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Top 4 Content Writing Courses in Madurai With Placements

Does the term content writing often leave you confused? Do you know what exactly falls under content? Do you use content writing and copywriting interchangeably without knowing the difference? If you are interested in pursuing content writing and also have these burning questions, then is the article for you. In this article, you will get information from content writing in its broader sense by understanding all of its various types of content. In addition, you will get an idea about its potential, career opportunities, and the best content writing courses in Madurai.


Content Writing Courses in Madurai


Content writing – what does it really mean?


Content, when it comes to social media generally means anything that is posted be it in the form of an article, blog, image, or even video. Ideally, posts should add some type of entertainment or informative value to the audience. Content writing is thus, any type of writing which is used most specifically for digital marketing purposes.


Is content writing and copywriting the same thing?


Although there is a fair share of people who believe both contents writing and copywriting are just synonyms, this is actually not true. While both terms deal with writing something, the main difference between the two lies in their objectives. As we saw earlier, content writing is mainly in the form of information or entertainment, whereas, copywriting is a part of content writing.


The main aim of copywriting is to convince or persuade people into doing something. The content which is published should make the reader take some sort of action. Therefore, one of the biggest industries where copywriting is a key feature is the advertising industry.


Content writing categories


In the world of digital marketing and social media, content writing is a broad term. It consists of several different sub-categories such as blogs, articles, video scripts, social media posts, brochures, and many more. As you can easily make out, this is a vast field with exciting potential.


Every type of content has its own set of rules and peculiarities which makes it stand out from others. Since no two types of content are the same, working in this domain will not be monotonous. Moreover, as this is a creative area, there are plenty of opportunities to be unique while adhering to the guidelines.


If this is reason enough, then you should check out the best content writing course in Madurai.  Let us now take an in detail look at some of the categories covered under content writing.


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Blog Post and Article Writing:


Blog posts and articles are both types of content that provide quality information. Although there are several key differences between the two, it is becoming more and more difficult to truly distinguish a blog post from an article as people are uninformed.


In general, a blog post is mostly based upon the writer’s opinion of a subject, and it may contain facts and stats, whereas an article is based upon hard facts with no room for personal views. The style of a blog can be more laid back and casual, while an article has a distinguished formal style.


In the earlier days, blog posts tended to be shorter in content and articles usually were much more in detail. Nowadays, there is not much difference as blog posts are also more than 2000-3000 words long. With print media also turning towards digitalization, the boundaries between blog posts and articles are getting narrower. Nevertheless, both of these types of content play a huge role in content writing.



  • Social media post:


Social media is a huge sensation that has taken the internet by storm for the past decade or so. Nowadays, social media is considered one of the fastest means of communication. A social media post can be in the form of a simple text, or media such as images, video, audio, etc. Social media posts are generally small, and different social websites have different formats.


If done correctly, the rewards can be astonishing, to say the least. This is an excellent way to promote an individual or a business and help it reach new heights. They usually come with added advantages wherein people can comment and share the posts for further visibility. A social media post is more of a conversation with the simpler text.


  • Video script:


Video scripts are scripts that we write to plan out how a marketing campaign video will pan out. A video script mainly outlines how scenes will take place, what will be the dialogues of the performer, and the actions that the performer will carry out. Apart from this, there will also be some additional instructions based on the type of campaign taking place.


  • E-book:


A simple explanation of an e-book is a book that can be read digitally. However, there are some specific characteristics that make e-books what they are. To begin with, an e-book consists of many digital pages which people can go through on devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, etc.


One of the most essential components of an e-book is that it should not be editable. Thus, they need to be made in a format that does not support editing. E-books also need to fit the size of the screen. Since these books can be read on computers, tablets, or other handheld devices, they need to adapt to all sizes.


Some of the most popular e-book formats are .epub, .azw, and .pdf. EPUB stands for electronic publication, and this format is found on several devices. AZW files are specifically designed for Amazon Kindle, and this format cannot be used on any other devices apart from Kindle.


The PDF format is another one that many people are aware of, though it is not technically an e-book format. It becomes difficult to read in this format since it does not adapt properly to the screen sizes.


  • Product description:


Product descriptions are nothing but marketing copies. It is the same thing as a salesman with whom we interact in a store but in a digitized form. The purpose of a product description is to provide us with all the necessary information and also justify the reasons as to why we should buy the product.


It requires a style of writing that is not too complicated and to the point. People should be able to understand the key features easily. The target audience also plays an important part in selecting the style of writing. The pivotal part is that the buyer should not be misled into buying something that is not actually true and the writing should appeal to the human factor.


Although one can always be creative while writing, it should not go overboard in a way that the essence of the description is lost. One of the most essential factors is that product descriptions should be written in an SEO-friendly manner to boost visibility.


  • Instructional booklet:


Have you ever bought a product that required installation or some type of technical expertise, and you just couldn’t figure out what to do? This is where an instructional booklet comes in handy. They provide customers with a step-by-step process making the whole seemingly impossible situation into a possible one.


Thus, for this reason, instructional booklets must follow a specific order to avoid any confusion. They are generally written in short sentences in the active voice to keep the communication as clear as possible. Adding images wherever possible along with a brief explanation makes them easier to comprehend.


  • Brochures:


Brochures can be found in many places. They can be made for informative, educative, or entertainment purposes. Typically, they can be found in A4 size folded even in 3 parts. Nowadays, we can also see them in A5 size as small booklets. Furthermore, brochures are required in various domains such as travel and tourism, medical industry, product industry, etc.


And thus they are made for long-term use. For example, a tourism company can publish brochures about the various tours that they offer or they can also publish region-specific brochures and explain everything covered in that tour. Companies can also make use of brochures to explain about their products which educate customers accordingly.


  • Infographic:


This type of content is split into small text with images, charts, or graphs, more or less in a 50:50 ratio. The purpose of infographics is to provide just enough insight to the audience. They should be able to grab the attention of readers. This can be achieved by striking a balance between the data and the design of the infographic. Keeping a simple and minimalist approach is what infographics are about. They can be quite useful with regard to brand building.


  • Flyer/pamphlet:


Have you ever encountered a situation where you are walking along minding your business and suddenly a person sticks out a hand from somewhere with a paper which you are supposed to accept? If yes, then most likely the piece of paper which you received was probably a flyer. They usually tend to be marketing or advertising strategies containing some sort of offer for a limited period.


Flyers are predominant in industries such as restaurants, supermarkets, home services, and more. The best part about this type of advertising is that they are affordable and can be easily handed over by people, sent via mail, kept inside newspapers, etc. Using flyers is a great way to attract visitors by introducing new schemes on a short-term basis.


Why content writing is essential


Everyone is aware that marketing is a key element in brand-building. How big a brand becomes and the success it receives has got a lot do to with how well the brand has been able to market its products. Similarly, in the digital world, brands need to build their digital presence and for that reason, content writing plays an essential role.


A brand cannot be built if it has limited content on the web as SEO algorithms work with quality content that is uploaded on a regular basis. Researching and then using proper keywords is also a crucial part of SEO, which in turn helps to boost the rankings on Google. Furthermore, your products or services will start getting mentioned and linked by others once they find quality content.


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The potential in content writing


By now you must be able to take a fair guess as to the scope of content writing. But if you are still not sure, then let me try and put the potential of this industry into perspective. With the world shifting so much towards digitization, online businesses are flourishing rapidly.


What’s more, even offline businesses can get more customers with good quality content on the internet. And to make this happen, people need to invest in content writers for social media posts, ad campaigns, product descriptions, etc. So, as you can see, content writing is an absolute necessity in today’s day and age.


As for the job market, content writers can get job opportunities in organizations for roles such as web content writer, marketing content writer, blogger, scriptwriter, and creative content writer just to name a few. Besides working in a company, there are plenty of opportunities as freelancers as well.


This is a growing industry and there are many good content writing courses in Madurai that can prepare you for this journey. So, as you can make out, content writing has a lot of subcategories with a great focus on originality.  And as far as creativity is concerned, the sky is the limit making this domain a very interesting one.


Hence, without further ado, let’s take a look at the topmost content writing courses in Madurai.


1. IIM Skills


The content writing course offered by IIM Skills is one of the finest content writing courses in Madurai for any aspiring content writer. Their content writing master course is a complete and extensive program that covers all the bases. They maintain a great balance between theoretical knowledge and a hands-on practical approach.


With assignments every week, they ensure that students can not only comprehend, but also make good use of what has been taught in the class. Moreover, IIM Skills provides the comfort of attending classes from home through their online learning module.


Apart from explaining various types of content writing, they provide in-depth learning about web development, tools, and apps which are extremely useful for budding content writers. In addition, several types of content writing agencies and education blogs have ranked IIM Skills as the number one content writing course.


IIM Skills Content Writing course will provide the following features:


  • Live classroom learning for 4 weeks
  • A guaranteed internship which is optional for 3 months
  • The training module consists of 30 hours broken down as 16 hours of lectures + 14 hours of internship
  • Knowledge and usage of free tools that are worth 35k
  • A large network for freelance opportunities
  • A placement cell for candidates looking for jobs
  • Master certification from IIM Skills which is globally accredited
  • Preparation for the content marketing certification from HubSpot


After signing up for this course, you get a chance to do the following:


  • You can launch your very own content writing agency
  • You will get lifetime access to recordings and support
  • Create a portfolio for your job or freelance career
  • Support in publishing your E-book
  • Write a press release


With a plethora of offerings led by well-experienced teaching staff, this course from IIM Skills is no doubt one of the most attractive online content writing courses in Madurai.


Course fee – INR 14900 + GST



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2. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader also offers a content writing course and it is another one of the highly recognized content writing courses in Madurai. Skills Upgrader is known for its expertise in the field of digital marketing and has come up with a comprehensive course that also prepares you for the HubSpot certification.

With this course, you will get the following benefits:


  • Learn how to put across words that appeal to the readers
  • Tailor your writing skills as per British and American English requirements
  • Hands-on experience to handle customer’s social media marketing
  • Graphic designing skills
  • Hands-on experience with various tools
  • Learn how to launch personal blogs and basic websites


Skills Upgrader also offers demo classes for you to join and prepares you for internationally recognized certifications.


3. FITA 


The content writing training provided by FITA is considered one of the best content writing courses in Madurai. They boast of staff which has more than 10 years of professional experience in this field. Their focus is to guide students with best practices for content in terms of business and non-business organizations and impart knowledge related to SEO best practices as well. Their content writing courses in Madurai have the potential to make its students stand out in the competitive content writing industry by developing various writing skills.


The key characteristics included in FITA’s course are as follows:


  • A professional course designed to guide learners about the nuances of content writing
  • A huge network of more than 600 recruiters
  • Help students write quality content to attract online traffic
  • Use of latest technology and tools for a great learning experience
  • Opportunity to work on live projects
  • Affordable fees with the option to pay in installments
  • Attain FITA Academy certification and be trained to appear for Global certifications


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4. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin’s content writing courses in Madurai are for sure an excellent one in the Country. They provide live online training with projects and a guaranteed internship. They also assist with placements and enable access to various e-learnings such as tools, techniques, assessments, etc. Having more than 7 years of experience and partnering with more than 100 corporates and colleges makes this one of the most unique content writing courses in Madurai.


The key takeaways of this course are as below:


  • Extensive training worth 36 hours
  • CDCW certificate which is recognized globally
  • Hosting monthly Bootcamp sessions
  • 100% assistance in placement and internship
  • Get assistance in writing more than 30 types of content
  • Research skills for writing on any topic
  • Technical expertise in building websites and personal blogs


Henry Harvin’s content writing course is recognized by big companies worldwide as well as in India also. Due to these distinctive features, Henry Harvin’s course is perceived to be one of the finest content writing courses in Madurai.




1. What is the educational background required to become a content writer?

Content writing is more of a skill-based industry that doesn’t require a specific degree. With that being said, if you have a degree in Communication, Marketing, English, or Journalism, then it could be an added benefit.


2. Can I become a content writer at any age?

One can become a content writer at any age. Since there is no requirement of prior experience or degree in content writing, any person can take it up at any time. However, it would be a good idea to do a content writing course to hone your skills.


3. What type of skills should a content writer possess?

The most important skill for a budding content writer is the ability to write different types of content for different platforms. Along with this, being adaptable, flexible, and creative are also essential skills to have. Knowledge of SEO, keywords, and research skills will play an important role as well. If you are not well versed with digital marketing, then plenty of content writing courses in Madurai can guide you further.


4. Are there any good content writing courses in Madurai?

Content writing is becoming more and more vital for businesses, especially with the boom in online marketing. With so much requirement and scope, many academies are educating new students. Therefore, there are quite a lot of good content writing courses in Madurai that one can attend.


5. Is there scope for content writing in Madurai?

The content writing industry is not a region-specific industry since digital marketing can be done from anywhere. You can become a content writer from any part of the country. However, it would be a good option to do a certificate program from any of the top content writing courses in Madurai beforehand.




Content writing is a great career option for anybody who is just starting out or even for someone who has a passion for writing. There is a creative side that you can explore making it fun and exciting. So, if you are somebody who has a keen interest, then look no further and choose from one of these best content writing courses in Madurai to kickstart your journey in style.



  1. navin

    Hello, I’m a college student seeking work. One of the things I’m exploring is content writing. I took a free content writing course and found it to be quite intriguing. To jumpstart my profession, I’m hoping to enroll in an excellent content writing course in Madurai with certification. Thank you for your article, it was quite helpful in deciding on a course.

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    hello, I am a Shree. I have a small printing press. I do printing work. Nowadays, people mainly prefer sending invitations, cards, literature, etc on social media. I want to take up this course to enhance my skills and earn more. Contents like infographics, brochures, instructional booklet, flyers, ad copy are what I am more interested in. Please specify if there is any eligibility criteria and will this course prove useful to me?

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    Hi, I am Urmila. I am working in a Hotel as a receptionist. One of my task is to do copy writing. I do not have any formal training in doing copy writing , Ad writing. I do it out of interest. But, now I feel there is a need as it is a high paying job. gaining certification , formal training and skills will be an added advantage to me. Does the brochure contain all the information?

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    Hello, I am Jayalakshmi. I am a School Co-ordinator. I am typically responsible for facilitation in the collaboration of schools, families, and community partners in support of students. I am updating many school events, function, projects etc on the school website. I will be on a maternity leave soon. So,I want to learn content writing in order to keep myself engage in learning and gain skills in content writing. Am I eligible to apply? Will I have the option for flexible batch timings and day?

  5. Jaanaki

    Hello. I am Jaanaki. Businesses nowadays focusing more upon making online presence, brand building,and customer retention. More efforts are made to innovatively present information to the audience through new ways and new types of contents. The budget for investment on brand reimaging, strong positive online reputation, and retaining the audience is being increased. Content writer thus can rest assured that they can make most out of their content writing skills by providing excellent quality content, relevant information, and fostering audience engagement. Hence, willingness to become a content writer with certification and experience from a reputed content writing institute in Madurai, landed me here on this page while my search mission. All institutes listed here providing content writing training in Madurai are best in their own ways, but IIM skills to me seems best with internship opportunity, placement assistance, and opportunity to launch very own content writing agency, receive lifetime access to recordings and support, development of a portfolio for job or freelance career, support in publishing E-book, and writing a press release.


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