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Top 8 Content Writing Courses in Greece

Greece is well known for its rocky mountains, absolutely transparent and unclouded waters, luxuriantly grown green forest, serene and enchanting lakes, and its supreme quality of Olive Oil. The pandemic has adversely affected offline marketing and advertising, which contributed to the country’s economy. Ecommerce has majorly contributed to the rapid growth and necessity for business activities. The rise of content writing has spiked tremendously. Therefore let us dive into further details of Content Writing Courses in Greece and how it serves the purpose. If you are looking out for Content Writing Courses in Greece and obtain all the practical details around content writing. This article will serve as your perfect guide. There is a cutting edge benefit to exploring the language, culture, taste, choice, and preferences to bring into existence for your audience in their content writing domain.


List of best content writing courses in Greece


What is Content Writing?


Content Writing is a skill that caters to speaking with the online world. Creating compelling copies that not only persuade your audience, but they feel this is precisely what they need and end up buying your products/services. Businesses can attract clients and encourage human connections with their audience with the right content.


Content Writing is penning down words in a way that directly connects with your ideal client’s emotions and requirements. The market is open to everyone. Due to high competition and the best services that various brands and entrepreneurs provide, it is challenging to reach out to your target audience.


Every Writer Should Possess the Below-enlisted Skills:


  • Well-versed with different writing styles and tones.
  • Excellent research skills
  • Writing plagiarized free content.
  • Mastery of SEO strategies to rank the content
  • Selection of the right keywords and their competition
  • Authenticity and Adaptability


Content Writing v/s Creative Writing


Content writing is a formal way of writing that highlights factual data and information, and it is used in technical writing, academic writing, medical research, scientific data, and research analysis. On the other hand, creative writing goes way beyond static and mundane writing.


Gone are those days when creative writing was considered a hobby, and it wouldn’t make full proof earning and beneficial writing copies for businesses and brands. Successful writers incorporate storytelling in their papers, connecting to emotions, and people buy more. The influence that creative writing holds has a jaw-dropping effect on brands and businesses, especially targeting humans.


Why Should You Consider Content Writing Courses in Greece?


The standards of education at Greek University are remarkable. Content Writing courses in Greece have a reputed history in academics and have a massive surge of students all across the globe applying to study here. Also, expatriates who understand the Greek language can enhance their communication further in the writing field.


Different Choices of Expertise in Content Writing


There is a surfeit of opportunities when pursuing content writing as their passion or profession. One can take it forward in genres like education, technology, medical, novelist, food, travel, self-growth, and personal development. The individual can showcase their writing in blogging, articles, web writing, etc. Content Writing Courses in Greece have massive opportunities.


To better comprehend it, let’s talk about the career options in this field –

  • Resume Building Expert
  • SOP’s
  • Press Release Articles
  • Copy Writer
  • Content for Landing Pages persuading for Call to Action
  • Story Telling/ Script Developer
  • Blogging


These are just a few to capture among the various other abundant options available as a Content Writer. One driving force to add to the success is your expertise and passion behind the same. As the well-known saying goes – Practice makes a man perfect. Life has no shortcuts, and so with the profession. There is no swap between practice and consistency that delivers remarkable expertise and success to your work.


Different Kinds of Content Writing


1. Article Writing


Article Writing is written for a larger audience and groups. The main motive behind this writing is for delivering news, researching information, assessing academic data, etc. It is mainly published in newspapers and magazines to highlight crucial information or bring awareness to new products/services. This writing expresses ideas, perceptions, and thoughts on a particular piece of information.


Different Styles of Article Writing –


  • Expository Style –

The very term expository explains this writing is around exposing facts, figures, and crucial data. This writing entails information on academic writing, scientific report, technology writing, and magazines.


  • Narrative Style –

Narrative writing contributes to the storytelling style of expression to connect with the audience, and it has a beginning, middle, and end. It is a very influential style as it connects with the audience’s emotions, and the conversion rate is high. This writing style is used, and it falls in all aspects of human creativity like novel writing ( fiction and nonfiction), entertainment, music, film, television shows, poetry, and literature.


  • Descriptive Style –

This writing gives vivid details about a product, service, brand, place, object, etc. It allows the reader or the client to imagine whatever is described. It is more visual, and the reader connects by going graphic with the article.


  • Persuasive Style –

This writing style aims to persuade the reader to act on the writer’s information. This writing incorporates shreds of evidence such as facts and figures, information approved by experts and authoritative figures, and other factors like credibility and authenticity that are considered to win the clients’ faith. This style also includes verifiable data from trusted sources that conveniences the audience to agree with the write-up and take action.


2. Ghost Writing

The ghostwriter is someone who pens down an artistic and informative piece of write-up, and the credit is owned by the client, brand, or organization who gets a ghostwriter writing on their behalf to represent themself. A professional ghostwriter can adapt perfectly to the writing skills that sink with the client’s requirements without apparent gaps.


3. Blog Writing –

A blog is a representation of a personal diary or journal online. It can be anything related to your passion, success, expertise, or area you wish to share. It is a place where you express and share yourself with the world.


4) Copy Writing –

Copy Writing involves writing for marketing and advertising. This writing requires Web writing, sales page, article, and blog that increases the awareness and eventually leads the customer towards taking action. It also contributes to highlighting the attention towards the brand and the services.


So, here are seven prowess that any good content writer should have and continue to hone throughout their career. Any good content writer must possess and continue to hone throughout their career the following –


  1. Adaptability
  2. Strong Research Skills
  3. SEO Specialization
  4. Meeting Deadlines
  5. Fluent Language Skills
  6. Proof Reading
  7. Editing


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Benefits of Content Writing


  • You learn how to turn your ideas into words that will captivate your clients.
  • You will get to develop an essential language tone style and modulation that will allow you to write for overseas clients and their projects.
  • You will acquire technical knowledge on launching an essential website from scratch.
  • Gain an understanding of creating graphics for logos, PPT, design newsletter
  • Acquire strong research skills to work on any given topic by the client
  • Learn the art of skillfully winning the customer’s heart through effective writing


Career Options for a Content Writer


There is a glut of opportunities for Content Writing Courses in Greece.


  • Research Writer

Research Writing is a series of actions or steps taken to achieve evidence on which your outcome is based. It involves gathering information from trusted sources like magazines, journals, the internet, and other trusted sources. A researcher’s job is to pen down the data collected by them in a layman’s language so that it is easy to understand and absorb by anyone reading it.


Research Writers have a flair for conducting extensive research on a specific subject and how to twirl as per the requirement. Research Writers assiduously scrutinize the snag. They assemble information with the help of distinctive sources and write their postulation accordingly. Research writers write the research data after extensive investigation.


  • Medical Writer

Medical writing entails the creation of scientific documents of various types for serving or intending to regulate the outcome, disease or drug-related education and the act of furthering the growth or development, journal palimpsest, content for medical care websites, health-related magazines, and news articles.


  • Technical Writer

A technical writer transmogrifies technically challenging written matter into clear and concise documentation that target audiences will relate to.  They collect and develop technical information for manufacturers, designers, and clients to fabricate maintenance and instructions, technical and instructional manuals, journal articles, and other documentation.


Top 8 Institutes for Content Writing Courses in Greece


1)   IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading institutes for content writing, and it provides various online professional courses to students worldwide. The goal is to provide superior and latest learnings for students or whoever is aspiring to succeed in writing. They adapt to a very flexible and convenient style of operation.


Besides just educational courses, they provide immense job opportunities as per the talent and insight. Once enrolled, the study material and the recordings are for a lifetime, and one can apply them as per their time and convenience. The online teaching sessions are linked with a practical internship so that you become visible as an industry expert.


The entire team and the staff support are accommodating and approachable to resolve your doubts and concerns during the training. They mainly cater to the online version of the training, and students nationally and internationally can avail the benefit.


Even if one happens to miss the session, live recordings are shared, and they are accessible forever so that you may study at your pace and convenience. This supports the participants learning and helps them hone their writing skills to the maximum. Any difficulty shooting up for individuals during the training and internship through support is provided by the IIM Skills support staff.


Besides that, they also help with job assistance post the training. Three months of internship support nurtures the participants to gain hands-on exposure and build a strong portfolio. Various students all across the globe have opted for their Content Writing Courses in Greece.



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Content Writing Course Covers the Following Aspects:

  1. Website Development
  2. Blog creation
  3. Content writing basics
  4. Long Tail and Short Tail keyword research
  5. Important Tools like Duplichecker, Quetex for Plagiarism check
  6. Ebook Creation
  7. Monetizing your writing
  8. Importance of linking – Inbound, Outbound, and Backlinks


After completing the Content Writing Course, you will be entitled to a Master’s Content Writing Certification from IIM Skills.


Other Courses


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2)   ECT


ECT is Government recognized institute for Content Writing Courses. They offer online options so that students and interested participants can operate from all across the world and access learning from the comforts of their houses. ECT helps students gain experience and portray themselves as confident writer, and it offers an online version of studying.


It can be done globally and is also considered one of Greece’s best options for  Content Writing Courses in Greece. Media approve ECT like Indian Express, India Today, and The Hindu. Drafting explicit emails, creating compelling sales proposals, and effective ways of presenting will take you to the new realm of writing.


Along with writing skills, marketing is a very crucial aspect. Learn the refinement of content marketing to reach out to your ideal audience who are seeking your products and services and are genuinely interested in purchasing the same. Learn and grow organically.


Highlights of the Course:

  • Assignments
  • Live Projects
  • Quizzes
  • Classroom Training /Live Training
  • 100% Job Placements
  • Freelancer Job opportunities
  • Lifetime Access


3)   Skills Upgrader


The field of content writing is booming! Content Writing is thus considered like a virtual salesperson who engages its customers and converts them into buying the company’s products/services. Online presence is the most fundamental criterion to introduce its presence and expansion. However, the spike in demand for content writers has majorly shot up.


Skills Upgrader provides an online learning facility for students across the world. Therefore, it is considered Content Writing Courses in Greece an excellent learning option. It offers full learning scope and certification, which helps the students gain more confidence in their careers.


Why Join Skills Upgrader?

  • You will learn to convert ideas into fascinating words for the readers.
  • Improve vocabulary and language skills required as a competent writer
  • Learn practical skills to handle social media platforms to leverage business
  • Learn to create basic websites and blogs using technology
  • Learn the tricks and hacks to build a booming career
  • Gain knowledge of various social media and email marketing techniques


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4)   Coursera


Coursera is a well-known e-learning platform that offers multiple learning courses, and content writing is one of them. It also provides certification post-completion. Their methods are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced, and to suit your need and requirement, one can select the same.


Since it is an online learning platform, one can opt for it from the comfort of your home, and considered one of the superior choices for Content Writing Courses in Greece. It is a US-based online learning platform that offers affordable Content Writing Courses in Greece and other professional courses to people.


It provides flexible learning training to individuals and corporates for career growth and enhancement. One can operate these courses from the comfort of their home, office, or even on the go from their mobile and tablets.


Listed Below Are the Other Popular Courses in Content Writing –

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Good with Words – Specialization in Writing and Editing
  • Script Writing – Writing for TV and Web Series


5)   Udemy


Udemy is a giant hub for online learning courses. It is trendy and provides comprehensive certification courses for learners, and it provides more than a dozen studies that are there as writing options. Like Coursera, this is a US-based online learning platform, and it’s a practical choice for Content Writing Courses in Greece.


Industry professionals from across the globe design these courses. When you browse through their websites, you will find many options, and you may go along with one that makes you feel good. They also give you insights into the rating of each of their courses, making it easy for you to opt for it.


Each content writing course has its temporary structure and has a short video to preview this course, which gives you insight into whether it would be a good option. The fees for the courses are pretty reasonable, and they have in-depth learning videos under each of their classes.


Listed Below Are the Best Seller Courses in Content Writing –

  • The Content Writing Course – Paul Jenkins
  • Business Writing and Technical and Immersion – Starweaver Team, Paul Siegel
  • Writing Tools and Hacks –
  • Editing and Proof Reading Certification Masterclass – Prof. Krishna N. Sharma, PhD.
  • Business Writing Skills – Mark Morris


6)   IIEDM


The Indian Institute of E-commerce and  Digital Marketing, or the IIEDM famous and renowned institute for Content Writing Courses, the course is conducted by industry experts. The system is created to provide the learners with in-depth knowledge and gives you the best.


This content writing course at IIEDM isn’t about writing, and it is designed to take you to the fairyland of words and explore a different world of writing. After completing the course, the students will be able to effortlessly create compelling writing copies that entail the clients taking action.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Other Advance Content Writing Courses offered at IIEDM –

  • The creative art of writing and various styles and tones
  • The psychology behind the customer’s needs and choices.
  • Writing for various platforms like websites, blogs, social media, banners, and ads.
  • Proofreading, editing, and re-writing


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7)   Digital Academy 360


Content Writing Courses in Greece at Digital Academy 360 provide hands-on experience. It has over 15 centers across India, and it is a cost-effective course. The Content Writing Certification Program includes all forms of content writing and the basics of website creation with WordPress and soft skills.


The training is conducted by highly experienced and professional trainers who have tremendous experience. The course offers flexible timings and batches to give hassle-free learning.


The Content Writing Course is comprehensive, and it covers the below Syllabus

  • More than 16 modules and 54 hours of classroom training
  • More than ten tools, two hands-on writing assignment submissions, certification from Digital 360 Academy and Hubspot
  • More than 5 case studies for more profound insights with revisions and internship facilities
  • Placement support is offered to both – Freshers and Working Professionals.


8)   Vskills


Vskills is the prime certification constitution of India, and it is well renowned in the market for its certification in multiple genres. The Content Writing Courses in Greece sharpen the writing abilities of the students and working professionals and holds massive value for the employer/organization.


Salient Features of the Course –

  • Government Approved and Recognized
  • Lifetime online learning access
  • Get marked as “Vskills Certified on job portals like Monster and Shine.




Q1) Is a Content Writing Course ideal for Authors?

Yes, the content writing course covers all the basic concepts of writing. However, to develop your skills in terms of creativity and presentation, you need to practice further by flaring up your thoughts and views.


2) Can I work as a freelancer after completing of Content Writing Course?

Yes, there are many opportunities available as freelancing options in Content Writing. You can also work on multiple projects for better exposure and income.


3) Where can I start Blogging?

You can start blogging on various sites like Quora and Medium, or you can also create an essential free website from WordPress, which is covered in the Content Writing Course.


4. What are the opportunities as a Creative Writer?

As a creative writer, one can pursue as a Novelist (Fiction/Non-Fiction), Coaching, CopyWriter, Ghost Writing, brand representative, and many more.


5)    What is the three quintessence of an exciting part of creative writing triumph?

The quintessence of the exciting part of creative writing is the powerful beginning, captivating middle, and profound ending.




Today’s content writing career field day is limitless, but you should always be aware of the defeatist angle of the job. Money-making sets repeatedly subjugated contemporary career creators. Once you’ve mastered your skills, you’ll feel the urge to take a grip on the first golden chance. Allow yourself time to hone them.



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    hey, I am an international student here in Greece, who wanted to learn content writing as a new skill to earn money part-time. most of the courses offered are expensive and are full-time, which would be hard for me to manage along with my studies. I am interested in the online course from the Indian institute but will it be helpful in finding work abroad?

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