Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Europe With Placements

In recent times, creativity in writing has become a popular subject on the internet that helps improve your writing abilities and styles, be it in your academic or professional life. But what is it all about, which are the best creative writing courses in Europe, and how can you find the best one for you? By studying it, you will be empowered with an enhanced command of your craft, increased confidence in expressing your thoughts and emotions, an understanding of the values that inform your writing practice, and the technical skillset to deliver your work to various audiences.


List of best creative writing courses in Europe


Your writing will be enhanced by studying the European content writing course, which will help you fulfill your skills and career. You’ll be updated on a daily basis by the degree and expected to expand your own experience and interests to those of past and present societies. Using these as creative stimuli, you will be required to reflect upon social contexts, power, and how truth and justice can be communicated or miscommunicated through this writing. 

Creative Writing courses in Europe will give you the chance to experience the joys of crafting the written word. The emphasis of the degree is on your growth as a writer. You will be able to create attractive, original, and marketable writing because of the emphasis on creativity and employability.

Before jumping into the checklist of these creative writing Courses in Europe, It is better to understand the importance of this imaginative writing and the requirement of learning the same. This will give you insights into creative writing. These details will surely be helpful if you take the Writing Course in Europe


But first, let’s begin with what is this writing all about.


What is Creative Writing?

It is a form of writing that encompasses several different genres and styles outside the more formal scope of technical writing or academic writing. It focuses on elements such as character development, narrative, and plot, infusing its structure with imagination and story.

You’ll get the chance to enjoy the satisfaction of creating the written word through creative writing. The emphasis of the degree is on your growth as a writer. It is also learned how to write professionally, including reviews, blogs, and articles for various media.

You will be able to create captivating, original, and marketable texts because of the emphasis on creativity and employability. It is vital to grasp the value of creative writing and the necessity of mastering it before diving into the list of creative writing programs in Europe.

You will gain knowledge about expressive writing from this. This detail undoubtedly is useful if you take creative writing courses in Europe or anywhere else. It is crucial to note that, before moving on to the basics of creative writing, there are a variety of writing genres and styles that fall mostly into the categories of fiction and nonfiction. Several instances include:

  • Brief stories
  • Novels
  • Poetry
  • Memoirs
  • Plays
  • TV and Film scripts
  • Speeches.


Include the aspects listed below in your writing if you want readers to find your information worthwhile.


What Constitutes a Good Piece of Writing Creatively?

Simply said, there is nothing like a pre-established set of principles that can assist us in producing a “good” piece of writing. Writing creatively is the act of expressing your ideas, thoughts, and creativity via the use of a unique writing style. There would never be a generalized description to characterize an “excellent” piece of writing because creative writing would never fit into a single category.

Even though it can seem as easy as sitting down, opening a blank document, and letting the ideas flow, that blank document can occasionally be scary. To spark your creativity, use some imaginative writing methods and advice. To make our writing abilities as genuine and powerful as possible, we can adhere to several basic guidelines


Original Plot:

A tale should exist to qualify as artistic writing. And a plot line is what distinguishes creative writing from alternative forms of writing; it’s one thing that has got to be rigorously thought of so as to make a compelling story. If not, all you will be doing is writing down information sort of a journalist on a chunk of paper.


Character Development:

It’s the method of making temperament} with depth and personality that closely resembles real people with expertise in spreading changes and growing throughout a story. Therefore, character development is crucial to any novel since it’ll pique readers’ interest in learning a lot about the protagonists’ lives and journeys.

Light Theme:

That means or message the author desires to induce over to the audience through their tale, novel, or drama is thought because of the underlying or light of the theme. Each narrative includes a deeper message that’s cooking below the surface or is purposefully discovered.

Visual Summary:

Everything in your script that describes the setting wherever the story is set is enclosed within the visual description. It offers readers details concerning how things look visually in order that they will learn a lot concerning the setting during which the story’s main character resides or is presently set.

Narrator’s Perspective:

The “eyes” of the narrative area unit aforementioned be the purpose of reading. it’s outlined because of the perspective that the author, whether or not writing within the initial, second, or person, desires to convey to the audience. the primary and third-person views area unit the foremost rife of those.

Beginning Person:

Words like “I,” “me,” and “us” are units utilized in this angle. The protagonist in this story is the teller.

Second Person:

This tense employs pronouns like “you,” “your,” and “us.” In novels and short stories, the second-person perspective is never used. Instead, it’s a lot of often used in writing that’s academic, like blogs.

Third Person:

This tense employs pronouns like “he,” “she,” and “them.” This additionally contains the subsequent 2 sorts


Emotional Appeal

one in every of the foremost effective writing techniques is obtaining your reader to feel the correct means through your writing. And obtaining readers to feel the means you wish them to through your story is the whole purpose of writing.

Creative Words:

Anecdotes, similes, metaphors, and figures of speech will all be wont to depict characters, settings, and things in your writing to form a lot of attention-grabbing. Creative skills and language: What makes writing artistic is how well you utilize the language to clarify your imagination. This understanding of writing with power is sort of elementary however within the actual world, it’s extremely numerous.


Knowing Your Audience

It’s crucial to understand your audience before you can write a compelling plot. This will enable you to understand how they are thinking and will improve the connection between you and the reader. 


Why Creative Writing Course?

A person should undoubtedly be informed of the advantages of taking a creative writing course before investing hard-earned money in an institution for it. As a result, they will be better equipped to choose a course of action and get ready for the future. A few inquiries occur to me before choosing the courses.

OMNISCIENT, in which the narrator is aware of every thought and emotion that the story’s characters are experiencing. Contrary to non-imaginative writing, which does not utilize dialogue, in the same manner, creative writing needs some form of communication between the characters to make it more engaging and support the plot (like in interviews).

A person should undoubtedly be informed of the advantages of taking creative writing courses in Europe before investing hard-earned money in an institution for it. As a result, they will be better equipped to choose a course of action and get ready for the future. A few inquiries occur to me before choosing the writing courses in Europe.


  • Why Creative Writing in Europe?
  • Possibilities as a Creative Writer in Europe.
  • Is creative writing a good career?
  • CTC of Creative Writer in Europe.
  • Jobs for Creative Writer in Europe.


Why Creative Writing Courses in Europe?

The thought “Why?” Creative Writing Courses in Europe. What are the requirements for acquiring these abilities, and how will they help the company? Nowadays, there are various reasons to learn imaginative writing techniques.


In Great Demand:

No other nation in the world can compete with the European countries now when it comes to cultural business. In addition to being reliant on its military prowess and technological advancements, the European Countries’ wealth is also inextricably linked to its robust cultural sector.

The cultural sector is the country’s main industry and its biggest export sector, according to pertinent data. Additionally, it is evident that European nations have built cultural industries. Why then have the cultural industries grown in both?


Required Everywhere:

Nearly a century ago, institutions in Europe began offering writing courses. It has always been and still is the most disputed subject in most European countries. Whether it is a regular subject or taught at a great number of Universities. With the establishment of writing with imagination discipline in American universities, it quickly spread to Europe, Australia, and Asia.


Growing Day by Day:

Writing from an international perspective aims to initiate an exchange between professionals, organizations, and schools involved in teaching creative writing courses in different countries day by day. creative writing professionals from Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Norway, etc. have contributed a lot in this field.

The goal of this survey is to provide a snapshot of Creative Writing Courses in Europe today consequently, to reveal the common thread that connects all the professionals in creative writing throughout the continent.



Take a look at for a helpful online overview of European creative writing. There, you can learn how the “European Association of Creative Writing Programmes” encourages networking, plans international conferences, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and ideas in the field of creative writing, particularly in Europe.


Possibilities as a Creative Writer in Europe?

To discuss the variations and commonalities among various European nations. I’ll start by describing the creative writing course in five European nations.



Since 2009 the University for Applied Arts Vienna offers a three years Course in Creative writing. This is the primary University in the European nation to supply a political candidate course within the subject.



There is an organization in Flanders that offers courses in writing with creativity for children, Young ones, and adults. Some Colleges and Universities have creative elements in their curriculum.


Czech Republic:

In 2000, the Joseph Skvorecky Literary Academy was founded with the only full education in this Writing in the country. The Academy offers a Bachelor’s, and for a few years, also a Master’s program unlike any comparable art schools in other countries, and there is no strict admission selection procedure in the Czech Republic.



In Germany, there are a few possibilities to receive an education in becoming a writer. Between half and two-thirds of the graduates actually succeed in becoming published writers.



In Spain, there are several languages outside ‘Castilian’ Spanish and that makes the imaginative Writing situation a bit different from other countries. Basque country homes the sole University in the Kingdom of Spain to supply an Associate in creativity in inventive writing.

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Is a Creative Writer Have a Good Career in Europe?

If you have a creative streak and want to explore your choices, Creative writing can be a lucrative and satisfying career. They are storytellers who use their imagination to produce original works of literature or art. Additionally, they might provide editorial services including copy editing, proofreading, and beta reading.


It is a Lucrative Career:

It can vary based on your field of expertise and level of skill, but some of the popular and in-demand topics can earn you $100,000 or so per year. Developing a long-term, a sustainable career as an expressive writer requires focusing on quality over quantity.


It Helps You Build Valuable Skills:

You can use the ability to speak your ideas clearly altogether aspects of your life. The discipline of writing forces you to be in contact with your emotions and to mirror your experiences.


Writing is a Flexible Career Path:

If you’re going to work in the creative writing field, you could occasionally be able to set your own hours and work from home. Despite the fact that it’s not always the case, a profession in expressive writing in Europe may be quite adaptable.

If you’re a contract writer curious about exploring, you may choose the themes you’d like to write on, establish your own hours, and work from home. It enables you to connect with your creative side.


You May Connect with Your Creative Side Owing to It:

Being creative is a talent that must be developed and worked at, as many creative authors would confirm. You should be ready to put in a significant amount of time and effort if you’re serious about pursuing this position.


CTC of Creative Writer in Europe


Salary Recap

The average salary range for a Creative Writer in Europe is between €27,862 and €47,166. Creative writers in Europe on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $46,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $114,000. The average creative writer in Europe gross salary in Germany is 56.967 € or an equivalent hourly rate of 27 €. Additionally, they receive a bonus that is usually 1.493 Euros.


The Best-Paid Writing Jobs in Europe

  • Speech Writer. Politicians, celebrities, and business executives seldom have the time to jot down their own speeches
  • Medical Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Proposal Writer
  • Marketing and Sales Copywriter.


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Jobs for Creative Writers in Europe

In Europe, a lot of institutions provide courses in Expressive, Imaginative Writing. However, there are a few justifications for enrolling in Creative Writing Courses in Europe. If the institute offers an offline form of study, you can attend the program in person if you are from any country in Europe or a nearby city.

Europe is also a well-known Continent for its upgraded Information in many fields including Creative writing, thus there are more options to study the same industry. There are many challenging roles and responsibilities for a creative Writer in the Company. The Creative Writing Courses in Europe can fit anybody in the below job roles:


  • Creative Designer
  • Creative Teacher
  • Blockchain Content Manager
  • Deputy Boss of Everything
  • Product and Marketing Intern
  • Writer and Copywriter
  • Content Developer
  • Design Education Content Creator
  • Communication Specialist
  • Marketing Lead.
  • And many Roles Join the Que.


Let’s look at the Creative Writer Courses in Europe




For the past five years, IIM SKILLS has consistently provided the top online writing course. IIM SKILLS has accomplished milestones in these five years that very few other institutes have been able to do. They have maintained a distinct position among competitors in the content writing sector in such a short amount of time.

It is a well-known company that teaches students numerous other skills necessary for many different careers in the content writing sector in addition to the finest online writing course. The greatest online creative writing course offered by IIM SKILLS can teach you all the skills needed for producing most types of material.



IIM SKILLS’ faculty is primarily to blame for being named the top online creative writing program. Numerous candidates have made progress toward their desired occupations, thanks to IIM SKILLS’ top online creative writing course. Many students consider IIM SKILLS to be the best online creative writing program by completing all required projects and other activities, the faculty makes sure that the students enrolled in this top online creative writing course receive the right instruction.



Content Writing Course Modules

The breadth of topics IIM SKILLS’ curriculum covers is what makes it the greatest online content writing school. This top online creative writing course covers themes that range from the most basic to the most advanced levels of creative writing, assisting students in becoming skilled writers. They have trained over 4300 professionals in more than 1000 training sessions across 33 countries through its top online creative writing course.


Complete Placement (100%) Support

Along with providing the greatest online creative writing education, IIM SKILLS also guarantees 100% placement assistance for all of its students. This means that they will be supported throughout the placement process, which will enable them to find quicker and better job prospects.


Program Overview

Length 4 Week

Study pace Online

Education level Master’s degree


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2. MA in CW – Swansea University


The MA in CW in Europe is a unique promotional program that delivers integrated training in the writing of literary and media texts. Taught by knowledgeable writers of the foremost profile, this course provides teaching on a spread of genres as well as fiction, story, poetry, drama, screenwriting, and inventive non-fiction. Your studies can connect with the unique literary culture of Wales, home to 1 of the oldest poet traditions in Europe.


Creative Writing Courses in Europe Overview

Length 1-3 years

Study pace Full-time/part-time

Education level CWMC Certificate

Institute Swansea University

Scholarships available Scholarships available


3. Liverpool Hope University


Creative writing courses in Europe at Liverpool Hope will give you the chance to experience the joys of crafting the written word. The degree focuses on developing you as a writer of poetry and prose (fiction and artistic non-fiction), across the broad field of literature (poems, short stories, novels, and reflective and demanding essays).

Their motive for creative thinking and employability means that you may be able to turn out participating, innovative, and marketable texts.


Creative Writing Courses in Europe Overview

Length 3 years

Study pace Full time

Education level Bachelor’s degree

Institute Liverpool Hope University

Scholarships available Scholarships available


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4. Creative and Professional Writing – Bangor University


With imaginative approaches to several writing genres and significant literary insights, this degree program can help you establish personal creative writing practice. You could master doing analyses during the course of your stay in the USA. As a consequence, you will acquire the skills necessary for the creative industries and advance your knowledge and abilities to become a professional author.


Creative Writing Courses in Europe Overview

  • Study pace Full-time/part-time
  • Length 3 years
  • Education level Bachelor’s degree
  • Institute  Bangor University
  • Scholarships available Scholarships available


5. CW (Research) – Cardiff University


The Ph.D. program at Cardiff is designed for those who want to join a dynamic community of authors, including novelists, memoirists, poets, and screenwriters, all of whom have as their primary goal engrossing themselves in the development of a sizable creative research project.


Program Overview

Length 3-5 years

Study pace Full-time/part-time

Education level Doctorate / PhD

Institute Cardiff University

Scholarships available Scholarships available


6. MLitt – University of Aberdeen


The MLitt in CW is a taught program designed to offer you a constructive, highly supportive learning environment in which to develop your writing and creative potential. You will be introduced to the processes and challenges concerned with generating artistic work of publishable quality, whether or not in poetry or prose, fiction or artistic.


Creative Writing Courses in Europe Overview

Length 9-24 months

Study part-time

Education level Master’s degree

Institute University of Aberdeen


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The Benefits of Creative Writing Courses in Europe


As you develop new worlds, scenarios, and characters for your writing, it expands your imagination. When you’re encouraging your brain to “think outside the box,” you’ll be more able to come up with creative solutions and approach difficulties from various perspectives. Your ability to push the boundaries of problem-solving and think creatively will improve.



You will construct personalities, feelings, and worldviews for your fictional characters in your writing that are dissimilar to your own. By doing this, you will improve your ability to empathize with others and get an appreciation for those who view the world differently than you do.


Empathy is a valuable quality for both the classroom and the business. Understanding and empathizing with the issues of your co-workers and classmates will make them feel appreciated and supported in conquering such issues. You’ll be fostering a more cooperative environment, which will eventually result in improved relationships and the achievement of your goals and the goals of your teammates.


Better Thought Clarification

Creating structures in your writing can organize both your thoughts and your emotions into a logical procedure. You’ll be able to identify clear pathways to solve challenges in the future by having a clear perspective on events in the job and the rest of your life.


Broader Vocabulary

It motivates you to increase your vocabulary as you experiment with different modes of expression. Your language use and vocabulary will improve as your writing skills grow over time, which will be helpful in all social and professional contexts.


Critical Review

Courses in creative writing must cover both how to evaluate the work of others and how to receive comments on your own. The ability to focus on feedback and apply constructive criticism is a crucial skill that may help you in whatever job path you pursue.


Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)


Q1. Why creative writing is important in Europe in today’s society?

As you learn to clarify your thoughts and emotions more efficiently and accurately, through creative writing, you will communicate more effectively; a skill that’s exceedingly important in all areas of life.


Q 2. Why is European literature important?

European literature represents a paradigmatic example of the international interconnection between literary texts. As a result, the opportunity to depict the intricate processes of the global connection between literature in a reasonably clear area is provided by the European cultural space.


Q 3. Why creative writing courses in Europe became important to every student?

It also develops creative thoughts, using their imaginations, suggesting alternatives, broaden their thought process and problem-solving abilities. It also allows the child to show their opinions and develop their voice. It also improves their logical skills.


Q 4 How do Creative Writing Courses in Europe impact today’s world?

Writing is such a powerful tool able to inspire, alter perceptions, change lives, and even make history. It will build an individual additional intellectual and it also can bridge the gap between the past world and also the current one.


Q 5. What is the most important aspect that we need to have creativity in writing?

Creativity is key – Creativity is one of the most important elements of creative writing.


To Sum Up

Check all aspects of the program before enrolling in any of the listed creative writing courses in Europe. From the position of your job, take into consideration the prices you incur, the course offerings, and also the post-training support they supply. Being accepted into the school of your alter is fantastic. Any institute, however, cannot grant you success or job readiness with a magic wand.