operate closer to peak capacity.

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Types of Data Analytics

The Data Analytics has been broken down into four basic types:-

  • Descriptive analytics – This concerned type of analytics describes what has happened over a given period of time. Basically, this analytics provides a detailed description of the aspect.
  • Diagnostic analytics – This concerned type of analytics mainly focuses on why something has actually happened. This literally involves more diverse data inputs and a bit of hypothesizing.
  • Predictive analytics – This type of analytics moves to what is likely going to happen in the near term. In other words, we can say that this type of analytics predicts the future condition of the business with the help of past performance and records.
  • Prescriptive analytics – This concerned type of analytics suggests a course of action. It basically suggests that the business action should be taken in accordance with the previous action.



Ways to Use Data Analytics

Now, that you have a little knowledge about the Data Analytics course, let’s understand how we can use data analytics:-

  • Improved Decision Making – Data Analytics terminates the guesswork and the manual work. Be it anything like choosing the right content, planning marketing campaigns, or developing products. The data and the information collected in the procedure of data analytics help us to make a rational decision for the concerned organization.
  • Better Customer Service – The process of Data Analytics allows you to tailor customer service according to their needs and desires. It also helps to provide personalization and build stronger relationships with customers. The analyzed data reveal information about customers’ interests, concerns, and much more.
  • Efficient Operations – With the help of data analytics skills, you can streamline your processes, save money, and boost production. With the help of an advanced understanding of what your audience wants, you spend less time creating ads and content that aren’t in line with your audience’s interests.
  • Effective Marketing – The Data Analytics skills give you valuable clear insights into how your campaigns are performing. Additionally, you can also find the potential customers who are most likely to interact with a campaign and convert them into leads.


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Data Analytics Tools

Now, let’s see the tools covered in the syllabus of Data Analysis courses in Coimbatore, to perform the data analytics steps effectively and efficiently.

  • Python – It is an object-oriented open-source programming language. Python supports a range of libraries for data visualization, data manipulation, and data modeling.
  • R – It is an open-source programming language majorly used for numerical and statistical analysis.
  • Tableau – Tableau is a simplified data visualization and analytics tool. It helps you create a variety of visualizations to present the data interactively, build reports, and dashboards to showcase insights and trends.
  • Power BI – It is a business intelligence tool that has an easy drag-and-drop functionality. Power BI supports multiple data sources with features that visually appeal to data. It supports features that help you ask questions about your data and get immediate insights.
  • Qlikview – It offers interactive analytics with in-memory storage technology to analyze vast volumes of data and use data discoveries to support decision-making.
  • Apache Spark – It is an open-source data analytics engine that processes data in real-time and carries out sophisticated analytics using SQL queries and machine learning algorithms.
  • SAS – It is statistical analysis software that can help you perform analytics, visualize data, write SQL queries, perform statistical analysis, and build machine learning models to make future predictions.


Indeed Data Analytics course is neither an easy course nor a rocket science that is hard to understand, rather it is a course that needs a lot of practice and deep knowledge and understanding of your course which will help you to become a successful reputable Data Analyst.

Merely, spending a lot of money and completing the course in the span of 3 months won’t end up making you a Data Analyst; instead, it will require sweat, determination, and hard work to be in the position you have dreamt about.

Now, that you have a better understanding and knowledge of the Data Analytics course in detail, it is the perfect moment to know the top 10 Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore, on which one can trust blindly who is looking forward to giving their career a fresh start as the Data Analyst.

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Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore:-



IIM SKILLS is the top-ranked organization in the education sector and has a number of courses in different domains, mainly in marketing and finance, which are the most opted fields in the current scenario.

The institute is focused on online training and focus on skills development, hence they have curated their courses accordingly. They make sure that the students are satisfied with the training and also with themselves. Therefore they attached different assignments with the courses.


Practicing assignments after having a class is an excellent way to ingrain the skills. Not only this, but they also make sure that the students get genuine feedback from the delivery team. 

Now talking about the Data Analytics Course by IIM SKILLS, it is a 6-month live training program with a 2-month internship. The expert trainers make the course fun and interactive with their unique teaching methods.

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They allow the students to ask their queries during the session, making the topic clear to everyone. If you are someone who wants complete practical training with 24/7 assistance, IIM SKILLS is the place for you.

Course Fees: Rs 49,900 + GST

Benefits of the Course:

  • 6 months of Live training
  • Tool driven training
  • Assignments and live projects
  • 2 months of internship
  • Master certification
  • Lifetime access to the course material
  • 24/7 support


Data Analytics Course Syllabus

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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Excelr is one of the top places for data analytics courses in Coimbatore, offering many such courses to candidates. Excelr works on a clear vision to get globally regarded as a top leading organization that is consistently working towards the educational needs of working professionals and students with a touch of excellence.

Excelr believes in providing a global platform for aspiring students and professionals to upgrade their skills for career enhancement. Excelr was founded in the year 2014 and has grown since then to become a leading giant in the space of training, consulting, and helping students and professionals across the globe by delivering a world-class classroom and interactive online training to their learners.

Excelr helps individuals and organizations to excel in their fields by providing courses based on practical knowledge and theoretical concepts.

Course Syllabus

  • Business Statistics
  • Advanced Excel
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Basics of R
  • Basics of Python
  • Power BI

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the concerned Data Analysis courses in Coimbatore is 160 hours and the fee for the same is Rs. 39,999.

Course Highlights

  • The top-class trainers from the various MNCs
  • 60+ case studies questions/assignments to ensure hands-on experience
  • Real-life practical data projects
  • Dedicated Placement Assistance
  • Network of 350+ corporate companies
  • Jumbo pass offer – Attend an unlimited number of classroom/ live online batches for 1 year

Who Should Do the Data Analyst Course?

  • Any graduates from the commerce, science, and engineering streams
  • Professionals from BPO and KPO domains
  • Fresher from any stream having good Analytical and Logical skills
  • Professionals from any field who have the Logical and Analytical skills
  • Finance and Accounting Professionals
  • Management Professional


Why Excelr?

  • Provides 50+ assignments covering 100+ hours to practice theoretical concepts
  • Provides an opportunity to handle live projects
  • Post-training support is provided till the time learners master the course or secure a job
  • Provides end-to-end placement assistance


Phone – +91 9632156744

Website – https://www.excelr.com

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360DigiTMG is known to be one of the top leading Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore, the most preferred organization by the leading industries globally, and a destination for aspirants across the world. 360DigiTMG believes in transforming the candidate’s dream career into a reality by providing an exceptional learning journey and thus stands out from the rest of the crowd.

They marked their significant reputation globally by providing world-class training with main headquarters in India and branches in Malaysia, USA, East Asia, etc. The organization was established in the year 2013; it acts as a bridge that connects the candidate to industry expectations and academia.

360DigiTMG provides every student the LMS access, this helps the students to revise and brush up on their concepts and knowledge. Along with this, 360DigiTMG provides 100% job assistance to their learners.

Course Syllabus

  • Data Visualization Introduction and Concepts
  • Tableau Introduction and Tableau Architecture
  • Exploring Data using Tableau
  • Working with Data using the tableau including data extraction and blending
  • Various charts in the tableau way (Basic to Advanced)
  • Hierarchies – The Tableau Drill-Down and Roll-up Features
  • Sorting methods – Quick sort, sort from headers, Legends, Axis, Tool Bar; Sort by Fields, Nested Sort
  • Filtering – Dimension Filters, Measure Filters, Data Filters, Tableau Context Filters
  • Groups, Sets, and Combined Sets
  • Reference Lines, Bands, and Distribution

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the concerned Data Analysis courses in Coimbatore is 184 hours which is simply for 3 Months and the fee for the same is Rs. 29,500.

Course Highlights

  • Live online class – Weekends and Weekdays
  • 365 days access of the online classes
  • Lifetime Validity for LMS access
  • Career Support services


Why 360DigiTMG?

  • They provide instructor-led live monitoring sessions
  • 360DigiTMG also provides the industry related latest industry-related curriculum to its learners
  • Provides the recorded sessions to catch up on the missed classes and recapitulate the concepts whenever they feel so
  • Flexible timing schedules for working professionals
  • Job placement training


Phone – +91 9790010308

Email – [email protected]

Website – https://360digitmg.com


4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the world’s largest platforms for Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. They provide rigorous online training in disciplines such as Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, and Data Science, among others as well.

Simplilearn specialized courses focus on tech-related skills that are changing rapidly. The demand for qualified candidates who have tech skills significantly exceeds the supply. The award-winning online Bootcamp of Simplilearn is designed and updated by 2000+ renowned industry and academic experts.

Through individual courses, comprehensive certification programs, and partnerships with world-renowned universities, Simplilearn provides millions of professionals and thousands of corporate training organizations with the work-ready skills for learners who are in need to excel in their careers.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Data Analytics course
  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • Data Analytics with Python and Basic Programming
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Capstone

Course Duration and Fees

The duration of the concerned Data Analysis courses in Coimbatore is 6 months and the fee for the same is Rs. 54,000.


Course Highlights

  • The curriculum is designed in a manner to develop the skills of the learners for their real career growth
  • Learn by working on real-world problems
  • Learn from the highly professional trainers and experts in their field of training
  • 24×7 learning and guidance support system from the mentors to clarify doubts


Phone – 1800-212-7688

Website – https://www.simplilearn.com


5. Coursera

Coursera, one of the leading places for Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore, was founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in the year 2012 with a vision of providing life-modifying learning experiences to learners around the world.

At present, Coursera is a global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere, access to online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies.

Coursera believes in a simple motto that learning is the source of human progress; it has the power to transform the world from illness to health, from poverty to prosperity, and from conflict to peace.

Coursera believes that no matter who we are or where we are, learning empowers us to change grow, and redefine what is possible. Coursera aims to be a support system for the ones seeking to transform their lives through learning.

Course Syllabus

  • What is Data Analytics
  • The Data Ecosystem
  • Gathering and Wrangling Data
  • Mining and Visualizing Data and then Communicating the Results
  • Career Growth Opportunities and Data Analysis in Action

Highlights of Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

  • Programs at the most reasonable rates
  • The practice of skills with hands-on real projects
  • Learn on the basis of our own schedule
  • Course videos and readings
  • The practice of quizzes and assignments

Why Coursera?

  • Highly professionalized trainers and experts in their field of training
  • Affordable courses for real aspirants
  • Flexible timings as per your schedule
  • Building essential career job-relevant skills


6. FITA Academy

FITA Academy, one of the best institutions for Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore, is a leading training and Placement Company managed by IT veterans with more than a decade of experience in leading MNC companies. At present, FITA Academy is spread across cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, and Coimbatore.

They are popular for their practical approach to training that enables students to gain real-time exposure to competitive technologies. The teaching pattern and methodology of FITA Academy have helped more than 50,000+ students and professionals to give their dream careers a healthy fresh start.

The special feature that grabbed our attention is that they enroll only 5-6 students in each batch so that individual attention and guidance could be given to each and every student. The courses of FITA Academy have been designed with the aim of providing their trainees with the professional competence, technical skills, and intricate knowledge needed to become successful professionals in their fields.

Highlights of Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore

  • Real-Time Experts as Trainers
  • Work at Live Projects
  • Globally Certified Certification
  • Program at Affordable Prices
  • Flexible Timings as per your Schedule
  • Placement Support

Why FITA Academy?

  • Integrated course created as per the views and opinions of the leading data analytics professionals and experts.
  • Help aspiring professionals learn data analytics curriculum online from the best professional trainers and mentors with expertise in their field of training.
  • Helps the trainees to develop their skills and expertise over the range of tools and frameworks applied in the data analytics industry.
  • Training is developed and delivered by data analytics professionals and industry experts who have a long experience in the industry.



Phone – +91 9597888270

Website – https://www.fita.in


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1 Which are the top best Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore?

Ans 1 All the above-mentioned courses are known to be the top Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore which are popular institutes across the globe and have a high rate of popularity. For your career enhancement from the above-mentioned institutes, you can pick anyone at your convenience and comfort.

Ques 2 Is Data Analytics a difficult course?

Ans 2 Data Analytics is neither a hard nor a soft skill rather it is a process that includes a combination of both. Some of the technical skills that are essential for a data analyst include programming languages like Python, and database tools like Excel, etc.

Ques 3 Is Data Analysis a stressful and hectic job?

Ans 3 The answer to the concerned question can be yes as well and no as well. Working for someone else is a difficult job where you are just an employee and following the commands of your employer. The Data Analyst job can be stressful and hectic depending on your employer’s nature, your company’s culture, and your peer group but on the other hand it cannot be as well if you are good and friendly with your work pattern.

Ques 4 Is a Data Analyst an IT job?

Ans 4 Yes, a Data Analyst is an IT job. IT jobs typically involve the use of computer technology. Data Analysts use programming languages and databases in computing technology for business insights. However, Data Analysts work only with the software and do not handle hardware computer IT support.

Ques 5 Who can become a Data Analyst?

Ans 5 Probably, to become a data analyst, most people pursue a bachelor’s degree in statistics, math, computer science, or information technology, although it is not mandatory. However, an increasing number of people are entering the Data Analytics course after completing Bootcamps and certifications.


Hence, in the end, we can conclude from the overall discussion that Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore are at present one of the highest in-demand courses in the world which will indeed add an extraordinary skill into your ordinary life. This course opens immense career opportunities to their learners to expand their working enhancement skills. The concerned Data Analysis courses in Coimbatore make you explore a new phase of your life where you can enhance your career as a Data Analyst in any reputed company. We can infer that Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore are one of the global leading and in-demand courses.

From the above discussion we can analyze that after the completion of the Data Analytics course, the aspirants will end up opening the gate to many high-profile career opportunities. Thus, if you are looking for Data Analytics courses in Coimbatore, then definitely this article includes the top 6 Data Analytics institutes on which an individual can rely the most for their career and skills enhancements. We assure you of the best learning with the above-mentioned coaching institutes and wish all the aspirants the very best for their dream careers.

We have done thorough research to compile the highly praised courses that serve the best and teach with full dedication to make the students experts in their domains. Once you enroll in the data analytics courses in Coimbatore, it will become your responsibility to follow all the instructions and work on projects timely to get the best out of the courses because data analytics is a technical skill that can be honed with consistent practice. If you truly aspire to become a professional, just enroll in the courses mentioned and learn the most used and updated tactics to be a pro data analyst.

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