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Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Hong Kong

Creative writer’s demand is increasing, and courses make it easy to cut down hessel from your journey to becoming a creative writer. Many creative writing courses are available for all levels, both online and in-person. Consider experience level, goals as a writer, and preferred learning style before enrolling in a creative writing course. Depending on the course, students could learn about specific genres or techniques or develop a broader understanding of the craft. Here we will discuss the best 7 creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


List of best creative writing courses in Hong Kong


What is Creative Writing?

Artistic expression through creative writing is widespread and exciting. Creative writing aims to express oneself through the art of writing and bring a unique voice to the world of literature. Imagination, originality, and artistic expression are essential components of creative writing. Various genres can be included here, such as poetry, fiction, drama, and non-fiction. 

Academic writing, journalism, technical writing, and textbook writing differ from creative writing as creative writing is putting imagination into expression. A writer’s creative writing can be a vehicle for expressing their creativity and enhancing their craft. 

Creative writing aims to bring any truth or fact through storytelling or poetry. Creative writing can be used to entertain, convince or inform the audience. Here the writer is free to imagine.


What is the Scope of Creative Writing?

Today, creative writers have a wide range of opportunities since writing is an integral part of our daily lives. Traditional and digital media offer a wide range of opportunities for creative writers.  Let’s see some beat potential scope for the creative writer. Some are more directly related to the job than others. 

  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Cartoonist
  • Critic
  • Children’s writer
  • Cultural consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Digital marketer
  • Editor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Historian
  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Magazine contributor
  • Marketing director
  • Publisher
  • Professor
  • Social media director
  • Speechwriter
  • Translator


The above long list is a suitable opportunity for a creative writer. So creative writing courses in Hong Kong have high demand. Creative writers can pursue a successful writing career with the right skills, talent, and dedication. 


Types of Creative Writing

There are several types of creative writing. Here we will see some of them.



A novel is a long story that tells a story through characters, plot, and setting. It can be based on romance, horror, historical fiction, science fiction, or any genre of writing. Word range can be 50000 to 100000. Novels have become one of the most popular and influential literary genres, with countless bestsellers and classics published yearly. Novel writing is challenging that requires creativity, dedication, and discipline.



Poetry is a form of creative writing that uses language to evoke emotion, imagery, and rhythm. It can have many forms, such as sonnets, haikus, free verse, and spoken word. Language plays a significant role in poetry. To make it more beautiful poet use techniques such as rhyme, meter, and metaphor. You can express complicated ideas and emotions in an impactful way through poetry.


Song Writings

Songwriting is a way to express yourself through music and communicate with others. Songwriting is another popular form of writing. It often involves the writer’s personal and emotional feelings. A song makes it easy to convey a message or tell a story. Some writer makes their livelihood from songwriting. 



An individual or organization can write a blog on a website or an online platform according to their interest. Writing style varies with the content. Blogs cover various topics, from fashion and lifestyle to politics and current events. Blog writing is not a hobby anymore due to its demand and future market size.



Scriptwriting is also known as screenwriting. This writing is used in screenplay medium. In this writing, the writer included the expression, movement, actions, and dialogues of characters. Scriptwriting is quite different from other types of writing.



Biography usually is the story of a person. This person can be dead or alive or a famous or unsung hero. The author has to do immense research, and they convey it in the third person. Maintaining chronological order is an important factor in writing a biography. 



Storytelling is another popular form of creative writing. It is a descriptive form of personal experience, ideas, beliefs, and more. Storytelling is an essential helpful skill both in poetry to novels. As a genre, it can be found in both fiction and nonfiction. The writer creates a world through the description, and the reader sees and feels it as it is.



Speech writing is another career option for writers. Simple Short sentence is perfect for speech writing. Expression and punctuation are essential for speech writing. So writer includes an introduction, description, and conclusion to make it impactful.


Song lyrics

Lyrics are the words found in a song. They are often written by a songwriter or lyricist, conveying a message, emotion, or story to the listener. It expresses many emotions, including love, heartbreak, joy, anger, and sadness.


Best 7 Creative Writing Courses in Hong Kong

Here are some best creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


1.  IIM SKILLS –Content Writing Master Course

2. Hong Kong Metropolitan University–The Master of Arts in Creative Writing (MACWF)

3. The Knowledge Academy

4. The Education University Hong Kong–Master of Arts in Visual Arts Education and Creative Practice

5. Wesleyan University (Coursera)–Creative Writing Specialization

6. Udemy –Complete creative writing- All genres –THE FULL COURSE

7. Hong Kong Baptist University – BA (Hons) in Creative and professional writing.


1. IIM SKILLS –Content Writing Master Course

IIM SKILLS is an online-based ruling ed tech company. It offers a range of courses such as content writing, digital marketing, SEO, technical writing, financial modeling, and more. For those interested in learning and developing their skills in content writing, IIM SKILLS offers a Content Writing Master Course. 

Individuals participating in the course will enhance their writing abilities and become professional content writers. This is considered the number one of the best creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


Course Title: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: They complete 16 hours of live sessions in 4 weeks. 3 months internship is guaranteed an optional internship offered to their students.

Course Platform: They take Live sessions, not recorded ones.

Course Fees: The fees are affordable and worth $246.15.

Medium of Instruction: English 


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Web development 
  • Digital writing ( article, blog, webpages)
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing collates
  • Email writing
  • Social media writing and video scripts
  • Creative writing
  • SOP and business listing
  • Legal writing
  • Technical writing
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate 
  • Freelancer 
  • Resume



Course Major Features

  • The course covers many topics besides creative learning, such as SEO, web content, social media content, email marketing, and copywriting.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and practical experience through 16 modules.
  • Free tools worth 35k.
  • Dedicated placement opportunity.
  • Publishing e-books from Kindle and google books.
  • Press releases in portal media and writing a blog for the Times of India.
  • Also available is the support of industry experts and a community of like-minded learners.
  • Flexible course schedule.
  • Global accreditation master certification from IIM SKILLS. 


Enroll Requirements

No prerequisite to enroll in this course. So anyone interested in creative writing should join this best online course.


Contact Details

Phone no: +91-9580740740

Email Address: [email protected]


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Hong Kong Metropolitan University–The Master of Arts in Creative Writing (MACWF)

MACWF students at Hong Kong Metropolitan University learn creative writing skills and become published authors through the MACWF program. This course helps the graduate to become a creative professional. Graduates can work in different fields. This is another best creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


Course Title:  The Master of Arts in Creative Writing (MACWF)

Course Duration: The course length is 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time.

Course Platform: They offer only on-campus courses.

Application fees: HK$ 515 per program

Medium of Instruction: Chinese


Course Syllabus

  • Screenplay 
  • Drama script 
  • Online fiction 
  • Animation 
  • Food and travel writing 
  • Book design 
  • Copywriting


Course Major Features

  • Acquire knowledge and skills in creative and cultural writing.
  • The syllabus is designed based on current industry requirements.
  • During internships, students gain industry experience and work alongside established writers.
  • Students will graduate with a portfolio demonstrating their writing abilities and potential as authors.
  • Indirect interaction and engaging course curriculum.
  • Part-time and full-time options are available, so students can complete the program according to their schedule. So working professionals can join while continuing to work.


Enroll Requirements

Students with a bachelor’s or equivalent can apply to this course. They must submit their portfolio and writing sample. Chinese language proficiency is a must for this course.


Contact Details

Phone no: (852) 2711 2100

Email address: [email protected]


3. The Knowledge Academy

The knowledge academy is an established awarded training course provider. They offer a range of courses, and creative writing training is one of them. They are available in 1000 locations in 190 countries. Within a short period, they teach how to handle creative writing challenges and are considered worthy creative writing courses in Hong Kong. 


Course Title: Creative writing training

Course Duration: This course took 1 day to complete.

Course Platform: This course is available Online and Instructor-led.

Course Fees: Course fees are $995.

Medium of Instruction: English


Course Syllabus

Introduction to Creative Writing

Creative Writing Challenges

  • Challenges to Writers
  • Challenges for Translation
  • Experiment Challenges
  • Design and Quality Challenges

Composition and Creative Writing

Seven Processes of Creative Writing

Writing Fiction

  • Literary Fiction
  • Form and Structure
  • Finding Characters
  • Basics of Storymaking

Creative Nonfiction

Basics of Writing Poetry

  • Listening to Language
  • Finding Language
  • Awakening and Shaping Language
  • Playing with Language

Performing Writing

Writing in the Academy and Community

Tips to Improve Creative Writing


Course Major Features

  • Manual creative writing training
  • Experienced tutor to monitor.
  • Industry-recognized certificate.
  • Flexible option for course platform.
  • Guideline to writing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
  • Participants will learn about research, interviewing, and other techniques in writing.


Enroll Requirements

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in writing can join this course.


Contact Details

Phone no:+1 7204454674


4. The Education University of Hong Kong—-Master of Arts in Visual Arts Education and Creative Practice

A Master of fine arts (MFA) in creative writing in English is the first graduate program in Hong Kong and Asia. This program focuses on developing the skills of creative writing in the English language. For ten years, this institution has produced creative writers and has a reputation among all the creative writing courses in Hong Kong. This is costly among all the creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


Course Title: Master of Arts in Visual Arts Education and Creative Practice

Course duration: It takes around one year to complete this degree.

Course Platform: On-campus course and no online facility is available.

Course fees: Total course cost is $15291.

Medium of instruction: English


Course Syllabus

  • visual arts
  • visual arts education


Course Key Features

  • Writing workshops, seminars, and other courses usually form part of an MFA program.
  • This program is ideal for writers who wish to improve their craft and are passionate about writing.
  • HKU’s Master of Fine Arts program focuses on creative contexts for the multilingual writer, setting the gold standard in the field.
  • They welcome international students.
  • They provide an interactive and engaging course frame.
  • Their curriculum focuses on completing a potential publication-ready Creative Thesis.


Enroll Requirements:

An undergraduate degree is necessary, but an English proficiency test is also mandatory for international students. A piece of sample work to evaluate is also necessary.


Contact Details

Phone no:(852) 2948 7225/ 2948 7139

Email address [email protected]


Must Check:


5. Wesleyan University (Coursera)–Creative Writing Specialization

Countless universities worldwide offer courses and specializations on Coursera, an online learning platform. Professors Brando Skyhorse and Anne Fadiman, both renowned educators, and authors, teach this creative writing specialty. This is a popular one among the best creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


Course Title: Creative Writing Specialization

Course duration: Total coursed duration is 6 months

Course Platform: Online

Course fees: total course fees $79

Medium of instruction: English


Course Syllabus

  • The Craft of Plot
  • The Craft of Character
  • The Craft of Setting and Description
  • The Craft of Style
  • Capstone: Your Story


Course Major Features

  • Beginner friendly
  • Self-paced.
  • Hands-on project to bring the outcome
  • Three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.
  • Mastering the techniques of good writing.
  • Graded assignments and quizzes with feedback.
  • Free trials for 7 days


Enroll Requirements

Students can take Specialization courses at the college level and advanced high school seniors.


6. Udemy—Complete Creative Writing – All Genres – The Full Course

Udemy offers a wide range of creative writing courses. COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE is one of the best-selling courses on Udemy. This course makes you confident to share your own, though. This course will teach students about character development, setting, dialogue, and plot. This is an affordable one among all the creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


Course Title: COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE

Course duration: 12 hours

Course Platform: the course platform is Online based.

Course fees: course fees are 74.99.

Medium of instruction: English


Course Syllabus

  • Fiction 
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Digital portfolio


Course Key Features

  • 43 video lessons and 37 online review courses.
  • Practical learning fun course curriculum.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable resources.
  • The regular class includes graphics, notes, assignment sheets, or outside resources.
  • Introduce yourself to 4 genres of writing.
  • Application of different writing techniques.
  • Learning different techniques.
  • Ability to evaluate the writing project’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Completion upon certification.


Enroll Requirements

No specific requirements to apply for this course. Interested in writing is good enough quality for enrollment.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


7. Hong Kong Baptist University–BA (Hons) in Creative and Professional Writing

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative and Professional Writing program at Hong Kong Baptist University is UGC’s first funded undergraduate program. As part of this program, students will gain skills in writing both creatively and professionally while also enhancing their academic potential, cultural perspective, and sense of creativity. This program prepares students for careers in writing in several industries by providing them with the necessary skills and experience.


Course Title: BA (Hons) in Creative and Professional Writing

Course duration: It’s a full 4 years bachelor course.

Course Platform: On-campus program.

Course fees: Course fees are US$ 17,840/ per year

Course medium of instruction: This course is taught both in English and Chinese.


Course Syllabus

  • Writing Seminar: Workshop in Creative Writing
  • Professional Writing Practicum
  • Writing Internship
  • Writing for New Media
  • Creativity: Theory and Practice
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Artistic Creativity and Aesthetics Awareness
  • Biography Writing


Course Major Features

  • A comprehensive curriculum in Chinese and English language.
  • Writing ability in different genres.
  • Guide to producing original work of fiction.
  • Building up to survive professionals.
  • Writing internship opportunity to face real life.
  • The scholarship is available based on merit.
  • Bilingual teaching and learning.
  • A solid foundation for students who want to join postgraduate programs.
  • Students also can participate in business, financial, and education sectors.


Enroll Requirements

Students who want to join should this course should know the Chinese language, but for international students, special arrangements are available without the Chinese language.


Job Opportunities for Creative Writing in Hong Kong and the World Market

Whether you are a novelist, screenwriter, journalist, or content writer, the creative writing market offers many job prospects in Hong Kong and the global marketplace. The most popular job opportunities are author, screenwriter, journalist, copywriter, and more.

Publishing, media, advertising, education, and government are among the sectors in which creative writing is in demand in Hong Kong. Besides company websites, you can find creative writing jobs On popular sites like LinkedIn, glassdoor, and more.


Some of the leading companies and organizations that hire creative writers in Hong Kong are:

  • Hong Kong Writers Circle
  • South China Morning Post
  • Hong Kong International Literary Festival
  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council
  • Edipresse Media Asia
  • The Standard
  • TBWA\Hong Kong
  • Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • DDB Hong Kong
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • City University of Hong Kong


FAQs: Creative Writing Courses in Hong Kong

Here is some frequently asked question about Creative writing courses in Hong Kong.


1. Does creative writing pay well?

Creative writing is challenging, and the salary depends on the writer’s skills. In the United States, Creative Writers typically earn between $46,740 and $61,377, with an average salary of $54,201 as of February 27, 2023. 


2. What qualifications do you need for creative writing?

Creative writing does not need specific qualifications, but some qualities make them strong. A strong foundation in literature and language, reading habit, passion, and dedication makes a creative writer stronger. To achieve all these qualities, you can have a foundation degree, bachelor or any course that teaches thoroughly.


3. Is creative writing a good career?

Creative writing can be promising as a career choice, depending on one’s personal interest. Creative writers can work in different fields like journalism, advertising, and entertainment. They also can work as freelancers. 


4. What’s the difference between a content writer and a creative writer?

Content writers should be efficient in holding the audience and have to submit it timely. A content writer’s job is to write blogs, SEO-friendly articles, product descriptions, manuals, etc. On the other hand, content writers and creative writers have a lot more artistic freedom. They used to write novels and scripts. Speeches, storytelling, and more. Their written piece can be tailored to fit their needs in terms of length, tone, style, and form.


5. Is a creative writing certificate worth it?

A creative writing certificate is not mandatory as the job depends on writing samples. But a degree will definitely will you an advantage in a job or freelancing. It will enrich your portfolio and reshape your confidence as a content writer.



All creative writing courses in Hong Kong cover different aspects of creative writing, such as character development, setting, dialogue, and plot. A career in creative writing can take many forms, from writing books to teaching writing to advertise. You can choose a course based on your skill level and interests among mentioned creative writing courses in Hong Kong. 

Video lectures, peer feedback, and assignments are included in most courses. Course prices vary, and some courses may offer a certificate of completion. A career in this field can be successful and fulfilling if you have the right skills, education, and experience. 

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