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Top 6 Content Writing Courses in Bhopal With Placements

Are you looking for content writing courses in Bhopal to practice brevity, clarity, and telling a true story through content? Well, content writing certainly is all these things. But, it is also utility, empathy, and persuasion. Therefore, content is much more than what meets the eye. With a content writing course, you will better your writing and grammar skills. You will also start comprehending the business of writing to serve the purpose of content writing. 

Best content writing courses in Bhopal

There can be plenty of content writing courses in Bhopal that can overwhelm you and persuade you to pursue them. So to pull the plug on confusion you might be facing while searching for content writing courses in Bhopal. We have shortlisted the 6 best courses that can act as a catalyst in your learning journey.

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Top 6 Content Writing Courses in Bhopal



We believe that even before deciding to search on content writing courses in Bhopal, you were aware that content writing is an extensive study. You have to write almost everything to establish your authority, get leads, and keep the business you are a part of relevant. 


Therefore, IIM SKILLS offers a content writing course where a learner takes away –

  • The habit of writing every day 
  • Understanding the difference between traditional writing and Internet writing
  • Significance of research in content writing
  • Learning the content distribution channels
  • A strong writing portfolio

Therefore, you can go through the below course structure to see if this course is the most preferred option.

Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Fees: Rs.16,900+18% GST

Course Duration: 4-weeks


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing


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Tool covered in this course:

  • Google keyword planner
  • Answer the public
  •  Ubersuggest
  •  Keywordtool.io
  •  Wordcounter.net
  •  Small SEO tool
  •  Plagiarism detector
  •  Grammarly
  •  Rank Watch 
  •  SERP Rank checker
  •  Google my business


 The benefits of taking this course are as follows-

  •  Getting three months guaranteed internship opportunity
  •  Establishing a content writing agency
  •  Getting lifetime support from IIM Skills
  •  Assistance in portfolio development for a job or freelancing work
  •  Publishing an e-book to Kindle or Google books
  •  Publishing a blog on the Times of India blog
  •  Issuing a press release on an online news portal
  •  Getting a Master’s certification from IIM Skills and Hubspot
  •  Get access to free tools worth Rs. 35000/-

Have a talk with the team if you wish to inquire more about the content writing course IIM Skills offers.

Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?



Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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2. Coursera 

The impact in the context of content writing is persuasion. Therefore, when looking for content writing courses in Bhopal learning, creating an effect can never go to waste. Storytelling in history has helped us move towards the new.

In the same manner, incorporating storytelling in content can help you drive the traffic towards learning something new.

Course Name: Storytelling and Influencing: Communicate with Impact

Course Fees: Rs. 5896/month+taxes

Course Duration: 6-weeks

The course structure is as follows-

  • The know-how of persuasive communication
  •  An assessment of human behavior and what they find appealing?
  •  The fundamental theories of perseverance in communication
  •  The various models of information processing, motivation, and message acceptance
  •  Learning how to interact with people effectively
  • How is decision-making done
  • Questioning the unconscious values
  • How to develop a person is important?
  • Structuring a dramatic narrative
  • Learning about the principles of storytelling
  • Why is storytelling important?
  • How to process the information to recall stories?
  • The significance of a storyteller
  • Developing rapport with the audience to support human interaction
  • The art and science of building rapport
  • How can you make your interaction matter to the audience?
  • Understanding the point of view behind group influence and impression management
  • The art of influencing
  • What is the idea behind the need to lead?
  • Which type of questions gets authentic answers?
  • How to prepare for stressful conversations?
  • Ways of dealing with objections?
  • What is the nature of the objection?
  • How to reduce the resistance in people?
  • Is pitching a persuasion process?
  • How to prepare to deliver a perfect pitch?
  • The Secret structure for persuasion

If you wish to learn more about the course and instructors, visit the course page-storytelling and Influencing on Coursera.

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3. ECT

Nothing can get more satisfying than being trained by a government-recognized institute, right? Then why not consider ECT as a suitable search result for your search on content writing courses in Bhopal?

Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Fees: Rs.15, 000

Course Duration: 3-months

The course structure is as follows-

  • The basics of content writing
  • The process of effective content writing
  • Pre-writing and drafting process
  • Focusing on sentence construction and building paragraphs
  • Editing, re-editing, and publishing.
  • Ways and means to better your vocabulary
  • Comprehending the technical terminology is used in any domain.
  • Google tools that can help you better your vocabulary and language.
  • Diving deep into the grammatical rules
  • Working on sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, awkward sentences, verb power, parallel structures, and modifiers
  • The tools and tricks for effective content writing
  • Understanding Grammarly, Copyscape, ginger, and Hemingway app
  • Learning about Internet research skills
  • Knowing about the various writing hacks
  • How to strengthen creative nonfiction writing skills?
  • An introduction to digital advertising
  • The know-how of web content writing
  • Writing compelling headlines and impressive conclusions.
  • Learning about blogging skills
  • The different idea-generation tools
  • Following the person’s narrative writing style
  • What is viral content development?
  • Effective writing for newsletters, emails, and landing pages
  • Learning fiction to master the art of storytelling
  • Knowing about pixels such as (flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novels, theme, point-of-view, style)
  • Comprehending business writing skills
  • How is business writing different from content writing?
  • The various types of business writing?
  • How to incorporate relevant facts and statistics in business writing?
  • The various domains of business
  • What is SEO writing?
  • When and how to use business jargon?
  • How to write white papers in press releases?
  • Learning about ghostwriting
  • How is technical writing different from content writing?
  • The various technical writing styles
  • How to write a user manual?
  • Strategies to follow while writing technical blogs
  • How should a non-technical graduate approach technical writing?
  • The know-how of academic writing
  • The various reference styles for academic writing such as (APA, Harvard, MLA, IEEE, Chicago)
  • Writing a book
  • Critique writing
  • How to write specific species of content such as( resume writing, SOPs for university, cover letters, application writing)
  • The basics of content marketing
  • Creating world-class content


  • How to generate from Content Marketing?
  • How does guest posting work?
  • Comprehending the essential internet tools such as WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, Google keyword research tools, Google Drive)
  • Monetizing your writing skills
  • What is the client acquisition strategy?
  • How to bid on freelance marketplaces?
  • How to build a strong freelance portfolio?
  • Writing faster without affecting the quality of the content.
  • Hacks to become a successful blogger.
  • The journey of becoming a published author
  • Affiliate marketing
  • The process of publishing a book (right from drafting the text, formatting it, approaching publishers, or self-publishing it)

If you want to kick start your career right away, then easily can be the choicest fit for you. If you’re going to connect with ECT, then,


Tel: +91-7827916060

Email: [email protected]

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How does copy differ from content? How their contribution to the communication process can benefit learning. A copywriter motivates, and a content writer captivates learning this difference can help you in a big way, not conceiving an illusion and blurring the lines between content and copy.

Therefore, when searching for content writing courses in Bhopal, check for IIDE.

Course Name: Online Copywriting Course with Certification

Course Fees: Rs.3813+taxes

Course Duration: 3-hours

The course structure is as follows-

  • The fundamentals of copywriting
  • The science behind copywriting and content writing
  • The elements and formulas of digital copywriting
  • The principles of copywriting and content creation 
  • How to avoid blunders why create a copy
  • Finding the grammar rules that can be Bended
  • Getting acquainted with the communication process
  • Application of the communication process in digital copywriting
  • What is the definition of effective communication?
  • The difference between slogans, taglines, and jingles
  • How does a compelling headline impact the content?
  • How to work on the emotional quotient of the content to connect with the consumers?
  • Discovering the various emotions that can be incorporated into the writing
  • A process of writing that any copywriter can follow
  • The tips for copywriting
  • Is digital copyright Art or Science?
  • How to design a campaign?
  • The know-how of social media content creation
  • Writing content for social media
  • The various tools used for Digital copywriting and content writing
  • The presentation of a copy

 Suppose you want to be a part of a thorough copywriting course loaded with examples and assignments. In that case, this course by IIDE can be everything you have ever desired. To connect with IIDE, 

Contact, (Counselling and admission)

Tel: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]


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5. Content Vidhya

Workshops often take us to a door to opportunities. One such workshop is that of Content Vidya. That will provide you with an outline of content writing and help you understand the connotative meaning. So, if you are tired of searching for content writing courses in Bhopal, give this workshop a shot.  

Course Name: Content Writing Workshop

Course Fees: Rs.999

Course Duration: 6 days

The course structure is as follows-

  • The basics of content writing
  • The various writing challenges and their solutions
  • Advice for budding writers
  • The steps for content creation
  • How to write impactful headlines?
  • How to write an engaging introduction?
  • How to get answers to your questions with deep research?
  • Mind mapping the content
  •  Making a roadmap for the chosen topic 
  • Methods and hacks for creating unique content
  • The recommendations for writing format
  • The suggested content length for a selected topic
  • How to plan a heading and listicles
  • The impacts of supporting data on the contact
  • How to address the right audience for the contact
  • The importance of creating that emotional bond in the content
  • The commonly made mistakes in languages
  • The language level that is recommended for various topics
  • Font recommendation
  • Emphasizing data
  • When and how to use jargon also where to avoid it
  • The different writing tools recommendations to make writing easy
  •  How should the content be concluded?
  • The use of copywriting in content creation
  • What makes anyone a good copywriter?
  • The various copywriting strategies
  •  The importance and impact of critical storytelling writing
  •  How to enhance your social media writing?
  •  How to create a blog post?
  •  The structures followed for creating an impactful landing page
  •  The know-how of blogging
  •  The secrets of blogging
  •  The keyword Used for finding the right traffic
  •  The definition of a niche
  •  How to identify your niche?
  •  Which other demanding niches?
  •  List of tools that every writer needs
  •  Career options related to content writing
  •  Ways and means to find the right client
  •  Learning about the amount that should be charged for the projects
  •  Learning about affiliate marketing
  •  How can social media help you establish a career in content writing?


 The benefits of taking content writing courses in Bhopal are as follows-

  • Lifetime access to the community of content writers
  • Receiving a content checklist that can help you create engaging written pieces
  • Getting a copywriting checklist that you can follow to make profitable sales copies
  • Getting a social media content checklist so that you can become a skilled social media writer
  • List for online tools to take your professional journey to another level
  • Receiving a course completion certificate 

Suppose this course has sparked an interest within you. In that case, you can go through the website and check the testimonials to be sure of your decision to pursue this content writing workshop.


Tel: +91 9500081660

Email: [email protected]

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6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has created a supplement in the name of a course. If you consistently consume this supplement, you will be able to understand how to approach content writing and the challenges that affect the content writer’s work.

This course is a foolproof solution for your query – The best content writing courses in Bhopal. 

Course Name: Content Writing Course with Gold Membership

Course Fees:  Rs.15,000

Course Duration: Self-paced

 The course curriculum of content writing courses in Bhopal are as follows-

  • Polishing the language skills
  • The basics of jargon
  •  Tactical vs. strategic
  •  Expert vs. influencer
  •  Agglomeration vs. aggregation
  •  Creative vs. technical writing
  •  Readability vs. searchability
  •  Strengthening the grip over Grammar
  •  Focusing on tone 
  •  Learning about the various styles used in Grammar
  •  Rules for structuring sentences
  •  Getting a queen to the common grammatical errors
  •  Understanding the Internet skills
  •  Learning about research skills, graphic skills, data reporting, editing skills
  •  Checking on copyrights
  •  Comprehending various digital scales such as doing creative commons setting up Google local pages
  •  Importance of blogging 
  • Using social media for the distribution of content
  •  What is SEO writing?
  •  How to write engaging landing pages?
  •  An introduction to blogging
  •  Everything about ebook writing
  •  Newsletter and magazine writing
  •  Comprehending press releases in book reviews
  •  Resume and cover letter writing
  •  Importance of editing and proofreading
  •  Strengthening the editing skills


  • What are the perfect challenges in creating content?
  • Structure for creating content on social media
  •  How to segment markets?
  •  How to develop an understanding of target segments?
  • Mind mapping content
  • Working over writer’s block
  • What is Ninja writing?
  • What is technical writing?
  • How is technical writing different from content writing?
  • The roots of Technical writing?
  • The fundamentals of technical writing?
  • Authoring research paper
  • Grant writing vs. medical writing
  • How to write user manuals?
  • What kind of writing gets done under academic writing?
  • Writing study materials academic guides tutorials?
  • How does instructional design hold a significant position in academic writing?
  • How to write question banks and workbooks?
  • Rules of Creative Writing
  • The various types of writing covered under creative writing can be (dialogue writing, scriptwriting, fiction writing, and article writing)
  • The essential skills of copywriting
  • How do research to write crisp copies?
  • The fundamentals of email writing
  • The process followed for email writing.
  •  A structure for email writing
  •  How to earn through content writing?
  •  An Insight on how to choose the right project?
  •  Secrets to blogging
  •  Affiliate marketing
  •  AdSense and blogging
  •  Learning about ghostwriting
  •  Learning business communication skills
  •  preparation tips for the interview
  •  Learning how to better the presentation skills?


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If you wish to research more on Henry Harvin, you can contact the institute at


Tel: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are the FAQs about content writing courses in Bhopal.


1. Is there any free course on Content Writing?

Yes! You can find free courses on platforms like Coursera, Alison, and Udemy.

2. What are the skills required by content writers for Content Writing?

They are –

  • Keyword Researching 
  • Adapting to various forms of writing 
  • Decent knowledge of SEO 
  • Producing quality content in the specified time
  • Editing skills

These are some of the many skills.

3. Is content writing in demand?

When content has the potential to educate, inform, and entertain to eventually increase traffic and sales. Content writing is undoubtedly in demand in today’s digital time and age.


Is content writing easy? You must have thought about it while searching for content writing courses in Bhopal. The ease depends on interest. If content writing drives you crazy before your audience. You will be able to produce the nectar through the content that will attract traffic. But then comes captivation followed by sprinkles of motivation. Passing all these stages with flying colors can be simple by picking on any content writing courses in Bhopal.


  1. Nadim

    ello, I’m a college student in Bhopal, interested in learning content writing, but I’m not sure where to begin. Should I take the free online course or pay a little more for a course from a reputable institute? Is it better to get a certificate from an institute to jumpstart your career or should I master the skill on my own? waiting for your reply.

  2. Devangi

    Hello I am Devangi, I wish to join content writing course to make an addition to my CV. Will I get certification after the completion of course?

  3. shivangi

    Hi, I am Shivani. I have done BSc BEd. I have two years of teching experience. I want to do content writing course , but I have no knowledge in this subject apart from what is explained in this article. Will that make me eligible for the course?

  4. Krupa

    Hello, I am Krupa. I am a second year college student. I have been writing my personal diary 10 years from now. As said that there is difference in traditional writing and internet writing. I agree to it. When I read articles and posts on the blogs or other social media I feel as if i do not know writing. Writing being my interest and passion, I want to learn the art of writing fo the Internet. Am I eligible to join this course?

  5. Siddharth

    Hello, I am Siddharth. I have a small business setup. If we could notice, almost every major business organisations have their own website that helps the customers and clients to learn and know more about the organization – its goals, missions, objectives, products and services. I want to have a website created for my business , I do have a presence on social media platform. But I need to learn and know how content writing will help my business meet its goals, and the content marketing methods. This article with lists of six institutes offering content writing training in Bhopal has provided enough information that helped me choose a content writing institute in Bhopal. IIM skills with its exclusive course structure, tools and benefits covered is ideal to join. Additionally, the free demo invite before enrolment is must to register, that would help me make a better decision before making a start.


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