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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Belgium With Placements

Every sector in this century is intriguingly occupied with transforming raw data into processed data which would contribute to trend analysis, encoding algorithms, and support of error-free operational structures for obtaining prosperous growth and a future. Be it health, technology, or entertainment sector, data abundance has led to experts deftly utilizing its capabilities to reach innovational heights and that has led to professionals drawing towards its scope to upskill themselves with this trend accordingly. Data Analytics courses in Belgium are therefore in much demand amongst students and professionals and this article particularly explores its scope in Belgium.


Data analysis is undoubtedly the much-hyped phenomenon in today’s age and quite rightfully so. Its cachet in different domains of life has received commendable expansion and success and has added a fillip to significant innovations and transformations encompassing several aspects of our lives.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analysis is the mechanism of systematic data research that culminates into data inspection, transformation, and mining for technological innovation by providing decision-makers with more gripping comprehension and usage of data for problem-solving and applying its information to enhance the vicissitudes of the human and technological domain.

It provides an in-depth view of data to gain more understanding of its pattern and trends to better adapt to the dynamics of businesses, and scientific innovations and enhance operational capabilities.

This way organizations find themselves in a better position to risk by insightful data patterns behavior so that they can strategize their approach to gain competitive profits. Not only profit acquisition, but data analysis has also become a key tool to assess company growth to better allocate their resources and optimize their technology accordingly.

It is a continuous process where individual organizations monitor data metrics, gauging their efficacy for better management through data collection being the first step where they gather data, check their quality, and further move to filter it error-free for accurate analysis.

These data are further processed for encryption and coding mechanisms leading to data transformation. Data Analysis has become an inevitable aspect of statistical interpretation where charts and tables are prepared using data creating effective visualization in the process.

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It is creating a broader spectrum including domains like statistical graphics, information art, qualitative research, product analysis, machine learning, computational physics, etc. Therefore, it has become an absolute necessity for IT domains to follow the basic propaganda for processing raw data and converting it into structured one for simplifying ways of life.

Its demand is drawing students, and professionals in Belgium to learn more about it and eventually opting for data analytics training and enrolling in various online and offline courses. This has led to data analytics courses in Belgium garnering much momentum.

Let’s Have an Overview of the Scope and Practices of Data Analytics

Data Analytics as a domain and career option holds great opportunities for beginners as well as working professionals therefore creating a potent demand for data analytics courses in Belgium. Organizations in Belgium are keen to mine insightful data to create a statistical understanding of generating more revenues and optimizing their technological capabilities.

It circumvents around innovation and immersive development creating more need for manpower skilled in it. Hence, with such a mindset, the requirement for Data Analysts and Data scientists will be ever-rising filling the vacuum of unemployment and also giving skillful opportunities for a large number of candidates. Candidates are therefore getting drawn towards data analytics training and courses to get started on. It covers sectors like:

  • Healthcare: With treatment going digital in today’s scenario, data is continuously mined for patient checkups, their health data and report analysis, and pharmaceutical research analysis. It is creating an inclusive experience for doctors, medical researchers, and patients probing into modern technicalities.
  • Finance: Data Analysis has the largest utilization in the field of finance where the industry relies on financial data which is continuously monitored, and upgraded according to company needs. Such analysis aids in creating data statistics, fraud management, developing more user-friendly technology for customers, generating leads for marketing and advertising sales, etc.
  • Education: In the educational domain, Data Analytics has been a boon as an educational medium undergoing massively digital bringing in better performance analysis of students, customized online learning of courses to upskill themselves giving students more liberty to explore study options. Even children from tender years in school are coming to terms with programming, and smart digital classes which is only becoming possible through the mindful collection of data thus adding an impetus to modern techniques of learning.
  • Media And Entertainment: Data Analytics is captivating the entire media and entertainment sector nowadays as creating online content, video graphics, and social media posting is all being regulated by analytics on data collected and is helping web developers to enhance the visibility of online content, to upgrade their websites and generate significant revenues in the making. It is based on such analytics that not only content is thriving but is aiding marketers and business professionals to enhance their business and add to their employability.

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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Belgium With Placements



IIM SKILLS is one of the premier institutes and one of the most trusted online learning platforms providing Data Analytics Courses. It is one of the finest institutes to pursue data analytics courses in Belgium incorporating a detailed curriculum to enhance knowledge and understanding of data analytics led by industry expert faculty and has tie-ups with top hiring partners.

The course is structured in alignment with tech giants like Microsoft, and Google and comes with certification by MSME. It is a 6-month duration course of 160 hours of lecture sessions with weekend classes keeping in mind the working candidates along with 2 2-month internship opportunities with TCS, PWC, Accenture, etc.


IIM SKILLS provides master certification on completion of the program which is recognized by 500+ hiring partners serving as a great opportunity for professionals and students to pursue careers in data analysis. The course includes hands-on practical experience in industry-relevant tech tools  like:

  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • SQL
  • Alteryx

IIM SKILLS course on data analytics comes with both theoretical and practical assignments and 3 industry-relevant case studies. It provides the opportunity to build an impressive job-relevant portfolio. The course is designed to be pursued for the following list of candidates belonging from different sectors:

  • IT professionals
  • Banking and Financial services and industry
  • Undergraduate/ Post graduates
  • Marketing Managers

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Let’s have a look at its course curriculum :

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel :

  • Introduction to Data Handling
  • Data Visualization in Excel
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Manipulation Using Functions
  • Overview of Dashboards

 Data Analytics Using VBA:

  • Introduction to VBA
  • How VBA works with Excel
  • Key components
  • Communicating with your Users
  • Programming Constructs
  • Objects and memory management
  • Functions and Procedures
  • Other skills

Data Analytics Using SQL :

  • Basics RDBMS Concepts
  • Utilizing the Object Explorer
  • Data based Objects Creation
  • SQL Server Integration
  • SQL server reporting services
  • Data Manipulation
  • Other skills

Data Analytics Using Power BI:

  • Introduction Power BI
  • Data Analysis Expressions
  • Data Preparation and Modelling
  • Reports Development
  • Rows and Column


Data Analytics Using Python:

  • Introduction to Basic Statistics
  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Python Essentials (core)
  • Overview of Pandas
  • Operations with NumPy
  • Data Analysis using Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Cleansing Data with Python
  • Advanced Visualization Tools
  • Basic Visualization Tools
  • Statistical Methods and Hypothesis
  • Visualizing Geospatial Data

Data Analytics Using Tableau:

  • Getting started
  • Data Handling and summaries
  • Building Reports/ Map
  • Table Calculations
  • Calculated Fields
  • Data Handling and summaries

R for Data Science:

  • Data Importing/Exporting
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Visualization with R
  • Data Analysis
  • Using R with Databases
  • Testing
  • Linear Regression

Data Analysis Using Alteryx :


Batch Details: Every Saturday / Sunday – 10 am to 1 pm

Course Fee: 551.74 Euro + GST

Contact no: 91-9580740740

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2. Lewagon.com

Lewagon.com is one of the leading online platforms to learn about data analytics from beginner level to advanced and is a great choice for data analytics courses in Belgium.

It caters to your flexible routine with self-paced learning timetables with a host of skillful and expert faculty to help you learn about data analytics and develop a rigid base to kickstart your career in the concerned field.

The course comes with a nifty module covering nascent information such as learning how to gather or mine data, transforming them to create desired KPIs, gives you hands-on experience in using all types of data analytics tools both in theory and practical, and helping to develop your portfolio to make a flourishing career out of it.

The course is of 2 to 7 months duration with the option of choosing to pursue it either online or offline with placement support within 3 months of its completion.

It ranks high among the top data analytics courses in  Belgium providing an enriching bootcamp on data analysis. Its hiring partners are some of the top companies in Belgium giving options for full-time jobs or freelancing.

One can pursue it in 2 months with dedicated 40 hours of study or one can opt for 7 months part-time with flexible interactions and 16 hours of study. Some of the programming languages one can master through this course include:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Looker Studio
  • Power BI
  • Zapier


3. ULB ( Universitee Libre De Bruxelles)

Course Name: Data Management and Business Analytics

ULB in Brussels is one of the top institutions in Belgium offering a course on data management and business analytics elevating it to be one the most sought-after data analytics courses in Belgium.

The course covers a comprehensive syllabus incorporating all the fundamentals of data analytics and data science with topics ranging from as myriad as data analytics thinking, SQL learning, Data privacy, and mining solutions, its analytical context in the company to data performance and technicalities in managerial and functional aspects.

The course covers 5 ECT credit points with its campus classes in Solbosch with teaching mode in English inviting global candidates to join it as well. It has encapsulated some neophyte approaches to data learning through its following teaching techniques:

  • Lectures, conferences on Data Science and Learning
  • Various workshops on data analytics provide a practical approach to learning.
  • Tutorials on Data and business management

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4. Hasselt University

Hasselt University, Belgium is offering a master’s course in Statistics and Data Science which ranks high amongst the Data Analytics courses in Belgium catering to a detailed pedagogical specialization in Data analytics.

For those who are looking for a post-graduation major in Data Analytics, it seems to be a great option as it is one of the reputed institutions in Belgium. The course is of 2 years duration with English as the main language medium.

It covers a pellucid structure of study on the principles and concepts of Data science and analytics to its modern application in business and various functional sectors. It combines a good deal of data analytics with statistics and broadens its horizon by incorporating various usage, applications, and sound knowledge of tech tools involved in it.

The Course Provides the Following Benefits:

  • On-campus classes or a distant mode for working aspirants
  • Specializations to choose from- Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Quantitative Epidemiology, and Data Science.

The Course is Specially Curated for Aspirants to Take Up Job Opportunities as:

  • Data Analysts/Scientist
  • Tech Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Product Analyst
  • IT professional
  • Backend Developer


5. Ghent University

Course Name: Master in Science (MSC) in Statistical Data Analyst

When it comes to choosing the top Data analytics course in Belgium, Ghent University easily makes it to the list of top Data Analytics courses in Belgium.

The master’s course is of 1-year duration comprehensively covering theoretical technicalities of data science and its analysis with its module on how to solve complex databases and hence follows a problem-solving skill set to make the students more job-ready and also provides extensive training on data analysis through a statistical approach.

The course comes with the option of being pursued online as well as offline and self-paced for two or more years. It revolves around two main subjects:

  • Statistical Science
  • Data Analysis

It is supported by projects and assignments to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge of data and statistical analysis. On successful completion of the course, the students get the opportunity to face industry experts and even get the chance to get hired by top companies. The course includes applied scientific research tools along with computational skills to shine in the labor market.


6. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is an excellent online education site offering Data Analytics courses and is one the best Data Analytics courses in Belgium. It offers an obsequious structure of study on data analytics with particular emphasis on the study and comprehension of data transformation, data visualization, and also data wrangling.

The course is effectively modeled for aspirants serious about building a career in data analytics and enhancing their skills through its applications offering a multitude of career options. After completion, it provides relevant industry-accepted certification in Big Data Analytics courses.

The Course is Divided Into 7 Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Science
  • Module 2: Understanding Data Wrangling
  • Module 3:  Data Analysis
  • Module 4: Data Mining Techniques
  • Module 5: Understanding Data Visualization
  • Module 6: Data Manipulation
  • Module 7: Working With Large Amounts of Data


7. Antwerp University

University of Antwerp located in Belgium is one of the top institutions offering a Data Analytics course in Belgium incorporated in its  Masters degree in Computer Science majoring in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It is the third-largest university in Flanders, Belgium, and one of the best data analytics courses in Belgium.

The course is structured to provide an immersive understanding of Computer applications with the essentials of Data Analytics and AI tools. It harnesses how data analysis can lead to complex problem-solving and enhance the future of Computer applications. It has tie-ups with big scientific organizations such as ACM, IEEE, and SIAM.

The programme is of 120 ECTS credit points with English being the primary medium of communication. The course entails research & development. It is of 2 years duration and divided into 4 blocks with 3 major subjects:

  • Computer Networks
  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Bachelor’s degree in Information Science, Computer Science or Engineering.

Electives in Data Science and AI incudes:

  • Ethics and Data Science
  • Data analysis and its Foundations
  • Bio-informatics
  • Trends in Data Science and AI


8. Coursera

Coursera is also a great option for learning data analytics and it provides a plethora of courses on the particular specialization.

It is a massive online course provider designed to serve working professionals and beginners to get certification in almost any specialization they need to enhance their knowledge and expertise on its certification validating its eclectic approach towards learning in a self-paced manner and getting training and earning credentials from top universities across the globe.

It seems to be a great option for professionals and students in Belgium to earn their credibility in Data Analytics and has emerged to be one of the best data analytics courses.

The Following Courses on Data Analytics to Enhance Career Goals Are:

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Course:

The course is sponsored by Google vying on the fundamentals of Data Analysis, SQL learning, Data Mining, and Business communication.

The course expands from 6 hours to 10 hours of learning in a week with a self-paced flexible schedule of learning giving a complete understanding of data analytics fundamentals and a set of skills and tools with a Google badge and Certification on successful completion.

Such certificates are easily shareable on job sites like LinkedIn giving hiring opportunities. Therefore it is not only one of the best data analytics courses in Belgium but candidates across the globe are enrolling in it.

Introduction to Data Analytics Course:

This course of 10 hours duration by IBM provides basic knowledge about data analysis and the key steps for the analytical processes, different data types and structures, sources of data, etc. It is also a self-paced learning course with industry-relevant certification and training and lectures by expert faculties in the field making it one of the most sought-after courses in data analysis.

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst professional certificate:

This course covers the fundamentals of data analysis with business intelligence to transform data and create effective reports using data visualization.

The course is of 5 months duration with 10 hours of study per week on average sponsored by tech giant Microsoft and divided into 8 modules incorporating the ethics of data modeling along with BI.

It has a Microsoft PL 300 exam passing on which one can earn credit points, a badge, and a Microsoft-sponsored certification recognized by top hiring partners making it a great option for a data analytics course in Belgium.

Introduction to Data Analytics for Business by University of Colorado Boulder :

The course revolves around the principles of effective data extraction for technological development and how such data is processed. It is a short-duration course mostly for the beginner level for around 10 hours of study with a flexible learning schedule.

It also provides basic knowledge of tools like  SQL  and other programming languages in data analysis helping to gain a better insight into real-world affairs of data analytics. It also provides a professional career certificate upon successful completion of the 4 modules included in the program.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What are the career opportunities after the Data Analytics course?

On successful completion of the course, one is entitled to apply to companies that hire candidates as Data /Financial Analysts, Product Managers, IT analysts/professionals, Data Scientists, Data Process associates, Web developers, Data programmers, etc.

Q. What is the eligibility for enrolling in Data Analytics courses?

Candidates possessing bachelor’s degrees in computer science, Engineering, or Statistics and IT normally opt for courses in Data Analytics as it helps them hone their skills for better job opportunities.

Q. Are online Data Analytics Courses recognized by top companies in Belgium?

Yes, online Data Analytic courses in Belgium have become top choices amongst working professionals and students in Belgium, and their certifications are recognized by top companies providing opportunities for getting hired.

Q. What is the usual duration of data analytics courses?

The usual duration of a data analytics course generally varies from 2 months full-time to 1 year, especially for the master’s program which can be 2 years span.


Data Analytics as a specialization harnesses a multitude of dimensions of life and has hence become a necessity for companies and the tech industry to rely on its potential and dynamics to process and transform life on a higher platform. It is creating the required buzz and craze for tech professionals to upskill themselves accordingly to better cater to technological upgradation and efficient usage of data through research and analysis to increase operational efficacy, and better customer service.

Its applications are endless in today’s scenario be it scientific research, medical grounds, businesses, marketing, etc. For data analysis as a career, courses like these are preparing individuals to land high-paying jobs which previously they struggled to achieve through traditional courses. The above list of data analytics courses in Belgium are great options for candidates of Belgium and hence get enrolled if interested in forging a career in data analysis.

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