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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses Online With Certificates

In the era of artificial intelligence, everyone can write using those tools and applications. Using creativity in writing makes a person more creative. It will be helpful for business and personal development. Every person is creative in its way. There will be questions that arise like how to develop a skill set. You can always upgrade yourselves by enrolling in courses. In this article, we will be giving you a brief insight into popular creative writing courses online. If you start investing in your skills now, you will get good results soon. 


List of best creative writing courses online


What is Creative Writing


Creative writing is a way of making bonds with the reader. Few people already have the power to imagine a story and write it down on paper. On the other hand, some people need to develop their writing skills and creativity by hardworking. Sometimes it happens we think about a story but when it comes to writing we are not able to write it down as we wanted.


Few creative writing courses online will always be the savior for you. The reason behind not habituating with writing, you think that you will find few reasons by yourselves. Just think about the past, when you were in school, teachers always used to give homework to write essays and auto-biographies.


If you remember, one thing they said was always first read the whole topic and then read by yourself. At that time we never really focus on it. We only read and write it to pass the subject. Just think about the current scenario, you will need to skills up your writing skills. Don’t worry about it.


Nowadays, there are various types of courses on the market. The main thing is how you will know what will be beneficial for you. One thing that everyone wants to find is creative writing training that will have everything from certification to giving you opportunities to find a job or a freelancing career.


When you search them online then Google will be showing course-related offers everywhere. That way, you will get more confused. This article will help you to understand the skills requirement, career opportunities, and popular courses that are available related to the topic. 


Varieties of Creative Writing


One thing you need to understand is that there are various things you will find related to creative writing courses online. You need to pick up one and start focusing on it. To make it easier for you, here a few varieties are shared. 


Fiction Writing:


Fiction writing always comes under imaginative stories. It comes under different types of genres. It is all about creativity and how well you imagine a story and keep on experimenting with it. There are a few ways you can use your imagination. 


  • Short Stories 

Short stories normally come under 5000 to 10,000 words of fictional writing. You have to create a story that has the main character, theme, and another conflict scenario. It will be your creativeness to write a good and precise story within that word limit. 


You can also check out the best Short Story Writing Courses


  • Script Writing and Screenplays

Script writing and screenplay are a way to explore your creativity through writing. Script writing can be similar to dialogue writing. There are several types of characters in your story. You have to perfectly balance all the scenarios and characters and make a good script. 


  • Poetry 

When it comes to poetry, there are no rules to writing it. Poetry is a word that changed when searching worldwide. You can see and understand that different types of cultures have different types of poetry names such as haikus, free verse, sonnets, and so on. 


  • Novels 

A novel comes under 60,000 to 100,000 words of fictional writing. You have read various types of novels that are written by famous novelists. This one can be a long-term process to write. In a novel, the story will be one and there are different types of episodes.


Find here the best Novel Writing Courses


Non-fiction Writing:


Non-fiction writing is mainly based on current scenarios. You can pick any type of real-life scenario to write it. Choosing non-fiction will be a good start. There are a few parts that you can choose to write.


  • Autobiographies 

Autobiographies can be written about yourselves or you are an author and covering another person’s life history. It can be based on a collection of a famous person’s memories that they give to a famous author to write it down. It will be a proud moment for any writer to get a chance to write an autobiography. 


  • Personal Essays

Personal essays mainly shared a true event in a narrative format. You can gather all the current events and interlink those stories with your personal view. 


You can pick different types of comical aspects things as recent incident-based political cartoons and writings, stand-up comedy stories, and so on.


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Essential Skills for Creative Writing


  • Storytelling Skill

Having storytelling skills will be good to produce any type of content. You can develop this skill set while searching any creative writing courses online. With help of storytelling skills, you can communicate with your targeted audiences and able to share several types of information with them. You can use a few strategic keywords that will be more helpful to provide a guide to the readers. 


  • Editing Skill

Editing is important after completing any piece of writing. It will be better to use tools like Grammarly to check grammatical errors. It will be easy to understand and correct the structure of the sentence. Sometimes based on industry requirements several changes might have to do.


  • Analysis Skill

Analysis skills are one of the most essential skills for a writer. Whenever you wanted to write about any topic, the first and most important skill is analyzing the topic and gathering information related to the topic. For example, if you are searching for online courses in content writing, instead of that you can search using a good keyword like ‘Creative writing courses online. It will give you more precise search results. 


  • Time Management 

Time management skill is another essential skill for any writer. For a writer providing on-time delivery of the content will be good. You can make a schedule to complete all the tasks. It will be adjusted with your holidays. Under the schedule, you have to set a time for analyzing the topic and have to maintain a good quality to get more projects.


Here are a few other must-known online courses for skill development


Ways to Develop Your Skills in Creative Writing


There are many ways you can improve your writing skills by taking creative writing courses online. It is not going to one-day thing to write content creatively. You have to write at least two or three pieces of content in the week. 


In our daily life, everything is changing. We have to keep on updating with these techniques. Same as in creative writing, there always new methods are available. Maybe you will need professional guidance to understand those techniques. It will be better if you go online and take creative writing courses online. It will help to boost your skills. 


  • Keep a Track Record of Word Count 

Whenever you want to start writing, make sure you know how many words you will write about the topic. This will be more important. It will be better to keep a track record of the writing. You can use an online word document to write. That way, you can make sure that your writing is targeted at a specific group of people. 


  • Request Feedback from Professionals

When you complete your content, you can always request your professionals to read it and tell you what your mistakes are.  No one is perfect. If you keep on creating new content then it will be helpful to explore your creativity. Slowly you can understand your mistakes. That time you will understand you are slowly becoming a professional creative writer. 


  • Handling New Projects 

After adopting a new skill set to manage the efficiency level, you always can look for various types of opportunities in the current market. Exploring new opportunities will be helpful to boost your working life. To start, you can learn new skills by searching for creative writing courses online and enrolling today. 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Career Opportunities in Creative Writing


There are several career opportunities you will find. Among them, you have to find out which one you are comfortable with. When you have chosen these career options, one thing remembers there are always open doors for jobs and freelancing. Both careers are good, it will depend on your choice. 


  • Creative Copywriter 

Having a copywriting skill has good demand in the market. Most of the companies paid well to generate good copy. There are various types of ways to write a copy that can be based on generating brand awareness. Having a good knowledge about the topic will be good. You will access this career if take creative writing courses online. 


  • Creative Content Writer 

Becoming a company’s content writer can be a hobby for any writer. After gathering knowledge in the field and knowing the ways to get clients, you can grow your freelance career. There are several types of categories you can explore in the content writing part. All will be benefited you in the future.


  • Editor 

Getting a post as an editor of a company can be a dream job for any writer. This position is for experienced writers. Writing an article and proofreading it before submitting is a part of the job. If required, you have to proofread other content as well.


Writing as a ghostwriter for a company can be a good way to start a career. That means you have so many opportunities to write and make a deal with the company. You can work as a freelancer. There are several types of items you can write for your clients. If you take to enroll in creative writing courses online then it will open doors for you to work as a Ghostwriter.


Like a social media specialist, there is a job opportunity available in the market. The job role is almost the same here, you have to send emails to the targeted audience. Email writing also comes under creatively. That way, few companies generate leads to grow their business. It is a very good position to start your career. Do not forget whenever you want you can change your career by enrolling a course in creative writing courses online.


  • Social Media Specialist 

Social media is a good place to make an engagement with the target audience. Few companies hire social media specialists. If you completed a course in social media marketing or creative content writing, it will be good for you. Some companies require selected candidates to have a certification course. 


Creative Writing Online Courses:


Few institutions promise to provide good career opportunities in the future. If you want to specify your skill set and want to participate in creative writing courses online, then you need to check a few institutions in that category. 


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provides a well-covered course, named Content Writing Master Course. Starting from the beginning of content writing to getting a job, they have all kinds of support for their student. This course will be perfect for those who are searching for creative writing courses online. This course is a great choice for skill development.


After taking the course, IIM Skills faculties take a responsibility to provide you with a good career in this field. IIM Skills offer 4 weeks of online classes. At the end of the class, there will be 3 months of unpaid guaranteed internships with flexibility, which is optional. The program covered 35 thousand worth of tools. The facilities will help your career to start as a freelancer.


After completing the course, you will get a certificate from IIM Skills which you can share and upload on your social media pages. They will prepare you for Hubspot content marketing certification and Test of legal English center Cambridge (United Kingdom). 


Benefits to Have This Content Writing Course

  • You will be able to launch a content writing agency
  • IIM Skills provide lifetime supports
  • You will be able to publish your first E-Book on google books, kindle. 
  • Your blogs will be published in the Times of India. 
  • You will be able to publish your first press releases on the online news portal



Tools Will Be Covered

  • SpyFu
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Planner
  • Uber Suggest
  • SEMRush
  • LinkedIn Articles.
  • Buffer
  • Emotional Marketing Value
  • Canva
  • LinkedIn Analytics


Course Fee 

INR 14,900 + 18%GST


Mode – Online 


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2. Coursera


Coursera is a platform that provides lots of courses in creative writing. All the options can give you lots of opportunities in the field. Every course that they offer is worth building a career. You have to choose what courses you want to pursue. It will be better to choose the types of courses you want to have. 


The Courses in Creative Writing :

  • ‘Creative writing’
  • ‘Good with words: writing and editing 
  • ‘Creative writing: The craft of plot’
  • ‘Sharpened Visions: A poetry workshop’
  • ‘Know Thyself -The value and limits of Self-knowledge: The Unconcious


Course Fee –  Few of the courses are free and few are paid. 

Mode – Online 


3. Masterclass 


The masterclass provides different types of writing courses. These courses are taught by famous writers and producers. There are a few courses available on the site that may be helpful for you. 


The Courses in Creative Writing :

  • James Patterson – ‘Writing’. 
  • Salman Rushdie – ‘Storytelling and writing’. 
  • R.L. Stine – ‘Writing for a young audience’. 
  • David Baldacci – ‘Mistry and thriller writing’. 
  • Margaret Atwood – ‘Creative writing’. And many more. 


Course Fee –  You have to join their annual subscription program. It will be starting from INR 1295 per month and will be billed annually.

Mode – Online 


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4. Udemy


At Udemy, there are several types of professional courses available. You will not experience live classes as they are already uploaded. The topics covered are novel writing, poetry, fiction writing, and much more writing process in creative writing.


Most Popular Courses :

  • ‘Complete creative writing -all genres – by Trace Crawford. 
  • ‘Creative writing -get writing, keep writing’ by Tracy Braines, Louise C. 
  • ‘Writing: Book writing: creative writing: punctuation’ by Brain Jackson, Writing / Crip studio paint /GIMP. 
  • ‘Creative writing: Creative exercises for new writing ideas’ By Tatiana Ambrose. And many more. 


Course Fee –  Rates are started from INR 449 ( Based on current offers). It can be changed.


Mode – Online 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. British Council


British council’ course will help you express your creative side. Their course structure will help you build up a good thought process to write. With the help of the course, you will be able to know different types of tools. Their experts will help you to provide good guidance to become a good writer. 


Course Required and Provides: 

  • Required level B2 English language level.
  • Provides 36 hours of online learning classes. 
  • Weekend classes are available. 
  • Every participant will get a certificate.
  • Total 9 weeks to complete the course. 


Course Fee –  INR 10,000. You will get a discount if you are a member of the British Council.


Mode – Online 


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6. EdX


It is a free course site. You can take any free courses that can help you upgrade your skills. The courses will be given by top-class universities. It can be helpful to grow your creative learning skills. 


edX Courses: 

  • ‘How to write a Novel: structure and outline’ by the University of British Columbia. 
  • ‘Internationalization: creating digital content for the world by the University of Washinton.
  • ‘Stand up! comedy writing and performance poetry’ by Unversity of Cambridge. 
  • ‘AP English literature and composition’ by BerkeleyX and many more. 


Course Fee- free 




Q1. What benefits do I get after attending any of the courses?

One thing you have to understand is that every course has different types of purposes. You can choose any paid courses with certifications and placement guaranteed. This will greatly help you to develop skills and make a rewarding career under the professional’s guidance.


Q2. I am a college student. Am I eligible to apply for those courses? 

Yes. In fact, from college goers, house wife’s, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and others anyone can take these courses. There are no age bounds for learning. 


Q3. I want to change my career and take a course in creative writing. Can you suggest? 

You can choose based on the affordability rate. When you join any classes, you will know if those courses are beneficial for you. Better to take demo classes or choose free classes to understand the basics. However, IIM Skills is the foremost course for skills enhancement.




Creativity is a good thing that can be grown by polishing up your skills. With the help of guidance, support, or training from institutional professionals these skills can be upgradeable. Having an extra degree always will be helpful and you get it after joining any creative writing courses online. We do invest in many things. Investing to upgrade our creativity level always will be helpful for me. Learning new things always will open new doors. It is a power that never going to backstab you and only give you good profits in the future. Think again and choose wisely and grow more. 

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