Top 5 Renowned Financial Modeling Courses in Hong Kong

There are numerous institutes available that provide financial modeling courses with a practical training approach. These courses give you a perfect start for the future ahead of you. In financial firms, creating financial models, analyzing budgets, and making financial decisions with computing skills is the need of the hour. If you want to dig into this, you can learn and kickstart your career with the below-listed advanced and top-ranked financial modeling courses in Hong Kong

List of best financial modeling courses in Hong Kong

You have landed at the right place to know everything from the beginning to the end about the financial modeling courses in Hong Kong. Look nowhere else because this guide on financial modeling course will let you make your decision right.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear overview of what is financial modeling, why and where it is used, and what doors it will open up for you if you master the financial modeling by enrolling in one of the listed financial modeling courses in Hong Kong.

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What is Financial Modeling?

You might get an endless number of definitions available on the internet with jargon that might cross over your head like a rocket. To put it simply, financial modeling is used to create a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or any other similar software for a company’s financial expenses and incomes to make a roadmap for the decisions that will be made in the future.

It includes financial statements like P & L accounts, balance sheets, and similar financial statements that are considered before making any financial decision in any company or firm.

This might burst the bubble in your mind, you don’t need to be an accountant, a professional, or a financial analyst in that sort to learn financial modeling.  If you are a business owner, working for companies in a job, or at any position that includes financial decision-making, financial modeling is important in every above-mentioned area.

Thus, financial modeling courses in Hong Kong can be mastered by any MBA aspirants, business owners, investment bankers, or people who are looking for a job in the financial sector. 

Also, having a financial background is not a constraint for the course, you may or may not be a professional but one can easily learn how to be one with this course. Financial modeling covers everything from basic to advanced and one can get extreme benefits after completing the same.

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What is The Use of Financial Models?

To begin with, it should be clear by now where is financial modeling used why it is used, and what are the benefits of creating financial models will also be in this section.

Financial models are created to make financial decisions for better working, more profits, cost reduction, expansion, or any other similar benefit that falls under financial criteria. How it is attained by using financial models is what you’ll learn in the financial modeling courses in Hong Kong. 

Financial Analysts and professionals use these Models that are Developed on Spreadsheets and via other Calculations for 

  • valuation of the company,
  • how much capital can be raised for expansion or any specific project, 
  • acquiring a new business, 
  • buy and sell decisions of assets, 
  • budgeting, 
  • Creation of  financial statements or their analysis, 
  • any management and accounting-related activity. 

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Career Options are Available Post the Course

No knowledge goes to waste and every lesson learned will be a support in some way or the other down the line. But as humans, we need fast answers to our hard work and efforts. Financial modeling courses in Hong Kong can be that beam of light for your career. Have a look at the doors that can open for you post the completion of the course.

1. Investment Banking

A person who is hired at a financial institution to make investment decisions or to raise capital for government, corporations, companies, or entities. They are considered to be paid nicely but the working hours and workload vary from institution to institution.

2. Equity Researcher

Stocks and the stock market are often misleading but equity researchers are a savior for many investors, they study the equity market and the stocks and create financial models that are further used for decision-making for their clients.

3. Corporate Developers

Corporate development groups are created to make certain transactions, but to carry them out one will need financial models and the knowledge behind them. The practices will be as easy as walking for any person who has completed the said course.

4. Real Estate Analyst

In any position as a real estate developer, a junior or senior designation, the creation of financial models is mandatory for making the decisions to invest in a certain real estate project. With a financial modeling course, one can guarantee success for all these decisions made in the category. 

5. Project Manager

The prime job of the project managers is to know if the project they are working on and developing will be beneficial for the company, and no benefits are bigger than the ones that can be known in numbers. Analyzing a project with financial models is a prerequisite for any project and that is where financial modeling acts as a big-time savior.

Apart from the above-mentioned career options, there are endless other jobs where financial modeling is considered to be the job requirement. To be a financial manager, a professional or an analyst one needs knowledge about creating financial models. 

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Modules Covered in the Course

No matter how much one wants to study, there is something left to learn, read, and acknowledge. The financial modeling courses in Hong Kong will precisely include all the following modules in the course.

Some of the courses may or may not include all the below-mentioned modules, or they might have something extra to offer depending on the institution.

By now it might be clear to you that one doesn’t need a finance background or to be a professional for a financial modeling course and you can be a student, a homemaker, a finance enthusiast, or a person seeking a job in the finance sector.

The financial modeling courses cover everything from north to south meanwhile taking you through east and west as well.

Here’s a listicle for all that will be covered in the span of the course

  • Cash Flow statements
  • Preparation and analysis of Balance Sheet
  • Income statements
  • Creation of financial models
  • Basics of Microsoft Excel followed by advanced
  • Capital budgeting
  • Writing reports
  • Ratio analysis
  • Financial modeling projects

In addition to everything mentioned above, there will be special benefits available to candidates like internship programs, the guidance of skilled teachers, and the list goes on.

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Certifications Available

There is absolutely no ride that feels worthy without a satisfactory destination and after putting so much effort into one thing, one seeks greater leads and certifications with Financial Modeling Courses in Hong Kong gives you that reward.

With every different institute, the certification provided may vary and a candidate will be certified from the said institute or partner institute and if there is any special certificate available with the institute that one selects.

It is advised to check the certifications beforehand and what will be best suited as per the career and future requirements of the candidate. If you have come this far then stay connected because here is the answer to all your queries that you came for.

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Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Hong Kong



Overview of IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course

With a number of renowned and top professional courses, IIM SKILLS has proven to be the top online education platform. In the comfort of your own space, you can learn about the entire world with one single screen.

This is how the world has evolved. Unfolding tomorrow’s technology today, IIM SKILLS is a lifetime experience and you get lifetime excess and support from their end.

The faculties here are said to be indefinite support and guide throughout the course and even after. So it is happily ever after with IIM skills and the Financial Modelling course can be your go-to.


The course at IIM SKILLS is a 3-month live online course with 50+ theoretical lectures and knowledge, followed by 100+ hours of practical assignments and  5+ case studies with real-time examples.

Modules Covered in the Course

IIM SKILLS is said to be the most promising platform with detailed knowledge about the topics they deliver. They have 5-star ratings from their students and it is not a joke, they tend you mend the rules according to the requirements rather than being rigid and sticking to the rule book, which is why it is quite evident that the industry is taken over by them.

Here’s how the Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong are curated at IIM SKILLS with hours of research.

  • Module 1

Basics of MS EXCEL, a very elaborative 8-10 hour class with all the basics of the software covered.

  • Module 2

Financial statements like balance sheets, cash flow statements, and accounting concepts are covered in this module which will lay hold of 5-7 hours of the theoretical lectures.

  • Module 3

Key performance indicators and ratio analysis will be covered in the third module with a dedication of 4-6 hours of the clock.

  • Module 4

The title of the course, which is The Basics of Financial Modeling, will be launched in module 4 with 4 hours of lectures fully dedicated to the said topic.

  • Module 5

In the fifth module, everything about financial models and their different types will be highlighted. A very good amount of 12-15 hours of the lectures will be devoted to the same module.

  • Module 6

The last module will comprise business valuation and related topics.

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 Special Deliverables

The school becomes family when you spend a good amount of time with the people and the teachers. With online education paving its way, the same connection and interaction seem to fade away, which stands untrue in IIM skills. In addition to the literal tutoring, you will receive the following-

  • Master Certification from IIM skills acknowledged by MSME govt of India
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Lifetime Access
  • 24*7, all days of the year support
  • Experimental Lessons



Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740

Email Id: [email protected]

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2. Kaplan

Overview of the Kaplan University

Kaplan University in Hong Kong is said to be the finest education provider in the country with the most diverse finance and accounting courses available. Apart from finance and accounting they also provide online courses for the English language and many more similar programs.

They are ranked at the top with the most privileged benefits and takeaways. With 140+ skilled and full-time staff, they have taken over the educational system in Hong Kong and they are also a subsidiary company of Graham Holding Co.

Duration of the Course

With dedicated staff the financial modeling courses in Hong Kong are 18 months long covering 2 modeling courses over the said period. 2 days are dedicated to a single module and the certification course is conducted in the English language. With the completion of every module, a certificate of attendance is issued to every candidate. 

Modules Covered Within the Course

  • Introducing financial modeling with the help of MS EXCEL.
  • Discounted cash flow analysis and public comparable
  • Analysis of leveraged buyout
  • Analysis of mergers


The course can be attended by the candidate in the comfort of their premises, truly being in the comfort zone and a perfect state of mind with no rush. If that is not what you are looking for, the classes are also being conducted by the instructors at Kaplan Campus in Hong Kong.

Other Inclusions

The course at Kaplan includes group projects, group presentations, case studies, and discussions. To give you a practical outlook they leave no stone unturned in delivering practicality in the education.

Contact Kaplan

Address: 4th Floor, Opulent Building, 402-406 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Kaplan Financial
Call:2526 3686 Fax: 2501 0589


3. FMI (Financial Modeling Institute)

Overview of FMI

As the name suggests, FMI is a hub for all financial modelers and is recognized by many leading brands. This global platform elevates your career and makes your identity shine as an individual away from the group. FMI ends the course with an exam that is proven to be as difficult as a real-time business situation and this is how they teach practicality to their candidates.


A 10-hour program that can turn your future to the bright side while making financial concepts and accounting analysis crystal clear to you. The financial Modeling Courses in Hong Kong are the first step toward a future with numbers and easy decision-making.

Modules Covered at FMI

Foundations in Financial Modeling

  • Level 1

Level 1 in the FMI financial modeling course is Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

  • Level 2

Chartered Financial Modeller (CFM)

  • Level 3

Master Financial Modeller (MFM)

Special Deliverables

At FMI the format of the course takes a practical outlook and the candidate leaves with meaningful takeaways followed by exam results for their performance. Different types of exams are conducted to give a candidate a real picture of where they stand.

Contact FMI

A 15-minute online meeting with members

  • Julian Cupillari, Associate Director
  • Jordan MacIsaac, Operations Coordinator


4. AMT Training

Overview of AMT

The course at AMT is conducted in a virtual class with skilled teachers who have first-hand experience with finance, accounting, and financial models. The duration of the course is anywhere between a month to two.

Apart from the virtual classrooms, E-learning courses for fundamentals of financial modeling are available with them which is a 2-hour content video and consumes 4.5 hours of your time.

With over 20 years of experience and delivering education to more than lakhs of students, AMT has curated financial modeling courses in Hong Kong with core competency. The instructors are professionals in finance and banking dimensions.

A very well-dedicated client service manager takes responsibility for the satisfaction of the candidates from delivering study materials to handling feedback and criticism.


Modules Covered at AMT

  • Steps to create financial models
  • Cash operations
  • Creation of Cash Flow Statement from scratch
  • Preparation of Balance sheet
  • Calculation of Interest
  • Stress tester and Final checklist

Contact AMT

  • EMEA Office
  • +44 (0)20 7324 2385


5. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Overview of CFI

With over a million students, 5000+ lessons, and 100+ courses available, CFI is the leading financial institution providing online lectures, literature, and practical knowledge. Certifications, training, and development of skills are the takeaways from the platform. 

Anyone who seeks financial help can be connected to CFI for their extreme support and knowledge. The skilled instructors convert students into professionals with their explosion of experience.


Unlike other courses available that can be an easy and fast-moving ride, at CFI the financial modeling courses in Hong Kong are stretched over 30 courses with over 1620 lessons which will be detailed study towards being a financial professional. Several eleven fully dedicated courses are available for financial modeling which will consume 50+ hours for completion of the entire series.

Modules Covered at CFI

  • Prep courses

The preparation for all the other courses begins here with accounting fundamentals, reading of financial statements, MS Excel fundamentals, Corporate finance fundamentals, etc.

  • Core courses

The real study is set on fire with core courses similar to the main course of the meal. Accounting principles & standards, financial analysis, financial models, and much more.

  • Elective courses

Advanced study over the topics that interest you and suit the career option you are looking forward to. Out of the 12 courses available select any 3 under your interest. Operation modeling, Merger and acquisition modeling, LBO model, etc.

Special Deliverables

Except for the certification and the knowledge at CFI, you can learn to handle quizzes and also have fun playing them. Regular assignments and tests are also a plan in their curriculum. Special digital blockchain certification and Excel, PPT, and PDF files are also provided. 

Contact CFI


CFI Education Inc.

801–750 West Pender Street

Vancouver, BC V6C 2T8



Macabacus / CFI

379 W. Broadway

New York, NY 10012



[email protected]



Q1. Do the financial modeling courses in Hong Kong help elevate my career?

The answer is very simple, is there any study or knowledge that doesn’t help in advancing your career? If you are a finance enthusiast or a person working in the finance dimension, financial modeling is a definite need of the hour and everything that the course covers is required by companies, businesses, and government corporations all over the world. If at any time in your career, there will be a need for financial decision-making, then the answer to the question is a big yes!

Q2. Is there a need to have the financial background to take up the course?

No! The course is for everybody from science to arts. There might be a few exceptional universities or institutes that might require a finance background but the financial modeling courses in Hong Kong have no such requirements and they cover everything from basics to advanced.

Q3. I am a working professional and I can’t take the time out at the time of the class, Can I attend the class later?

If the course that you are opting for is an online course then most of the time recorded sessions are available for the students to re-visit or attend the class later. The interactions and doubt-clearing sessions will be missed out on and that is why it is advised to take up the course at the time that comforts you. Nevertheless, nothing comes easy but there is a way out for anything and everything.

Q4. What do the financial modeling courses include?

A financial modeling course is a finance and accounting-based course that covers everything from the preparation of financial statements, balancing the balance sheet, and discounted cash flow statements to the real task of creating financial models. The financial models are created to further make financing decisions that can be beneficial for the business and the company. The curriculum for the financial modeling course includes the above-mentioned and many more similar modules which can help you brighten your future as a finance enthusiast.

Q5. What are the career options available after the completion of the course?

Once you are certified by the institute and you have completed the exams if there are any, an end number of career options open up for you in the finance sector. An investment banker, an equity researcher, a risk manager, a corporate developer, and the list goes on as the finance sector deepens.


There are many courses available for you for financial modeling and you can select amongst them based on their ranking, duration, and many more aspects that can be personal to you. There is an absolute assurance for the development of skills, enhancement of knowledge, professional guidance, and a brighter future in the finance industry. Here’s wishing you the very best for your future!