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Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, one of India’s tier-II cities with the fastest growth, is a significant center for manufacturing, education, and healthcare in the Tamil Nadu region. With engineering and textiles as its two main industries, it is home to more than 25,000 small, medium, and big businesses. With such a huge surge in the number of industries in Coimbatore, there is also a rise in the demand for trained accounts professionals who are skilled enough to manage the accounts of these industries. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) is one such course, that is designed to ensure smooth execution of financial responsibilities by skilled professionals. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore that will enable young professionals to upskill themselves and work towards a better future.


Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Coimbatore


What is Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)?


The Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course is a certification course for students pursuing a Commerce degree. Every aspect of accounting is covered in detail during the whole course module, which also includes important assistance and advice from experts in the field. The curriculum includes lessons on direct taxes, MS Excel, advanced accounting, indirect taxes, and other critical skills that enable one to become a valuable asset to an organization. It includes a well-balanced mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge to provide participants with a thorough understanding of bookkeeping and accounting. The course covers subjects that are pertinent to the fields of taxation and accounting. The transformation of academic knowledge into its practical application.


Benefits of BAT course


• It is a professional course that gives the students access to the most recent technology. You get to learn about the software that is being used, its latest version, and how to use it.


• Your portfolio would gain value if you completed this course. With fifty newcomers around you, this extra course will undoubtedly set you apart.


• This course will assist you in finding a better-paying position in a reputable organization as a newcomer to the field.


• The majority of institutions pair this course with internship opportunities. Your experience in this field would be improved by an internship, and you would also receive certificates for it.


• It covers a variety of subjects and ideas. As a result, it is not limited to a single profession. You can only work as a doctor and not an engineer if you have an MBBS degree. However, the bat course won’t restrict your options. You could work as an accountant, auditor, GST officer, tax advisor, etc.


Career Prospects after completing BAT course


• Auditor

• Tax analyst

• Tax consultant

• Accountant

• Bank Manager

• Data analyst

• Legal assistant

• Cashier

• Finance Manager

• Controller

• Bookkeeper

• Investigative accountant

• Budget analyst

• Entrepreneurs

• Company Secretary

• Start-Up owners


Eligibility Criteria for pursuing BAT Course 


The nature of the BAT course determines the eligibility requirements. The majority of BAT certificate courses can be completed after class 12. But for diploma programs graduation is mandatory. The institutes typically favor applicants with a background in Commerce.


But anyone who wants to change the direction of their career can enroll in this program. As a result, there are no strict requirements for eligibility for the following course.


Let’s go through the top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Coimbatore now –




IIM SKILLS is a leader around the globe when it comes to training professionals in high-demand fields to address the shortages in the global labor market. Through more than 2500 courses, they have so far trained more than 14,300 professionals from more than thirty different nations. The courses at IIM Skills have been approved by industry leaders, and students will always have access to the most recent course materials.


Industry professionals lead the classes and mentor you through to completion while you practice the skills in the real world to perfect them. In addition to providing students with internationally recognized certifications, the course programs also offer interview support. These professional courses mix theory and practice as they go from fundamental principles at the beginning to advanced ones throughout time.


To prepare the students for the real-world market as soon as they complete the course, they have conceived and balanced the syllabus to match industry requirements. To give students insider knowledge of the finest practices in the field, the course material focuses on every element. Due to all such unique traits, this course tops the list of top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore.


Course name: Master BAT Course


About the Course: 


For the best BAT training that will teach you the specifics of business accounting and taxation, turn to IM SKILLS. The flexible course prepares you to become a skilled professional with insider knowledge of the industry’s best practices by placing an equal emphasis on all the components.

The course materials are designed and modified with an eye toward industry standards to get students ready for the job market as soon as they finish the course.


Duration: 3 months


Fee: ₹ 49,900 +18% GST




• Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Tally

• Basics of GST and GST in Tally

• Payroll and Payroll with Tally

• Income Tax with Tally

• Advance Excel and MIS Reporting


Course Features :


• Understand MIS Reporting, GST, Payroll, Income tax, Excel, Balance Sheet, Tally, etc

• 120+ hours of lectures

• 60+ hours of practical assignments

• Hands-on learning

• Internship opportunities

• Dedicated placement cell

• Lifetime support

• 100% interview guarantee

• Tool-based practical learning

• Mentorship by top-level CAs

• Community access to the alumni

• 100% money-back guarantee without questions asked


Contact Details:


Phone no: + (91) 99 11 839503

Mail Id: [email protected]


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2. Edupristine 


One of the most reputable brands in the education sector, Edupristine offers a wide range of professional courses. Having more than ten years of expertise, they have made sure to improve and continuously adapt their training techniques to empower more professionals and students from various educational and professional backgrounds. To reflect all the new information and developments occurring in the business sector, the curriculum is continually updated and adapted and this is why their course is one of the finest business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore.


Course Name: Postgraduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation


About the Course:


There are 14 projects and 9 modules in the course. You become knowledgeable about software tools. Following course completion, you receive certification and assistance in finding a job. Additionally, you have instruction in soft skills that will help you apply for and land the top jobs.


Duration: 5 months


Course Fees: INR 50,000


Course Modules:


• Basics of accounting and tally

• Goods and Service Tax basics

• Income tax in tally

• Payroll

• Excel

• Financial statements finalization

• BUSY practicals

• SAP 

• Soft skills


Course Features:


• Well-equipped computer laboratories

• Boot camp sessions, virtual meetings, and interpersonal communication are conducted to improve soft skills

• Case studies are done to enable students a hands-on experience in real-life situations

• Assistance provided to design resume.


Contact Details: 


Email ID – [email protected]

Call – 1800 200 5835


Check out our list of the top Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in India. 


3. National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM)


One of the top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Coimbatore, as well as in India is provided by the prestigious National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM). They provide both long-term and short-term, career-specific courses that can improve your CVs and help you grow as a person. 


Modern facilities are available for students to acquire the topics through appropriate hands-on instruction. It offers a flawless learning environment so that you may learn best business practices, using BAT.


Name of the Course: Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation


About the Course:


If an accountant is proficient in all areas of accounting, taxation, and e-filing, his earning potential is huge. For students to find employment even in the middle of the course, the course has been developed with all practical considerations in mind.


This course will assist you in learning all accounting-related strategies and procedures as well as all applicable state and central tax laws for corporations, enterprises, and individuals. Tax and accounting knowledge helps people become better professionals as well as competent workers.


The emphasis on GST, TDS, INCOME TAX, and E-FILLING in a realistic method, as well as on govt portals, makes us a pioneer in the business.


Course Duration: 6 months


Course Fees: INR 45000 +GST


Course Modules:


Module 1: Accountancy


• Accounting Basics And Process 

• Bank Reconciliation Statements 

• Depreciation 

• Final Accounts 

• Sole Proprietorship 

• Partnership Firm 

• Goodwill And Capital 

• Debentures 

• Forfeiture And Reissue Of Shares 

• Redemption Of Preference Shares And Others.


Module 2: GST


• Overview Of GST 

• Accounts And Audit 

• Time Place And Value Of Supply 

• Input Tax Credit 

• Reverse Charge Mechanism 

• GST Registration 

• Invoicing 

• Penalties Under GST

• Computational GST

• Forms And Annual Return among others


• Module 3: TDS TCS. 

• Module 4: Tally ERP 9 with GST 

• Module 5: Income Tax 

• Module 6: Auditing.


Course Features:


• Training by professionals in the field

• A diploma from the prestigious NIFM educational institution.

• Receive complete assistance with placement.

• Seek assistance, if necessary, to find freelance work.

• If necessary, seek assistance with setting up a business as an accounting and income tax expert.

• Flexibility in class timings

• Get support in the future when a new product enters the market.

• Inclusion of both theory and practical classes


Contact Details:


Email ID – [email protected]

Call – 011-45646322 / 09910300590


4. Structured Learning Assistance Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. (SLA)


SLA is a reputable organization that specializes in reskilling and upskilling job applicants in a range of fields, including accounting, taxation, GST, data analytics, MIS & advanced excel, business analytics, and SAP, among others. Experts from the best universities in the country, including IIT, IIM, and NIT, provide practical advice for a successful career.


Course name – E-Accounting, E-Taxation & E-GST Training Course


Course Duration- 2 months


Course Fees – INR 15,000


Course Modules –


• Advanced Goods and Service Tax Practitioner Course – By CA – (Indirect Tax)

• Part A – Advanced IT Practitioner Certification

• Part B – Advanced TDS Practical Course

• Part A – Finalisation of Balance Sheet& Banking by CA

• Part B – Banking and Finance

• Tally Prime & ERP 9 (GST)

• Advanced SAP FICO Certification


Course Features –


• Sessions conducted by experienced trainers 

• The lab facility gives the trainees exposure on a corporate level for two to three hours.

• Trainees can work on real-time projects and case studies thanks to the Live GST and IT Portal.

• Every trainee will receive service for Guaranteed Placement Assistance.

• For each group, separate sessions to clarify doubts.


Contact Details:


Email ID – [email protected]

Call – 91-8700575874


5. Synergy School of Business Skills


The next institute to feature in this list of top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore is Synergy School of Business Skills. The largest network of management training institutions in India is Synergy School of Business Skills, a part of the CADD Centre with locations throughout the country. It is recognized for providing short-term programs for professionals in corporate skills, project management, operational excellence, and people skills. 


Course: Business Accounting and Taxation Basic Course


Duration: 2 months


Course Module –


• Practical Accounting

• Advanced Excel

• Payroll

Goods & Service Tax

• Income Tax


Course Features –


• Comprehensive classroom schedule

• separate computer lab

• self-paced learning content

• industry-endorsed curriculum

• Detailed analysis of case-studies

• Professional Faculty

• Dedicated discussion forums

• 100% Placement Assistance 




Call – (91 44) 4596 6100

Email: [email protected]


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6. Udemy 


Udemy strives to educate and develop people on both a personal and professional level. It is one of the most well-known international online learning and teaching platforms. They are on this list of the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore due to their extensive network and global popularity.


Course – Complete Accounting and Taxation Course


About the course:


Udemy makes sure that students don’t miss out on any new knowledge with a total of 32 hours of on-demand video and continuous access to the course materials. You have the freedom to learn on the device of your choice thanks to the course’s accessibility across a variety of platforms. You receive a certificate after completing the course, which you can subsequently put on your profiles as leverage to attract the interest of possible employers.


Course fee – Rs 8640 


Course Modules:


▪ Data Analysis 

▪ Financial Management 

▪ MIS 

▪ Tally Erp 9 

▪ Accounting Fundamentals 

▪ TDS 

▪ Accounting And Taxation Management 

▪ Basics To Pro MS Excel


Course Features:


• Tally Authorised Institute Faculty

• Classes on Licensed Version of Tally

• Quiz after every Chapter

• Case – Studies 

• GST classes on Real-Time Data

• Assignments


7. Finprov 


Finprov Learning is an upcoming educational organization that offers the best finance and accounting education available. With the help of industry experts, this sector aspires to produce top-tier professionals and students. They are an absolute must-mention in this list of the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore due to their extensive modules that are focused on the workplace and their hands-on training in a variety of tools and tax systems.


Duration – 6 months


Course Fees – INR 40,000


Course Modules – 


• Practical Accounting

• Tally Prime – Basics & Advanced

• GST Theory

• GST Practical

• Income Tax Basics (Theory & Practical)

• Quick Books

• MS Excel (Basics & Advanced)

• Corporate Law

• ESI & PF Calculations

• Language & Professional Skills


Key Features:


• Balance sheet preparation, profit and loss analysis, and GST return filing

• MIS Reports and Cash Budget Preparation

• Learning how to use Tally Prime and Quickbooks in their most recent versions of IT with TDS, Advance Tax, and all Heads of Income 

• Corporate Laws, ESI, and PF Computations




Call – +91 89436 44444 

Email – [email protected] 


8. Institute of Practical Accounting and Taxation


One well-known source of extremely useful, career-focused courses in accounting and taxation is the Institute of Practical Accounting and Taxation. Since this course is offered online, it is included in this list of the top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Coimbatore. Using their sophisticated simulation software, you may experiment with real-world scenarios and quickly improve your abilities. Because they have access to a big network of experts, they can create several options for you to locate a suitable career.


Name of the Course – Diploma in Practical Accounting & Taxation (DPAT). It has 2 levels – DPAT – I and DPAT – II


Duration – Each level is 1.5 – 2 months


Course Fees are as follows- 


DPAT level-I: For Online classes, it is INR 12000 (Online), for classroom training INR 15000 

DPAT level-II: INR 13000 for Online immersive training, They also have classroom training for INR 17000.  


Course Modules – 




• GST Computation & Return Filing

• TDS Computation

• Income Tax Computation

• Payroll or Salary Statement

• Basic & Advanced Excel

• Tally Foundation Course




• Tally Specialisation

• PT, PF & ESI

• Business Taxation

• Income Tax Return

• TDS Return

• Financial Statements & MIS


Course Features:


Key Features: 


• 100% Practical Approach

• Printed / Online Study Materials

• Corporate Environment

• Access to Advanced Simulation Software

• Industry Expert Faculties

• Valid Certificate with Keyskills

• Unlimited Job References


Contact Details: 070833 06901 / 070572 66901


9. City Commerce Academy


City Commerce Academy is the next organization on this list of the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore. This institute provides accessible online tax and accounting courses for businesses. This institute has been providing accounting professionals with top-notch education for the past 25 years or more. They have developed training programs on accounting, tally, taxation, GST, income tax, TDS, payrolls, etc. after conducting in-depth research for more than 20 years.


 Course Name – Accounts and Tax Expert Course


Duration – 50 days


Course Fees – INR 10,800


Course Modules – 


• Accounts 

– Manual Accounts

– Computerised Accounts

– Tally ERP 9

– Inventory Accounting

– Reconciliation

– Balance Sheet

– Reports & MIS

– Miscellaneous


• Taxation 

– Indirect Taxes before GST


– Income Tax


Course Features:


• Online video-based classes for training

• Practice assignments based on real business transactions are given to all enrolled online students.

• Support over the phone for enrolled students.

• Students’ Discussion Forum – online

• Course 1: Business Accounting is 100% Free for the Trial 

• Video Classes in Hindi.




Call – 9256992278, 7009257199


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10. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is the final institution on this list of the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore. It provides a range of training courses, including books, consultancy services, assessments, public, college, corporate, and skill development programs. It is one of India’s fastest-growing Edtech enterprises.


Name of the Course – Certified Business Accounting & Taxation Course (CATP)


Course Duration – 172 hours


Course Fees – INR 34,500


Course Modules –


• GST Practitioner Course

• Income Tax Course

• Financial Statement Analysis

• Advanced Tally ERP 9

• Advanced Excel

• HR Payroll Management

• Soft Skills Development (Complimentary Module)

• Resume Writing (Complimentary Module)


Course Features – 


• Basic Accounting and tax concepts

• Detailed discussion on GST and Indirect Taxation Discussions 

• Explaining TDS and TCS

• Income Tax and Business Income Concepts

• Building financial strategy for corporate organizations

• Understanding Litigation Management




Call –   +91-9891953953




1. What is the expected salary after completing one of these top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Coimbatore?


After the completion of one of these top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore, a candidate’s pay might range from Rs. 2- 10 Lakhs depending on the role they choose and the expertise they have.


2. Will this BAT course help me to land a job abroad?


BAT course enables you to gain access to the most recent accounting practices, regulations, and rules. The fundamentals of accounting and financial statements are universal, however, there are regional differences in accounting standards and financial reporting forms. Only if you also hold a second certification that addresses global accounting standards and international financial reporting are you eligible to use the BAT Certification for employment overseas.


3. Is it mandatory to pursue an Internship after completing the BAT course?


No, it is not mandatory to do an Internship after completing the BAT course.



Concluding thoughts on Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Coimbatore


Here is the list of the top 10 business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore, conducted by some of the most well-known institutions in the educational and technological fields. All of the aforementioned BAT training facilities offer further benefits like lifetime access to the course materials, placement support, and soft skill development that further serve to increase your confidence as a finance expert when you apply for job profiles. Make sure you carefully review the BAT course syllabus before choosing the course that best fits your needs. Best of luck!

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