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Top 7 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur 

Are you looking for training to upskill yourself as an accounting executive? Are you a student looking to build a career in accounting and taxation? Are you a working professional trying to hone your accounting knowledge or develop an edge over your peers? Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kannur provide a good foundation for students/ professionals from commerce backgrounds to build their skills and knowledge in accounting and taxation. India is a growing market owing to an increase in financial inclusivity, which also means an increase in the number of start-ups and new business ventures has led to an increase in the requirement for skilled accounting professionals. 


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur 


What are BAT Courses?


Business Taxes refer to the taxes paid by any business as part of their operations. Business Accounting and taxation courses in Kannur offer you a short-term certification to understand the basics of taxation and accounting. Accounting is the system of recording and summarizing business transactions and analyzing, and verifying them.


This course provides you with in-depth and practical knowledge of accounting with the help of software like system application product (SAP), Tally, Excel, etc.  It will help you become industry ready and build your understanding of direct taxation, indirect taxation, build financial statements, etc.


The syllabus cover auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting. Let’s further understand in detail the options for business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur.


What Are the Types of Taxes? 


The Tax structure of any country has a principle classification of taxes i.e. direct taxes and indirect taxes which are further broken down into different subcategories.


1. Direct Taxes:

A direct tax is a tax payable by the same person/company on whom it is imposed. Direct taxes are paid directly to the government. Taxes on income and wealth such as income tax, corporate tax, wealth tax, and capital gains come under direct taxes. Direct taxes are overviewed by CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes). 


Corporate Tax – It is a tax on the net income or profit of a corporation. There are three types of taxes: Dividend distribution, Minimum Alternative Tax, and Fringe Benefits Tax.


2. Indirect Taxes:

An indirect tax is a tax that is imposed on someone but is paid off by someone else. In other words, its burden can be shifted. Tax on goods and services like GST, Excise duty, Custom Duty, State-level VAT, etc.


Good and Services Tax


GST is a type of indirect tax bought in place to subsume several central and state taxes such as CENVAT Central Excise Duty, Service Tax, VAT Value Added Tax. It is useful to homogenize the tax structure in the country. At each stage in the supply chain, there will be Input Tax Credit so that tax is paid only on the value-added.


Different Types of GST:


1. CGST- Central Government’s share of GST goes into the CGST account. This is applicable to transactions within a single state or intrastate.

2. SGST-  State Goods and Services Tax is imposed on all goods and services within a state.

3. IGST- Inter-State Goods and Services Tax on inter-state transactions which will be imposed by the Centre. Revenues from IGST will be shared between the Centre and the consuming State.

4. UTGST- Union Territory Goods and Services Tax is levied on the supply of goods and services in Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Daman and Diu, Dadar and Nagar Haveli.


Objectives and Learning Outcomes


  • Financial Reporting using ERP Software Tally – Learn how to use Tally for basic accounting with business case studies. It includes learning to record entries and transactions in Tally. The objective of creating these reports is to track cash flow and inflow, assess assets and liabilities, and understand shareholder’s equity. 
  • Good and Services Tax (GST) – Learn to make payments, file refunds and returns, and record transactions using Tally.
  • Direct taxation- includes accounting for income tax and tax returns, filing of tax returns, accounting for TDS, and filing TDS returns.
  • Payroll and its Components- Payroll is a tool to help manage details like salaries paid to employees. It includes understanding Payroll components and Employee State Insurance Corporations.
  • Finalization of Financial Statements- Learn to prepare different kinds of financial statements. Learning to prepare financial statements by working on various case studies. 
  • Excel and MIS Reporting- Learn how to use Excel for Accounting with functions like Index Match, Transpose, Match, Pivot Functions, Lookup Functions, Logical Functions, etc. MIS reporting and Excel can be used in Data management and trends analysis, reducing cost and errors and solving problems. 
  • BUSY Software- Learn how to activate the software and create ledgers, post transactions, extract GST reports, and Trial Balance.
  • SAP Module (simulation-based)- The SAP module includes financial accounting, assets accounting, sales and distribution, and customer relationship management. Learn to set up Purchase and Sales Processes, manage vendors, customers, credit, liquidity, invoices, and much more using SAP.
  • Soft Skills We all know in today’s day and time of networking, a little communication goes a long way. Get trained in business communications, presentation skills, leadership skills, and interview techniques.


Who Can Apply For BAT Courses in Kannur?


When it comes to applying for business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur, anyone:

  • With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or prior financial knowledge
  • Who is a fresher looking for a job in the taxation and accounting sector
  • Who is an accounting professional looking to enhance their portfolio and refresh their skills
  • Who is an entrepreneur
  • Who is already a CA or CS, can power up their game with their prerequisite knowledge


Scope and Roles:


  • Auditing Assistant

This is a good prospect for students and freshers entering the field of accounting. Responsibilities include simple auditing tasks, monitoring, and examining the financial reports of the company, and documentation related to auditing tasks, they can also add suggestions about the audit and policies of the company.


  • Accounting Supervisor

They have supervisory responsibilities that overlook accounting operations, which include financial accounting, payroll management, and recruiting accounting professionals for the firm.


  • Accounting Manager

An Upper-level Manager who looks after staff accountants and manages the accounting staff of the firm. 


  • Senior Accountant

Apart from general accounting operations, they also look after the company’s economic health and play an advisory role in the company.


  • Tax Manager 

This is a role for experienced professionals, who have worked in accounting and taxation before. They guide the firm on tax decisions, and investment opportunities, and work on saving taxes for the enterprise. They are also responsible for filing and calculating income tax and making sure of their timely payments. 


  • Financial Accounting Executive

They manage the finances of a company, forecasting, drafting budgets, and taking care of tax regimens. They perform internal audits and schedule quarter and annual reports.


Top 7 BAT Courses in Kannur


Here is a list of institutes offering Business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a great place to begin your journey as a novice or trainee and evolve into a field of professionals. IIM Skills provide you with a master BAT certification. Their rigorous and experiential training methods teach you how to practically utilize your knowledge.


IIM Skills empower you to develop in-depth knowledge of accountancy standards, understand nuances and details of GST, know about Payroll and its policies, and hone your book-keeping, and account-keeping skills. You can get your hands on the most relevant tools such as Tally, Quickbooks, Excel, BUSY, etc. One of their best features is the LMS (Learning Management System) which provides you with lifetime access and streamlined learning. 


Key Features of BAT Course:

  • Lifetimes access
  • 100% placement support- dedicated placement cell
  • Tool based practical learning
  • Money-back guarantee


Course Syllabus

  • Accounting in Tally
  • GST in Tally
  • TDS in Tally
  • Payroll with Tally
  • Income Tax with Tally
  • Advanced Excel
  • MIS Reporting

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More In-Demand Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Almis Academy


Almis Academy is one of the premier institutes that provide business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur. An institute with an experience of 20 years with a mission to create qualified accounting professionals who are capable and qualified to work anywhere in the world. Their professional courses are designed by experts with vast knowledge in the area. Their teaching methodology is both related to theoretical and practical knowledge, combined with current industrial trends. 


Key Features of BAT Courses in Kannur: 

  • Internship program from Almis academy.
  • Practical-based approach.
  • Courses designed by experts.


Courses Covers: 

  1. SAP Training 
  2. Diploma in ACBA (Advanced Corporate Business Administration)
  3. Diploma in CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
  4. Practical Accounting
  5. GST
  6. GCC VAT
  7. Master in Tally ERP
  8. Quickbooks
  9. Peachtree
  10. MS Excel
  11.  Income Tax 
  12. Auditing


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3. Lakshya Campus


Lakshya Campus is one of the best institutes for business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur. The institute is focused on value-based education. The faculty is top graded and the institute works with one of the best-known names in the industry. Their sole focus is not just academics and training but they also prioritize developing soft skills that help turn a student into a professional. 


Key Features of BAT Courses in Kannur: 

  • Charted Accountants and industry-specific experts as trainers.
  • Progress tracking methods of teaching
  • Value-based education.
  • Focus on soft skills


Courses offered: 

  1. CMA
  2. CS
  3. CAT
  4. BBA +ACCA
  6. B Voc+ ACCA
  7. MCOM + ACCA
  8. MBA + ACCA


4. EduPristine


EduPristine is one of India’s top training providers in Accounting and finance. Found in 2008, EduPristine has a strong online presence and has a network of several offline classes for self-paced learning across India. During this course, you will learn BUSY, Tally, Excel, and SAP. 


Key features:

  • Industry-relevant content.
  • Interview skills workshop.
  • Case study based on hands-on training.


Courses Offered:

  1. BAT Business accounting and taxation 
  2. CPA  Certified Public Accountant
  3. ACCA Program
  4. CMA Certified Management Accountant
  5. Quickbooks
  6. GST


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5. Synergy School of Business Skills


Synergy School of business skills is one of India’s largest management training institutes. Synergy has its network across metro cities, and towns where management professionals are trained to prepare for small, medium, and large enterprise opportunities.


At Synergy, BAT is a 2-month course at the end of which you receive a certificate. Learn advanced skills in Tally, payroll management, and Excel. They provide 100% placement assistance, so must check this institute if you’re looking for business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur.


Key Featuresvod BAT Courses in Kannur: 

  • Cased study based training
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Offline availability across various centers in India


Courses offered:

  1. Business Accounting and Taxation
  2. Tally Complete
  3. Advanced Excel
  4. MS office


6. National Institute of Management & Business studies


NIMB is an excellent training institute to pursue a job-oriented and professional course. The institute prepares you to become market-ready. It provides you with a job guarantee and a curriculum designed by CAs and MBAs. It’s a 2-month-long program. 


Key Features of BAT Courses in Kannur:

  • Job guarantee – alum across various well-known companies
  • Short term program
  • LMS Access


Courses offered:

  1. Business Accounting and Taxation
  2. GST Course
  3. Tally Course
  4. Financial Modelling Course
  5. SAP Fico Financial Accounting and Controlling Course

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

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7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a US-based global Ed-Tech platform that provides a plethora of skill development courses for upskilling and reskilling. Their CATP (certified business accounting and taxation course) covers critical components of Accounting like GST, Income Tax, and TDS which have a crucial bearing on the modalities of Financial business operations in India. The institute provides regular feedback on assignments, internship opportunities, and placement support. 


Key Features of BAT Courses in Kannur:

  • Industry graded projects
  • 100% practical training
  • Free access to Hackathons


Courses offered: 

  1. CATP Certified business accounting and taxation course 
  2. GST practitioner course
  3. Payroll certification course
  4. Tally Prime course
  5. Advanced Excel Course
  6. Post Graduate program in Income tax


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Are there any Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kannur?

Yes, there are both online and offline Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kannur. Candidates get to learn BAT training at their own pace and enrich their profiles. BAT certification will help you upskill and add an edge to your knowledge base.


2. How to apply for business accounting and taxation courses in Kannur?

The process of applying for the BAT course is fairly easy. Just visit the institute’s website and register yourself. Fill in personal details and finish fee payment and other enrollment formalities and you should be good to go.


3. What is the average duration of Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kannur?

BAT certification course is generally a short-term accounting course. Depending on the specifications of different institutes it usually is 2-6 months long. Along with assignments, projects, and internships, it could extend from 4months to a year.


4. Should I pursue Business Accounting and taxation course if I am from a non-commerce background?

There are no strict limitations on who can and cannot pursue the course. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in commerce or a related field from a recognized university, with basic working knowledge of computers and a basic understanding of written and communication skills.


5. Are Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kannur worth investing in?

Yes, for sure. Whether you are someone looking to build a career in accounting, taxation, and finance or just an enthusiast for the subject looking to build in-depth knowledge in the domain. This course will give you weightage and set you apart from a regular graduate. Since BAT course contains practical accounting skills that make you industry-ready.


6. Is it possible to complete the BAT course along with a job?

Yes, if you are already working in accounting or in the taxation field, this course would be a valuable addition and won’t be a hassle to pursue. If you are looking to switch domains or begin a career in the same, the BAT course can be done along with a job as well. Just pick a course according to your convenience and pace.


7. What is the average salary after the BAT course?

The job opportunities after this course range from accounting, taxation, finance, auditing, and banking. The salary of a fresher could be anywhere between 2.5 – 8 lakh per annum.




Business transactions have been recorded and accounts have been maintained for a long time. This has helped us in analyzing, understanding, and building businesses. BAT courses in Kannur will not only provide you with the knowledge and resources to understand the working of accounting but also help you develop yourself into a professional.


Since there is an increase in the number of businesses today there are also increased opportunities for workforce and skilled individuals in accounting and finance in general. So there is high scope for growth in BAT. Well learning about any discipline or field, requires you to continuously improve and work on yourself.  BAT courses will serve you as a good stepping stone to climb up the ladder in your career. Hope this article helps you in finding BAT courses in Kannur.

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