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Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Patna With Placements

Content writing spread across the globe during the early 1990s. And people started taking it as a career option. Content writing as a career offers diverse lucrative opportunities in different industries. The demand for content writing and marketing is growing with each passing day. There are more than ten types of writers, Digital content writers, Social media writers, SEO writing, News writing, and many more. Read this article to know about the best content writing courses in Patna.


Content Writing Courses in Patna  


What Is The Role of A Content Writer?


Content writers have to deliver good writing that appeals to organizations’ audience, attract their customers and increase their brand value. Content marketing is at its peak in recent times and therefore content writers are high in demand. Your writing career is based on skills and how well you can play with words. People who have the expertise of expressing their thoughts in words can become good content writers. To become an effective content writer, you require to write regularly.


As a writer, vagueness should not be there in your writing articles. With practice, you will know how and where to edit, recognize and correct common mistakes, and grammatical errors, and write vivid descriptions.


Writing clickable and creative content is an art and science. The art part is the innovation with words, and the science part is the clickability and quality of the content.


This involves a wase range of disciplines such as:


  • Social media writing.
  • PR outreach.
  • Product description.
  • Internal communications.
  • Email writer
  • Technical writing
  • White papers.
  • Press releases.
  • Brand stories.
  • Long-form content, and so on.


How to Become A Content Writer?


There is no particular path to follow to become a content writer. In today’s world, there are many resources offering this course online and offline. So many institutes have a multitude of options in this field. These courses offer flexibility that anyone can learn from any device at their convenient time. These resources can help to understand the basics of writing and give enough knowledge of this market.


Many institutes are offering these courses online. They have a structured course curriculum that takes you step-by-step through the process and gives you a complete understanding of the functional aspects. Such institutes even provide internships and certifications with guaranteed placement assistance.


The only way to become good in it is to seek training from an institute of repute. Institutes have hands-on training like a launchpad. It gives the kind of practical knowledge that propels your career to an immediate take-off.


 Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Patna:


1.            IIM Skills


●              Overview:


The ratings and reviews of this course suggest that it is not only one of the best content writing courses in Patna but also one of the best Content writing courses in India. It is an extensive and extended course that provides the practical experience that one needs to become a content writer in today’s digitalized world.


The institute trained thousands of students from over 30+ countries. It offers the most comprehensive course and is a perfect mix of writing and marketing, which plays a crucial role in getting a lucrative job. Everyone can gain a lot from this course if you are a fresher or digital marketer or blogger.


This course focuses on quality content creation, web development, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics, writing ebooks, resume writing, press releases, and others. It provides information from how to write content to how to sell it.


Students of this course gave tremendous responses and have evolved as a brand with an online presence. Overall, this course can enhance your communication and writing skills and positively impact your employability. This deserves special mention as one of the best content writing courses in Patna.


●            Content Writing Course Highlight:


  1. This course includes one month of online training where there are four classroom training sessions.
  2. After every lecture, there are assignments that they review personally and review according to that.
  3. They provide three months of internship to give a wise idea of this industry.
  4. Ten-plus hours of internship lectures are like icing on the cake.
  5. The course involves several tasks and assignments that allow you to engage with the course content and practically learn the skills.



●              100% Placement Assistance:


Most of the students join this course to see their future in this field. They provide complete assistance in placement. Whether you want to do freelancing or a job, or you want to start your own, they will guide you according to that. The placement assistance includes career guidance to the students regarding what they could do for a stable and successful career as certified professional content writers.


●              Globally Accepted Certificate:

This course prepares you to get a master’s course certificate from HubSpot in addition to an IIM Skills certificate. These certifications would make it easier for you to find jobs.


●            Experienced Trainers:

Very experienced mentors take this classroom training who have more than ten years of experience in this field. The trainers of this course teach you everything from the fundamentals to the specialist tactics. And their nature makes it even easier to learn the concepts. They are always there to help during the course and even after the completion of this training.


You can also learn in-depth SEO practices with the Best Digital Marketing  Course


IIM Skills Brand Partners


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Reviews and Testimonials


The image reflects the IIM Skills content writing course reviews by students


Course Fee – Rs 14900+GST



Other Professional Courses offered by IIM SKILLS:


2. Skill Upgrader:


●              Overview:


Skillshare is one of the best content writing courses in Patna as well as in India that makes professionals submit high-quality video classes.   You can take a class on about anything by joining in over 30,000 classes. And this course can help you to excel in this field. This institute provides lifetime support for their students that can help them in any stage of their lives.


You can learn all the concepts of writing. This course is for everyone as no prior experience is needed. Everyone will benefit from this because of the structure of this course. The classes are catching and full of tips and techniques to discover new skills or develop old ones. The features that make it one of the best content writing courses in Patna are:


●          Course Highlight:


  • Easily accessible: There are four weeks of online training. There are 16 hours of online learning like classroom training. These online lectures are easily accessible and can be attended from work, or office, or anywhere.
  • Assignments:  There are seventy hours of assignments that are beneficial because it gives a proper idea of the industry. And feedback on it is a chance to improve in writing.
  • Experienced mentor:  The instructors are experts in this field. These creators must follow strict guidelines that ensure that you get value for your money. Instructors give an inside view on how they work on their projects and share their past experiences and mistakes, so you can avoid that and learn from them.


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3. Udemy:


●     Overview:


Udemy is a complete game-changer in the online learning platform. Udemy’s writing course includes learning to write poems, fiction, non-fiction, and everything that is required to become a successful writer. This content writing course will teach how to write to get more traffic, subscribers, and followers that cause more sell.

There are 43 video lessons in this course that give proper knowledge of this field. And 37 online review quizzes are there to brush up on the skills. There are 3 hours of in-depth lectures. All resources are downloadable. And the certificate after the course is in bonus. These features definitely make it one of the best content writing courses in Patna.


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 4. Coursera:


Over 53 million people took over 4000 plus online classes from more than 200 world-class universities and companies. Coursera is famous for having so many online lectures that gave full degrees that can help at any point in the career. The courses in Coursera are very pocket-friendly and flexible. There are almost 102 various courses under the subheading about content writing.


AcademyOffered by UC Davis University of California, this course has a rating of 4.5/5. The course teaches about the content marketing ecosystem, the strategic context, content marketing strategy, types of content, and how to manage your content.


The classes are crafted to be self-paced but include hands-on projects to master the practical part of the learning, which is of absolute importance. They have the best tutors online and start from scratch, transitioning your way to a well-paying career. 100% online with certification, this course teaches candidates about the core strategies of content marketing, compelling copywriting, and writing skills. The above-mentioned reasons make it one of the best content writing courses in Patna.


5. Skillshare


Skillshare is an online learning platform that allows you to explore your creativity. From creativity, technology, business, and lifestyle- they have courses for all walks of life. Millions of people come together and get inspired, learn, and take the next step in their creative or professional journeys.


Currently, this course has 585 results. Filter as per the requirements to find the best. This masterclass is available in five parts. You can go through each of them to have an in-depth understanding of writing for the web. The classes taken under this course will cover some of the fundamentals of content writing.


This course does not require any kind of prior experience in this field. It is helpful if you know some basics to understand the concepts and one of the best content writing courses in Patna.


6. Education & Career Times:


ECT is an owned brand of Digital Impulse, Online Private Limited. ECT started its first training program in 2018 initially with traditional classroom training and an online training course. They have successfully tutored 850 students by conducting 55 batches in such a short span.


35000 community members are there in the ECT community. They provide you with lifetime support and help at any point in your career. They guarantee 100% placement and internship. You will learn different writing styles, work on projects, and get trained by a top digital marketing agency CEO. The reasons to consider it as one of the best content writing courses are mentioned here.


●     Structure of The Course:

The ECT reviews state that the program consists of 32 hours of online training and 50 hours of e-learning material and videos. The classes are scheduled on all Sundays and 2nd and 4th Saturdays during a 3months span.


●     Trainers:

The trainer of this course is Mr. Saket Kumar Singh, founder of SixPL, a leading firm in digital marketing. There are interactive sessions with trainers where they can clear any queries related to the subject.


●    Assignments:

The ECT course includes seven assignments as stated by ECT course reviews. These assignments help in practising and improving writing skills.


7. Online Idea Lab:


Online Idea Lab provides free in-class courses. You can attend the classes during weekdays or weekends whichever is comfortable for you. There are several courses under the umbrella of content creation like copywriting, research, and designing, and these features make it one of the best content writing courses in Patna.


They provide a massive amount of practical experience. They have an active network of alumni that gives students valuable assistance during their lifetime.


The Online Concept Lab has a placement department that allows you to apply quickly. They deliver diverse activities throughout the course that bring out your creativity. They have a limited teacher-to-teacher ratio that produces online open courses.


Key Points of Online Idea Lab That Make It One of The Best Content Writing Courses in Patna Are:


1.    Gain Practical Knowledge: Through a variety of events, tasks and projects, get a  practical understanding of subjects.

2.    Lifetime Support: They provide full lifetime support from their staff.

3.    Resources: You will learn How to use tools that will support you with various content development processes.

4.    Placement Assistance: They have their in-house placement team’s work assistance. Online Idea Lab has good records in placement.


8. Digital Academy 360:


Whoever wants to upskill themselves and want to be successful in this field and get more excellent opportunities this course is perfect for them.


This course is going to cover all the viewpoints that are necessary to make a successful writer. They will start from the basic knowledge of writing, language & grammar, and the writing process to learning about the forms of writing and learning how to earn money through your content. You will also learn how to build their WordPress website to create their online portfolio.


They will cover blogging, copywriting, and technical writing. Every point and industry requirement will make you a professional writer. Hence, it can be considered as one of the best content writing courses in Patna.


This Digital Academy 360 Program Includes:


  • 16 + modules with 54 hours of classroom coaching.
  • There are two certifications, 10+ tools, and two active writing tasks.
  • 5+ case studies with revision and substitute classes and internship opportunities.
  • The certifications are of Digital Academy 360, as well as HubSpot.
  • The institute provides deployments for freshers as well as working professionals.


9. Inventateq:


This is one of the best content writing courses in Patna. This organization is an ISO-certified training organization. Inventateq has more than 40 plus professional courses in a spectrum of subjects. These topics vary from digital marketing, AWS, NET, NodeJS, CAD, Autodesk, SAP, and so on.


Most teachers have five-plus years of experience in this field and trained 15000 students professionals across all programs combined. This course will cover the basics of writing types, SEO, blogging, eBook strategies, copywriting, email writing and culminate with career opportunities.


The main features of these courses are:


  • 35 plus studying sessions.
  • Practical-oriented curriculum.
  • Very experienced mentors.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Flexibility Weekday and weekend batches.

Visit their website and book a demo lecture and know anything regarding fees and courses.


10. Henry Harvin Education:


●          Overview:

Henry Harvin is South Asia’s oldest content writing course. 160 plus corporates trusted this course. They have a very experienced trainer with 10+ years. This course provides a guaranteed internship. All you have to do is apply for an internship after the training ends and get started. They have tie-ups with top corporations.


●          Key Points Of Henry Harvin That Make It One of The Best Content Writing Courses in Patna :


1. Demand: The value of this course is very high and in huge demand not only in India but across the globe.

2.  Structure of lecture: This course includes thirty-plus types of writing. 32 hours of online training. And extra 24hrs Live Online Brush-up Sessions.

3. Certification: Their certificate is associated with the government of India like the content writing association. And this certificate is accepted worldwide because they are associated with different associations.

4. Experience: This course provides one year of membership in the writing academy with a guaranteed internship, live projects, and workshops.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the examples of content writing?
  • Every single thing you read on web pages is content. This is a huge industry and content writing implies writing blogs, newsletters, Ebooks, emailers, social media creative writings etc.


  1. Is content writing easy?
  • While writing content, you should keep in mind that the language must be lucid and easy to understand. Otherwise, the audience will lose interest in your content. You also have to know about different marketing techniques.


  1. Is content writing a stressful job?
  • If you can write well, enjoy writing then it is not going to be stressful for you. But submitting your task before the deadline and making the content SEO friendly are two very important factors if you want to be a successful content writer. Even if you want to work as a freelancer you have to post your content on a regular basis.


Wrapping It Up:


This industry is growing and will continue to be in need for a long time to come. The genuine challenge is to produce quality content with the integration of the element of marketing. Go over the salient features of each institute carefully before making a choice. Many offer in-depth information on the content.


On the other hand, an institute that combines content and marketing to give you the in-demand skill is an excellent selection. Since you are aware of some good institutes that provide good courses in Patna, summarize our learnings from this article.


  • This is a new hot field of jobs, but the salary structures vary due to the variations in the type of content types.
  • You should select the course that suits your available time, budget, as well as course reviews.
  • The correct course can help you land a dream placement or set up your content writing/ content marketing /digital writing.
  • Freelance content writing is a great option, but you need to be patient to build up your experience and profile.
  • While you are visiting the course, you will surely understand what variety of writing you are more interested in.


I hope this blog post has added some value to your information.



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