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7 Best Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia

We human beings are the most creative creatures on the earth. We thrive for perfection and fun in every aspect. We all love anything creative and fun. Needless to say, fictional books are one of the selling books on the planet. Malaysia, being one of the prominent south-Asian countries, has created a lot of opportunities for creative writers due to an increase in digital exposure. At the end of this article, you will find an answer to a lot of your questions like the best creative writing courses in Malaysia, what is creative writing, and how to become a creative content writer.


List of best creative writing courses in Malaysia


In an extremely competitive market, the content we consume every day has to stand apart to deserve our valuable time. Creative writing is an important tool one must consider learning to get the most productive outcome if one is planning to get into the world of digital marketing.

Malaysia is one of the most loved countries by tourists all across the world. As the number of internet users goes high, the country will see a drastic requirement in digital marketing.  As per Statista, the country has a whopping 89.6% of its population using the internet as of 2020. The number is expected to reach even higher by the end of 2025.

The country is been a favorite for tourists due to its food, cities, and culture. Approximately 134.7 thousand tourists visited Malaysia in 2021. With its Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign, Malaysia aimed to boost the number of visitors. As the country plans to welcome tourists, the opportunity on the other hand is set to increase for a lot of the businesses in the country.

Needless to say, if you are at the top of your competition, you will make your life. Due to the increase in digital learning, there has been a lot of discussion about the best courses available in the market. We have tried to explain the details of creative content writing and listed down a few of the best creative writing courses in Malaysia which will help you make the decision.


What is Creative Content Writing?

Anything you see on the internet is content including this article you are reading. The social media posts you just went through, the blogs you read, the articles you follow all of them are content that intends for you to take action. Well, not all of them might have a “call to action” ending. Few contents are created for educational purposes as well.


Then, How is Content Writing Different From Creative Content Writing?

Creative writing is content that is non-academic or technical. It is narrative writing which includes essays, blogs, novels, and books (fictional). Let’s admit to the fact that we all love stories, we have always enjoyed learning our subjects through stories during our college or school days.

And, the storytelling teachers are always loved. In creative writing, we use stories and other fascinating things to provide the reader with a great experience. One of the best examples of creative writing is fictional books, the author and reader know the story is fictional.

Yet, both of them end up writing and reading the book. That is creative writing. Before we move to find out the best creative writing courses in Malaysia, we will discuss how to write creative content. Don’t like going through these details? No worries, you can skip to the second part where we have listed creative writing courses in Malaysia.


How To Write Creative Content?

Writing is a skill that can’t be taught. Yes, if you want to be a good writer you have to start writing whatever you know and like. Eventually, you become better at it. Nobody can teach you how to write better but you can get the best practices, ideas, or tools t,o improve your writing. Here are a few basic steps you need to follow in order to start creative writing.


1. Choose Your Niche/Subject

Try this, take out a pen and paper and start writing something. You might just end up writing your name and nothing much rather than scribbling. The reason behind this is that we don’t know what we’re gonna write about. Hence, we fall short of words. It is always important to find yourself or a subject to write about.

Choose a subject that is interesting and it isn’t mandatory that you have to be a subject matter expert. Choose a subject that most people are interested in knowing or are currently hot. For example, crime thrillers are the most liked subjects in fictional segments. So, find something which is interesting.


2. Research About the Subject

If you want your content to be creative and more convincing, you need to understand the subject you have in-depth. If you aren’t an expert on the subject, you can choose to speak to someone who is an expert and try and research online. When you gather knowledge about the subject, you can play around with words and explain the details in your terms.

You need to think from all perspectives as we don’t the background of the reader. Write down each perspective and your own perspective and churn it into great content. When a reader is going through the content, one can easily understand if the author has a clear understanding of the subject. You might see the drop if you don’t have a grip on the subject.


3. Plan Your Writing

When you have decided to write about a particular subject, it is important to ask yourself questions to get the best out of your writing. In this phase, you need to list down all the W’s. When was it done? What has to be done? Why was it done? In this phase, you are not writing anything. You need to just list down the details and answers to self-posed questions. Once you are done, you are ready to put it on paper.


4. Start Writing

We are done with finding the subject, researching about it, and finding the answers to our own questions. It is time to show the world the magic of words. One of the most important things in any writing is engagement, if you don’t engage your customer to read the entire thing you have to say, you will see the drop, or the reader might not come back to read any of your other writings.

Use examples, add humor and make sure to be really descriptive. Don’t leave the reader in confusion. Use the transitions like yet, but, however. Remember, don’t overuse them. Using the transitions at the beginning of the sentence will help in emphasizing.


5. Conclusion

No great story will have a bad ending. Similarly, if you aren’t able to conclude your writing, might lose the plot. You can decide what you want your reader to take away. You can leave your readers with questions, and cliffhangers and clear all the confusion that readers could have on the subject.

In the world of content marketing, you need to ensure that you leave your reader with the answer to the question they have come seeking. You need to ensure you have a call to action at the end of your writing. A few examples of the call to action are asking the reader to subscribe, prompting them to purchase your work, redirecting to the affiliate you have added, and many more.

Now that we have discussed how to write creative content, let’s move on to the most important part: creative writing courses in Malaysia.


Top 7  Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia



IIM SKILLS is a leading educational platform in the content writing industry. Due to its expertise in the subject and finest teaching skills, it is ranked as one of the best creative writing courses in Malaysia. They have trained 15000+ students from over 35+ Countries across the Globe.

The Content Writing Course from IIM SKILLS is one of the most loved courses by students. The team of experts will help students learn about content writing by guiding them through writing different articles and providing the necessary feedback on time. The institution finds itself at the top of the list due to the expertise and feedback from former students.


 Highlights and Curriculum of the Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia:

  • Live online classes for content creation for 4 weeks.
  • Guaranteed 3-Month Internship (Optional) + (Flexible Hours)
  • 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship sessions make up the 30 hours of training.
  • Free Tools Worth 35k, Freelance Opportunities, IIM SKILLS Certification, and Training for HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA) & (TOLES) Test of Legal English at Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Create Your Content Writing Agency
  • Lifelong Support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Portfolio Development For Job/Freelance
  • Your First E-Book Can Be Published on Kindle and Google Books.
  • Your first blog should be written for websites like the Times of India.
  • Your First Press Release on any Online News Portal.



 Models and Content:

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Email Writing
  • Social Media Writing & Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP & Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing 101
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
  • Freelance Content Writing
  • Resume Writing


Fees: 786.80 Malaysian Ringgits +GST


Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


2. School of Digital Advertising

It is also one of the renowned institutions for creative writing courses in Malaysia. The course will focus on both inbound and outbound marketing. The courses include two styles of writing. This is a 2 days course and should be attended physically. They have more than 30 years of advertising, copywriting, and educational experience.

Inbound and outbound marketing, a crucial method of contact-gathering for digital advertising and marketing, are appealing to this special program as applications can be used on blogs, websites, social networks, and particular media sites as well as adverts. It is special and also serves as your comprehensive writing course for learning everything about digital marketing.


Participants in this 2-Day Masterclass will learn:

  • Advertising Principles
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising Design
  • Practical Assignments
  • Content marketing


Fees: Malaysian Ringgit 3,999 and for early-bird – Malaysian Ringgit 2,799


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. Digital Academy 360

The institution was launched in 2015. The institution has been awarded as the Best Digital Learning academies by the Indian Education Awards 2019. Starting as a digital marketing institute, Digital academy 360 takes third place in creative writing courses in Malaysia due to its vast experience in the field.

They have trained 30000+ students and have 50+ Trainers on board with 10+Centers across the globe. The founder of Digital Academy 360, Mr. Yogesh Shashi, is a young, intelligent, and dynamic digital marketer with a mission to redefine India’s educational system. Established in the year 2015, in just a few years, Digital Academy 360 went from having only 3 staff to having many more.

The Digital Academy 360 content writing course covers advanced and specialized modules in the same. Through pre-recorded films, this three-month program’s online live sessions also support self-paced learning. Through boot camps and workshops, students can also get extra hands-on experience in addition to their classroom studies.


Models and Content:

  • Fundamentals of Content Writing
  • Website Content
  • Blogging
  • SEO Content
  • Organic Social Media Content
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Ads Content
  • Google Ads Copywriting


Fees: Reach on to +91-7353515515 for more details

Course Duration: 3 months

Contact Details: [email protected]


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4. Tertiary Courses

Tertiary Infotech is a service division of Tertiary Infotech Pte. Ltd. in Singapore that was founded in Malaysia in May 2016. They mainly concentrate on teaching professionals, managers, executives, and technicians, and aid students in improving their proficiency in the knowledge-based economy. Tertiary courses are in fourth place in Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia.

They emphasize training in the five primary areas that distinguish Hwa Dang University. Their courses include business administration, gardening, electronics, digital media, and Infocomm technology.


 Models and Content of Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia:

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Building a Content Creation Framework
  • Planning a long-term content strategy
  • Generating Content Ideas
  • Creating Blog Content
  • Blogging
  • Content Through Repurposing
  • Creating Clusters and Pillar Pages
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Guest Blogging Strategy Powered by SEO
  • How to Effectively Promote Content
  • Measuring and Analyzing Your Content


Fees: Malaysian Ringgit 1,600

Course Duration: 2 days

Contact Details: [email protected]


5. Digital Marketing Institute

One of the top online schools for digital marketing in the globe, Digital Marketing Institute has a strong track record of assisting both professionals and students in advancing their careers. The Digital Marketing Institute, which offers a professional training program for careers in digital marketing and the institute’s inaugural classroom instruction for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, was founded by Ian Dodson and Anthony Quigley. You can obtain a DMI certification through this course, which is respected all around the world.


 Models and Content of Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Keywords and Voice Search
  • Content creation
  • Promotion and Collaboration
  • Performance measurement


Fees: Malaysian Ringgit 1952.66

Course Duration: 10 Hours

Contact Details: +1 917 6365832


6. Udemy

Udemy’s selection of online Professional courses aids several firms in their future planning. Their carefully chosen library of online courses includes training and educational materials to support the success of nonprofits, governmental bodies, and commercial enterprises.

Over 40,000 people from 168 different countries take Paul Jenkins’ online classes, and several writers have asked him to narrate audiobooks. Paul established Brilliant in 2019 to publish Ideas That Matter. Even individuals who are already familiar with the writing process will benefit from this course, beginners can also benefit. This course demonstrates how these processes may be greatly sped up, duplicated, and simplified while maintaining quality.


Models and Content:

  • Overview of content writing
  • SEO-based content writing
  • How to become a professional writer
  • Search for longtail key phrases making use of totally free and paid tools
  • Plagiarism checking


Course Duration: 15 Hours


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


7. Henry Harvin

A company called Henry Harvin specializes in a range of training and consulting initiatives, including educational initiatives, skill-building services, assessment programs, specialized materials, software solutions, and applications. Offering standardized content, the institute promotes the growth of enterprises and individuals.

You should sign up for Henry Harvin’s highly-rated course if you want to excel at article writing. It offers membership benefits like access to Bootcamp sessions, complimentary training modules, and privileged job notifications, as well as a globally recognized degree. This course consists of 36 hours of two-way, live, interactive classroom sessions, as well as projects in academic, technical, and research writing.

It offers complete placement and internship support. The student will receive the certification of “Certified Digital Content Writer” after finishing the program, which will serve as evidence of their proficiency.


 Models and Content:

  • Language and Internet skills
  • Blog, Business, and Content Marketing
  • Writing Strategy for content
  • Academic and creative writing
  • Copy and email writing
  • Soft skill development
  • Resume writing


Fees: Call on to +91-9891953953 for more details

Course Duration: 36 hours of workshop


FAQs About Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia


1. Is Learning content marketing compulsory if I have to get into digital marketing?

No, you don’t have to compulsorily learn content writing to get into digital marketing. One component of digital marketing is content marketing. Though we have been slowly moving away from text to videos or gifs, the content is still the king which drives the traffic. If you wish to grow organically, content marketing is something that you need to look at.


2. What is the average salary for a content writer in Malaysia?

Opportunities abound for anyone interested in a career in content writing. According to PayScale, there is a need for content writers in Malaysia, and the pay is respectable. Although the top 10% of workers may expect to make more than US$100k, the region’s median salary in 2014 was US$14,851 (RM57,932).


3. Will I be able to start freelancing if I learn content marketing?

Content marketing is a vast subject. This includes a lot of other segments like blogging, affiliate marketing, SOP writing, business page writing, and press release. If you are someone looking for starting a freelancing career in the comfort of your home, content writing could be a great skill to acquire. You can choose any of the above-mentioned courses and get yourself started.


4. How long will it take to become a content writer?

The answer to this question could be each individual as it goes by the pace you start and finish your curriculum. On average, you might need 3-6 months to completely develop yourself as a content writer. You might need to cope with the new changes happening around you and be willing to learn about the new technologies coming up.


5. How promising is the content writing future?

Writing for the web is changing daily. It has a lot of potential, but finding the appropriate course that can give you all the knowledge you need can be difficult. As mentioned earlier, content is king, and eventually, content is gonna bring sales to any organization. With the increase in internet exposure, the demand for content writing eventually is high.



If you love writing, shut your ears for all the confusion that you are having about content writing and get yourself started. We have handpicked the above courses taking a lot of things into consideration. Thanks to the digital world, we are able to acquire skills in the comfort of our homes. The internet influence will keep on hitting new highs as time proceeds. With every internet user adding every day, the demand for digital marketing is going to be explicitly high. We might see a shift in the technologies but everything at the end of the day boils down to the content. We wish you good luck in your career. Hope you have found the answer to your question about creative writing courses in Malaysia.

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