Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Amsterdam

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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Amsterdam

Technology plays a prominent role in every aspect of life in this fast-paced digital world. It has laid its footprint in Business too. Business Analytics is a powerful technological tool to process past data, make decisions, and craft business strategies. It is mandatory in every organization to move forward and succeed. Renowned universities and online learning platforms offer business analytics courses in Amsterdam.


List of best business analytics courses in Amsterdam


The Netherlands is in the ninth position for higher education. It makes sense to look out for the best business analytics courses. If you have decided to learn this popular in-demand skill, read this article to know about the top 5 business analytics courses in Amsterdam


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is collecting and analyzing past business data by statistical methods and data modeling to get more insights and solve problems to improve efficiency. It helps organizations to make sound commercial decisions that help to improve profit and increase market share and revenue.

Business Analytics is applicable in all businesses irrespective of their size. It uses technologies like data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis to analyze and transform data into useful information, identify and predict trends and outcomes, and eventually make data-driven business decisions.

Accuracy, Consistency, and Completeness of past business data and an expert data analyst who understands the business are the two critical factors behind the success of Business Analytics.


Types of Business Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics – It gives insight into past business trends and patterns.
  • Diagnostic Analytics – This type helps to identify the root cause of events that cease the growth of a business.
  • Predictive Analytics – This type of Business Analytics uses statistics to foresee the future of any business
  • Prescriptive Analytics – It analyzes past performance and comes up with suggestions to move forward. This type makes business analytics a smart decision-maker to take businesses to next level of growth.


Why Business Analytics is important?

  • Make decisions – Business Analytics helps businesses to make data-driven decisions which in turn help them grow economically and play a vital role in every corner of the business.
  • Retain Customers – Organizations can analyze customers’ past purchase habits, find out their patterns and notify them about products similar to their purchase.
  • Recognize Fraud – Companies can use predictive analysis to identify fraudulent purchases.
  • Handle Problems – To solve unexpected problems, companies have to stop the current operations leading to huge losses. Business Analytics helps to handle problems efficiently and quickly by processing raw data.
  • Product Management – Business Analytics can determine the demand for a product in a particular region over a season by analyzing past sales data.
  • Competitor Analysis – An effective way to stay ahead of a competitor is by understanding their strategies. Business analytics helps to conduct a SWOT analysis to get a comparison of one business with its competitor


Above all, the importance of Business Analytics lies in its need, availability, and affordability. Business Analytics is needed for every business to stay ahead of its competitor. The availability and affordability of recent software and hardware make companies collect tremendous data easily. So now, companies need experts in Business Analytics, and enrolling in one of the best business analytics courses is a perfect choice for students to begin their careers.


Job Opportunities in Business Analytics

Let us see the different job roles available after the successful completion of any one of the Business Analytics Courses in Amsterdam. Business analytics is becoming vital for every business to grow. It lays its hand in all sectors of a business. This makes it an in-demand field and it opens up the opportunity for the following job roles.


  • Business Analyst – Analyzes the business data of an organization, identifies its weaker portions, and comes up with suggestions to improve them.
  • Product Manager – Works with all departments for the success of a product.
  • Supply Chain Analyst – Frames action plans to reduce risk and improve the efficiency of supply chain management
  • CTO(Chief Technology Officer) – Suggest businesses develop new products and strategies in alignment with the latest trends.
  • Marketing Analyst – Plan campaigns to make the products reach customers through digital marketing.
  • Data Analyst – Analyze past data and predicts the future.
  • HR Analyst – Solves problems with the HR department of any organization and finds the right candidate for a business.
  • Financial Analyst – Advises the organization in all financial decisions based on historical data.


Eligibility for Business Analytics Courses

You are eligible to pursue a certificate in Business Analytics if you satisfy the following criteria

  • Passed secondary school education under any board with 50% marks to join an undergraduate program in Business Analytics.
  • A graduate in any field or a diploma holder with a minimum of one year of professional experience.


Besides the above criteria, it is essential to have the following skill set to be a successful business analyst.

  • Good Communication Skill
  • Leadership and Team Management Skills
  • Time Management Skill
  • Analytical thinking
  • Documentation and Presentation Skills


Industries Employing Business Analysts

Experts in Business Analytics are needed in different industries. The basic need of business analytics is identifying the cons and making suggestions for pros and it is the same in all industries. But the responsibilities differ based on the project and business. The most common industries employing business analytics are listed below.


  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fashion
  • Food


 Top Recruiters of Business Analysts

The following is the list of multi-national companies that recruited more business analysts.

  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Deloitte
  • IBM
  • Capgemini
  • Amazon
  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • Dell Technologies


Salary of a Business Analyst

The salary of a business analyst differs from one organization to other based on its size and impact on society. It also varies depending on your qualification, experience, and expertise. The salary can also vary from one industry to other. An entry-level business analyst can earn up to 4 lakhs per annum and an analyst with 5 years of experience can get from 5 to 9 lakhs per annum. However, a professional business analyst with more than a decade of experience can get more than 15 LPA.


Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Amsterdam


1. Amsterdam Business School (University of Amsterdam)

The Amsterdam Business School offers high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate Business Analytics courses in Amsterdam. Their vision is to provide innovative research-oriented education that has an impact on society. They aim to transform business and society based on the UN’s sustainable goals.

Amsterdam Business School thrives to excel in education and research with social responsibility. Their courses are created by focusing on internationalization to draw attention from international students. They collaborate with different industries, start-ups, and governments to give practical hands-on experience to their students during their course.

Excellence, Critical and Independent thinking, Social Engagement, and an entrepreneurial and creative attitude are the core values of Amsterdam Business School.


Name of the Course: BSc Business Analytics

Duration: 36 Months

Mode: Full-time

Language of Instruction: English

Starts in: September of every year

IELTS Score needed: 7.0



This course includes three essential domains to meet the industry requirements.

  1. Analytics – Math, Statistics, Operations Research, Econometrics, and Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Business – Accounting, Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategies.
  3. Computer Science – Programming, Data Structures, Data Mining, Data Processing, and Retrieval.


During the first year, the course imparts a solid foundation of the three domains and focuses on business analytics in the second year. In the third year, students can go for an internship and can customize their courses. The course covers both theory and practical-oriented sessions.

Students are given real-time business cases to get exposure to the industry. After graduation, students can opt for a Master’s degree in the same university, start their venture and become an entrepreneur or they can pursue a career in Business Analytics by taking part in career events organized by the University.

The Economics and Business Career Centre (EBCC) in the University helps in the career preparation and personal development of students during their course period. All these features make sure that the University of Amsterdam offers one of the best Business Analytics courses in Amsterdam.


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2. Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics – VU University

VU university is known for its value-driven, scientific education, research, and knowledge transfer. Their courses and works focus on society to build a better world for people. They offer practical-oriented business analytics courses in Amsterdam. VU is a unique university that works towards contributing to the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN by following their profile themes.

They concentrate on the themes Connected World, Governance for Society, Human Health and Life Sciences, and Science for Sustainability to achieve the SDG.


Name of the Course: Bachelor in Business Analytics

Duration: 3 Years

Mode: Part-time/Full-Time

Language of Instruction: English

IELTS Score needed: 6.5



The course covers three main fields to make expertise in Business Analysts.

  1. Data Analysis / Mathematics – Statistics & Optimization
  2. Computer Science – AI & Programming
  3. Business – Organization, Finance & Logistics


The three fields are integrated with both theory and practical knowledge. The course gives challenging real-life business scenarios to students and lets them work on developing a final solution for the organization. Guest speakers from renowned organizations will deliver lectures to students and regular industrial visits to Multinational companies are arranged by the university.

During the first year, the course curriculum concentrates on the basic principles of all three fields. The second year is more focused on statistics, data, and data science. Every six months students are recommended to form a team and work on a small project.

In the final year, they can form a team of not more than four to do a practical project and come up with an innovative solution. After the course, many multinational organizations visit the campus to recruit students. A business analytics graduate can also work as a Data Scientist in Government at a transport company, an internet company, a financial institution, and more.


3. Northumbria University – Amsterdam Campus

Northumbria University is awarded the UK University of the Year 2022 in the Times Higher Education awards. It is a research and business-oriented, modern university with academic excellence providing one of the best business analytics courses in Amsterdam.

Northumbria University is originally based in New Castle and has campuses in London and Amsterdam. Northumbria University is known for its innovative and entrepreneurship support for its students. It is ranked top 5 in the UK for start-ups after graduation.

It is a globally reputed institution having partnerships with more than 560 organizations and 60 professional bodies. IBM, Nike, Nissan, and the BBC are a few of the employers that work in hand with the university. The University has also signed MoUs with higher education institutions across the world. It has students from 137 countries.


Name of the Course: M.Sc. Business with Business Analytics

Duration: 1 Year

Mode: Full-Time

Language of Instruction: English

IELTS Score needed: 6.0



The course includes the following eight modules.

  1. Strategic Management for Competitive Advantage
  2. Master’s Dissertation
  3. Master’s Consultancy Project
  4. Marketing Metrics and Analysis
  5. Business Intelligence
  6. Leadership and Management Development
  7. Research Methods and Analytics for Business
  8. Academic Language Skills for PG Business Students


As this is a post-graduation course, it is more focused on self-learning. However, teaching methodologies like lectures, seminars, and workshops are regulated by the faculty. The module Master’s Consultancy Project facilitates students to gain practical experience by working on a live project.

Technology-Enabled Learning is an outstanding feature of the university which gives students access to the e-learning portal ‘BlackBoard’. Students can be a part of ongoing research, attend conferences and other research events and engage themselves in up-to-date inquiry-based learning. The Student Engagement Centre offers opportunities for internships and placements.


4. United International Business School, Amsterdam Campus – Metropolitan Business School.

UIBS is an independent private institution with campuses in Zurich, Switzerland, Antwerp, Belgium, Barcelona, Spain, Brussels, Belgium, Madrid, Spain, Tokyo, Japan, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Milan, Italy, Geneva, and Switzerland. The Metropolitan School under UIBS offers undergraduate and postgraduate business analytics courses in Amsterdam.

The students can move from one campus to another for one or more quarters.  This helps the students to gain professional experience in Europe and Asia. The school follows the American Model of Education with academic partners from Europe and America. The School maintains small class sizes of 30 students providing interactive teaching, individual attention, frequent visits to business organizations, and group interaction.


Name of the Course: Masters (Post graduation) in Business Analytics

Duration: 9 to 12 Months

Mode: Full-time, Part-time

Language of Instruction: English

IELTS Score needed: 6.0



As this course is based on the American Model of higher education, students can choose their modules from the cluster of courses prescribed by the School.

  • Courses from the International Management cluster
  • Courses from the Business Analytics cluster
  • Courses from the Marketing Management cluster
  • Courses from the Financial Management cluster
  • Courses from the Human Resource Management cluster
  • Courses from the Supply Chain Management cluster
  • Business Skills courses
  • Final Project


The Final Project has to be based on business analytics with real-life business experience from organizations. The Thesis should be submitted for evaluation along with a research seminar presentation. The Department of Careers assists students to develop their communication skills and personality development by organizing career seminars.

They also facilitate the students to meet business professionals from time to time. The department guides students to find internships and job opportunities from multi-national business organizations. The online career portal works 24/7 and renders information about job offers, interview tips, and resume preparation.


5. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of courses for tomorrow’s professionals. It is a knowledge institution connecting education and applied research to come up with innovative solutions for problems in the professional sector of the Netherlands.

They offer courses in business and management and is one of the renowned institutions for business analytics courses in Amsterdam. AUAS works along with the Amsterdam School of Data Science (ADS) in courses related to data and business analytics.

Their vision focuses on four pillars: student, knowledge institution, cooperation, and Amsterdam. The University nourishes the student’s talents, professional growth, and Entrepreneurial mindset.


Name of the Course: Master Digital Driven Business

Duration: 1 Year

Mode: Full-Time

Language of Instruction: English

IELTS Score needed: 6.0



This is a 4 quarter program with the following structure. In the third quarter, students can select a specialization in Marketing or Finance.

  • Quarter 1: Foundation – Emerging Technology in Digital Business, Digital Business Management, Business Statistics
  • Quarter 2: Information – Database Management, Machine Learning for Business, Data Presentation, and Visualization.
  • Quarter 3: Specialization – Digital Business Prototype, Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy/ Financial Innovation, Elective Course
  • Quarter 4: Graduation – Master’s Project, Leadership/Professional Development Portfolio.


The Master’s project is a state-of-the-art business research project related to handling data of an organization to improve its efficiency and revenue by updating its business model and strategies. The course is designed to transform data and emerging technologies into core business values.

After graduation, students can start their careers as business analysts in the Netherlands or abroad. The University helps students to get a placement in multinational corporate organizations. It also guides students with innovative solutions to start their venture in Amsterdam.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which Country is best for Business Analytics Course?

By considering factors like Practical oriented Education, Collaboration with industries Career Guidance and Support, Employability, Salaries, Alumni Networks, Reputation, and Value for Money, the best countries for Business Analytics Courses are listed below.

  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • India
  • Netherland
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Singapore


European Big data recruiting firm Big Cloud’s recent study proves that the Netherlands offers the highest salaries in Europe for Business Analytics. This brings the Netherlands to the top 5 in the above list. The country provides the best business analytics courses in Amsterdam with the major universities in the city.


2. Is Business Analytics a high-paying career?

Yes, Business Analytics is a high-paying career. In this digital age, business analysts are critical and mandatory for all businesses. Business Analyst jobs have seen a rise in recent years. As Business analysts are essential in different industries, there is a rising demand for experts in business analytics.

This promises a high-paying career for a skilled data analyst with expertise and knowledge in business. An average salary of a Business Analyst at the beginner level is 7 LPA. Job roles like HR Analyst, Finance Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst, and Marketing Analyst can get a salary between 4 – 5 LPA.


3. Is Business Analytics a stressful career?

No, Business Analytics is not a stressful career. It is a more difficult job than normal business operations. It requires a lot of patience and understanding of data. They have to work on data for several months to come up with a final report and conclusion. But not stressful compared to financial roles in business organizations.


4. Does Business Analytics require coding?

Coding is an additional credit for a business analytics career but clearly, it is not a requirement. In addition to programming languages like Python, SQL, and R, statistical software like SPSS, SAS, Sage, Mathematica, and even Excel can be used to manage and analyze data. So if not programming language, one can go with the software and establish a career in business analytics.


Final Words

The best Business Analytics courses in Amsterdam are listed above with their duration, curriculum, features, and placement support. All the courses are offered by world-class eminent universities in Amsterdam. The courses come with innovative teaching methodologies like guest lectures, industrial visits, and real-time projects. The Universities support students to get in an internship in leading multinational companies and also provide support to initiate a career in business analytics.

Alumni Network, Entrepreneurial support, and lifelong career guidance are the additional features of the above courses. Business analytics courses in Amsterdam by well-known universities offer financial aid and scholarships to students on a meritorious basis. They also financially assist students to set up their start-ups in collaboration with the universities research center. I hope this article gives you an insight into the business analytics courses in Amsterdam.

Choose the Right Course, Choose the Right Career

All the Best.

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