10 Best Business Analytics Courses in Surat

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10 Best Business Analytics Courses in Surat

The main purpose of business analytics is to flourish the business whether it is small, medium, or big through the consumption of various types of data. It uses big data, analyzes it, and visualizes it to make strategies and policies to implement in the business. Thus, companies are hiring Business Analytics for their growth. The business Analytics courses understand the requirements of companies and provide all the required skills and techniques in the field. There are many Business Analytics courses in Surat to make you an expert in the field. This course will leverage your career.


List of best business analytics courses in Surat


Table of Contents:

What is Business Analytics

Types / Stages of Business Analytics:

Why choose Business Analytics as a career?

Scope of Business Analytic courses and salary

Top 10 institutes providing Business Analytics courses in Surat

Frequently Asked Questions



What is Business Analytics:  

This profile is growing rapidly around the world, as a business analyst helps an organization to abstract ideas or meaningful information from the data which help business to serve the customer better. The world has always been directed by data. 

However, a few years ago when the competition was local, a business could flourish without going into insight into the data or about their past decisions, hindrances, achievement, and future consequences. But as the competition has reached globally and the world is becoming digitalized, things are more challenging nowadays.

Currently, an enormous amount of data is presented and businesses are now aggressive to take benefit of it and be outsmarted. Now that raw data is of no usage and does not deliver any worth to the business. The business has to process that data to build strategies, make accurate decisions, and business comparisons, and get ready for any huge changes in the business.

And all these works come under Business Analytics. Businesses are now realizing the importance of the processing of big data, so the demand for business Analysts is growing aggressively. So pursuing a career in it is more appealing.


Types / Stages of Business Analytics:

Descriptive Analytics:

This stage of analytics answered the question “What happened?”. This process analyzed historical data for a better understanding. For analysis, data is stored in data warehouses. Results are generally presented in reports, bar charts or any other visualization for better understanding. It is the initial stage of the data process that supports additional examination and action to be taken in other types of analytics.


Diagnostic Analytics:

This stage of analytics answered the question “Why did it happen?”. Diagnostics analytics use various methods like data drilling, correlation analysis, and data mining.

To examine the main cause of the pattern, companies may need to examine external sources and data. So basically, it helps companies better understand external and internal factors affecting data. It presents a comprehensive picture of every situation and helps to make a better decision.


Predictive Analytics:

This stage of analytics answered the question “What might happen in the future?”. Predictive is used in many different kinds of businesses like weather forecasts, video games, and customer services. All these use descriptive existing data to make future predictions. This allows businesses to improve operational productivity and reduce jeopardies.


Prescriptive Analytics:

This stage of analytics answered the question “What should be done next?”. It utilizes a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business rules.


Why Choose Business Analytics as a Career?

There are many reasons for selecting Business Analytics as a career.

  • First of all, the supply is still lower as compared to the demand. As many companies are understanding the importance of big data for their success. Thus, the business analytics job has become the most critical job of the century.


  • Business analytics can be functional to any business and is easy to shift from other professions.  In business analytics, a qualified background and any past knowledge are not required. The only Skills required are willpower, number liking, and a basic understanding of databases.


  • Business analytics can be applied to many business-like health sectors, entertainment, education, sports, banking, insurance, inventory management, and many more.


  • The job of business analytics is very active and has to interact with people from other departments of companies.  This enhances the knowledge about each department and company. This profile keeps a person in the limelight. 


  • Business analytic profiles play an essential role in making decisions and policies. This profile includes problem-solving challenges and thinking out of the box. Thus, play an important role in the company and bring out leadership qualities.


  • Among the many reasons is that business analytics jobs can’t be automated and digital transformation has increased the demand.


  • Business analytics students have skills that are valid and appreciated across an extensive range of industries. Employers in the government, commerce, non-profitable organizations, and manufacturing segments all pursue workers with data knowledge services. As a result, it’s possible for business analytics professionals to find chances in a number of areas.


Depending on the organization, business analytics specialists may find the following career paths:

  1. Big data analytics.
  2. Market research specialist.
  3. Logisticians.
  4. Financial specialist.
  5. Business operations specialists and Project management specialists
  6. Operations research analysts.
  7. Management analysts.
  8. Statisticians.
  9. Computer analysts
  10. Information analysts
  11. Marketing and promotions managers.


Scope of Business Analytic Courses and Salary:

The scope of business analytics is constantly rising, as businesses of all sizes get the big data games. The data from all the departments like sales, marketing, social media, etc need to analyze and understand to make a better choice and market expansion. Business analytics has become the key focus in many companies.

Many big companies like IBM, KPMG, and Cognizant are working on business analytics tools and come up to the conclusion that a business analytic profile is appreciated. And accordingly, companies are gratifying fascinating salary packages. The salary range depends on experience, the size of the employer, and the location of the job.

Those working in larger companies in metropolitan areas tend to earn higher salaries, while those working in smaller companies in rural areas typically earn lower salaries.  The average salary of a business analyst is 16 lakhs, mostly ranging from 14 lakhs to 40 lakhs.

 To succeed in the business analytic profession, one needs to have a defined skill set like curiosity, good communication skills, leadership skills, motivation, thoughtful in business and development, good IT knowledge, and clarification skills, and a deep understanding of tools and techniques, and the ability to do depth analyses are need to polish the topic.

Realizing the need to build human resources in the area of business analytics, Indian institutes participate in partnership programs with premier colleges to offer regular and executive business analytics courses. There are many analytics coaching institutes apart from regular colleges that offer their own business analytics courses or are collaborating with famous universities.

The career of a business analyst can be enhanced once one becomes an expert in the field. The career path of a Business Analyst is filled with many excellent career options.


Other best courses in Surat:


Top 10 Institutes Providing Business Analytic Courses in Surat:

Professional certification in business Analytics from Surat helps to become a data visualization and business intelligence professional. The aim of these courses is to guide learners to become more fruitful in any organization. The courses will make experts in various tools of business analytics and will follow all trends in the fields. Business Analytics courses in Surat are an investment that will pay off well. Become a Business Analyst and seize the opportunity.


Rank# 1. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

1. 360 DigiTMG:

Among the world’s revolutionary training institutes, 360DigiTMG has trained India’s top professionals. All certification programs follow the most current market trends by their curriculum. They have one of the best Business Analytic courses in Surat. The course offers commercial-specific study materials and the chance to work on live ventures. 

This course provides skills to handle complex data and data journalism. They provide dynamics of assignments of over 140+ hours, lifetime LMS access, live projects, preparation for interviews with mocks and quiz sessions, 24/7 support, help in job placements, and guidance in resume building.

The course is of 4 months duration with the prerequisite of some basic computer skills, mathematics concepts, and Analytical skills. All coaches have more than 10 years of industrial/ professional experience. The main aim of the institute is to provide learners with professional education in the field of business analytics with various techniques and tools of data extraction, analytical modeling, and data representation.

It gives a comprehensive knowledge of various data generation sources, stories, maps, various reporting tools, various visualization concepts to represent data in understandable ways, machine learning methods for business decisions, and most importantly, to develop an understanding of the predictive and descriptive-analytic approach.


Rank# 2. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

2. ExcelR:

With top-of-the-line classroom and online training and consulting services, ExcelR has become one of the most respected names in the Training and Consulting sphere. Apart from India, ExcelR has headquarters in Houston, UAS, and Malaysia. With their online classes, they have trained many students in many domains like data science, cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, IoT, and Business analytics.

The objective is to provide industry and application-based learning on various trending domains with practical solutions and job placement help. Thus, the business analytics course offers all market requirements and provides a certificate powered by IBM.

The course offers many tools like Excel, Advanced Excel, SQL, Basic or R and Python, and Tableau with many assignments and projects. The main topics in the curriculum are Excel basic and Advanced, MYSQL, Tableau, Python, Powe BI, Business Statistics, and SAS.

Each topic is covered in much detail with practical knowledge and assignments. Institute supports post-training and placement assistance also.


Rank# 3. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

3. Simplilearn:

Simplilearn originated in 2010 and is placed in many places except India. Founded by Blackstone, it is the world’s leading online boot camp for businesses learning digital skills. It provides certified business Analytics professional training to take advantage of new trend skills and become specialists in documentation, reporting, planning, and building strategies.

The skills which are covered: Business analysis planning and monitoring, analysis and design definition, strategic analysis, life cycle management, Business Intelligence, Business Architecture, Business Process Management, Induction, and collaboration.

Business Analytics professionals will always stay authentic to changes in the IT industry and success in all features of business analysis. Course key features are: Exam assistance, many case studies with all chapters and quizzes, live classes with industry professionals, obtaining 35 IIBA PDs/CDUs and 25 PMI PDUs, being Aligned to BABOK Guide, and some exams and practical exams. 


Rank# 4. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

4. CDMI:

Creative Design and Multimedia Institute was founded in 2014 with the aim to guide students and working professionals in getting jobs or starting businesses. The CDMI makes Word-ready professionals that help companies hire talent that contributes to the growth of their organizations. 

CDMI provides industry expert professionals, the latest curriculum and technology, lifetime support, and job placement help. CDMI offers many courses like business courses, AutoCad, 3DsMax, Interior and exterior designing, Google SketchUp, C programming, React Natives, Master in Data Science, and Desktop App Development.


Rank# 5. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

5. Intellipaat:

A  pioneer company in collaboration with big IT firms like IBM, Microsoft and rendering many professional courses like Data Science, Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud computing. Intellipaat has trained many professionals and is now recognized as an established brand in the eLearning world.

In addition to providing learners with a thorough understanding of the latest technologies, these training courses help fill in technological gaps. For Business Analytic Courses, Intellipaat provides 109 hours of live classes with a highly experienced trainer, 56 Hours of videos, 114 Hours of projects and assignments,  Job placement help, a 1:1 professional mentor, flexible hours of learning, and more important certification from IIT Madras. 

Business Analytic courses include many things like basic to advanced concepts of business finance, detailed statistics, SQL programming, Machine learning, data mining, and Web and social media analysis.


Rank# 6. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

6. IIHT:

Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Limited is a leading Surat-based IT education and Training Institute. It was started in 2007.  It offers many hardware and software professional courses including Business Analytics. It has already placed 50K+ students. IIHT uses Tableau which is the fastest-rising data visualization tool.

Students create an interactive dashboard for the presentation of data in graphs and charts form. Students learn software that allows data blending and real-time collaboration. IIHT offers many live projects mentored by experienced professionals.


Business Analytics Course Includes:

  • Introduction of Tableau and data visualization.
  • Connection to database and presentation of data.
  • Advancement of charts and graphs.
  • Organizing data in an effective manner to make better strategies.
  • Blending and arranging data and making time base calculations.
  • Unconventional Visualization of data for many analytic needs.
  • Analytics of social media and Tableau using R, statistical analytics, and statistical modeling
  • Work on live projects or real environment


IIHT provides many other courses like Graphic Designing Courses, Cyber Security Training Course, C, CPP, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Java, Oracle Training, Android Training, Software Testing Training, Power BI Course, ReactJS Front End, and Game Development.


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Rank# 7. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

7. Tops Technology:

Training Outsource Placement Services is a swiftly rising brand in providing professional training and placements. As part of its Excellence in Business 2008-2009 award, TOPS Technologies earned the TOP Business award. TOPS acts as a bridge between talented college students and skilled professionals. TOPS offers many courses like Python, ASP.NET, C, C++, PHP, Java, React, Game development, and IoT.  

TOPS always maintains a limited number of students in a batch for personalized attention and has experienced trainers, flexible timings, career guidance, Job assistance, and Communicating learning with many live projects. 

TOPS organizes JobFest for students and many companies participate. Recruiters have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of candidates and offer maximum salaries.


Rank# 8. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

8. iClass Training Institute:

iClass Training Institute is a brand with centers throughout India. It offers many computer hardware courses, IT software courses, Networking and Management with robust job assistance, professional trainers, and a customized curriculum to fulfill the needs of every student. 

iClass provides a real-time environment for practical knowledge which helps students to achieve goals. There are many benefits of joining iClass Training Institute like the biggest training network, more than 20 years of training experience, strong placement networks, more than 45 professional courses, and resume preparation provided with the certificate.

Courses names provided by iClass are: Dot Net, PHP, MYSQL, Oracle, QTP, Software Testing Training, Java, Unix and Unix Shell, Web designing, Data Warehouse, IBM Cognos, Computer Network, SAP ERP, Cloud Computing, Android, Embedded system and many more.


Rank# 9. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

9. FingerTips:

FingerTip provides an interactive environment for students. Students become comfortable with the real industry environment through hands-on practice with life problems. Students are properly prepared for future Business Analytics roles by utilizing the course curriculum designed according to industry needs.

Job Placement is the main priority after the completion of the Business Analytics course. The course offers data mining,  integration, Extraction, and Visualization. Students are provided with global exposure and training.

FingerTip delivers hands-on practice on many tools like Power BI, Hadoop, SQL, Python, Apache Spark, etc, and many assignments, case studies, and projects under experienced trainers. Students work on real dataset projects to prepare for real-world challenges. 


Rank# 10. Business Analytics Courses in Surat

10. Clarent Institute of Technology:

Clarent main aim is to deliver the best quality education with live training. By providing the best Business Analytics courses in Surat, the goal is to prepare individuals for a career in the IT industry by fostering and developing relevant industry-level skills.

Using the latest technologies, Clarent emphasizes fundamental skills development while incorporating the latest technologies. Getting to know each student and striving for perfection results in students revealing their best qualities. When quality education is combined with continuous assessment, students gain a better understanding of the subject matter by having their progress regularly evaluated and monitored.

Clarent gives the correct guidance and feedback to help students reach their goals.  The business analytics course provides the basics of data analysis, python, the practice of python libraries for data analysis, and the essentials of probability and statistics.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is Business Analytics?

Analytical business practice (BA) is the use of data analysis, statistical models, and other quantitative methods to solve business problems. To make decisions, organizations conduct iterative and methodical analyses of their data, focusing primarily on statistical analysis. 


Q2. Is Business Analytics a nice career?

Yes, Business Analytics is nice and respectful, in helping companies to make important decisions. Many big companies are hiring business analytics to stay ahead of the competition. 


Q3. What is the salary of Business Analytics?

It is estimated that someone in business analytics with a master’s degree earns $72,000 on average. 


Q4. What is the job scope of Business Analytics?

Yes, choosing to become a business analyst is a good career choice that allows for lifelong learning and challenges to solve business challenges. 


Q5. Is a Business Analytics job in demand in India?

Yes, the Business Analytics job is in high demand among small, medium, and big enterprises.


Q6. What skills are required for a Business Analytics job?

  •       Knowledge of Business
  •       Logical Thinking
  •       Communication
  •       Cooperation Skills
  •       Administrative Skills
  •       Some Computer Programming Languages
  •       Creation of Reports and charts
  •       Knowledge of Database
  •       Social Skills


Q7. How many types of Business Analytics are there?

There are 4 types of Business Analytics named, descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive.


Q8. Is Business Analytics have lots of maths and coding?

No, Business Analytics doesn’t have much coding and maths. It is the best career for a person who likes problem-solving and giving practical solutions.


Q9. Is Business Analytics an IT job?

A business Analytics profile needs combined knowledge of Business and Information technology.



Business Analytics is the fastest-growing profile. Companies are cautious about their big data and want business analytics to analyze. Institutes are acting as a bridge between students and the corporate world. Institutes are providing good curricula, real-time projects, job assessments, and many things to make you an expert in the field. Select any of the above-listed institutes providing business analytics courses in surat and enroll to leverage your career.

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